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Bonus episode is now up 2 enjoy!Enjoy a channeled experience which Spirit asked for me to record while walking with my dog famili(ar), Paco. They asked for me to share of their conversation with and guidance of - in an actual live experience - while walking on a journey outside in my neighbourhood (it ends when I arrive at the water - was shared to close the recording and Be with what was there).So, for the SOUND (or #asmr) enthusiasts, enjoy the spaces between, and more!Here I was asked to share of my work with the movement key, what I do, and how in connecting to ancestors and ancients, you too can traverse between the pained lines that can be healed to share relief in your body in the here and now, whilst also accessing the intergenerational wealth lines that share wisdom of how to transmute much into gold. I was guided to share of sacred union, protectors of the most sacred, and ancestral grooves of pain and invitation for pleasure. Take what you wish from it, and leave the rest. May you enjoy what is to come forwards with towards more.**This was shared in a level of awareness while channeling and being in connection to those that I walk with (ancestor, ancient, and more), so it can be listened to outside and in movement as well. Enjoy how you so choose**(( Connect with Josie via what's provided at ))
 “How do you choose?” – How do you choose to dance? Josie with Spirit counsel share of an invitation to explore more than 2 in thought, but in order to move beyond the binary, we must discover the beauty of 2 – one of co-creation, collaboration and reciprocal harmony. There is an Energy Practice shared at 16:02 to explore this within your energy and breath. By 22:08 there is a Divine channeling shared by MA (where AM ends and MA begins) circle, so please read content warning for listening to channeling. This episode explores "in addition to", sound and energy sharings, to explore the space between to experience the creation codes you carry. Then, in channeling, there is shared more on the decisions and discernments beyond judgement. The sacred and what is kept secret.***CONTENT WARNING*** Direct channelings are transmissions of energy and word and sound that are recommended NOT to listen to while driving, or operating heavy machinery. Please allow yourself when energy practices are shared, or channeling begins, to pause and wait until you have space to ground and Be.(( Connect with Josie via what's provided at ))
 “First and foremost, you are Loved.” – This first episode begins On SPIRIT, with Josie transponding and channeling messages live. There was shared on what to expect, while sharing aspects of oneness, the multiplicity (& duplicity) of self, inter-relations of the i-you-we, and exploring relations to spirit in you and of you and more. Josie introduces some of their experiences to share this with you now, of lifetimes and in form now. They touched upon the big questions, like who am I, and why are we here now? With an invitation to explore the words and worlds within the lands of Body, Earth, and Spirit, may you join this intertwining of connections with Josie, Spirit, and You!(( Connect with Josie via what's provided at ))
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