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By Kids, For Kids Story Time

Author: BKFK Studio

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Children's stories, presented as audio dramas, performed by kids from across the globe, for kids. Including stories from Hans Christian Anderson, the Grimm Brothers, Greek myths, African folk tales and many more.
83 Episodes
The Field of Boliauns

The Field of Boliauns


Tom Fitzpatrick tries to outsmart a leprechaun! Oh, Tom! If only you knew! Nobody can outsmart these mischievous little creatures!Support the show (
The third of three Behind the Scenes Bonus Episodes, in which we look at the Supporters of BKFK.Support the show (
The second of three Behind the Scenes Bonus Episodes, in which we look at the Production of BKFK.Support the show (
The first of three Behind the Scenes Bonus Episodes, in which we look at the History of BKFK.Support the show (
The Lion thinks he's the bee's knees! He finds himself gorgeous, adorable, majestic, delightful, and splendid!  However, he is humbled by a tiny little beetle.Support the show (
Well, actually he tries to STEAL it! However,  everything does not go according to his plans. Until a clever young girl arrives......Support the show (
Nobody has the courage to tell the Emperor that he has goats ears. All who do tell him come to a grizzly end! However, one clever young barber has an idea!Support the show (
The Wasps and the Bees

The Wasps and the Bees


In this episode, we have proudly teamed up with an awesome magazine for kids called, “Storytime!” Sounds a bit like us, right? Well, we have so much in common with them. They tell stories exactly the way we like them! This week's story is from them!Each month they release an issue of their magazine that is packed with fairy tales, new and classic stories, awesome animals, inspirational children, myths, legends, puzzles, games and much more. And you should see the illustrations! They are AMAZING!!They have no adverts, no plastic toys, just brilliant content for us kids! You can subscribe to have it delivered to your door every month. They deliver to every country in the world! And you can you subscribe to their digital edition, so you can read on your computer or mobile device. Just go to you can do what we did, and get the Unlimited Subscription!!! This includes over 500 stories AS WELL as a new online magazine every month! Wow!We have a special Patreon offer for you, in which you can get a year’s subscription to the digital and physical version of storytime magazine, AND access to every episode of BKFK, all ad-free and including special and archived episodes, a shout out, colouring-in pages, and more! Just go look for our Storytime Tier on Patreon.Support the show (
The Snake Charmer

The Snake Charmer


A talented snake charmer discovers that a poor merchant's house is infested with snakes. Fortunately, the snake charmer comes to his assistance. But can the snake charmer be trusted?! Support the show (
The story of a brave, little boy, no bigger then your pinky finger, who sets off to explore the world, and follows his dream of becoming - A SAMURAI!Support the show (
Six blind men bicker about what an elephant is.  Is it a mighty giant,  a snake, a spear, a tree, a fan, or an old piece of rope? Listen to how they share their experiences to learn what it is. Support the show (
King Maximillian trades places with a goose herd, with disastrous consequences!Support the show (
The story of the Swiss hero, William Tell, who led his people to freedom  by shooting an apple off his son's head!Support the show (
Three little pigs know that there is a ferocious ogre in the gloomy forest, but they also know that there are piles and piles of yummy acorns to eat. Their temptation gets the better of them. Will they eat their snacks? Or will they become snacks? Support the show (
A selfish Prince is cursed to become a monster for the rest of his life, unless he learns to fall in love with a beautiful young woman he keeps prisoner. Support the show (
Thor's Hammer

Thor's Hammer


Thor, the Norse God of Thunder and Lightning, lost his hammer! It was stolen by the Giants of Jötunheim! No matter how much he roared and raged, he could not get it back, until clever, crafty Loki came to his rescue.......... Support the show (
Mouse Deer and Crocodile

Mouse Deer and Crocodile


The crocodile is powerful, vicious and cruel! But he is no match for the crafty little Mouse Deer! Support the show (
In this famous tale by Rudyard Kipling, we learn how the camel got his humph, I mean hump! Support the show (
The First Moccasins

The First Moccasins


A Native American legend about a grumpy chief with very tender feet! Support the show (
A kind farmer rescues a trapped tiger. In thanks, the tiger threatens to EAT HIM!!!! The poor farmer finds help from a crafty jackal. Support the show (
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My children and I love listening to BKFK. The music is a nice touch and the narrators are funny.

Oct 2nd
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