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Nearly half of dogs in the UK are overweight or obese, and yet 80% of us believe our dogs are a healthy weight. So how can we better ensure our pups are eating right? Trusted by millions for his veterinary advice on This Morning, Joe Inglis has founded two successful pet food brands, making him the perfect guest for this nutrition-based episode of The Pet Perspective.We break down how to evaluate your dog’s weight needs, the role of nutrition in long-term health, which diets could be best for your pup, and how to encourage the more fussy eaters.This episode of The Pet Perspective covers:How a dog’s food affects their behaviourMethods to tell if your pup’s the right weightAlternative feeding habits, like raw bones and vegan dietsWhere to find quality food, and whether to consider homemade mealsLinks and references:
Separation anxiety is a term commonly thrown around, but within it are a number of unique and complex problems that might cause irrational behaviours.Whether you’re a new puppy owner focused on prevention, or you’re seeking help for an older dog suffering with these issues, Clinical Animal Behaviourist Hanne Grice joins us on The Pet Perspective this week to offer top tips on spotting these behaviours, and how to prevent/remedy them.This episode of The Pet Perspective covers:Shocking links between separation anxiety and dogs’ physiologyMethods of training independence in puppiesWhat can be done for older dogs with long standing separation-related problemsHow long is too long to leave a dog aloneThe best tools to help you monitor and alleviate separation anxietyLinks and references:
It’s prime holiday season, and for those of us with pets that presents a dilemma - do we take our furry friends with us, and how can we do it with ease and safety in mind?There’s no one-size-fits-all approach, but to help you work out the best course of action we speak with wonderful Veterinary Behaviourist Dr Sophie White on The Pet Perspective.Join us to help break down the barriers to holidays with your pet, how you can prepare them for tricky travel, options that suit individual pets’ needs, and more!This episode of The Pet Perspective covers:Options to soothe pets who don’t handle journeys wellHow early preparation can ease the travel processWhich guidelines to check for health and vaccination infoScenarios in which you should consider leaving your pets at homeThe best cat/dog hotel option, from catteries and kennels to home visitsLinks and references:
If cats could talk, you’d never hear one tell you that they’re an ‘indoor cat’ by nature. Their instinct to hunt remains unchanged, and it’s vital that we keep our cats engaged.Returning by popular demand, feline behaviour expert Dr Sarah Ellis joins us to explore how we can help indulge the need for play & prey, ways to safely introduce cats to outdoor areas, and research to help reduce the amount of prey that your cat brings into the home.This episode of The Pet Perspective covers:The ongoing issue around Australia’s ‘cat curfews’Adapting to our cats’ fundamental instincts being unchangedOptions for indulging essential feline instincts of play, predation and explorationWhy there’s no such thing as an indoor catLooking after feline mental healthLinks and references:
Among the many myths of dog training, one of the longest standing is that of needing to be an ‘alpha’, which has the potential to cause far more harm than good.Being a trainer and behaviourist with 12 years & 3 degrees’ worth of education, Rachel Rodgers - Founder of Nose to Trail - shares her extensive expertise on The Pet Perspective this week.We’re busting some historic dog training myths, looking at how best to encourage positive behaviours, and highlighting red flags to avoid when seeking a behaviourist.This episode of The Pet Perspective covers:The debunked mentality of needing to appear as an ‘alpha’ to dogsTeaching skills through positive reinforcement without always needing treatsDiscouraging bad behaviour without punishing our pupsWhen to choose a trainer and when you might need a vet referral to a behaviouristRed flags in dog behaviourists, and how to find the right one for your dogLinks and references:
Recent years have seen a huge increase in the number of furry friends in our households, but with some returning to the office after so long at home, separation anxiety is a real issue for dog owners in particular.On The Pet Perspective this week, we’re joined by No More Kennels’ Owner Rebeckah Vaughan to chat about the better standard of care she’s inspired to bring her canine clientele, how to work with your pup to get through separation anxiety, and what you need to check when leaving a pet with sitters.This episode of The Pet Perspective covers:Rebeckah Vaughan’s mission to give dogs the best experience when owners are awayAdvice for what you should check when leaving a pet with sitters in your absenceTips to help overcome your pet’s separation anxietyLinks and references:
Recent years have seen a huge increase in the number of furry friends in our households, but with some returning to the office after so long at home, separation anxiety is a real issue for dog owners in particular.We’re joined on The Pet Perspective this week by BorrowMyDoggy’s Founder Rikke Rosenlund, with solutions to give your pup the perfect care while you’re away, and share the personal inspiration behind BorrowMyDoggy.This episode of The Pet Perspective covers:The recent rise in dog ownership since the pandemic in the UKHow Borrow My Doggy works and who it’s most suited forHeartwarming tales from the community, including borrowers finding their partner-to-beLinks and references:
The reality of puppy ownership entails far more than the idyllic, potty-trained pet - they don't come pre-loaded with our idea of the perfect dog.So which behaviours should we be more lenient with, and what should we be looking out for when training our new pups?This week’s guest on The Pet Perspective is Lorna Winter, a dog behaviourist and Co-Founder of dog training app, Zigzag. We take a look at how you can encourage normal behaviours, and what you can do today to prepare your puppy to live well with family.This episode of The Pet Perspective covers:What behaviours we mistakenly think puppies shouldn't be exhibitingWhether there's an appropriate method to scold your puppyThe keys to properly training your dog healthilyHow to handle the coexistence of puppies and children in your homeLinks and references:
40% of cat owners are said to know what their cat’s meow means, so how can we better understand and translate what our feline friends are trying to say to us?Bringing her fascinating expertise, Dr Sarah Ellis - Co-Author of The Trainable Cat - joins us for a deep dive into the wonderful world of cat behaviour. Discover tips you can put in practice today to better care for your cat, the best skills they can be equipped with, and some of the biggest cat ownership myths.This episode of The Pet Perspective covers:Spotting the difference between meows and yowlsHow to spot a happy cat vs a sad catThe many ways our cats strive to communicate with usWhat we need to provide to fulfil our cats’ basic needsTips on training your cat for vital skills, like cat carrier comfortLinks and references:
Bulldogs and Pugs make up some of the most popular dog breeds, but the health complications that come from their short skulls should be an alarming sign of how dangerous their selective breeding has become.Vets Against Brachycephalism is a movement founded by Dr Emma Milne, a vet passionate about animal welfare and leading voice in the awareness of issues around short-skulled or brachycephalic pets.Emma joins us to discuss the dangers to consider with certain breeds, how we’ve got so many health-compromised animals, and what to look for when buying or adopting to ensure your pet’s health comes first.This episode of The Pet Perspective covers:Causes of recent trends towards popular, short-skulled animalsThe health issues that we’ve become somewhat desensitised toWhat to consider if you’re set on buying a pedigree petWhy it’s particularly dangerous to adopt from abroadWhether we’re likely to see a shift away from extreme breedingLinks and references:
The theft of a beloved pet is one of the most harrowing experiences an owner could possibly go through, so what support is there for victims of animal thieves?Not too long ago there was little that police could do, but thanks to this week’s guest Debbie Matthews, CEO of the Stolen and Missing Pets Alliance, there’s growing support for owners and pets.On this week’s episode of “The Pet Perspective” we talk about Debbie’s own journey after retrieving her two dogs, what you can do to prevent pet theft, and sources of aid if you’re a victim.This episode of The Pet Perspective covers:Debbie’s personal experience with pet theft, and how it started her campaigning for legal reformMotivations for pet theft and the most common methodsResources available in the event that you’ve had an animal stolenTips for preventing theft out & about, and within the homeLinks and references:
Welcome to the series premiere of “The Pet Perspective”, where we’re kicking off a series of tips for looking after your little loved ones with a look at the growing number of obese pets.The wonderful Dr Louisa Lane - aka Louisa the Vet - joins your host Rhiannon for a detailed chat on how to combat pet obesity, tips for tailoring your pet’s calorie intake, whether a vegan diet works for your animal, and much more.This episode of “The Pet Perspective” covers:Some of the concerning consequences of allowing pets to get overweightHow to assess your pet’s ideal calorie intakeWhether vegan diets and raw feeding are appropriate for your animalTips for maintaining and losing pet weightLinks and references:
Hello and welcome to "The Pet Perspective", the podcast from Napo for the spiciest insights into all things pets. Every fortnight we'll be interviewing a range of pet industry experts, and popular veterinarians to get their insight into what's going on in the pet world. We'll be hearing their opinions and guidance on tougher topics like trending doggy diets, or the rise in pet theft, as well as getting some top tips to help you take the best possible care of your pet. Learn more:
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