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The world is full of weirdness — ghosts, conspiracies, unsolved murders, and strange and mysterious places — so join us as we talk about all of it while sipping on whatever beverage we concoct that week!
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We're continuing to celebrate spooky season with an Adam Brody marat--what? That's not what we're doing? Oh. Well, we're back with another horror movie review to help us ring in the spookiest of seasons with even more content for you all. This week, we dive into a well (but not literally) and by that, of course, we mean that we watched The Ring. This movie is a favorite of Meara's and a least favorite of mine, so join us to argue about whether or not it's a bad movie. Maybe it's just nostalgic, maybe it's bad or maybe, possibly it's as good as Meara says. You'll have to let us know what you think! And fun fact, we are also recording this on The Ring's 20th anniversary as it came out on October 18, 2002! Completely unplanned but I kinda love it. Anyway, keep up with our socials and turn notifications on to get notified of more spooky content this month!Instagram:
We've all heard of the Bermuda Triangle, but some of you may not be aware that there are other mysterious places in the world also shaped like a triangle where strange and unusual things happen. In the middle of Lake Michigan you'll find such a place, where ships have sunk, where a plane has crashed, its wreckage never to be found, and one captain went to his quarters on his vessel and was never seen again. Maybe you'll say it's just bad weather, or what happens when you're out on rough waters, or maybe something more is going on out there... let us know what you think!Instagram:
Buckle up for spooky season and our very first movie review! We decided to load you with content this month because it's our first October live and on air and you all deserve it. Instead of giving you more content of the normal variety, we decided to try something new and watch some horror movies to ring in spooky season. We started with the absolutely iconic Jennifer's Body -- a personal favorite of Morgan's that Meara has never seen. Safe to say that it's now one of her favorite movies as well. If you've watched the movie, let us know what you thought of Adam Brody's eyeliner, the iconic theme some of the movie and what your favorite line is!Also, we do not own the rights to the music we used from the movie. If you like the song the details are below. Through the Trees Music by Ryan Levine and Andrew AmpayaLyrics by Ryan LevinePerformed by Ryan Levine (as Low Shoulder)Instagram:
Episode 32: Houska Castle

Episode 32: Houska Castle


It's officially spooky season, y'all, and we're so excited for Mysteriocities' first October! We started it off with a very spooky castle in the Czech Republic. If you're worried about stumbling upon the gates of hell, I'd suggest avoiding it. Otherwise, you might find it to be a scenic place to visit if you're ever near Prague -- ya girl will definitely be hitting it up. We also discuss what Kool Aid flavor we would be if we were, in fact, Kool Aid. Is that on topic? No. But don't let that stop you from picking your own Kool Aid flavor and joining us. Also keep your eyes peeled for lots of spooky content this month! Let us know what you think about the episode!Instagram:
We’re back from our one week hiatus and bringing you a very well known and tragic death that happened in Los Angeles a decade ago now. Elisa Lam is a familiar name to most in the true crime and conspiracy scene as the elevator footage of the last known sighting of her has circled the internet and received millions of views. Internet sleuths tried their hands at guessing what happened to her that ended with her body found in one of the hotel’s water tanks, and while some people think it was nothing more than her having a psychotic break that ended with her trying to hide from imagined pursuers, others think her end was caused by more sinister means — whether by hotel staff or a guest, or maybe even one of the hotel’s many ghosts. Let us know what you think!Elisa’s Tumblr: Documentary:
We're taking it way back in time to the late 1800s, early 1900s, talking about a female serial killer who utilized her charms and also her hog farm in order to lure in her victims and then ensure that they were never seen again. This one takes some twists and some turns and by the end of the story, you're probably going to have more questions than answers - on whether she had more victims that we just don't know about, and where she spent out the rest of her days if she was alive at all. Look, all I know is that after having to hear about Belle and her antics, I am definitely second guessing how attached I am to eating pork. Let us know what you think about the episode and be sure to rate and review us on Apple Podcasts or wherever you listen, it really helps us out!Instagram:
Episode 29: Mount Everest

