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Stories, Emotions, Potent truths…… this is the place where you can discover a new phase about what it means to be a lefty. Join Kristelle as she reveals her most intimate, personal, and complicated details of being a lefty.
5 Episodes
So, What's Left?

So, What's Left?


It’s been fun, but all good things must come to an end. For the last episode, Kristelle reflects on what has happened throughout the podcast and the different things she’s learnt on this journey. Is her understanding of left-handers different compared to when the podcast first started?
It’s been quite a journey of self-discovery and identity searching, but is it time to trace back and seek understanding from the one who taught Kristelle everything she knows? For this episode, Kristelle digs a bit deeper into her childhood and upbringing to get a better sense of what happened to her very own mother. Will they be able to come to a consensus over their views on left-handedness?
All this while it’s been lefties this and lefties that, but what about righties? What do they think about their handedness? In this episode, Kristelle hears from her right-handed friends as they share their thoughts about left-handers and living in a world mainly catered to them. In this right-hand dominated world, are left and right-handers at the “same starting point”?
A lot of times in life, there are no answers to certain questions because it’s been taken for granted for years and decades. But…is there really no way to work that out? Instead of getting an answer from the past, in this episode, Kristelle sits down with her Malay and Indian lefty friends to talk about cultural beliefs and traditional values in handedness, and how left-handers usually negotiate themselves within the community.
Let’s do some emotional digging with Kristelle, as she amplifies her voice and stories as a left-hander. Being left-handed is nowadays often seen as nothing too special, but, as a trait shared by only around 10% of the global population, there still exists social stigma and a disparity between the dominant and submissive nature of handedness. Have left-handed people really been given a space of identity, and if not, what needs to change?