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How To Be a Person

Author: Mike Drucker and Jess Dweck

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Comedy writers Mike Drucker ("The Tonight Show," The Onion, Marvel) and Jess Dweck ("The Tonight Show", "Late Night") invite fellow comedians, writers, and other interesting people to teach them how to be normal human beings. Logo by Bryan Brinkman. Theme by Eric Gersen.
100 Episodes
In their last episode of How To Be a Person, Drucker and Dweck talk to their first-ever podcast guest (and their hilarious friend) Albertina Rizzo! 
In their penultimate episode, Drucker and Dweck talk about how much it sucks to be a writer. Was this episode necessary? Definitely not. Was it just another way to procrastinate and avoid writing? Probably. Honestly, we just wanted to end on the number 169. 
Writer Cirocco Dunlap (The New Yorker, Man Seeking Woman) teaches us how to deal with the break up of a relationship that was never actually a relationship, how to talk about the Legend of Zelda in therapy, how to conquer your fear of spiders, and how to write a good children's book. 
Musician, author, and comedy nerd Paul Myers teaches us how to write a biography. Check out his new book, The Kids in the Hall: One Dumb Guy, available wherever books are sold!
Another Drucker-Dweck solo ep!
Comedian and writer Nate Fernald (Late Late Show) teaches us how to build a house and many other things. Also, Drucker goes missing and mysteriously resurfaces in the middle of the podcast. It's a crazy one. 
Comedian, author, and musician Lane Moore talks about her new book "How To Be Alone," which you should buy! We also talk about reaching out to people, talking to weird people on Tinder, dealing with families, and living our dream lives while constantly feeling bad about it. It's a fun episode! For real, listen. Do it now!
The title says it all. Enjoy!
The hilarious Louis Virtel ("Billy On the Street", "Keep It!") teaches us how to win money on a game show, how to love the movie "Clue," how to be an entertainment journalist, how to appreciate Iowa, how to write for Billy Eichner, how to do a spot-on Tim Gunn impression, and how to know every underappreciated older actress.
Comedy writer Chase Mitchell (The Tonight Show) teaches us the secret to a clever Halloween costume and how to deal with the death of MoviePass. 
In this solo ep, Dweck and Drucker talk about the crazy political news this week. 
Anna Drezen (SNL, Reductress) teaches us how to make the most of a hotel stay, how to fall in love with a train conductor, how to stalk someone online, how to get hired at SNL, and how to appreciate celebrity feet.
In this solo ep, Drucker and Dweck talk about customer service rep rage, nerds, democratic socialism, Taxi TV's Sandy Kenyon, and other very cool and fun topics.
Comedy writer Nicole Silverberg (Full Frontal with Samantha Bee, Reductress) teaches us how to kill giant swaths of flies, how to deal with trolls, how to go to a 'happening,' and how to appreciate a Reductress headline.
In this solo episode, Drucker tries to figure out what video games Dweck might be into and fails miserably!
Comedian and writer Matt Goldich (Late Night with Seth Meyers) teaches us how to drink a billion cups of coffee a day without going insane, how to write monologue jokes, and how to be normal. 
Comedian and writer Dan St. Germain teaches us how to meditate silently in the woods, how to enjoy late-career John Travolta, how to pitch a Die Hard movie, how to ice skate in the summer, and how to just barely keep it together. We had a bit of an audio failure on this one, so apologies for the poor sound quality. We sound like we're at the bottom of the ocean, which is honestly where we'd like to be right now.
It's another solo episode! Drucker and Dweck go through some listener emails and talk about depression, The Rock, and bad roommates.
Comedy writer Cullen Crawford (Colbert, The Onion, ClickHole) teaches us how to survive in the woods, how to really enjoy New Orleans, how to work in a haunted abandoned hospital, how to write the perfect Your Mom joke, how to manage anxiety, and how to nail a job interview by drinking beer and doing push-ups.
Comedian Sean Crespo (Full Frontal with Samantha Bee) teaches us how to forget your first language, injure your legs, audition for an Adam Sandler movie, how to stay in touch with friends, how to go to acting school, and grow up in the back of a diner. Also, what's up with Roseanne?   As usual, if you like our little podcast, please tell your friends and subscribe online. Also donate to our Patreon at Patreon dot com / how to be a person. Thank you! We mean it. Thank you!
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Hilarious 😂

Nov 21st
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