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About a month ago the LDS church announced that they had made sweeping changes to the Temple ordinances, specific the endowment. With that in mind I thought now would be a good time to have a conversation about the Temple. I though about how to do this without revealing to much. Lucky for me I know a Temple President. On this episode I have on Dan Hatch. Dan is the Temple President for The Righteous Branch of the Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter day Saints in a Temple where the original ordinances are still practiced so Dan is uniquely qualified to talk about these changes. We cover why the ordinances shouldn’t changes, what covenants we make in the Temple and what they mean, and even get into certain covenants that used to be made in the LDS Temple that are no longer given. --- Support this podcast:
So let me paint you a picture. I left early Friday morning to head to where our Churches Temple is. I get very little cell coverage. I visited with friends, attended the Temple, attended Church on Sunday and left for home about two o’clock Sunday afternoon. On the drive home I just was thinking to myself “man I love it when I can just unplug and feast spiritually. About the time I got back into town my phone started blowing up. I looked and two banks had collapsed. Now if you have listened to this podcast for a while you know I have had some real concerns on the economy and this only served to prove that those fears were well founded. So I called Kelsey Williams and we had a conversation about what these bank collapses really mean. Stick around for some unfiltered information on the economy from a guy far smarter than me. --- Support this podcast:
If you remember a few weeks back I had an epic conversation with Kimberley Watson Smith where she laid out the scriptures and proved that Celestial Plural Marriage is a divine principle. On this episode of the podcast I have Jacob Vidrine back on the podcast to talk about the history of plural marriage in the restoration, Joseph's revelation on the subject and plural marriage in the Utah period. Jacob's sources and presentation of that history absolutely rock solid and puts to shame the revisionist history that is present today in mormonism. That's next on this episode of the Mormon Renegade Podcast. --- Support this podcast:
Today I have Joshua Erickson back on the podcast to continue our series on the Jewish Calendar and Holidays. Now if you remember Joshua and I have had a few talks up to this point. If you haven’t listened to any of our prior conversations I would strongly encourage you to go back and listen to those episodes first. They are Episode numbers 15, 27, 28, 30, and 40. The reason for this is that they all build on each other. On this episode we have a conversation about Purim. We talk about the biblical story behind the celebration, the deeper meanings of the story and how it shows us that even when we don’t think God is around that He is always there, and finally how the holiday is kept today. --- Support this podcast:
On part 2 of my conversation with Julie we go deep into the roots of communism. We talk about the ideology, the practice, and failed promises of communism. We then take a deeper dive into the infiltration of communism in America. After that we talk about the war in Ukraine and breakdown and look at the roots of the conflict. Finally we wrap up by discussing what we as Americans can do to stop the march of communism in America. Now because I have to be careful about what gets posted on YouTube If you head over to Rumble to the Mormon Renegade Podcast channel you can find the complete un cut versions of our conversation. --- Support this podcast:
We are living in a world today that feels wrong. From our jobs, to our schools, and for some folks even their churches. It’s as if we have slipped into some kind of dystopian future where things have gone off the rails so badly that we don’t recognize our world any longer. If you’re like me it sometimes makes you sit back and wonder if you’re the one who’s crazy. Look I am guessing if you’re listening to this podcast it cause you are seeking answers. Today I have a conversation with somebody that I think will give you some answers and let you know that it’s not just you and you’re not crazy and that something is very very wrong. Her name is Julie Behling. Julie is a mom and an author. She served an LDS mission in Russia. After that she attended university where she did her thesis on Christians in Soviet Russia. Julie then discovered some information that frankly is quite disturbing. Julie has detailed and documented the communist infiltration into Americas most trusted institutions, schools, and even our Churches. Julie documents all of this in her book Beneath Sheep’s Clothing. Julie here breaks down what she saw in Russia on her mission and then we discuss the infiltration of communist influence in America. Now our first conversation only lasted and hour and I was still left with a lot of questions so she came back for a part 2. So as soon as your done head right back to the website and check part 2. --- Support this podcast:
