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The One Thing with David & Laurie

Author: David Gruder & Laurie Morse

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Dancing with the One Thing that individuals, communities & countries have yet to try: Solutions start with Source.
46 Episodes
Episode 46 of "The One Thing" podcast with Laurie Morse and David Gruder is now available. This episode is essentially a primer on the basics of manifestation. We delve into how to use TOT connection to train yourself into maintaining Vibrational Alignment with more and more of your intentions, more and more of the time. We cover what vibration is and what it's composed of, describe three key steps in training ourselves to maintain vibrational alignment, and offer some tips on how to maximize your results in using those steps to more consistently embody that alignment in your thoughts, feelings, beliefs, words, actions, and outcomes.
In this episode, we explore some key aspects of the Outer Work of 5D Consciousness (in contrast to the inner work we've discussed in the prior episodes in this 5D Consciousness mini-series). We call this episode "Stop Dimming Your Light -- Express It!" Leave us your comments, questions, and requests at
This episode, which is part of our mini-series on 5D Consciousness, offers a deeper dive into one of the key dimensions of 5D Consciousness in the context of TOT: How to solidifying your 5D Orientation despite living in a constantly shifting world. Leave us your comments, questions, and requests at
In this episode, we a do a deeper dive into one of the key dimensions of 5D Consciousness in the context of TOT: 5D Light-Body Nonphysical Attunement. You'll discover what that is and how to accomplish it. Listen at and then share your comments, questions, topic requests for future episodes, and any other feedback you might have, through our Contact page!
In this episode, we offer an overview of what 5D Consciousness is and what its key elements are, as a prelude to further unpacking these elements in coming episodes..
In this episode we discuss how to greatly boost your inner wellbeing and outer effectiveness by using "I AM" Statements more intentionally and consistently.
Although surrendering to higher love and wisdom is a cornerstone of TOT connection, there are times when we have preparatory work to do before that surrender can happen. In this episode we discuss how to recognize when preparatory work is needed and how to do that preparation so we become able to authentically surrender.
Does your paradigm, theology, and core belief system, support or undermine your ability to feel as you most want to feel and act as you most want to act? Being able to connect with TOT is great, but where the rubber meets the road is TOT Embodiment. In this episode, Laurie & David offer practical ways to strengthen your TOT Embodiment.
In this episode we illuminate what the "I AM" Presence is, its purpose, the prices we pay for being disconnected from it, and how to strengthen your connection with it, and why doing that matters.
In this episode we look at how there has always been a world order of one kind of another that has been dominated by one group or another, we'll explore the choice we face in selecting the new world orders we support, we'll offer our perspectives about the world order that we believe best preserves genuine freedom and promotes our connection with The One Thing, and we'll propose some steps you can take to help ensure that the world order you want is the one that prevails.
In this episode we explore what the "Cancel Culture" attitude is really about and how it undermines Homo Spiritus... and we offer some tips for how to disconnect yourself from of this toxic-yet-all-too-popular mindset.
A central quality of our divine design as human beings is lightness of being: a state of simple spacious of heart that both reflects and nourishes our connection with The One Thing. In this episode we explore some of the key "spirit medicines" that are cornerstones of lightness of being, and offer some simple things you can do to return to lightness of being when you disconnect from it, and to live in lightheartedness more and more of the time,
In this episode we uncover "The Wily Sneaky Ways of Disconnection:" How to spot the subtle seductions that disconnect us from higher love and wisdom despite our better intentions, and without us even realizing this is happening... and how we can reduce this deeply human and ever-so-common tendency.
In this episode we offer you some practical-yet-potent ways to uplevel your mental-emotional self-governance through the assistance of The One Thing.
In this episode we offer you practical things you can do to increase your access to higher love, wisdom, and power through connecting with The One Thing.
Practical ways to re-set your Source Connection thermostat, so you become a better and better conduit for higher love, wisdom and power, more of the time.
There are always options to uplevel beauty and leave beauty in our wake, even in the most awful of situations. Leaving beauty in our wake is a precious way of honoring the divine within and around us. In this episode, we describe dimensions of The Beauty Way and offer you some ways to more deliberately imbue this into the fabric of your daily life.
In this episode, we explore key differences between divine & animal masculine & feminine consciousness in all of us because, as we see it, the shift from confusion to clarity about these distinctions is only possible through connection with TOT.
In this episode, we offer some valuable clarity about conspiracy theories that becomes available by viewing them through the lens of The One Thing. Our intention is to equip you with ways to deal more authentically, wisely, lovingly, and effectively, with the daily barrage of information that some label as disinformation and propaganda, which others label as conspiracies to hide the truth.
In this episode we explore how Spiritual Resilience takes psychological and physical resilience a next extremely important step forward, what makes Spiritual Resilience so valuable (especially during these particularly troubled times), and valuable tips for tips for upleveling your Spiritual Resilience.
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