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The Deal Makers - An Agora production podcast
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The Deal Makers - An Agora production podcast

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TheDealMakers (an Agora production podcast) is a unique platform to recognize top-performing real estate partners in America and honor them for their expertise, achievements and growth. In The DealMakers, we will shine a light on the people behind high-performing real estate deals, unveil behind-the-scenes stories you’ve never heard before, and discuss growth opportunities for real estate investment experts. If you’re looking to learn more about top-performing GPs in America and how they MAKE deals, this podcast is for you!
14 Episodes
We're delighted to have K. Trevor Thompson as a guest on The Deal Makers podcast. Trevor is an accredited investor in 15 active deals and a GP on his first deal of 240 doors in San Antonio and has extensive experience in the attraction entertainment industry, which he took into CRE investing."I was looking in Austin, I was looking in Dallas, and I was getting nowhere close to paying what other people were paying. I couldn't understand how they could justify the prices. They beat me by a million dollars. So I switched to smaller markets. I'd say all the big boys look at 100+ stores, and all the little boys look for 36 and less. So I switched and started looking for 36-100 to try to find that little sweet spot niche where I could be competitive, at least be able to stand a chance to get to the finish line."We also chatted with K. Trevor Thompson about his unique career trajectory from working for Ripley's Believe it Or not and running a haunted house to the world of CRE, the differences between passive and active investing, and how he uses his social media presence for networking.Make sure you tune in!
We've got a great new podcast episode of the DealMakers for you, and this time we have the pleasure of hosting Dovid Preil, CEO and Founder of the YDLP Investments Group. Dovid's background in finance and tech makes him an exceptionally fascinating guest."If anything, the deals that have free cash flow are the deals that are going to survive higher interest rates. It won't be as profitable as we hoped, but we'll have cash flow, and we can raise our rates with inflation to offset that to some extent. So, in terms of our investment thesis, we're focusing on cash flow properties now, much less so on appreciation deals that rely on short-term debt and other things."We also talked with Dovid about his growth journey as a syndicator, how his robust tech stack helps him run his business, and the importance of knowing to vet operators.
We're so excited to have Chad Holden Sutton from Quattro Capital on our podcast. Chad is a real estate investor, business leader, entrepreneur, and so many other things that make him such an insightful and delightful guest."2008 was a very different recession than we're going into now. A housing bubble burst, backed by what became poor lending practices. And eventually, it became a liquidity crisis. We are not in that environment today. This is an artificially induced recession, and it's necessary. We are raising interest rates to go back to a normal level of interest rates.It doesn't mean the supply and demand of the property itself is any less. The business is still there. The people still need places to live. All that's happening is that we're leveling the playing field."Chad also talks to us about how Quattro Capital combines morals and values with making money, shares his recipe for better efficiency and productivity, and his thoughts on the real estate industry's current challenges.Don't miss out on this special episode!
Our new Dealmakers podcast episode is live and this time, we had the distinct pleasure of talking with Jorge Abreu.Jorge does it all - he's a construction company owner, runs an investment group with over $325 million in AUM, and is a member of the Forbes Real Estate Council."I keep running into people who think they can raise the equity because people have told them - you've got a good deal, the equity will come. I'm here to tell you that it's not true. And I've seen people lose real money because they couldn't come up with the equity. They're counting on this equity broker that's going to bring the big check, and I tell everybody: You need to plant the seeds. You need to have those relationships built. focus on your $100k investors, your $200k investors. Build the equity there, and then the private equity will come with it."Jorge also talked about his transition from single-family to multifamily through syndication, what he's looking for in a potential asset, and what makes for a perfect Co-GP.To connect and learn more about Jorge Abreu and his company, please visit Elevate Commercial Investment Group.