Episode 29: Mount Everest


This week we're doing something a little different, but sometimes you have a fascination with Mount Everest and you have to yell about it in your podcast. So we go into all of the details about the tallest mountain the world (by most definitions anyway). While for a while you might think this is a mountaineering podcast, we go into the bodies that have been left on Everest, making it the world's largest open-air graveyard. The darker side of Everest is a fascinating subject that brings up a lot of debate and controversy as to what's called Summit Fever, and the potential of leaving behind or ignoring people in need because you're risking your own life in the process. Definitely a bit different this week so let us know what you think or if it's a little bit too off topic for y'all. Make sure to rate and review us on iTunes if you haven't already, and if you like this random topic, tell us on our socials so we know!Peak Climbing Nepal: Instagram:
We've got something different for you this week, and something a bit lighter after the frustrating past couple of weeks delving into a potential crime where no justice was found and no closure given to the family. So this week, we're heading to Australia, specifically near and around Melbourne, where Meara goes into all of the funky details about the Tromp family and the very strange and abrupt trip that they went on. Whether you believe it was a shared paranoia that led them to flee their home, or perhaps something more ominous like being dosed or an alien abduction, you can't deny the weirdness. Let us know what you think of this episode by interacting with us on our socials and let us know how we're doing by rating and reviewing us on Apple Podcasts which is the best way to support us! Instagram:
We're here to finish off our two part series on the Tamla Horsford case, this time we'll be going into the investigation and what has happened since it was officially closed as an accident. Though the FCSO gave into pressure and announced the GBI would be conducting their own investigation, it closed with the same result of it being an accident. But that investigation brought to light some disturbing details with officers involved, and when an independent autospy was done, it brought to light even more missteps. At the end of the day, we'll probably never know what happened that night but Tamla's family and friends deserve answers and closure, so check out the links below for ways you can help!Justice for Tamla: the Petition: Stone:
Very few clever quips today because this one is absolutely infuriating, y’all. We dive into the mysterious death of Tamla Horsford, who went to an adult sleepover with some football moms and by morning, was found mysteriously dead on the lawn. The investigation was handled badly from the start, in a historically racist county and as she was the only black person at a party of white people, many people wonder had the situation been opposite, would it have been handled the same way? Part 1 is all about the area, Tamla, and the party. Stay tuned for Part 2 next Monday where we’ll go into the investigation! It’s going to piss you off so here are links below if you want to help.Justice for Tamla: the Petition: Stone:
Episode 25: Cryptids

Episode 25: Cryptids


We’re back on our collab shit, and diving into five cryptids that will probably sound familiar to you. The first part of our Cryptids series, we go into the back stories and some spooky tales involving wendigos, yetis, kraken, the Mothman, and the Goatman. We also contemplate how much calamari one could make if the kraken happened to be real and captured – so if you crave calamari after this episode, apologies but you’re wholeheartedly not alone on that front. Hope you enjoy our first collab in a while, and make sure to check out our Instagram for photos and to rate and review us on Apple Podcasts to get your review read and get the chance to have your own episode! Instagram:
This week, we venture to 1930s France and talk about the brutal double murder committed by the Papin sisters in Le Mans. Commonly considered to be an example of class warfare and struggle, two sisters killed the mother and daughter of the Lancelin household, seemingly snapping out of nowhere. We'll never know exactly why it happened or even how, since relying on the facts given by the killers doesn't always lead to us getting an accurate retelling of events. Make sure you leave us a review on Apple Podcasts to get featured in a future episode!Instagram:
Episode 23: Bible John

