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Jon Stewart and The Daily Show News Team cover today's biggest headlines. The “Ears Edition” of The Daily Show features full episodes, extended content, exclusive interviews, and more.

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Matt Damon discusses producing the critically acclaimed documentary, “Kiss the Future,” about Sarajevo’s music scene and how one man convinced U2 to help keep the world’s attention on the plight of Sarajevo during the Bosnian War. And JB Smoove chats with Michael Kosta about the differences between Smoove and his ‘Curb’ character, Leon Black, making Larry David laugh, and how stand-up comedians are like therapists.See for privacy information.
Jordan Klepper and Ronny Chieng host a new segment called "Sports War" and debate the latest sports news including Caitlin Clark’s WNBA debut, the fecal hazards in Paris ahead of the Olympics, and the KC Chiefs kicker’s misogynist commencement speech. Plus, Lewis Black explains the many ways Tesla’s Cybertruck might be cyber-f**ked.See for privacy information.
Jon sits down with John Della Volpe, Harvard Institute of Politics Polling Director and author of “Fight: How Gen Z is Channeling Their Fear and Passion to Save America,” to discuss the economic and cultural factors causing depression and stress with Gen Z and how that informs their political and personal identities.See for privacy information.
Jordan Klepper sits down with TDS Supervising Producer, Ian Berger, to break down the motivation and takeaways from their latest special, ‘Jordan Klepper Fingers the Pulse: Moscow Tools.’ As pro-Russia and pro-Putin sentiment grows among Republicans, Klepper details the significance of Americans shifting their views on Russian authoritarianism at the direction of Donald Trump and with the help of Russian disinformation.See for privacy information.
Michael Kosta speaks with author, Sebastian Junger, about Junger’s many experiences with death and how they inform his view of life. Junger’s new book is “In My Time of Dying: How I Came Face-to-Face with the Idea of An Afterlife.” Kosta is also joined by John Legend to discuss the power and freedom expressed through music by Afghans living under Taliban control in Legend’s new audio documentary, “Afghan Star.” See for privacy information.
Despite Fox News’s outrage following criticism of Harrison Butker’s controversial commencement speech, Jon Stewart explains how cancel culture actually runs rampant among the MAGA-verse for those who dare speak out against Donald Trump. Plus, Michael Kosta covers Trump shying away from testifying in his own criminal trial along with Rudy Giuliani’s latest money-making scheme, tummy-friendly coffee.See for privacy information.
Michael Kosta dives into Justice Sam Alito's collection of radical right-wing flags hung outside his house, Nikki Haley’s backhanded endorsement for Trump, and daily weed use surpassing alcohol consumption. Plus, Troy Iwata unpacks the meaning of Alito’s controversial flags. If you're planning to travel this Memorial Day weekend, then you're gonna want to hear Michael Kosta's travel tips. And EGOT-winning artist, John Legend, discusses his new audio documentary “Afghan Star” about a singing competition show that created a cultural movement. Legend relays stories of people who risked their lives for music during Taliban control, the television show that unlocked opportunities for women and re-instilled a love of music in a whole generation. See for privacy information.
Michael Kosta reports on a new poll from "The Guardian," showing that Americans believe the economy is shrinking, the stock market is down, and unemployment is at a 50-year-high. Also, RJK Jr. issues an appeal to amateur traders on Reddit, and Trump claims that Joe Biden tried to assassinate him during the Mar-a-Lago raid two years ago. Thankfully, Josh Johnson joins to explain what’s really going on behind the scenes at Biden HQ. Then, Troy Iwata meets Biden's (only?) superfan and gets his advice for pumping up Biden supporters, and maybe pumping up Biden, himself. And comedian/actor, JB Smoove, talks about the final season of the hit series “Curb Your Enthusiasm.” They discuss the differences between him and his character, Leon Black, making Larry David laugh, and how stand-up comedians are like therapists.See for privacy information.
Michael Kosta covers Trump not taking the stand during his hush money trial, Rudy Giuliani’s new "tummy friendly” ground coffee company, an Australian billionaire demanding her portrait be removed from a museum, and Ronny Chieng defends Scarlett Johansson against ChatGPT nerds stealing her voice. Plus, meet Kamala Harris’s holistic thought advisor, Dahlia Rose Hibiscus (Desi Lydic), who is deeply committed to helping the Vice President translate words into idea voyages. And Sebastian Junger, author of "In My Time of Dying: How I Came Face-to-Face with the Idea of An Afterlife," joins Michael to discuss surviving an aneurysm and his new lease on life. He catalogs years of near-death experiences from surfing to war reporting, being faced with his dead father and the possibility of an afterlife. See for privacy information.
Jon Stewart dives into Harrison Butker’s controversial speech, the subsequent Fox News outrage that he's being canceled, and how the real purveyor of cancel culture is Donald Trump and the MAGA movement. Plus, co-founder and co-chair of the Commission on Presidential Debates, Frank J. Fahrenkopf Jr., talks about founding the commission with the goal of representing voters from a nonpartisan perspective, how the media has affected debates over the years, and Trump and Biden’s decision to go around the commission for their upcoming presidential debates.See for privacy information.
Michael Kosta and TDS Segment Director, Stacey Angeles, discuss their recent field piece on the rise of pickleball across the country. They discuss the freedom and creativity that comes with shooting a Daily Show field piece grounded in a lower stakes issue, as well as how they tracked down Patrick McEnroe and one of New York’s most controversial pickleball advocates to speak on the issue. They also share some exclusive, unaired material that didn’t make it to the final cut.See for privacy information.
Emmy Award-winning actor, Nick Offerman, and farmer and author, Helen Rebanks, join Desi Lydic to discuss how Helen's new book "The Farmer's Wife" highlights the work done by women that often gets overlooked. Also, Desi sits down with Oscar and Tony-nominated actress, Amy Ryan, as she breaks down her last-minute process to prepare for her Broadway role in “Doubt: A Parable.”See for privacy information.
Jon Stewart calls out NJ Senator Robert Menendez for not using his position in government to make bank on the stock market like all his fellow lawmakers. Plus, Desi Lydic unpacks Biden's presidential debate challenge to Trump.See for privacy information.
Desi Lydic provides an update on Trump’s criminal trial, where his lawyers’ attempts to discredit Michael Cohen turned into a roast of the former president. Plus, Sen. Menendez throws his wife under the bus at his corruption trial, and Josh Johnson weighs in on Virginia schools reinstating their Confederate namesakes. Turn your anxiety about the 2024 election into a toned bod with Joe Biden’s Build Bods Better, the only full-body workout that utilizes the stress of watching the President speak to help you burn calories. Farmer and author Helen Rebanks and her farmhand, who happens to be Emmy Award-winning actor Nick Offerman, discuss Rebanks’s book “The Farmer’s Wife,” which celebrates the often-invisible work carried out by women around the world. They chat about the origins of their friendship, their favorite recipes, and how Offerman reconnects to his roots on the farm.See for privacy information.
Desi Lydic tackles Biden & Trump’s feisty calls for a pre-election debate without worm-ridden opponent RFK Jr., Michael Kosta proposes we use the presidential debate as a geriatric fitness test, and King Charles sees red in his first portrait as king. Then Jordan Klepper and Ronny Chieng host a new segment called "Sports War," where they debate the hottest sports news including Caitlin Clark's WNBA debut, Olympic organizers dealing with a literal river of shit in Paris, the KC Chiefs kicker's misogynist commencement address, and Shohei Ohtani's former interpreter going to trial for embezzling from the LA Dodgers star. The only rule of Sports War? You're not allowed to agree on anything. And Academy Award and Tony-nominated actress Amy Ryan joins Desi to discuss receiving her third Tony Award nomination for playing Sister Aloysius in “Doubt: A Parable,” and having only one week to prepare for the Broadway role. Ryan also alludes to a major plot twist in her Apple TV+ series, “Sugar,” and how the show puts a spin on the classic noir detective narrative.See for privacy information.
Desi Lydic reports on the latest updates from Trump’s criminal trial, which has turned into a who’s-who of wannabe vice presidents and political ass-kissers. Also, an art installation connecting New York and Dublin turns into utter chaos and ChatGPT debuts a flirty new voice to answer users that might just have Ronny Chieng and Josh Johnson sold on AI. Plus, Desi takes a look at how New York City Mayor, Eric Adams, became the clean-living, hard-partying, deep-thinking man he is today in The Daily Showography of Eric Adams: Philosopher King of New York. And filmmaker, writer, actor, and artist Miranda July shares how her new novel, “All Fours,” is a coming-of-age story for any woman in her 40s who has “secret desires and anxieties about those desires, and is wondering what’s going on with her body and her marriage, and just her whole self.” She discusses how many of the topics covered in the novel, like perimenopause, traumatic childbirth, and female sexual freedom, often go undiscussed, and she explains the difference between a “driver” and a “parker.”See for privacy information.
Jon Stewart digs into the trial of comically corrupt Senator Robert Menendez of New Jersey, and in a new segment called "How Dumb Is You?" asks the senator how he got caught engaging in such obvious illegal corruption, while government officials like Nancy Pelosi, Richard Burr, and Roy Blunt have been getting away with legal corruption for years. And "Babes" actor and writer, Ilana Glazer, discusses how her new film provides a much-needed and accurate portrayal of pregnancy and motherhood. They talk about her bond with co-star Michelle Buteau, the struggle to get the film made, and how she spent Mother's Day as a new mom herself.See for privacy information.
On this day in 2015, President Obama calls out Fox News for misleading coverage of America's poor being 'sponges' and 'leeches' and Jon Stewart brings the receipts. Plus, Jordan Klepper travels to the U.K. and finds in their recent election that only the least successful candidates campaigned on the fringe platform of xenophobia and breaking from the European Union. And religious scholar, Reza Aslan, discusses the state of Islam and how the interpretation of religion relies comes down to the character of the individual.See for privacy information.
Jordan Klepper sits down with author Lexi Freiman to unpack how her new book, "The Book of Ayn," helps readers understand narcissism through the lense of satire, and how ego deaths can lead to enlightenment. Plus, NYU professor and author, Jonathan Haidt, discusses his latest book, "The Anxious Generation," and how the shift from outside play to the internet and social media has negatively affected young people's mental health and development.See for privacy information.
Jon Stewart dissects the media's ubiquitous and uninsightful coverage of Stormy Daniels's testimony of her sexual encounter with Donald Trump. Plus, Jordan Klepper covers this week's top fashion stories including the Met Gala and Vladimir Putin's non-wizardly attire for his re-election ceremony.See for privacy information.
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Linda Patterson


