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Author: Vanessa Leuenberger & Nathalie Sommer

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Navigating and breaking free of our constraints, by unpacking the raw and realness of life and everything in between. Nathalie and Vanessa will navigate you through the mine(d)fields that are love, relationships, family dynamics, friendships, intimacy, sex, parenting, cultural conditioning, status quo, mental health, and inner truth. Shake yourself free from all that is keeping you from your ultimate happiness. Live life, released.

21 Episodes
Pleasure, Please

Pleasure, Please


Starting out the year/season on a juicy note! Ahhh pleasure. One of our favourite topics. It's a feast of the senses that we can embody and experience, not only in the bedroom, but in every aspect of our lives. Pleasure starts when sex ends, as Nathalie says and you can channel it from the moment that you wake up, as Vanessa says. Nathalie and Vanessa talk about pleasure, how absolutely delicious it is, why we have hang ups with pleasure, how to reject conditioning and access full pleasure in...
In this life, we survive so much. We survive family wounds, cultural conditioning, adversity, and even self-sabotage amongst other things. Meet Emily Tan, a survivor of many things: rape, cancer, patriarcal roles, prejudice, her own non stop toxic masculine, etc. She shares her journey with Nathalie & Vanessa with such humbleness and honesty, it's very inspiring. A story of survival, resilience, and how going through adversity and coming out on the other end has inspired her to help other...
How many people are saying "I have to be more in my feminine. "I have to be more in my masculine." "The rise of the feminine."? It seems like the terms are thrown around so much these days but, actually, what do they mean? Nathalie and Vanessa explore the qualities of the Masculine and Feminine energies. Hopefully shedding some light as to how to live in harmony and balance with both energies in their divine manifestations. Enjoy!
On this episode, we peel back the curtain on Parenting. Get ready for a raw and honest conversation about parenting...good, bad, and ugly. Vanessa, who is a mother of two, talks to Nathalie about her experiences with parenting. How it is the hardest role, she plays. How she loves her children but also would like to give them away at times. What she has learned, what she's still learning, and she has chosen to ignore. Enjoy!
Nathalie and Vanessa talk about energy, gratitude, intention, and spirits...yes...spirits. They discuss the power of energy and gratefulness. How intention can take you to your highest good and the importance of protecting your energy from energy vampires. Enjoy!
In this edition of A Survivor's Story, Nathalie and Vanessa talk with Cary Deuber - former Real Housewives of Dallas cast member, current Nurse Injector, and all around amazing person. Cary talks to the ladies about her journey in all realms - professionally, personally, and spiritually. Cary is a force of nature. A self-proclaimed AAA personality, she shares her learnings on how to stay sane, how to protect energy, and not to take life too seriously. Enjoy!
On this episode, the ladies speak with Dan "Cat" Garrett. Dan tells of his story of survival. How he found himself in repetitive cycles of jealousy in relationships, his turning point, and how he adopted a detachment approach that has played out for the better. Enjoy!
In the first of many Relationship themed episodes, Vanessa talks to Nathalie about her work as a Relationship Coach. What are the common relationship mishaps, where they come from, and how to work through them to develop and maintain healthy, loving relationships. Enjoy!



Ahhh....intimacy. For many, intimacy is sex but the reality is that it's so much more. Intimacy involves connecting with yourself and others in the most honest and vulnerable way. It can be scary as hell. Also, there are a lot of social hang ups revolving around intimacy that make us avoid the whole thing. On this episode, the ladies get up close and personal and talk about what is intimacy to them, the issues around intimacy, how they connected with it, and why you should too. Enjoy!
The Sabotaging Mind

The Sabotaging Mind


In honor of May Mental Awareness Month, Nathalie & Vanessa take a deep dive into the mind. They talk about the nature of the mind, why does it f*ck with us so, and what they have done to release themselves from these overthinking cycles. Enjoy!
Boundary Bound

Boundary Bound


Boundaries set the blueprint for successful relationships. They are the key to us valuing ourselves and having other do so as well. But man...they are so hard. There is so much guilt and fear surrounding boundaries. On this episode, Nathalie and Vanessa talk about boundaries, why they are so hard but why they are indispensable. The ladies also talk about their own experience with boundaries and why they are non-negotiable in their relationships. Enjoy!
Life, Released!

Life, Released!


Welcome to the podcast! In this episode, Nathalie and Vanessa introduce you to Life, released. They talk about what the podcast is all about, who they are, what brought them here, why they started the podcast, and why you should listen. Enjoy!
Life, Released Trailer

Life, Released Trailer


A little teaser of what's to come.
In episode two of the "Pleasure" series, we explore the different pathways to pleasure. Many times we don't know our own pathway to pleasure. We also wrongly assume that our partner has our same pathway to pleasure. However, that is seldom the case. Nathalie discusses the different pathways to pleasure and how important it is to build your and your partner's body map. It will take your sex to a different level. We love talking about this stuff. Enjoy!
Who am I? - The universal question. It's the one we spend a lifetime trying to answer. So many of us feel like we are not living our truth. We might also feel like we don't know what is our truth. On this episode, Nathalie & Vanessa talk with Poonam Stecher Sharma. Poonam comes from a family of yoga practitioners and teacher. She has spent decades studying the yoga philosophy. She runs a successful yoga studio with her husband in the heart of Zürich, Switzerland and joins the ...
Continuing on the topic of Masculine & Feminine energies, this week we look into Polarities in Relationships. Many times we come into relationships with wounded and/or not healthy energies and it screws everything up. Nathalie & Vanessa explore this topic. They talk about the common scenarios, their own experiences, and how to start healing to be able to show up for your relationships. Enjoy!
Pili Montañez found herself at the difficult crossroads of "should I stay or should I go". She decided to leave. She shares her story with Nathalie & Vanessa. It's an incredible story of courage, self-love, learning, and resilience. It was an honor to host Pili and be a part of her story. She is an inspiration. Enjoy!
Honoring yesterday's Mental Health Day, we take a deep dive into Therapy. Vanessa and Nathalie talk with Reshma Chugh, a therapist out of Hong Kong. They talk all things therapy: why therapy, the taboos still associated with therapy, what goes on in a therapy session, and the many different forms of therapy. Reshma says: therapy is like meeting a new friend and creating a space of safety and trust to work through whatever it is that needs work. Mental health is an integral part of our being. ...
Food can take many roles in our lives. We use it as a source of comfort, security, as a way to pass the time and/or as a reward. We live in a constant war between the way we look, the way we should look, and food's part in all of that. It can cause lots of physical and mental turmoil. This week's survivor, Melanie Angerer, talks to Nathalie and Vanessa about her experiences with food and body image issues. She talks about her food fears and body issues from her past. How she decided to ...
At one point or another, most of us have asked ourselves if we should stay or if we should leave a relationship. If you have, this episode is for you.