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On this episode of the Podcast I continue my conversation with Joshua Erickson for our series on the Feast & Holy days of the Jewish calendar. As Mormons one of our central tenants of faith is the idea of restoration. Now we know that the Feast and Holy days were instituted by God anciently and were observed by the Savior himself. This leads to the questions that should we as Mormons give greater attention to the Jewish calendar and can we glean something special from an understanding and even participation in these Holidays. Now I strongly encourage those who haven’t listened to episodes #15 and #27 to stop here and go listen to those first. Episode #15 sets the table for this series and episode #27 is on Rosh HaShanah. Today me and Joshua’s conversation turns the next major event on the Jewish calendar which is Yom Kippur or the Day of Atonement. We talk about what the Yom Kippur is, what it points to and its significance, how it was observed anciently, and finally how it can be observed in our day and age as Mormons. --- Support this podcast:
Today on this episode I have Joshua Erickson back on the podcast. Now Joshua and I had an epic 5 hour conversation on Episode #15. If you haven't heard that one you will want to go back and listen to that because it sets the table for the rest of the discussions we will have on the Jewish feast and holy days. On this episode Joshua and I talk about Rosh HaShanah. What the celebration is in remembrance of, how it is celebrated, and some interesting parallels in the restored gospel of Jesus Christ. --- Support this podcast:
So two years ago when we were in full lockdown because of Covid there were a few things that I saw that really shocked me. One of those was Idaho’s response to Covid. I have said before on the podcast that I lived for quite a few in Idaho so I felt like I had a pretty good idea on what their government leaders were like. I have to admit that I was wrong. I was shocked to see the draconian measures that the state took in locking down its population. One story that was especially jarring for me was the story of Sara Brady. She was the mom who had dared to take her kids to a park in Meridian Idaho. She was arrested and booked into jail. Sara’s story caught the attention of not only the internet but also the national news media. Then as the media often does it just forgot to follow up. Today on the podcast I have Sara on to tell her story and the legal fight she has been having for two years and her upcoming hearing in Ada County Boise. Idaho didn’t stop with Sara however. We also cover the story of Robert Jones, a man in Boise who was arrested for protesting and jailed with a charge of disturbing the peace. Robert was given a choice of either a six month long sentence in an Ada County jail or one month and having to take a “thinking errors” course.  Robert chose not to submit to the course and now is serving six months in jail. --- Support this podcast:
The term counter culture is a term that we as fundamentalist & traditional Mormons I think better start to take seriously. Let me tell you how the dictionary describes counter culture “a way of life and set of attitudes opposed to or at variance with the prevailing social norm”. So if you’re like me you are probably thinking wow maybe we as traditional & fundamentalist Mormons are a counter culture. Well the good news is we aren’t the first and we might be in good company….excepting of course the drug culture of the 60’s. If you take a historical look at the first century Christians the Founding Fathers of the United States and even 19th century Mormons these are all example of counter culture. Somewhere along the line a lot of Mormons decided they just wanted to be like everyone else. Today however I think we are in a place that as Mormons we need to re-embrace this idea of being and actually start taking actions to strengthen a Gospel centered counter culture. But to do that we will need some tools. Today I have on the podcast Ben Shaffer to have a conversation about an alternative currency that might be an important tool to help us reach that goal.  It can help strengthen not only each other but also local supply chains and small independent business. And who knows it may even help us establish the counter culture of Zion. --- Support this podcast:
On this episode I have on Hannah Stoddard. Hannah is the Director of the Joseph Smith Foundation which seeks to defend the Restoration as given through the Prophet Joseph Smith. They do this by battling false narratives and staying true to and telling accurate history and defending Joseph Smith and other early LDS Church Presidents. Hannah and I have a conversation about how the Joseph Smith Foundation was started and the work that they do. Later we discuss current efforts of so called historians in revising and rewriting early LDS Church history. In our conversation Hannah does an amazing job of telling the story of how this revisionist history first got started and all the players involved. We also discuss how the tactics used in rewriting LDS history is almost an exact duplicate of how academics rewrote American history concerning the nation’s founders. Towards the end of our conversation Hannah offers fantastic solutions on how faithful Mormons of all types can combat this insidious attempt at rewriting Mormon history. --- Support this podcast:
OK I am not breaking any news here. We all see that the world around us is getting darker. It is plainly evident that the love of man is waxing cold. We see violence, corruption, war, hunger, poverty, sexual immorality all around us and it oly continues to intensify. In a world that has seem to have lost its moral compass what are we supposed to do as followers of Christ? The answer to that question is that we must stop looking for others to change. We have to be the change we seek. Today on the podcast I have on David Patten. David is a man who has worked in Hollywood in the film industry and seen the inner workings of the film industry. He has since left Hollywood and has started a film company of his own that seeks to make films that tell accurate Mormon history and films that uplift and help people become pure in heart. We talk a little about the genesis of this project, some of his challenges as a Mormon Fundamentalist independent film maker, and what his vision is for the future of his venture. Along the way we also talk a lot about Gospel principles and teachings. --- Support this podcast:
So did you see what happened to the Dow Jones yesterday? Yeah down 1,000 points and that’s on top of the markets either being nearly flat or down all week. Something is happening within the economy that has every alarm bell in my gut going off at once. On this episode I have Kelsey Williams back on. Kelsey has worked in finance in one form or another for well over 40 years. He is the author of two books First Inflation: What it is, What it isn’t and Who’s responsible for it and his second book All hail the fed. He also has written and published many articles both for his website as well as other publications. All these resources can be found in the show notes. On this episode we talk about gold. Look purchasing gold can kind of be intimidating. Couple that with misconceptions on why someone should buy gold and you have a recipe for being overwhelmed. Kelsey and I breakdown the history of gold, options for the way to purchase gold, and a how you he recommends you should view owning gold. We also go into the state of the economy today and even talk about some potential scenarios for where the economy is headed. --- Support this podcast:
Look we all know that things just don’t feel right. We see it everywhere. Out of control inflation across all sectors of the economy. We see civil unrest, wars abroad, the degrading of our institutions, immorality masquerading as civil rights issues and the list goes on and on. The next two weeks I have a couple of guests on the podcast to try and help us make sense of what’s going on. This episode I have on Ben McClintock. Many will recognize Ben as being the co-founder and former face of Defending Utah. He has since moved on from there to start The Tree of Liberty Society which seeks to have an impact nationally. Ben McClintock has strong roots in the liberty movement. He is the founder as well as membership coordinator and investigative reporter for Tree of Liberty Society. Ben has been featured in USA Today, Fox News, and many other regional newspapers throughout the west. Stick around for this fascinating and enlightening conversation with Ben McClintock as we discuss the state of freedom in the Mormon Corridor. --- Support this podcast:
So I have a question, If Joseph Smith really restored the Gospel we should be able to look back to ancient prophets and their teachings and we should see that those teachings line up with what Joseph Smith taught right? Well on this episode of the podcast I have a conversation with Ken Peterson. Ken is a devout lifelong member of the LDS Church. Ken has released a book titled Mormon Doctrine in the Apocrypha. In the book Ken lines out where teachings from the Apocrypha are exact matches to the teachings of the Restored Gospel as taught by Joseph Smith. We cover Ken’s backstory, how he got involved in writing this book, his process in selecting material, some of the content of the book, and ultimately what Ken hopes that the book will do for Mormons. --- Support this podcast:
One of the greatest points of contention between Mormons of different sects has always been who is in charge and who has the keys. To get the proper answer to that question there is a lot of principles that need to be understood first. On this episode Michael Ness comes back on the podcast to discuss that very topic. We do a deep dive into priesthood, priesthood keys and Presidency. As we compare and contrast those three topics I think you will find that certain assumptions we may have made about these topics might be incomplete as we look at what former prophets and apostles have said about them. --- Support this podcast:
On this episode I have Kevin Kraut back on the podcast. Today we are going to talk about a topic that isn’t well known unless you’re in fundamentalist circles. That topic is the Dream Mine in Salem Utah. This mine has been the subject of visions, prophecy, & one man’s excommunication from the LDS Church. We breakdown the history of the mine, its current state, and also how it ties in to some peoples end times theology. Now personally I haven’t made up my mind if the stories associated with mine and its prophesied future production are true, but it’s a fascinating story. --- Support this podcast:
In Mormon Fundamentalism there are names that everybody knows. Then there are a distinct few who’s influence is felt all through the community. On this episode we talk about one such man, Ogden Kraut. I sit down with Kevin Kraut Ogden’s son to talk about his Dad. We cover Ogden’s upbringing, his mission, and his work as a Mormon fundamentalist historian and author. Some of the most fascinating portions is hearing about Ogden’s interactions with folks like John Koyle, Bruce R. McConkie, Hugh Nibley, and Cleon Skousen. --- Support this podcast:
Ok so I told you early on that that this podcast was a place for me to sit down with people I found really cool and interesting. Well this episode is like a dream come true for me. I had the opportunity to sit down with Cristina Rosetti. I am a huge fan of her work. She has spent her academic career studying Mormon Fundamentalism. Her work is respected by academics and Mormon Fundamentalists alike. Her work is both uncompromising and fair. In our conversation we cover how she became interested in Mormon Fundamentalism, how she gained access to so many fundamentalists, where she thinks Mormon fundamentalism is going, and her experiences working to pass the bill in Utah that would ultimately lead to the decriminalization of plural marriage. --- Support this podcast:
On this episode of the podcast I sit down and have a conversation with Joshua Erickson. I have known Joshua for about a year. He is a Mormon Fundamentalist that takes a very holistic view of Mormonism. Rather than seeing the gospel and restoration in a New Testament & Old Testament sort of way he tends to look at it from the whole. The outgrowth of having this point of view is that Joshua and his family practice Mormonism in conjunction with holding to many ancient Jewish traditions including celebrating the feast days as outlines in the Old Testament. We cover that as well as touch on other subjects such as America being a continuation of the story of the House of Israel that and more next on this episode of the Mormon Renegade Podcast --- Support this podcast:
So first let me apologize that I didn’t get this episode out sooner. The audio in spots is kind of rough due to some bad internet connections so I was really working the audio over to try and clean it up so that’s why this is a few days late. However despite some rough patches this episode is one of the most important I think I have done to date. On this episode I have on Moroni Jessop. This is normally the spot where I tell everyone a little about my guest…but let’s be honest its Moroni Jessop…everyone in fundamentalism knows who he is!! Anyway he came on and we talked about the history of and changes made to the temple ordinances. Now about the last half hour of this podcast interview Moroni and I end up talking about a pretty controversial topic. I am sure that last segment of the podcast will end up ruffling some feathers….in fact this might just turn some folks off on the podcast. Now I hope this doesn’t happen but I told you the listener early on that I was going to be truthful with you in my search for truth and authenticity. I have counted the cost on this episode and know this may cost me but to stay true to who I am it’s something that had to happen. --- Support this podcast:
one of the first episodes i ever did on this podcast was about the Adam-God doctrine with Jacob Vidrine and to date it is still one of the most downloaded episodes. After we were done recording that episode Jacob and I talked and felt like we really left some stuff on the table. Despite that episode being three hours long we really just managed to cover the history of the doctrine. In this episode we dig deeper on the doctrine. We try to answer some common questions about the doctrine, look at the importance of the doctrine and what it means to accept the doctrine. We also take a look at some evidences from scholars and historians which make an interesting theory that early humanity knew of the Adam-God Doctrine.   --- Support this podcast:
On this episode we talk about the economy. To help do that I brought on a guest who is why smarter than I am. His name is Kelsey Williams. Kelsey has worked in finance in one form or another for well over 40 years. He is the author of two books First Inflation: What it is, What it isn’t and Who’s responsible for it and his second book All hail the fed. He also has written and published many articles both for his website as well as other publications. All these resources can be found in the show notes. During our conversation Kelsey breaks down exactly what is happening right now to the economy in a way that even a guy like me can understand. We talk about some possible scenarios on what the next couple of months could bring as well as touch on a few things you can do to weather this economic storm. --- Support this podcast:
On this episode I have a fascinating conversation with Kimberly Watson Smith. Kimberly has been the leading voice in debunking the “Who killed Joseph Smith” film and the theory it presents. Not only do we cover that but we also dig into what the “Doctrine of Christ” movement is, Its founder and also some of their ideas. We wrap up our conversation by talking about some amazing prophetic parallels and events surrounding the martyrdom of Joseph & Hyrum Smith. --- Support this podcast:
On this episode of the podcast I have a conversation with Sean Anderson & Michael Ness. This is an epic conversation. Not only do we cover Sean’s journey into Mormon Fundamentalism but we go into depth on the Council of Fifty. We cover what the council was, what its purpose was and dispel some common misconceptions about the council. Finally we debunk a new idea gaining ground with young Mormons that the Law of Consecration & United Order is simply socialism with a religious bent. We do this by digging into the scriptures and seeing what the Lord has to say about the Law of Consecration and United Order then we do an A-B comparison of Law Of Consecration vs. Socialism. Buckle up for an epic conversation on this episode. --- Support this podcast:
With all that has happened this week in Texas and the horrendous loss of life of the innocent my guest Justin Francom & I changed what we were going to talk about. We ended up having a conversation about where we are at as a nation and a people, how we got here, and what the solutions are to weather the coming challenges. --- Support this podcast:
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