We have a fascinating episode of The DealMakers coming your way! This time, we hosted Brian Briscoe, Director of "The Tribe of Titans - multifamily educational community" and the host of the "Diary of an Apartment Investor" podcast. "Prices are high, cap rates are low, and rates are going up. Whether or not it's still a good time to buy, depends on your time horizon. If you're looking to turn something in the next year, it's probably not a good time to buy. If your time horizon is eight years or longer, you're going to be okay. You're going to be able to weather the storm."Brian talked with us about how his love of teaching and real estate manifests in his work for "The Tribe of Titans," his unique career journey, and the current state of the real estate market. 
It's our first episode of 2023, and we couldn't wish for a more exciting guest: Meir Fried, Co-Founder, and CEO of Lightwater Capital Investments."At a time like now, I think people want stability. And that's why our next couple of deals, we're going to be going to market if we can win at the metrics we need, offering investors long-term stability, it's not going to be the flashiest deal. It's not going to be double or triple your money, but we'll be offering you stability. And a lot of people want that."Join our conversation as Meir talks openly about his pivot from property management to buying, how and why he scaled from $2 million to $20 million deals, why he's looking for deals outside the tri-state area, and how he makes decisions on which properties to buy and where. Meir also shares how he navigates through the stormy weather of rising interest rates and volatile market conditions and still manages to turn a profit for his investors. Please visit the Lightwater Capital website to connect and learn more about Meir and his company, or connect with Meir on Linkedin.
In this episode, we talked with Juan Vargas, Managing Principal at GenWealth Capital Group. Please visit the GenWealth Capital website to connect and learn more about Juan and his company, or connect with Juan on Linkedin.
In this episode, we talked with Levi Benkert, Founder & CEO at Harbor Capital.Find out how Levi can raise funds for a new deal just from a simple tweet, why he invests almost only in industrial real estate, and what makes brokers get back to him with off-market deals every time.  Please visit the Harbor capital website to connect and learn more about Levi and his company, or connect with Levi on Twitter and Linkedin.
In this episode, we talked with Brennen Degner Managing Partner, CEO at DB Capital.Find out how a book he read in college sparked his interest in real estate and led his career in multifamily. Why he loves to hire former athletes to his team and who inspires him on his way to success.  Brennen shared with us the importance of not repeating mistakes to overcome challenges. To connect and learn more about Brennen and his company, please visit DB Capital.
In this episode, we talked with Bruce B Woullet, Founder & Visionary at Bakerson. Bruce shared his journey with us, from the family bakery to the real-estate industry. He told it all about his biggest failures, his achievements, and his view of the business world: "business is an art, not a science."To connect and learn more about Bruce, please visit the Bakerson website, or connect with Bruce at or on his Linkedin page  
In this episode, we talked with Ryan Christopher Nunes, President of Life Changing Capital. Hear about his transition from Wall Street to multifamily, his data-driven and differentiated approach and his biggest failures. Ryan shares how his upbringing, his Wall Street mentors and moving from success to significance have shaped his multifamily approach.To connect and learn more about Ryan, please visit
In this episode, Kim Wendland, Co-Founder & Real Estate Asset Manager at Quattro Capital  joined us, and made sure you all get teared up!Kim is an extraordinary real estate professional, that will stop at nothing to make sure the world is a better place to live in for individuals and communities alike.Find out why she got into real estate, who has inspired her the most, and what motivates her to make the world a better place.Learn more about Kim on the Quattro website, you can connect with Kim on LinkedIn and through her email at
In this episode, Joe Blackbourn from Everest Holdings joined us to reveal his trade secrets for succeeding in this industry for the long term, from the bad times (aka 2008) to the best times. Joe takes us on a ride in the mind of a successful real estate partner and emphasizes the value of protecting investor interests. Click here to learn about the philosophy of Joe and Everest holdings when it comes to real estate investmentsYou can connect with Joe on Linkedin, the Everest Holdings website, and through his
In this episode, Joel Fine from Lakeline Properties joined us as an honored guest to reveal the mindset that pushed him into the industry and his real estate know-how. For Joel's recommendations for educational resources that will make you a better real estate entrepreneur click hereYou can connect with Joel on Linkedin, the Lakeline website and through his
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