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Author: Alfred & Sherrell Duncan

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Alfred & Sherrell Duncan, stars of the National TV Show "Love and Marriage DC", are more than just a power couple. They are authors, playwrights, actors, certified relationship facilitators, and officiators. With a viral surprise same-day wedding proposal, they have been all over the TV Screen and Airwaves. As hosts of the "Friends Who Smash" podcast, they explore the dynamics of modern relationships in marriage and friendship, with a focus on transparency and challenging societal norms. Additionally, their friendship is the foundation of their partnership, and they bring that dynamic to their work, providing unique perspectives on love, marriage, and everything in between.

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Welcome to the 43rd episode of Friends Who Smash Podcast!🎉 We're thrilled to have the talented Alicia Kryss, cast member of Love and Marriage DC, co-host of FuntimeMoms podcast, and owner of Haute Toppings - the trendy earrings brand, as our guest today. Along with her boyfriend, Ryan, who owns a personal security company, we'll dive deep into their relationship journey, including their breakups and makeups, and where they stand now.Get ready for an inside scoop on their love story, from how ...
Welcome to another episode of Friends Who Smash podcast! On this episode, we have the honor of speaking with The Media Prince, a 15x Award Winning Journalist and Media Specialist, and Brooke Dyson, founder and owner of FORTITUDE FIT, a lifestyle brand that focuses on simplistic, healthy eating & living.The Media Prince has made a name for himself by showcasing the most innovative and creative works from all areas of art, from fashion, music, politics, athletics, Disk Jockeys, painters, po...
In this episode of Friends Who Smash, we sit down with the hilarious Katryce, better known as "The Funny Momma," and her best friend, celebrity nail artist Celeste. Katryce takes us on a journey through her experiences as a mom of three, while also sharing her passion for cooking and crafting. Meanwhile, Celeste reveals how her early love for art and unique inspirations have helped her become one of the most sought-after nail artists in the industry.But the conversation doesn't stop there. We...
Welcome to this week's episode of Friends Who Smash! In this installment, we sit down with Winter Harris, star of Love and Marriage D], and budding lyricist Yusha Assad. Both of them are divorcees, so we delve deep into their past experiences and what they envision for their future when it comes to love.We also take on the role of matchmaker, but does our matchmaking attempt succeed? You'll have to tune in to find out!This episode was so special that it was even featured on the OWN Network's ...
Wives Panel Recap

Wives Panel Recap


This was a very dope episode. We are looking to do this again soon. So much information from the wives. Here are a few clips of our conversation. If you wanna hear the conversation in its entirety, go back and check out episode 30th. Also, we are taking couples for our 2023 Couples retreat. We have a few slots left. Go to to register TODAY.
Recap #1

Recap #1


In this week's episode, we grab some of the dopest clips from our first 3 episodes of this year. Full of gems, jokes, and just real stuff. For the full episodes, check out episodes 11, 14, and 15.
In this week's episode, we discuss the challenges of Men and Women being so different in how they move. From Men not looking for stuff to Women not allowing Men to correct them, and so much more. This is definitely a conversation starter. Let us know your thoughts. Leave a comment, share this video, and like and subscribe to this channel.
In this episode of Friends Who Smash, we bring you into our world. Fully into our world. We start off discussing "Love at first sight" and immediately spin off into a debate. Lol. Enjoy.
In this week's episode of Friends Who Smash, Home Edition, we ask each other very random questions. All pertaining to love and relationships. We also explain how Views From Forever stage play was developed. Get tickets to the October 30th show at the following link.
In this week's episode of Friends Who Smash, we introduce yall to the "Home Edition". We get deep in conversation about sexual health, twitter, and the gender war. These conversations get very emotional so be prepared to be triggered.
In this episode of Friends Who Smash Podcast, we take you back to when we talk to our good friend and comedian extraordinaire, Eddie Bryant. We discuss how Eddie played a big part in us meeting each other. We also talk about how Comedy and Love work in his world. A very funny episode.
In this week's episode of Friends Who Smash, we chat with the Hilarious Johnsons. #BunandBear. This is such a funny episode, yet very serious and vulnerable. We talk about the wives being extra and the husbands dealing with it. lol. Bike Rides to DM Slides. To more serious subjects like dealing with IVF procedures and more.
Ep. 34 "To the Top"

Ep. 34 "To the Top"


In this episode of Friends who smash podcast, the Duncans discuss what they are learning in marriage counseling; Alfred writing a new hit single; why Sherrell calls Alfred "To the Top" and a whole bunch of other stuff. Enjoy, subscribe, share, and like.
In this episode of Friends Who Smash, we talk to Jherrell and Caressa, who are both single and without children. We get real about the dating scene and life as a single adult with no kids. Please like, share, comment, and subscribe to our channel.
In this episode of Friends Who Smash, we talk to Jeremiah and Tiarra Abu-Bakr. One of the 9 couples that attended our first couples retreat. We talk about empire building, co-parenting, blended family, and so much more. Please like, share, comment, and subscribe to our channel.
In this episode of Friends Who Smash, we take it back to when our show was airing on WHUR HD Radio. We sat down with the amazing Maimouna Youseff aka MuMu Fresh to talk about all of her splendor and more. Check it out for yourself. Like, Share, Comment, and subscribe.
On this episode of Friends Who Smash, we invited 3 husbands to sit down and talk about all things marriage. From Work Husbands to erectile dysfunction to throples. We left no stone unturned. Please like, share, comment, and subscribe to our channel. More great content on the way.
In this episode of Friends Who Smash, Sherrell sits down with 3 dynamic wives to discuss how they keep their marriage spicy, how they settle arguments, and how they juggle being a wife and being e everything else. Tap in and chime in. Share, comment, and like.
In this episode of Friends Who Smash, we talk about people trying to change their partners; how love isn't enough; and attention-seeking pictures/outfits. Comment, share, like, and subscribe.
In this episode of Friends Who Smash, we talk to three single people to find out what it's like in the dating world. A lot was revealed and a lot to unpack.