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Expanding Your Divine Light!
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Expanding Your Divine Light!

Author: Debbie Hagedorn

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Each episode is a divine flow of relevant information to assist you in expanding your consciousness. Make the choice to receive the codes, activations, and upgrades that are being made available to you each time you tune in: heaven on Earth, multidimensional Earth business, and cosmic experiences in the new world - transmitted by Debbie Hagedorn.
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You don't know what you don't know ...until one day you do.This is divine timing, and each one of us is on our very own unique journey of ascension.It is in faith that you know the answers you are seeking will be made available to you in perfect time.This is not a journey for the faint of heart. Your faith will feel as though it's being tested.How you respond is what matters.Listen to the story contained within this episode and receive the codes and activations that are being made available to all who choose them.We are moving fast, dear ones. These are the times we came here to experience.These are the times in which we shed the last of all that has been keeping us small.These are the times that are leading us to the life we have always dreamed of.Keep going.
Love is.It really is that simple.Love is the baseline frequency of all that exists on this planet ... and most lack access because they are afraid to let go of all that is keeping them from it.Accessing next level love isn't easy.Doing so requires us to let go of those things we are attached to or are co-dependent on.Letting go requires us to tap into our next level of courage.In the words of Sara Bareilles, "show me ... how big your brave is."Will you choose to do the work ... again and again?Listen in and receive the codes and activations that will help you achieve your next level love ... allow the unfolding to happen in perfect time for you.And while it is always your choice, all that I speak of is required before you will be able to experience Eden ... heaven on Earth ... as life was originally intended.I love you.
A Divine Activation

A Divine Activation


You are a system, within which there are many, many bodies and many, many layers, all of which contain the information (aka programming) that creates your reality in any given moment.If you wish to change your reality, you must "do the work" to clean up your system.It's crucial to know how to "do the work" for yourself. Anyone doing it for you is doing you a disservice.Within this divine activation, I invite you to claim your power back and move through a process in which you will "do the work" yourself to clean up your energetic system in a manner that serves only YOUR highest good.Listen in ... but not while you're driving this time ... and receive the activations and upgrades your soul is seeking for you in this moment.Feel into your heart space to a deeper level than you may have ever experienced before.Dispel the illusions that remain within you.Claim your path ... the one that will take you to heaven on Earth as you choose it.
The road to our dreams ...real, sometimes raw, and in my opinion, always worth the effort.Where are you at on the road to your dreams?Listen in and receive the codes and activations being made available to you - motivation, inspiration, possibilities, and love, among others.All your dreams ARE on their way ...Keep going.I love you.
"When you're wearyFeeling smallWhen tears are in your eyesI will dry them allI'm on your side ...Like a bridge over troubled waterI will lay me down." ~ Paul Simon (of Simon & Garfunkel), 1969In an interview, Paul said he received the words of this song seemingly out of nowhere. They flowed in as divine knowing, and the first two verses were written.As you allow it, I share this transmission with you as the first steps on a bridge to Eden. Eden is heaven ... on Earth ... and the frequency is here for all who choose to do the work to be able to receive it within their physical bodies.The frequency is pure and it is powerful.It requires you to let go of ALL that you believed to be true ... and allow yourself to be filled with the light of God.There is no other way.Listen in and receive the activations and upgrades that are being made available to assist you in your expansion right now.You are the light of God. "Your time has come to shineAll your dreams are on their way"Remember.
There is exquisite beauty that can be experienced when exploring consciousness.To date, most of that beauty has been "out there" somewhere - in meditation, in lucid dreams, in journeying with plant medicine.I will admit to having spent very little time "out there." I simply haven't been guided to do so.I am aware that my path  is in the here and now ... on Earth ... always divinely guided.I know I am meant to be the example.I will show you how to see such beauty and experience real magic with your eyes open ... your feet planted firmly on the ground ... in full presence in your physical body ... right here on Earth.Heaven on Earth is available for all who choose it.Are you in?
The frequency of Eden is here. It is (finally!) available to all who choose it.All that remains is for you to decide ...what do you want the remainder of your life experience to be like?Before you decide, know this - acceptance is one key that you will need to unlock the gates of Eden.In acceptance, you will let go of the need to control the outcome.In acceptance, you will bring yourself back to the present moment. It is in the present moment that you will know to make new choices that will assist you in ending the loops of struggle, dis-ease, delusion, and/or fear you may be feeling right now.Listen in and receive the codes and activations that will help you move towards your own next level.You're not doing this alone. I love you.
Death Isn't Real