Apr 16th

Brown Time

here's Johnny hahaha 😂😂😂

Apr 9th

Weather or Not

the 🇨🇦 🇺🇸 border should be an example for 🇵🇸 🇮🇱 dual state solution. ~Highway39 in Mackenzie British Columbia.

Apr 7th

Jason Salvo

Troy Iwata is fucking hilarious and my new favorite correspondent

Mar 31st

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Mar 23rd

selena olds

Hi i love sex my contact here

Mar 10th

Ryan Martinez

I went from watching The Daily Show no days a week, to watching it 1 day a week... whatever you guys are doing, keep it up!

Mar 3rd

Ogah Godwin

can I send some of the money 8 have in my bank account so that you can keep it for me

Mar 1st
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Ogah Godwin

GOOD evening

Mar 1st

Laura Bogart

hard relate on being able to endure unendurable things and then being broken by losing a dog

Feb 29th

Laura Bogart

The criticism of Stewart's first episode back made me laugh so hard. I like TDS, but it's so much closer to the center than what I'm used to listening to. Critics should listen to a few episodes of It Could Happen Here or I Don't Speak German to get some perspective.

Feb 22nd

Ashley hill


Feb 5th

Weather or Not

yes Hamas is evil. the British partition is the ultimate cause of this. I like that woman but her hawkish nature is fanatical....and inhumane. Nikki no no...

Nov 5th

Laura Bogart

only 1 horror movies where all the white men did and 1 black man lived instead of vice versa... that must be I Am Legend, right? though I think of it as an action movie, but I can't think of anything else that fits

Oct 25th

Laura Bogart

It isn't an open air prison. It's an internment camp.

Oct 23rd

Laura Bogart

This is the only podcast I listen to that's currently playing "reruns." Why? Cause the others get fair pay, and this one is audio from a TV show by a typical greedy studio. Pay your writers and actors fairly and stop trying to replace them with crummy AI

Sep 14th

Toni VonderHaar

I DIED when Josh called homeboy a house 🐔 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣😭😭😭🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣#housechicken #chickenbloodtype

Aug 15th

Barb Cowen

This podcast was so interesting, informative and shocking.

Aug 2nd

Laura Bogart

Strong agree about the birthday party incident: I'm autistic and have anxiety disorder, mostly around social anxiety. I've hidden my birthday from people when possible, and my employer respects us enough to ask each employee what we want for our birthday. A few have asked for cake, but usually, people just ask for a bag, box, or jar of candy and to be allowed to remain inconspicuous

Jul 24th

Laura Bogart

Trevor's childhood memories are more entertaining than anyone else I've heard recalling their childhood

Jun 30th
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