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Author: Ben Carson

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The best place to learn about Entrepreneurs, NFTs, and Life. Expert advice and guest interviews to help take you further on your journey than you ever thought possible. New Episode dropped bi-monthly: Tuesdays at 5 am CST.
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Eloïse is a Google Ads consultant for eCommerce and online lead generation businesses across the US and Europe, managing +6 figures in ad spend, and is a former Google vendor.We dive deep into what it takes to run google ads the right way, what it takes to be an entrepreneur and more.  She even leaves us with a freebie that is better than most of the paid stuff out there.  You don't want to miss it!Find Eloise Online: Website: www.eloisesteen.comInstagram:
Leveraging her operations skill sets, Brit Marie (also known as Brit MVP), helps CEOs grow + scale their businesses while simultaneously adding more time in their day to focus on strategy. As a fractional COO, she has helped transform 100s of businesses over the last 5 years. She also educates women around the world on how to become an OBM and gain the time and financial freedom they crave.Find Brit
Today's guest interview is with Cheale Villa, a 25 year branding expert who has developed a unique approach to limiting beliefs through her new company Unboxed CEO.Cheale dives deep into what branding really is, how those experiences created patterns with clients, and what she's doing now to help others break through.People pleasing, confidence, and self love are just a few of the things we discuss on today's episode.  Grab your drink and get ready, today's show is about to begin.To get in touch with Cheale:www.visualcaffeine.comwww.unboxedceo.comInstagram@visualcaffeine@chealevillaTikTok@chealevilla
Today's interview is with Othman Ghani, a young Sneaker Reseller and FBA Seller.  Othman talks about the realities of competiting in the sneaker flipping world and the hardships that no one else wants to go over.He's also actively working on a second career through FBA now that his sneaker flipping is more automated and he dives deep on how to do that and how he's juggling multiple paths at once.To get in touch with Othman:
Khierstyn Ross is the founder of Launch and Scale™, an e-commerce digital marketing firm that specializes in fast, early-stage growth for online physical product brands. Through her work, she’s helped launch and scale multiple 7-figure brands such as:,,, and many others. She believes in empowering D2C product creators to build a business that gives them the freedom to fund and create the lifestyle they want to live on their terms.Get in touch with Khierstyn:tiktok:
Today's episode is a final update on Caffeinated Creatures before we launch our project.  It's been 9 months in the making and the journey has been incredibly difficult, but I'm so excited to show you what is possible with Caffeinated Creatures.If you are interested in joining up before we mint, here are the links you should know about:Need to learn the basics first: to join our discord: to find us on twitter: to learn more about us:
Stefanie Pinsley is a Google dropout (she was a product marketing manager for 3+ years) with over 8 years of professional marketing & branding experience and a degree in marketing and business from Cornell University. She grew her personal brand through TikTok and Instagram to over 70k followers within months and leveraged her platforms to launch her own coaching company and quit her job at Google!Watch the viral Google ad that Stefanie was responsible for here: in touch with Stefanie:instagram:
Today's interview is with Luc de Rouw, founder of CRTVS.  CRTVS is a personal digital agency that uses paid advertisements to help businesses scale to new heights.We go over everything from content creation, the journey of a digital agency, the power of tik tok, and more.Grab your coffee and get out the notebook, takes show is about to begin!Connect with Luc:
Today's guest is Ross Fledderjohn, a 10 year e-commerce pro who has turned to digital marketing and stumbled into becoming a TikTok content creator. Now focusing on helping Small to Medium Online businesses use software to improve the optimization of their operations.Find Ross online at:
Today's guest is Sarah Cordiner, a very established course creator from Australia.  Sarah was able to go from homeless to Huffington Post's 50 most influential female entrepreneurs, all through the methods she goes over in today's episode.Whatever reason you've had for not starting a course, by the end of today's episode you'll be looking at this opportunity very differently.Grab your drink and get your notes ready, today's episode is about to begin!Find out how to create and launch your own online education-based business here:
Today's guest is Stephanie Greene, an experienced copywriter with a Masters in Education.  She takes us on a journey to understand how genuine copywriting is powerful and extremely necessary in such a crowded space.Connect with Stephanie on Tiktok
To Join the Caffeinated Creatures Discord: signup for the 7 day free training series:'s episode is a one-on-one talk with myself about what I've learned about selling over the last 6 months.  In the books I've read, the guests I've interviewed, and marketing has truly changed from where it was a year ago even in the internet space.Today's show should shine some light on how to sell to someone without having to sell.  Stop slashing prices and hoping it brings people in and do it a better way.  Find out how in 15 minutes or less!
Austin Rutherford bought his first house at 20 years old and now owns almost 100 rental properties and doing hundreds of real estate deals. His following on social media is just getting started with over 1,000,000 followers and growing.  On today's show, he goes over some realities of private money, taking your first shot in real estate, handling risk, and more.  Grab your drink and get ready, today's show is one you don't want to miss.Connect with Austin:
Rebecca Simon is a Virtual Business Coach and the founder of The Success Society, a corporation that has taught thousands of women to build, launch, and scale their online service-based businesses. She leads and teaches online business owners through various coaching programs and courses.  To connect with Becca:TikTok @virtualassistantcoachIG
On today's show we have Lindsay Hanson, host of the podcast Quit Your Job Sis,  an online business coach, and digital marketer.She's passionate about helping women leave their unfulfilling corporate jobs and turn their passions into authentic and impactful online businesses.To connect with Lindsay:Podcast: https://quityourjobsis.buzzsprout.comWebsite:
Today's guest is another Day One Content Creator that will have his course inside the dashboard at mint or shortly after.  Shariq Shah is an Ex-Nasa Employee who owns a business accelerator and helped the Caffeinated Creatures come up with their core pitch: Helping Entrepreneurs like you launch and scale through connections, content, and capital.He's extremely talented at what he does and today's interview should be viewed as a taste into what the course will be like - all value, interactive, and ready to take your pitch skills to the next level.
Today's guest is Arturo Knight, an up-and-coming ecom legend.  With 200,000+ TikTok Followers and Millions of Views Worldwide, Arturo Knight is an innovative and influential E-commerce Coach and Founder of Arturo has been featured on Yahoo, Future Sharks, CNN, and FOX for his achievements.Grab your drink and get ready, today's show is about to begin.Find him
On today's show, we have Chuck Ellis, a former government employee who was able to escape the 9-5 and now helps others do the same through the power of TikTok.Chuck dives deep into what business owners should do to stand out in a crowded space to promote or market themselves or their business while staying authentic to who they really are.Grab your drink and get ready, today's show is about to begin.Connect With Chuck:Free TikTok Business Marketing Roadmap: 15-minute Discovery Call: Store: Email me:
Natalie Sherman is the founder & director of award-winning, social-first communications agency 'Naturally Social'.   Its mission is to make a positive difference in the communities they live in and work with.In today's episode, we dive deep into what it means to understand who your ideal customer is for every business owner, how to work with the clients that you really want if you're an agency owner, and how to run a business for the long term.Find them online at:
Today's guest is an Engineer with a Masters Degree who makes more selling on Amazon.  Nick Milani sells full time on Amazon and tries to travel to a different country in Europe at least once a month, all while building out an Amazon Business that has generated over a million dollars in sales without being tied down.Grab your coffee and get the notebook ready, today's episode is about to begin.
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