Death Isn't Real


It's a topic most are somewhere between hesitant and unwilling to discuss. We've been programmed to believe things about death that simply aren't true, so it's no wonder ... the hesitancy ... and it's no one's fault.The only true death, in my opinion, is one's failure to live.It is in truly allowing yourself to feel all of the feels ... fully and completely ... that you live, and in this living, you expand the consciousness that is you.Are you able to live without fear of death? Are you ready to live more fully than ever before?Listen in and receive the upgrades and activations that are being made available to you in this transmission.Heaven on Earth ... or hell on Earth ... is a choice  - your choice. Join me here as you are called: #ascension #eden #love #faith #freedom #death #heaven #divinity #soul
As we all continue on this ascension journey, more and more is being made known to us. This new information is unlocked within us courtesy of the solar and other unmeasurable energies that continue to pummel our planet ..., and ourselves.Are you willing to take another look at yourself as a divine human?You are SO much more than anyone ever told you. You, my friend, are a master soul.You came to this planet to experience heaven on Earth in. this. lifetime.Listen in and receive the codes and activations that will assist you in upgrading your system as it serves you right now.Find the challenge exercises to help you clear your energetic system here: #challengeacceptedLearn more about scheduling a Divine Activation Session with me here: #truth #faith #love #divinehuman #consciousness #heavenonearth #eden
Hallelujah ... from my perspective a word that has great depth and holds many meanings. Only recently did I step fully into the power of what this word now means to me.When I look back over my lifetime here on Earth, I see many experiences that I recollect felt a lot like hell. I know this is true for you, too.That said, the journey from hell to hallelujah isn't an easy one.Simple, yes, but definitely not easy.What does the journey entail?And what does your next level look like for you?Listen in and receive the activations and upgrades that are available for you to expand into greater awareness of these things.An invitation -In support of all who know they are meant to become their divine human and would appreciate some extra support on their journey, I created this space - Your Divine Human  - me there as you are called to. 
So much is changing ... and so quickly! This leads me to ask ...How are you doing, dear one?  Truly, you and I, we were made for these times. Remember there is nothing you are experiencing that is doing anything less than serving your highest good. Every experience contains a gift in the opportunity for you to learn, let go, and expand.Whenever you feel stuck, ASK your highest self, your divine self, and your soul for help. You are not walking this ascension path alone. In contemplating the true reality of the Christmas holiday that is before all who celebrate it, I share some musings and observations with you in this episode. Listen in to receive activations and energetic upgrades that allow you to find your own unique blend of holiday magic, no matter which holidays you choose to celebrate ... or not. You will also receive a unique way of asking for expansion and receiving more of who you truly are ... just for some extra holiday fun!As with anything I share, I invite you to try on new ideas like you might try on a new pair of shoes. If they feel like a potential fit, walk around in them for awhile. If you find they don't suit you at all, simply return them to the shelf.ALWAYS follow the guidance in YOUR heart. It will NEVER steer you wrong.I love you!Merry Christmas!
Perhaps, like me as a child, you learned in church a prayer that invoked the will of God to be made known to those who spoke this prayer.Upon consideration, it feels as though somehow this prayer left me believing I was simply a small human, one without direction, and that, by myself, I was powerless to bring about useful change to my reality.When, in fact, and as I know now is each one of us that holds our own power to command all that we desire into being.We are not separate from God.That said, "empty" words are not commands. The frequency your words contain is important.Listen in to receive activations and frequencies that will assist you in opening doors ... allowing you to explore your own power of command.It's time to fine tune the frequency that is you, thereby leveling up your ability to create the reality you truly desire.Yes, you are this amazing, dear one!I love you!
If there is one thing I can assure you of, it's the fact that every human, no matter where they are on their ascension journey, has struggled in some way or another.Struggle (what a funny word when you look at it long enough!), I am certain, shows up when we are spending more time in our minds than we are in receiving guidance from our heart, which is where our connection to our divinity is found.I myself have been struggling with something as of late, and in this episode I dissect just a bit what might be behind this struggle.Is it possible that even our struggles are simply of our choosing?Listen in to learn more and receive the activations and upgrades that are being made available to you in this recording.As you will hear, I have also chosen to make a commitment to myself with you as my witness.I look forward to sharing the results of this commitment on the flip side, dear one.I love you!
