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Go To for free video & access to exclusive content. Renegade Supply Store:   So do ya ever feel overwhelmed with trying to keep up with what’s               happening in the world? Well I know I do I mean there are only two active wars going on right now and the most contentious presidential                        election in history. I have been looking for someone who could give some perspective on this and was put in contact with David Pyne. Now Davids resume is impressive. Here are some of the highlights He has served in the U.S. Army, Studied National Security at Georgetown, Political Science at BYU, was a former state senate candidate, National Security Policy Director for Senator Mike Lee, and finally Defense & Foreign Policy Advisor for former presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy. So, you might not always agree with some of his takes but his analysis deserves consideration. We cover everything from the roots of the conflict in Russia and Ukraine, Chinas desire to control Taiwan. It’s pretty insightful commentary that puts all of what is happening into a little bit more perspective. Finaly, we finish up by talking about what this all could mean for the upcoming months and what you and your family can do to prepare.  --- Support this podcast:
Go To for free video & access to exclusive content. Renegade Supply Store:   About a year ago I released two episodes on Joseph Musser with Michael Ness. Recently Cristina Rosetti released her highly anticipated new book about Joseph Musser. Now if you know anything about Cristina you are well aware of her scholarship and how she has approaches the study of Mormon Fundamentalism. She has always done a very good job of portraying us fairly. Well today she joins me again on the podcast as we talk about her new book which covers Musser’s ministry, his personal life, his relationships with the Woolley’s, John Y Barlow, and even end up touching on the organization the new with Rulon Allred. From time to time in our conversation you will get to peek inside to the man he really was and just how much he both loved and sacrificed for the original teachings of the Restored Gospel. After listening to this conversation and reading the book I think you will find that your admiration and appreciation for Musser will only deepen.  --- Support this podcast:
Go To for free video & access to exclusive content. Renegade Supply Store:   So, when we talk about the revelations of Joseph Smith where does your mind go? If you’re anything like me, it goes to the Doctrine & Covenants. Now you’re not wrong in this but what if I said that there was a whole bunch more revelations and teachings from Joseph Smith that rarely ever get looked at because of the hours it would take to catalog and publish those teachings. Man, if only there was a guy who would want to endure that kind of pain to publish those things from Joseph……well luck for us there is. Drew Briney joins me again on the podcast as we talk about his new books the Forgotten Teachings and Insights of Joseph Smith. We talk about how the book came together, how he sourced all the material and how he went about putting the book together. We then go over a few pages of the book and along the way find ourselves in some pretty deep doctrinal discussions as we talk about the Forgotten Teachings of the Prophet Joseph Smith.  --- Support this podcast:
As followers of the Restoration we have a lot of things on our plates that require our attention. We have our callings and church responsibilities, temple work, missionary work, to just name a few and this is on top of just trying to work and raise our families and helping them obtain a testimony of the Restored Gospel. However, this does not excuse us from the other things the Lord has asked us to do. The Book of Mormon from the title page to Jarom, to 3rd Nephi tells us that we have to take the Fullness of the Gospel to Lehi’s posterity. Now let me ask you a question how good have we as Mormons, both LDS and Fundamentalists been at taking the Gospel to Lehi’s posterity? If you’re anything like I kind of shifted uncomfortably in my seat as I contemplated this question. Today on the podcast I have Jeff, Vanessa, & Sharis Alldredge on to talk about this subject. Along the way we cover Mormonism’s interactions with the Native Americans, How we have fallen down on this and what we must do if we desire the blessings of The Lord in the last days.  --- Support this podcast:
Go To for free video & access to exclusive content. Renegade Supply Store:   When you look at any society one of the things that binds those societies together are stories. It has been that way since man first gathered around a fire and talked with other people. Not only do those stories bind us together, they inform us and newcomers to the society what that particular society is about. Today on the podcast I have Christopher Blythe on talk about Mormon lore and stories. Now Christopher has a podcast named Angels & Seerstones that dives into this subject and is one of my favorite podcasts. During our conversation we talk about the importance of stories to society, why it is we find a little reluctance to talk about those stories, I share a very personal story of my own, and even end up exploring the dark side of stories and lore by talking about the Chad & Lori Daybell incident.  --- Support this podcast:
Go To for free video & access to exclusive content. Renegade Supply Store: Sometimes I think because we are a couple hundred years away from him we assume that Joseph Smith received revelation in a vacuum. Meaning that Joseph would just get revelation on a subject without ever having thought about the subject beforehand. Now I certainly am not saying that those types of revelation never happened, but I think history shows that many times revelation came as Joseph would ponder upon a subject then ask the Lord and then the revelation would come. Today I have Cheryl Bruno on the podcast as discuss Joseph Smith and Masonry. Now many of us in Mormonism get a little bit beat up over Joseph being a Mason by our evangelical brothers and sisters. Well today Cheryl puts some of this to rest as we discuss what masonry’s role was in 19th century America, what Joseph’s interactions were with Masonry, what it was he saw in masonry, and what it means for us as Mormons today. Now as unsettling as subject seems to be on the surface, I am sure by the end you will come out on the other side even more convinced of Joseph Smith’s prophetic calling.    --- Support this podcast:
Go To for free video & access to exclusive content. Renegade Supply Store:   In the Gospel of Matthew chapter 24 verses 23 & 24 the Savior himself warns us in the last days that there would be many that would come along to try and deceive the followers of Christ. Well, I am not breaking any news here, but those days are here. Be that Phil Davis who started the doctrine of Christ movement, Denver Snuffer, or any other of the various leaders of some of these movements that have sprung up they all seem to have one thing in common and that is they all seem to claim an experience with the Savior without following the patterns & ordinances the Lord established through the Prophet Joseph Smith to have those experiences. Today on the podcast Taylor Smith joins me to talk about an essay that is in the works that tackles this very subject. Taylor breaks down the scriptures and teachings from Joseph Smith & other early Mormon leaders that clearly talks about the criteria needed to have experiences with the Second Comforter and shows that without certain ordinances those visitations are not possible. Now along the way we find that we touch on everything from the Adam-God Doctrine to Freemasonry. So buckle up for an epic conversation that just may spare you or your loved ones the pain of being deceived --- Support this podcast:
Go To for free video & access to exclusive content. Renegade Supply Store: If your Mormon, and when I say that I mean anyone who is LDS, Fundamentalist, or any of the other various branches there are certain doctrines within the Restored Gospel that make Mormonism what it is. Now many if not all of those unique Mormon doctrines can be traced right back to the Prophet Joseph Smith. Now one sermon Preached by Joseph Smith specifically has shaped Mormon beliefs and thoughts perhaps more than any other. In the spring of 1844 Joseph Smith delivered the King Follett discourse and forever changed the trajectory of Mormonism. Today on the podcast I have Ben Shaffer back on the podcast and we have a discussion about what was taught in the discourse, what it means for us today and the impact it has had on Mormon doctrine and thought at large, that’s next on this episode of the MRP --- Support this podcast:
Go To for free video & access to exclusive content. Renegade Supply Store:   Archeology is the study of human history and prehistory. A couple of principles within archeology that should interest us as Mormons are migrations (the study of historical human migrations) and diffusion (the study of how human ideas and practices are transmitted from one distinct group of people to another). If the Book of Mormon is true, we should expect to see at least echo’s of migration and diffusion in the Americas. Now what if I told you that there seems to be some evidence of migration and diffusion between ancient America and Carthage (modern-day Tunisia)? Interested yet? Well, what if I also told you that that same evidence might also have a connection to the story of Mulek in the Book of Mormon? I bet if your anything like me you’re interested now. There are a group of people from very different walks of life who have come together to study this evidence. They are John Lefgren, Mike & Betty LaFontaine, Blaise Colasante, & all the way from Tunisia Eryj Ben Sassi and they all join me on the podcast today to discuss their findings that if correct could not only change the historical narrative of the United States but also could lend evidence for the historicity of the Book of Mormon.  --- Support this podcast:
Go To for free video & access to exclusive content. Renegade Supply Store:   One of the things that often rocks the testimony of Mormons is when the historicity of the Book of Mormon is questioned, and it appears that there are some conflicts between science and the Book of Mormon. The truth is however that usually what is thrown into question isn’t the historicity of the Book of Mormon itself but rather narratives that we as individuals read into the text. This is never more on display than when the issue of DNA raised as a critique to the Book of Mormon. I mean if the Book of Mormon is true and details the account of a Middle Eastern family’s settlement of a portion of the New World, we should expect that DNA from Middle Eastern people and some native American populations should match right? Well maybe not as much as you would think. Ken Peterson joins me again on the podcast to break all of this down. By the end I think you might find out like I did that many of the so-called conflicts between the Book of Mormon and DNA research are more conflicts between the narratives we read into the Book of Mormon and the DNA research then with the text itself.  --- Support this podcast: --- Support this podcast:
Go To for free video & access to exclusive content. Renegade Supply Store: Well, there’s a lot happening in the world in the coming weeks and months. We have the eclipse happening the day this episode will drop, an upcoming presidential election that promises to be the most if not one of the most contentious in our nation’s history, two proxy wars we are involved in and economic and social instability at home. As I have the opportunity to talk to a number of different people from all sorts of faith traditions the one thing that always comes through to those people even a little bit tuned into to God and that is that there isa feeling that we are hurtling towards an event. Now while it is true that no man know man knows the day or hour of the Saviors return the Lord in his mercy has given us some signs to look for that will give us an indication on where we are at along the road. One of those signs are talked about in Doctrine & Covenants section 13 where the Lord talks about the Sons of Levi offering up sacrifices again in righteousness. What if I told you that one of the big barriers to that happening has been removed? Today on the podcast Joshua Erickson joins me to have a conversation about the re-emergence of the Red Heifer. We talk about the animal’s significance in the Old Testament, The animals re-emergence and the miraculous events surrounding its reappearance, why the red heifer is necessary, and even how this animal was a catalyst for the Hamas attack in Israel back in October, and finally what all this could mean in regards to the Saviors return.  --- Support this podcast:
So there has been a lot of revisionist history that has made its way into Mormon circles as of late in conjunction with this, it has required those pushing these false narratives to either twist or flat out lie about what the scriptures say. With this in mind I want to address some of the lies and wishful thinking. One of the more pernicious ideas is that scripture denounces the practice of celestial plural marriage. Well today I have Jacob Vidrine back on the podcast to address this idea. Jacob and I will breakdown the scriptures (in context) to give you a fuller picture of what the scriptures have to say and not say about the practice of celestial plural marriage. Towards the end of the podcast, I name names of those pushing this narrative and also the repercussions of buying into those lies. Grab a pen and paper to take some notes so you can push back on these lies when they arise.  --- Support this podcast:
Go To for free video & access to exclusive content So about ten years ago I remember sitting around the dinner table with my kids and I remember they said something about the Founding Fathers that was just patently false. I asked where they heard such a thing and they said school. This caused me to look at their curriculum and what I discovered was that certain power brokers on the left had infiltrated public schools and one of their agendas was to discredit the founders so they could “progress” past the constitution. Unfortunately, we are now seeing the same thing happening to Mormonism. There is a movement right now within Mormonism (The Doctrine of Christ Group) that is doing at best revisionist history and at worst just telling flat out lies about Joseph Smith, Brigham Young, John Taylor and others that were so influential and vital to the Restoration in those early days. They are doing this to discredit that early leadership, by discrediting them they then can turn the Restored Gospel into something that appeals more to their own hearts desires. This type of tactic is not only wrong but insidious. Now a while back Justin Griffin and Taylor Smith had a debate about Griffin’s movie “Who Killed Joseph Smith” where Griffin accuses John Taylor & Willard Richards of killing Hyrum & Joseph. But darn it wouldn’t you know it Griffin marked that debate as private. Well, no need to worry because Taylor still has his copy and is still available on his YouTube Chanel.  Today Taylor joins me on the podcast to have a discussion about the debate. During the course of our conversation, as we breakdown the high points of that debate I think it will become apparent why Griffin might not want this out and circulating. Oh, and just for good measure I have included the link to the full debate in the show notes.  --- Support this podcast:
Go To For Exclusive Content     As Mormons, whatever branch you might be part of we all have a special commission. We have our personal callings that the Lord gives us, but we also have one that is universal to us all and that is to be the people to help others come to know Christ. As time gets shorter and Gods work continues to hasten, we must be the people that can effectively minister to others. To do this however means that we must be as spiritually heathy as we can be. This means we must clean out the crap in our lives. With that in mind I wanted to go over a few principles that I believe can helps us do that. To help me with this series I am bringing Liz Bradley back on the podcast for this series. Liz is life coach who approaches emotional health from Gospel centered point of view. Today Liz and I have a conversation about forgiveness. As we have our conversation it becomes apparent that this principle might be ground zero to help us have healthier relationships and free us up to become the people we need in these last days. --- Support this podcast:
Go To ⁠⁠ for free video & access to exclusive content So here we are at the conclusion of the series on the Life & Times Of John W. Taylor. As Michael Ness finish up our conversation there is some amazing historical information dropped that should forever change the conversation around how much Joseph F. Smith new about Post-Manifesto Plural Marriage during his administration. We then dive into the fall out of John W. Taylors excommunication, Francis Lyman’s inquisition of those living and solemnizing plural marriages and along the way there is some pretty pointed questions asked about Mormon hierarchy during this time, and we wrap it all up by talking about what John W. Taylors impact was on not only Mormon Fundamentalists but also the LDS Church as well. That’s next on this episode of the MRP.   --- Support this podcast:   Well some big stuff happened in Mormonism this week. The LDS Church has purchased several historical sites including the Kirtland Temple from the Community of Christ. To help me break this down I have a on gentleman that really needs no introduction in Mormonism. Rod Meldrum joins me on the podcast today to discuss the LDS Churches recent purchase. In our conversation we cover what the LDS Church purchased in Kirtland and Nauvoo, The notable events and significance of those places with in Mormon history, What this means for the world of Mormonism, and along the way Rod drops some pretty fascinating information on the Podcast about the Smith family cemetery that will blow your mind.  --- Support this podcast:
So about a year ago I had an experience that freaked me out a little bit. After saying something about global warming and that I wasn’t sure it was all caused by humans I received a strike on YouTube. A few months later I received another strike for questioning the Covid vaccine. It was for these reasons I went to Patreon. Now it’s been a little more than a year and I think the move to Patreon was good because I could not have started the news show without it. However, it came at a cost. That cost was I could not share the news program, or the videos as freely as I would have liked since it was behind a paywall. In the last year I looked into a few different options, and I think I have found a solution.           Starting March 16th all of my videos for both the podcast and news program will be available to view for free on the Mormon Renegade  Rumble Channel. Now why Rumble? After just watching how they conduct business in allowing different view points on the platform without censorship, and after talking to a few folks I truly feel and believe they are committed to preserving a space which is committed to free speech.            Ok so with that in place here is what this move means to you the audience. From now until March 16th we will be migrating over all the videos to Rumble many of which are available right now. With that from this point forward all the videos I do, both for the Mormon Renegade Podcast as well as the weekly news show (which we have decided to call Fundamental News) will be available to watch for 100% free!!!!          Now these are the two things I do that I feel are of the most importance to you the audience. However I would still like to recapture some of the funds that I spend each month on the podcast and new show. So to help recapture the costs of everything I do I will be offering a few options that you the audience can purchase if you find value in them and here is how that will work.           First I will be closing down the Mormon Renegade Patreon account. I will now be using a similar plat form for the for pay items at the Mormon Renegade Locals page. Locals works very closely with Rumble so it makes it pretty easy and seamless for my purposes.          Now let me tell you what all will be available on the Mormon Renegade Locals page. First Transcripts of the podcast will be available there. Second starting on April 4th every week on Thursdays at 7:00 PM Central I will be live streaming on the Locals page where you the audience and myself will be able to interact live where you can ask me any and all questions, well except for my brisket rub recipe. Somethings are just to sacred to talk about but other than that I welcome your questions and the opportunity to connect more with you the audience. Third about once a quarter there will be What we are calling Renegade Specials. The special presentations will be with other creators who will take deep dives on subjects that will be super interesting and timely to you the audience.  Now here is the coolest part for you the audience. All the media I just explained to you will be available to you to buy for just $5.00 dollars a month. That’s it, no hidden cost, no tiers or options to buy, just $5.00 dollars a month gets you access to all those items.  Also, in the coming weeks I will be giving you some information on The Mormon Renegade Merch Store. You will be able to buy shirts, hats, mugs, water bottles, and anything else I can shamelessly self-promote with. Oh, and those shirts will have a few designs that are really funny as well as a little edgy.     Again I am always more grateful to you the audience then you will ever know. I am thankful for the time you spend listening and watching all the content that is produced, as well as for your continued support. I am super excited to be able to share the video content with you for free as well as to offer you more affordable options for more content.       --- Support this podcast:
Go To For Exclusive Content     Ok I got an amazing conversation for you today. If you remember back to the first episode, I ever did Drew Briney it was about an amazing project that he was working on making an annotated version of the Doctrine & Covenants. Well today Drew comes back on to the podcast to have a conversation about the latest installment of that project, D&C 42. D&C 42 is all about Consecration and United Order. As we breakdown how Drew went about annotating this particular section, we dive head long into what the early leaders of the LDS Church thought about these principles, how it was lived in both the Missouri & Utah periods and what our responsibilities we have as Mormons today have in regards to Consecration & United Order.  --- Support this podcast:
Go To For Exclusive Content     So we are now on episode number 4 of the series we are doing on the Life and Times Of John W. Taylor. On this episode Michael Ness and I cover a part of Mormon history where the tides really begin to change on the Churches unofficial stance on plural marriage. Now there are two things that really come through on this episode. One is the “band of brothers” mentality that some of the more ardent defenders of the principle had in the quorum of the twelve and even more inspiring than that is perhaps outside of Joseph Smith a personal Christ-like sacrifice made by John W. Taylor and ultimately a betrayal of that sacrifice by some members in the quorum of the twelve that gets my blood boiling and causes me to get a little spicy.  --- Support this podcast: