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Author: Aubrey Terrazas & Allison King

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Like a long talk with friends over red wine, coffee, or Islay Scotch, the Think & Drink podcast serves fresh ideas in an open discussion style format. Each week, thought leaders and game changers will join hosts Aubrey Terrazas and Allison King to examine their ideas on innovation and impact.Cover Artwork by Claire Deville
15 Episodes
How to pivot like a boss 🙌 Today we chat with Lloyd "Flow" Johnson about his move from owning and running an art gallery to launching a plant shop with curated experiences. Flow is a designer and plant shop owner who values community building and using one's social equity to enrich and empower others. After he closed his gallery due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Flow took the added time and space to reflect on what brought him the most value from his business—and what he could leave behind. Flow found healing from plants, and realized that part of his talent was in curation, building community, and providing unique experiences that bring value to guests and vendors alike. He was able to take his knack for building community and pivot from the art world to the plant world.In this episode, we cover:How to pivot gracefullyAdding value to your communityTransitioning your skillsetUsing your talents to bring more value to your workMaturing with your businessApplying the MVP (minimum viable product) to a service businessUsing social media to grow your communityWhen he's not singing and dancing with my plants, he's usually out trying new food or cooking something great.To find
What does it take to jump into entrepreneurship and embrace change? In this episode talk with Whitney Shea, high school teacher turned plant connoisseur about taking a leap of faith before you may feel ready. Career pivotEntrepreneurshipStarting smallMarket testingBuilding a support systemBeing a plant mama!Hope you enjoy this episode that's packed with great tips for making and pivoting into entrepreneurship and how to get started!Find Whitney & her company Green Space PlantCo online or in Charleston!IG: @Green_Space_PlantCoFB: @GreenSpacePlantCoW:
We often think of making sustainable choices as a sacrifice, but when it comes to reducing food waste, you can save money and diversify your meal planning.Chef Alison Mountford makes it easy to create interesting meals with minimal waste (even for families) with her platform Ends+Stems. Today, you can listen in for tips about:Reducing food wasteGetting creative in the kitchenLiving more economicallyLeveraging your skillset to create a bigger impactAlison Mountford is a chef and food waste educator. She is the founder of Ends+Stems, a meal planning platform that helps busy families reduce food waste. Alison is a speaker, teacher of classes and courses, and recipe and meal plan developer.
How to live sustainability without feeling like you're sacrificing Jeff McMahon has been an environmental reporter for most of four decades. He currently writes on environmental sustainability for Forbes. He also teaches at the University of Chicago. In this episode, He shares how individual choices make an impact and how sustainable choices can actually make your life better.Surprising choices to live more sustainablyAn abundance mindsetMaking an impact through your choicesCreating a better life for yourself sustainability The hidden dangers of air conditioning Read more from Jeff :
SEASON 2 IS HERE! For this Season, we are interviewing innovative thinkers and entrepreneurs in the green space. Ever feel like your job isn't fulfilling enough?On our first episode, Rebecca Woolford shows us how she integrated her passion for protecting the environment into a seemingly unrelated workplace (no excuses not to live your cause!).  She finds a way to bring sustainability into everything she does, from marketing to travel.On this episode, we cover:Sustainable TravelHow to integrate your cause in the workplaceResources to learn more about sustainabilityReducing your carbon footprintBeing a digital nomadRebecca champions The World's Best Sustainable & Regenerative Hotels & Lodges around the world. She's working with 100's travel agents to Rewild our Planet and is also a Content Marketing freelancer specialising in eco-travel and digital nomad livingWe learned a lot from Rebecca and can't wait for you to hear more!
How do your values play into your work? Most of us struggle to find time for the causes that matter to us, let alone bring them into the workplace.In this week's episode, Icy Liu shares her thoughts on how commitment, asking for help, and taking small steps can integrate your vision into your daily life (including at the office). Icy's commitment to diversity and sustainability keep her motivated while she works on projects like her Ungrafted Podcast and supporting Asian wine professionals.Icy is a visionary herself and works with the inspired team at the Becky Wasserman group, where she was inspired by Becky's unwavering commitment to bring beautiful Burgundian wines from lesser known appellations and producers to the spotlights. In this episode, we cover:Creating an impact however you canStaying committed to your visionMaking small changes for accumulative impactHow vision can lead a companyAsking for help to succeed with your missionSeason 1, Wine: Episode 10
Being an industry leader is a responsibility. Even the most humble leaders are forced to accept that their actions and communications trickle down and create the culture of their sector.In this episode, we interview Shayn Bjornholm, MS who is the Court of Master Sommeliers-America's Examination Director. The organization faced pressure for its lack of diversity and accessibility, as well as a provocative 2020 New York Times article that directly called out some of the leaders for sexual harassment. Shayn is candid about how the CMS is improving its company culture to be more inclusive and protect its students.In this episode, we cover:Improving company culturePath to becoming a master; finding what you love Gender gapEducation and mentorship in smaller communitiesHow an institution acts as a leader in a community  And when you're done listening, check out Shayne's TedTalk Season 1: Wine, Episode 9
To pivot or persevere? Is it time to take your business digital?This question is essential for any business, especially with the pace at which the market moves today. Today we interview Caroline Conner, wine educator and founder of Wine Dine Caroline who acted fast at the start of the pandemic, shifting from welcoming tourists to an online wine eduction platform and digital course.Caroline talks about her decision to "go digital" and the steps that she took to reign in self-managed digital marketing as a small business. In this episode, we cover:How to move your business onlineWhen to pivot your businessManaging a digital communityCreating (a lot) of contentTune in to hear more from Caroline Conner, featured in NYT & Huffpost for being one of the *first* to offer digital wine tastings in 2020!Season 1: Wine, Episode 7winedinecaroline.com
Do you feel like you have to prove yourself before people take you seriously in your industry? Have you looked around and realized your peers don’t reflect your culture or the way you look? This is a feeling our guest this week is very familiar with and is actively working to change in the wine industry. In the second episode of Think & Drink, hosts Aubrey Terrazas and Allison King talk to guest Martin Reyes MW about changing an industry by being a leader in your field and a conscious consumer in your community. We look at sustainability from a wholistic lens—people, environment, and economies, and finally, how to tell really great dad jokes. Grab a cup of coffee or a glass of wine and listen to the conversation of diversity, conscious consumption, and love of wine unfold. We cover:Proving yourselfPushing past expectations Sustainability Conscious consumption Dad JokesThink & Drink was created to inspire change, impact, and innovation for professionals in niche industries. We interview thought leaders across a variety of industries to unpack their ideas—like friends deep in conversation over a great
Entrepreneurs, professionals, and athletes alike are driven by traditional success metrics. High achievers must make sacrifices, but at what cost to their personal life and happiness?  In this week's episode, we interview Tom Lutz, PhD/MBA about his views on work/life balance. Tom balances his life as an entrepreneur with raising two children and competing as an Ironman triathlete—with 15 competitions under his belt at the time of recording! When Tom founded his company Repour, he saw a need for a wine preservation tool that would allow him and his wife Michelle to enjoy a glass of wine without worrying about pouring the rest of the bottle down the drain. He thinks a glass of wine is part of enjoying a balanced life, just as is time with family and professional pursuits.In this episode, we cover:How to find work/life balancePushing yourself while keeping your valuesEnjoying the little things (like a glass of wine)The inspiration behind RepourFinding support from friends and familyTo get in touch with Tom or to learn more, visit or
Diversity has become a hot topic, but there is little guidance on how to practice it. Elaine Arnaqiaq Chukan Brown is a writer, speaker, and educator specializing in wine, personal empowerment, and social justice. She speaks about her experience navigating culture clashes between her Native background in a mostly Caucasian education system and how that impacted her ability to listen actively and empathize.In today's episode, we coverUncomfortable ConversationsTalking to people with diverse backgroundsHow diversity supports the growth of a businessWhat success looks likeHow anyone can invite more diversity into the workplaceHow diversity is more than skin color and genderThe power of diverse professional backgroundsCreating space for those who challenged diversity in the past to create changeRespectWe also talk about Elaine's journey into the wine industry in an unconventional way, and how bunnies can be the best source of inspiration. Get in touch with Elaine at or
Ever dreamt of launching a podcast, but not sure where to get started? Lawrence Francis of the Interpreting Wine podcast recorded nearly 450 episodes with over 300,000 listens in 150 he knows a thing or two about podcasting!In this episode, we cover:Tips on launching a podcastHow to use storytelling to build a brandFinding your nicheUsing action to overcome self-doubtLawrence also shares some insight for wineries who want to get accelerate their presence in international markets. Learn more at 1: Wine Industry
Have you experienced burn-out? Ever questioned if the lifestyle in your industry is sustainable? We’ve all been there and experienced the feelings of inadequacy when trying to balance all aspects of modern life.In the second episode of Think & Drink, hosts Aubrey Terrazas and Allison King talk to guest Ashley Broshious discuss restaurant culture, listening to yourself, building a healthy working environment, and creating a support system, no matter where in the world you are. Grab a cup of coffee or a glass of wine and listen to the conversation of work, happiness, and ambition unfold. We cover:Restaurant culture Burn outStaying balancedMentorshipHow to break into an unconventional industryBuilding community Asking for supportDigital communitiesRiver rafting and beach time!Think & Drink was created to inspire change, impact, and innovation for professionals in niche industries. We interview thought leaders across a variety of industries to unpack their ideas—like friends deep in conversation over a great beverage. Season 1: Wine;;
Do you ever feel like you're pushing for a career, a certification, a degree, only to realize your soul is unsatisfied? If you have interests and passions beyond the scope of your job title, you've likely encountered this discomfort.In the first episode of Think & Drink, hosts Aubrey Terrazas and Allison King unpack their evolution through dynamic careers in finance, fitness, wine, dance, and startups. Grab a cup of coffee or a glass of wine and listen to the conversation of work, happiness, and ambition unfold. We cover:Activism & social justiceMaking time for your passionWhen your career goals don't feed your soulWhen to pivotGoing to college in ChicagoSacrifice and ambitionChoosing happinessThink & Drink was created to inspire change, impact, and innovation for professionals in niche industries. We interview thought leaders across a variety of industries to unpack their ideas—like friends deep in conversation over a great beverage. 
If you're struggling to build community around your brand, you may be missing two important things: authenticity & strong values. LaRue Wines Founder Katy Wilson launched her Sonoma Pinot Noir brand at the age of 26 with a bootstrap budget and a clear vision. By engaging with her customers, following up, reaching out, and staying true to her vision of small production wines, she built a cult following for her wines.Katy & her husband David Menesses now co-run the winery, navigating a non-stop small business with raising a newborn. They share their insight on how they work together as a family and keep their customers engaged, even through hardships like wildfires and COVID-19. In this episode, we cover:Parenting as entrepreneursWorking with a spouseBuilding communityUsing community to build your brandChoosing to stay smallHow to conquer and divideFor anyone wanting to build community or struggling to find balance with work and family, this is an episode for you.
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