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In Episode 9 of Own the Road with AutoTrader, Dan and Jodi chat about all-wheel drive! Our experts go over the differences between all-wheel drive and 4x4, the pros and cons of AWD, and also demystify some info on whether you still need winter tires even if you have AWD. They also answer an Ask an Expert question about pizza!
In Episode 8 of Own the Road with AutoTrader, Dan and Jodi chat about what it’s like to drive a supercar! We know it’s not something most people will be able to experience, so we wanted to share in case you’re curious about the instant celebrity experience! Is it stressful? Yes. Is it fun? Absolutely.
Episode 7: Road Trips

Episode 7: Road Trips


In Episode 7 of Own the Road with AutoTrader, our hosts share their favourite road trip tips! Road trip season has officially begun in Canada, but make sure to listen to this episode before you hit the road!
In Episode 6 of Own the Road with AutoTrader, our hosts go through the different types of performance cars, how they've changed over the years, the pros and cons of sports cars, and how there's something fun for every budget. They share some expert tips on how to safely drive fast, demystify some terminology you might have heard, and talk about some of their favourite sports cars.
Our hosts celebrate dads and father figures in this special episode! Jodi interviews her dad about all the cool cars he's owned, while Dan's father joins us in the studio to chat about road trip memories and more. We also read out stories sent in by listeners about their dads and share some timeless dad wisdom.
Our hosts Dan and Jodi discuss all things trucks! They explain the pros and cons of the different types of trucks you can buy today, demystify how to decipher automaker claims about trucks, share some truck buying advice, chat about how the truck world has changed, and also talk about electric trucks.
We're talking all about car camping, overlanding, and being outdoors! With the May long weekend upon us marking the unofficial start to the Canadian camping season, Dan and Jodi (mostly Dan because Jodi doesn't really do the outdoors) share tips and tricks on how to have a successful camping trip with your car. We also chat with OverlandNTH to define and demystify overlanding and discuss what features you should look for in a car if you're an outdoorsy driver.
Jodi and Dan talk about their own experiences with range anxiety, what to expect when living with EVs in the winter, and also chat with Ralph Gilles, Chief of Design for Stellantis, who has designed some of our generation's coolest cars. Ralph has some insider info on what we can expect from brands like Jeep, Dodge, and Chrysler in the EV future.
Welcome to Own the Road with AutoTrader! This is our introductory episode where you'll meet our hosts, find out what to expect in every episode, and learn a bit about why we created this show in the first place. It's car stuff made simple for Canadians!
Our experts explain the differences between hybrids, plug-in hybrids (PHEVs), and electric vehicles (EVs) and the pros and cons of each. Dan and Jodi chat about the buzz-worthy GMC Hummer EV, and share some tips on getting better fuel economy.
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