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Author: Compass Koaching LTD - Mary L. Holmström

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I'm Mary L. Holmström and my Podcast, 'Questions Course Corrections' explores topics from a perspective, unique from my own experience to be sure, but also because I've talked to many of you out there and you're telling me that these are subjects too important - not to give a little extra attention to. My hope is not only to hold space for interesting content but to serve and offer every now and then, a provocative idea, solution, or even a spark of hope into the world where you find yourself, at this moment. Koachie compass hug, Mary
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Heartbroken in my 30's after years with the proverbial high school quarterback, self-medicating with a bottle of wine and a pack of cigarettes every night for weeks, and how Big Daddy showed up in the broken bits of my shame, tears, laughter, and hope.... 
Every 68 seconds, someone in the United States is sexually assaulted. Every 9 minutes that victim is a child.  The statistics around this evil epidemic in America are shocking and staggering, but there is hope.   While sexual assault is an obvious evil perpetrated by a predator, justice can be challenging to mitigate, but it always prevails in one form or another.  Jill Monaco of Jill Monaco Ministries is my guest during this episode of Questions & Course Corrections, a survivor of sexual assault and a voice of reckoning.  She shares her story, her survival, her personal victory, and talks about her own personal expectations of justice and how those who've experienced sexual assault can begin a reckoning...of their own. ******Each U.S. state has an advocate service to help those who can't afford counseling, other services, or special needs regarding sexual assault or other sexual crimes. In Illinois, in Minnesota
Wait, wha?  Preventing...mental ill-health, ya, that's a real thing, and that's what Dr. Sherri Yoder, Executive Director of Thriving Thoughts Global, and I discuss on the topic of mental health.  Dr. Sherri is leading this movement - around the language we use, the support people are seeking, sharing the resources our communities can pull from, and more.  This is an energetic conversation that will resonate in our current culture, and provide nuggets of hope.   
Have you lost someone close to you over the past two years in lockdown? Maybe from an illness or unforeseen circumstance perhaps? Are you preparing for such an event right now?  If you have - or are, Nikki Moberly - end-of-life and grief coach, is my guest this month and she shares her poignant story about losing her husband after a short fatal illness, the death of her daughter three years ago, and her courageous story of pain, grief, joy, second chances, and growth.  We'll also discuss owning your grief, working through it, support, and more.  This is a great podcast for anyone who loves stories of triumph or needs a measure of hope, especially in the very real world we live in today of recent pandemics, gun violence, and unexpected illnesses.  Life is tough, but there is help.  
Pelvic Organ Prolapse is too often an unscreened and undiagnosed condition that can foster shame, fear, confusion, and deep concern in a woman.  Statistics today indicate that nearly 50% of women worldwide experience pelvic prolapse in some way shape or form at some point in their life, many more severely than others.  A bit of stress incontinence you say?  Chronic constipation?  Nagging lower back pain?  Are you noticing bulges protruding from 'down there'?  While these symptoms may very well be indicative of other health issues, getting more fiber, going to yoga often, or buying adult absorbent sanitary pads, may not be the answer to a larger looming issue that should be investigated in collaboration with your healthcare provider.  Sherrie Palm, Founder & CEO of the non-profit APOPS and a leading advocate and educator on the subject of POP, joins me in this episode to pull back the curtain on this important issue.  We'll discuss the types, causes (childbirth and menopause are the two leading antagonists), symptoms to be looking for, prevention, various medical and non-medical treatments, the intimacy question, and more.  Please listen to this important episode because while you may not be contending with these challenges at this moment, you may later in life, or you may know someone right now that is struggling with this - silent epidemic...
Teaser about my next podcast guest, and a little about Spring and our seasons of transition.  It's a good think...
In this episode of 'Questions & Course Corrections', we explore how to use our pain to serve others and break down the structures built around us that can create strictures in our life if we allow them... I talk about some of my own experience on 9/11 and how that spoke to some short-term choices that led to understanding how to better frame my intentional life decisions; and how my mindset shift may inform one of your 'right now' moments - to breaking through the walls you feel backed into...or at least start to remove a brick.
I'm Mary L. Holmström, and this is my brief yet spectacular introduction to my new Podcast, 'Questions & Course Corrections'. In this Podcast trailer, I share with you who I am, the Podcast premise, and why when you have zillions of Podcasts to choose from, this one is relevant to you and maybe others in your life...
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