You'll find me weaving a thread of conversation in this episode as I simply allow my soul to lead the way.There is much to contemplate.There has been a major shift on our planet ... and if you choose to open up to discovering all that makes YOU unique, I am certain you will be delighted with what shows up for you as you continue to move forward on your ascension journey.Where are you at in creating daily experiences that fill you with delight?Your reality, after all, is created by you.Listen in and receive activations and upgrades via energetic frequencies that will serve you in the best possible way.You are amazing, dear one!I am honored to be walking this path with you.Together, we rise.I love you!
Happy Thanksgiving to all who are here in the United States!Today, I am called to share with you a transmission that will assist you in opening up to your next level of gratitude.Gratitude goes far beyond giving thanks for material things and the people in your life.Gratitude for every thing, every one, and every experience is essential for you to continue to rise on your ascension journey.Listen in and receive the codes and activations that are being made available to you in a manner that serves only your highest good.Honor the simple practice contained within to assist yourself in letting go of the density and making room for more gratitude to flow through you.You've got this, dear one.Together, we rise. I love you!
What began as hope for a better future ...led to trust, which, when combined with an open heart, resulted in faith ...real, unshakeable, steadfast faith,Faith to this degree is how you will hasten your ascension journey in a way that is perfect for you.Faith assists you in reclaiming your power from fear and worry.Are you ready for your next level of faith ... in YOU?Next level faith, while not yet common, is being made available to you right now.Listen in to receive the codes and activations that are being made available to you in this podcast recording.As all of my recordings are created outside of time and space, which means they will not lose their potency, you are welcome to return to this recording each time you feel ready to open up to yet another level.I am also inviting you to share your successes and sticking points with me as you would like me to create a future podcast around them. As you are called to do so you will then, from within the podcast stream that comes through in response to your inquiry, receive the codes and activations you are seeking to take the perfect next steps for you on your ascension journey. Use this email address: hello@livewithvigor.comI look forward to hearing from you!I love you!
Consider this your invitation to join me in the stillness become fully present within your heart space let go receive ...all in a manner that is specific to you and serves only your highest good.Listen in to receive upgrades and activations that will assist you in shining your light brighter than you ever have in this lifetime!You ARE a divine being of light, and it IS time to open your heart more than you ever thought possible both give and receive the light of God as you came here to do.I love you!
There is good news in our ascension journey!Lies are no longer sustainable.The inverted reality that we have all grown up in has energetically failed.This doesn't mean everyone will be able to see this or will choose this, though.It is up to each to decide if they will choose truth and make the decisions required to let go of the density and  continue on their ascension journey.Listen in and receive activations that will assist you in tuning into your unique truth, something that is not and will never be found outside of you.I love you!
I am ... and this is everything!There are many things we experience in our lives here on Earth, and the truth is that every experience was designed by us and for us to help us come back to the point of I am.Beyond I am, there is continued expansion of you via your vision that will serve the continued expansion of humanity.Are you ready to open up to more?Listen in to receive the frequencies and the wondrous possibilities that come with the energy of I am. I love you!
Did you know ... ?? ... a few tidbits about what makes this podcast unique and why I will continue its creation in future weeks as long as I am called to.Given that perspective, are you giving yourself permission to open up to all that is being made available to you as you continue your ascension journey?Incoming energies are reaching new intensities as we are all moving into a detoxification stage that may present an abundance of symptoms of sickness, pain, and disease for many people. Listen in on why it is imperative to love your body more than you may ever have before ... to be willing to communicate with it ... enabling you to stay on a detoxification path that in no way overwhelms your body or your mind.Take a few minutes and join me in a real time process for letting go.  If you choose to receive this clearing, simply say yes as you listen to my words. Level up today as you learn to allow your divinity and your spiritual team to do the work for you.I love you!
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