One thing that I am constantly amazed by is that every time “the science” proclaims a matter “settled” it won’t be too much longer after that that new evidence comes out to disprove the current narrative. Global Warming gets dismissed because we had some really cold years so it turns into Climate Change. The vaccines are effective….both of those turned out to be 100% wrong after “the science” had been settled. But Noah’s flood oh yeah that science has been settled….or has it? On today’s episode I have on Nate Richards. Nate comes with some cred here, he is a teacher by profession so it’s not like you have to take the word of a clown with a microphone. Nate does a great job of explain how the flood occurred as well as give great evidence for the flood. Now just a quick side note here. If you have access to YouTube or Rumble you may be better served to watch this episode because Nate uses a lot of pictures on this episode. Get ready to engage the science. --- Support this podcast:
Nope you’re not seeing double….it’s a two for one Saturday. On this second episode of February 25th I have on Kevin Williams. Kevin is a devout LDS member who is also the host of a podcast alledDS Life. Kevin asked me to come on his podcast which I did. In turn he came on my podcast. In both episodes Kevin and I had great conversations. On this episode Kevin and I talk about a lot of Gospel Principles we compare our faith journeys and ultimately come out of agreeing that there’s more that unites us then separate’s us. --- Support this podcast:
So today on the podcast I have Kimberley Watson Smith back on. Now for those of my listeners that have been with me here from the beginning will remember I had her on the podcast just about a year ago to debunk the movie “Who Killed Joseph Smith?” Well the same folks that are perpetuating that falsehood are now piling on a making the claim that Joseph Smith never introduced or practiced plural marriage. So Kimberly and I have a conversation debunking that idea. Now Kimberly doesn’t just debunk the idea that Joseph never taught or practiced plural marriage through historical accounts but she then dives into the scriptures to prove that Celestial Plural Marriage is a true principle. Now I want you to have a pen and paper handy through this podcast because we take a deep dive and you will want to write down a whole bunch of scriptures to go back and read later. Prepare to have your mind blown --- Support this podcast:
So Joe Biden gave his state of the union address this week and despite all of the hype speech and lies I think we all know things aren’t good. Well it’s funny how God works; on this episode I have Taylor Smith back on the podcast. Taylor breaks down what he thinks the state of Mormonism is. Taylor and i cover some fascinating scripture about the prophesied apostasy in the latter days, We then touch on this week’s temple ordinance changes as well as the changes made over the decades, then we talk about and what those changes really mean for the exaltation of those who participate in those changed ordinances. Now you will notice that while Taylor and I don't agree on everything we do come to the same conclusion that all is not well in Zion. Music from #Uppbeat (free for Creators!): License code: XCVNB1GTBBTFJYJW --- Support this podcast:
Ok Parental Advisory time. Younger children probably under the age of thirteen shouldn't be listening to this episode!!! I take every episode of this podcast seriously. But this episode, but this episode is as serious as a heart attack. I had a good friend once that said, "if you look at the Old Testament God finally lets judgment come to Israel every time, they start sacrificing their children to Baal and Moloch." Well, the practice of sacrificing children is still here and I am not just speaking figuratively. On the podcast today I have Deanna Holland. She is one of the organizers of Pro-Life Utah. Today we have a conversation about abortion. We cover the history of this horror show both pre and post Roe V. Wade, then we talk about the actual practice, after that we talk about the Dobbs decision and what it actually means regarding ending the practice of abortion and new flash it isn't as great as we would all like, Finally we talk about what you can do to join the fight and etch your name in the book of life. I am pretty used to getting a certain amount of hate mail from the other side but after this episode I think that will go up ten fold and I am just fine with that. I have counted the cost and I will die on this hill. This just might be the most important episode I have ever done and that's next on this episode of the Mormon renegade podcast. Pro Life Utah Music from #Uppbeat (free for Creators!): License code: XCVNB1GTBBTFJYJW --- Support this podcast:
Have you ever wondered how a people who have been raised with freedom manage to lose those freedoms? See if corrupt politicians were to just come along and take them suddenly I think we would all throw a party with pitchforks and torches. No how a people lose their freedoms is by wilfully giving them up. Tyrants have long had this sick fascination with wanting those they subjugate to beg them for the tyranny those tyrants offer. Today on the podcast I have on Chelcie Hope. Chelcie is a woman who has watched and spoken out against governments' never ending march towards complete control. She has recently been paying real close attention to what happens more locally in the state of Utah. What you will find in listening to me and Chelcies conversation is that Utah in particular is in the crosshairs of global elites. The reason for this is because of Utah's strategic location as well as its spiritual significance. If these global elites can do this in Utah then they can do it anywhere, so pay very close attention even if you don't live in Utah because the political mechanisms are the same state to state. The mechanism the elites are using is to buy and use our local politicians to do their bidding. I am sure you the listener will come to the same conclusion I did about Chelcie. That is that she is super well informed and wicked smart. We cover on this episode what bills are being passed right now in Utah that most threaten our freedoms, who is behind those bills and finally what you can do to help put the brakes on this political abomination heading our way. --- Support this podcast:
As Mormons, one of the things we constantly get beat over the head with by pseudo-intellectuals is this argument "well if the Book of Mormon is an account of historical events where is the evidence? Now if you will excuse me I need to get back to reading this inspired piece of holy writ known as the CES Letter '' Well today you are going to get some facts that you can use to defend the historicity of the Book of Mormon. Ken Peterson joins me again where we will break down evidence in support of the historicity of the Book of Mormon using these 5 disciplines. Those are: 1. Archeology 2. Linguistics 3. Geographic  4. Geological 5. Cultural. Now you may not agree with where Ken believes the Book of Mormon took place but as Ken and I breakdown evidence from all five of these categories I think you will see that as believers in the Book of Mormon we have every reason to be assured that the accounts in the Book of Mormon. --- Support this podcast:
So today on the podcast I have something juicy for ya that I think you are absolutely going to love. On this episode I have Taylor Smith on the podcast. Taylor is a mormon fundamentalist and a darn good scholar of the restored Gospel. In our conversation Taylor talks about end times prophecy and more specifically we talk about prophecies that have been both fulfilled and yet to be fulfilled that apply uniquely to Mormons. I have also included on in the episode page some notes and scriptures you may want to have as you listen. Scriptuers: 1st Nephi Chapter 14 D&C 109:60 D&C 45:24-32 3rd Nephi 20:10-46 3rd Nephi 17:1-3 Ether 8:22-26 2nd Nephi 20:1, 21:1, 22:1-7 & 12-33, 9:18, 12:6-17, 13:9, 15:5, 16:11, 19:16 Ezekiel 16:49 D&C 100:42 --- Support this podcast:
So I have said it before I don't like talking about a problem without talking about a solution. I have had a couple of episodes that have really broken down just what kind of mess public education is and just how much danger there is there. On this episode I have Russ Barlow on again to talk about his family's experience in home schooling. Russ breaksdown exactly how he and his wife were able to educate their children at home with a practical easy to follow method. What I am hoping you the listener takes away from this episode is a knowledge that you can educate your own children and that despite what the so-called experts say you are capable and qualified to educate your children. If you head over to my YouTube channel you can see the materials Russ uses in the video. Now like last time if you go to and click on this episode page you are going to find a code that you can use to get 20% off the materials Russ talks about and references in this episode. Thats next on this episode of the Mormon Renegade Podcast. & use the Code Renegade20 for 20% off Materials --- Support this podcast:
WARNING NOT FOR LITTLE EARS ADULT SUBJECT MATTER ON THIS EPISODE!! On this episode of the podcast we are going to talk about the respect for marriage act that was passed about a month ago. What you didn't think I wasn't going to talk about this did you? I wanted to wait until after the bill had passed to find out what the law would be exactly. For this episode I bring Ben Shaffer back on the podcast to break this law down. Because of Ben's training as an attorney, I felt like he was the man for the job. We cover what the law says and what it means to Mormons and more specifically the LDS Church since the church threw its weight behind the bill. We then cover how the Church's support of this bill actually seems to walk hand in hand with the physical changes to the Salt Lake Temple. To date I think it is perhaps the most honest conversation I have had on the podcast about all the changes that that have happened to the LDS Church.,and%20will%20not%20be%20returned. --- Support this podcast:
So I feel like I have had guests on that have a done great job in breaking down just how fragile our economy is and just how bad it can get. Now I hate being the guy who says hey something is wrong and not give you some solutions or steps to get you through. I have searched high and low for someone I feel like is well grounded and knows what they are talking about. Well finally by asking around and doing a little bit of networking I found that guy. His name is Marcello Surjopolos. Marcello is the business owner of Food Storage Depot. This guy lives and breathes this topic. On this episode we get a little bit of info on who he is and how he got into emergency prep. We then talk about some of the challenges you could face in the near future that may force us into these kinds of situations. We then move into the realm of solutions. Marcello then gives a quick explanation of the 7 principles of being prepared and just not survive but thrive in an emergency situation. Finally at the end he gives you the listener an opportunity to become better prepared. Now I normally don’t advertise anything on this podcast. I break that rule on this episode. I have looked at Marcello’s business and talked to him off the podcast and can fully endorse the goods and services he provides. Click the link below to sign up for a 5 day seminar with Marcello where he goes into a deep dive into how you can be prepared to get through any emergency. Click Here For The 5 Day Preparedness Challenge Seminar --- Support this podcast:
So on this episode we are going to do something a little different its going to be just you and me. As I have done this podcast and you have listened and interacted with me I feel like we have come to know each other. Quite frankly its something I hadn’t counted on but I am glad it has happened. So I want to tell you a little more about me and my family. We love Christmas around our house. I is a big, big deal. Don’t get me wrong, we love the food the lights, and the presents. More than that however we love the meaning and feeling of Christmas. People’s hearts seem to be a little more open not just to their fellow man but to God. For me Christmas has even a deeper meaning. It’s a connection back to my earthly father. See he left me a legacy during Christmas. Its one I have tried to live up to. That legacy has become a tradition. This legacy and tradition will be evident by the end of the story. First let me say that this story is based on a true event that happened when I was eight years old. I saw it..or at least part of it as an eight year old boy then explained to me in depth at the age of sixteen. I had to fill in the gaps of people and events story can be told in a way that would engage the listener. I have also changed the names of some of the characters to protect their privacy. Now the event near the end of the story that I witnessed as an 8 year old boy did happen. At the end of this story I will tell you exactly how things happened in real life and how I actually came to know about so that you the listener now exactly what happened. So think of it more like a Christmas parable based on a true event. I feel like the story now needs to be told in a very public way for some reason that I can’t explain. Now one of the things I have come to love about this experience is that it’s not an exclusively fundamentalist story, it’s not even an exclusively Mormon type of story. So this experience and this episode can be shared with anybody. But before we begin I want to tell you the listener how very grateful I am that you have spent so many hours here with me. I have been blessed to do this podcast and have been blessed by you listening and on occasion interacting with you. My hope is that this story will help you feel the true meaning of Christmas, that perhaps it will make the season a little more bright. Music from #Uppbeat (free for Creators!): License code: GT5Q6RTVGKUE5GPN Music from #Uppbeat (free for Creators!): License code: F5NLVMQIWCWI7TBF Music from #Uppbeat (free for Creators!): License code: XKMOXC8WMJ1WCWCG --- Support this podcast:
So a few months back I was scrolling through my Facebook feed and I saw a post from someone that caught my eye. I clicked on the link and what I found was a post from a guy who is a Mormon Fundamentalist who was using was short Tik Tok videos to explain Mormon Fundamentalism as well as to push back against misunderstandings, and erroneous teachings about the Restored Gospel.  Thant man name is Benjamin Winfield. On this episode Benjamin and I have a fascinating conversation. We talk about how he became a fundamentalist, how he found himself being the voice of Mormon Fundamentalism on Tik Tok, Some of his interactions with different people on the social media, and where he sees his presence on Tik Tok going in the future. Along the way we cover a few Gospel principles and even dive in on what we as Fundamentalists can do to reach out to folks not of our faith. --- Support this podcast:
On this episode of the podcast we continue the series about the Jewish calendar and feast days. Now as always I strongly recommend that if you haven’t listed to the previous episodes in this series you go back and do that first. The reason is that these celebrations build on top of each other.. Those would be episodes # 27,28, & 30. This time around Joshua Erickson and I break down Hanukkah. We dive into the history of the festival and how it is celebrated today. As we discuss these things there are fascinating ties to Joseph Smith as well as some pretty stark parallels for today concerning Mormonism and even fundamentalist prophecy. --- Support this podcast:
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