Episode 23: Bible John


This episode will have references to sexual assault and a suicide, so please keep your triggers in mind when listening to this one. Although we took a break from murder for a while, we're back to serial killers today with the unsolved murders of Patricia Docker, Jemima McDonald, and Helen Puttock back in the late sixties in Glasgow, Scotland. Join us in discussing the suspects and let us know whether you think the most compelling suspect is, in fact, the one responsible, even though he's officially been eliminated as a suspect. Make sure to rate and review us on Apple Podcasts if you want a shout-out!Instagram:
Another week of us far into the past! Today we dive into our first listener request, the Lost Colony of Roanoke. You've likely all heard about the 115 settlers that vanished and the word 'CROATOAN' carved into a tree as all that hinted at their potential fates, but did you know that was actually the British's second attempt of creating a settlement on that very island? See if you can riddle out the truth of what happened to the colonists, in my opinion, it's the not-very-lost colony at all, but the exact truth of what happened isn't something that we're ever likely to know!Native American Rights Fund:
We're entering our fourth month on the internet, it's crazy y'all. This week we stayed in the 1910s (ironic considering the state of the world) and talk all about the mysterious disappearance of a New York City socialite in 1910. No official answers were ever found though there are endless amounts of theories about what happened to her. Unfortunately, some have darker connotations that relate heavily to what's happening today (and stick around for the end if you're in for a political rant). We also have way more cat cameos than normal, apologies but when a cat is feeling feisty, there's really nothing to be done about it. See you next week!Planned Parenthood: for Reproductive Rights: a protest:
If you're like Meara, you know a lot about the Titanic and perhaps don't know that there are a plethora of conspiracy theories surrounding its sinking on that fateful night in April 1912. Whether you do or don't, buckle up because this is our longest episode ever (somehow, we don't know how, probably because all of the movie references, and possibly because since the VHS is in two parts, we simply felt we needed an extra long episode to do the topic justice)! Some people say a cursed mummy brought the ship doom, others say the Titanic never actually sank at all, but regardless of whether you subscribe to any of the theories, without a doubt it's a tragedy that hasn't been forgotten, even a hundred years later! Find a protest: Titanic and Olympic Switch Theory: Counterargument to the Switch:
Jump in with us on this absolutely unhinged episode with a few too many tangents where Morgan confidently does math incorrectly, Meara makes too many references that don't land, and we learn all about the Watcher House in Westfield, New Jersey. Picture this: you buy a house, your dream house even, and then a strange letter arrives from an anonymous individual claiming to be watching your home, even learning the names of your children. They warn you about something in the walls, and can't wait until your move in day. Do you sell the house and move to Canada, or invest in some really thick curtains? Is the family that watches the house real, or is it all just an elaborate hoax? Listen, then tell us what you think!The Haunting of a Dream House by Reeves Wiedeman:
We go down a rabbithole of theories for part two, trying to figure out what happened to the nine hikers who mysteriously died in the Siberian wilderness in 1959! Whether it was an avalanche, military tests, aliens, or yetis, what's obvious is that something unusual happened on that mountain and the truth is we're never going to know what it was. So listen to us rant about the theories and how nothing quite fits, and let us know what you think happened! Even though it's likely unless we can Three-Eyed Raven into the past like Bran from Game of Thrones, we're never going to know.Puzrin and Gaume's report: Yorker article, Douglas Preston:
For episode 17, we dive into the mysterious deaths of nine hikers in the Ural Mountains in 1959, commonly known as the Dyatlov Pass Incident named after the leader of the hiking group, Igor Dyatlov. Join us for some history, a rundown on the group, including three Yuri's, and the details of how their bodies were found. There were some very strange (and suspicious) injuries that made Meara nauseous, so buckle up and join us. Also enjoy some bonus content as we tell the tale of our journey to try the new Strawberry Frostys and our close call with zombies. This turned into a two part episode because of the sheer amount of information so stay tuned for Part 2 later this week! Website with diaries, medical examinations, and all the Dyatlov tea:
Welcome to June everyone, our third official month of being live and on air and to celebrate, I guess we're going to talk about some horrible murders, so join us, you know you want to. This really sick and officially uncaught individual dismembered people and most of his victims were never identified. Gotta love that early 1900s corruption, you know what I mean? Anyway, buckle up and enjoy an extended appearance from our Pod Cat, apologies if you can hear her purring in the microphone, it might not be the most pleasant ambient sound but you can't tell a cat to move, it's against the law. Hope you enjoy!How to help Uvalde, Texas:,organizing%20a%20relief%20fund%20for%20victims%20and%20families.Instagram: