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 In today's episode of Conversations with Dr. Cowan and Friends, I interviewed an old friend of 20 years about her "treating infertility program". Over the years Veronica, a trained DO, has worked with countless couples in reversing their infertility. Using the common sense approach that infertility is a result of poor health, she describes how she uses her 6 pillars of health to help the couple restore their health, which invariably results in a restoration of their fertility.Veronica is joining the New Biology Curriculum team and we are offering her restoring fertility program course as one of our offerings. Tune in as we discuss this subject, which is clearly and obviously so tied up with the future of humanity. Learn more at website: to Conversations w/ Dr. Cowan & Friends on Spotify: Apple Podcasts: BitChute Channel: the showWebsites: @TalkinTurkeywithTomFacebook: the showSupport the showWebsites: @TalkinTurkeywithTomFacebook:
In today's podcast, I speak with Dr. Jon Harmon about the Life Wave company and its products. This is one of those situations where a number of people that I trust say they have had positive results from the use of the Life Wave products. In this interview, I wanted to give Jon a chance to explain what these products do, the rationale for their use, and how to use them. I want everyone to decide for themselves whether the Life Wave products belong in their personal healthcare repertoire.  All the best,TomDr. Jon Harmon's websites: Jon Harmon's Email: My website: to Conversations w/ Dr. Cowan & Friends on Spotify: Apple Podcasts: BitChute Channel: the showWebsites: @TalkinTurkeywithTomFacebook: the showWebsites: @TalkinTurkeywithTomFacebook:
 In today's podcast, I sit down with Dr. Marisol Teijeiro, CEO & Founder of the Queen of the Thrones. We are thrilled to be carrying their castor oil packs. In this episode, we go over their new castor oil pack design, how it works, how to use it, how often to use it, and the effects the creators have seen with its use.These packs and oils are a welcome step in the ongoing quest for safe, easy, affordable, natural solutions for common medical issues. You can read my full blog on Castor Oil Packs here.For a limited time, all castor oil products are 15% off now through Saturday, June 17th at 11:59 pm pst. Please note that there is no code for this, discounts will be reflected in the cart.Check out our lineup of castor oil products here: website: to Conversations w/ Dr. Cowan & Friends on Spotify: Apple Podcasts: BitChute Channel: the showWebsites: @TalkinTurkeywithTomFacebook:
This Is the Best Olive Oil We've Found For years, the only plant oils I have eaten are olive oil and coconut oil. The rest of the fats in my diet come as the natural components of the foods I eat: butter, lard, ghee, and, occasionally, duck fat or suet. The reason is not only the flavor, smell, ease of cooking and fatty-acid profile, but also because these are the only fats that are easy to extract from the plant or animal in which they are found. Butter is made by churning cream, lard is made by rendering pig fat, ghee is a further refinement of butter, and, as I have often said, to get olive oil, all you need is two large stones and a donkey. These are the traditional fats that have nourished humans for ages, mostly because of their health-giving properties and their ease of production. In today's podcast, I introduce the exciting olive oil line we are launching. As you will discover, to make the healthiest olive oil, one needs to care for every step of the process, which this maker, based in Greece, does. This starts with nourishing the soil and land, choosing the best variety of trees, hand picking the olives at the exact right time, and using the proper techniques for extracting the freshest and most nutrient-rich oil. It turns out, as I discovered, it's a little more complicated than the two stones and a donkey idea. We're so impressed with this olive oil's purity and health benefits, we decided to become the company's U.S. distributor. We are very excited to make this exquisite olive oil available to you, as well as share how the olive oil comes from Greece to your table.  Enjoy!!Learn more & shop organic extra virgin olive oils here. In good health,TomMy website: to Conversations w/ Dr. Cowan & Friends on Spotify: Apple Podcasts: BitChute Channel: the showWebsites: @TalkinTurkeywithTomFacebook:
George Wiseman, who is the owner and creator of the AquaCure device, joins us for the second time on our podcast. The reason we're doing this is because we had a lot of people who purchased the AquaCure machine after our first podcast. We're also using it in our New Biology Clinic - Dr. Adam Wuollet has seen amazing results with people using the device. This has all led to people asking us more about it, so we'll be going over those questions with George in this podcast.Learn more about the AquaCure: you're interested in purchasing the AquaCure device, you can use the code COWAN to save 5% here: the first podcast here: website: to Conversations w/ Dr. Cowan & Friends on Spotify: Apple Podcasts: BitChute Channel: the showWebsites: @TalkinTurkeywithTomFacebook:
In this week's episode of "Conversations with Dr. Cowan and Friends," I interview Dolf Zantinge of the Analemma water company. This is our second podcast together - you can watch the first one here. This is an important podcast that explains the science of the Analemma water wand, Dolf's research, and more. Enjoy!Analemma water wand: My website: to Conversations w/ Dr. Cowan & Friends on Spotify: Apple Podcasts: BitChute Channel: the showWebsites: @TalkinTurkeywithTomFacebook:
Patrick has been in the personal training industry for over 10 years, working in corporate gyms in New York City, as well as his own private training business. Within all of the certifications that Patrick acquired over the years, he noticed a vital component was missing from all the literature that he was led to read and regurgitate, and that was the Spirit. This has led Patrick down a path where he now centers his training style around the spirals in nature (Golden ratio/Phi), the reconnection with the water (etheric) body, and honing the alchemical process within every single one of us. Patrick has worked with enough Beings who have witnessed and experienced their own self-healing (It’s happening every single moment) to confidently share his approach with the New Biology Clinic. In this episode, learn more about him and what you can expect from his approach.Learn more and join the New Biology Clinic: website: to Conversations w/ Dr. Cowan & Friends on Spotify: Apple Podcasts: BitChute Channel: the showWebsites: @TalkinTurkeywithTomFacebook:
Dr. Adam Wuollet is a holistic physician that trained under my mentorship. His undergraduate studies focused on physiology and later indigenous medicine in Ecuador. He attended medical school at the University of Arizona, with the intention to specialize in what he thought was most important: the heart. His passion has long been to connect to and alleviate suffering. Adam went on to complete a residency in Anesthesiology and fellowship in Pain Management at the University of California – Irvine. His training was truly unique in that he trained both in complementary and alternative medicine at the Samueli Integrative Health Institute, as well as in the most advanced cutting-edge interventional procedures. He was respected as one the top doctors in his specialty. In this podcast episode, I chat with Adam about our new initiative to learn what he hopes to bring to his consults and why he wants to get involved.Learn more and join the New Biology Clinic: website: to Conversations w/ Dr. Cowan & Friends on Spotify: Apple Podcasts: BitChute Channel: the showWebsites: @TalkinTurkeywithTomFacebook:
Howdie Mickoski is a researcher who has spent the past decade-plus investigating such subjects as the philosophy and teachings of ancient Egypt, the philosophy and teachings of the Cathars, Gnostics and other historical groups, as well as the works of Carlos Castenada, among others.Howdie has also written books about the fascinating history of the world's fairs and expositions of the late 1800s and early 1900s, and postulates what these events can tell us about our history. Please join me for this interview in which we discuss all aspects of these fairs and expos and wonder about what these investigations have to tell us about our current world situation.Bring your most open mind and questioning habits to this interview, and enjoy the ride.Best,TomMy website: to Conversations w/ Dr. Cowan & Friends on Spotify: Apple Podcasts: BitChute Channel: the showWebsites: @TalkinTurkeywithTomFacebook:
Hello, everyone. I hope you are having a peaceful solstice and joyous holiday season. In today's podcast, I hope to give you one less thing to worry about, and that's the "spike protein." I talk with Stefano Scoglio, who has done extensive research into the question of "can mRNA injections result in the production of spike proteins in your body?" I think, as you will see, the answer is a resounding no.Although these injections are far from safe — far from it — you'll hear exactly how and why they cause damage. This explanation is well-documented, logical and based in science, so please tune in. As always, we welcome your comments.Happy holidays,TomMy website: to Conversations w/ Dr. Cowan & Friends on Spotify: Apple Podcasts: BitChute Channel: the showWebsites: @TalkinTurkeywithTomFacebook:
'Gain of Function': Another House of CardsMike Stone, the creator of, has done great investigative work into "gain of function" virology experiments by studying the original papers. In today's episode of "Conversations with Dr. Cowan and Friends," Mike and I dissect the methods used in these experiments and discover that the researchers never demonstrated that they were working with a virus, let alone "gaining" its function.The whole thing, just like all of virology, is a house of cards with no foundation. Join me in the podcast, and never be fooled by the "gain of fiction" nonsense again.Best,Tom My website: to Conversations w/ Dr. Cowan & Friends on Spotify: Apple Podcasts: BitChute Channel: the showWebsites: @TalkinTurkeywithTomFacebook:
Hi, everyone. I consider today's podcasts one of the most important ones I've done. My guest is a young German man, Marvin, and our conversation revolves around his upcoming court case in Germany, as well as the foundations of virology.Marvin is an engineer who, as a result of a health tragedy in his family, decided to take a deep look at medicine. That exploration led him eventually to virology. Like many of us, he discovered that the foundations of virology are based on anti-scientific misconceptions. Unlike most of us, he decided to do something about this realization. He proceeded to deliberately get himself fined for not wearing a mask, which gained him entry into the German court system. He intends to base his entire case on the anti-scientific methods of virology, specifically, the lack of controls.He is confident enough in his understanding of these issues that he readily agreed to have me "cross-examine" him, essentially, having me take the side of the virologist. Marvin had no trouble answering any question I put to him. Tune in, and you will gain a further understanding of the massive anti-scientific nature of the entire field of virology.All the best,TomMy website: to Conversations w/ Dr. Cowan & Friends on Spotify: Apple Podcasts: BitChute Channel: the showWebsites: @TalkinTurkeywithTomFacebook:
I have often mentioned that one of the fundamental missions of our family businesses is to help foster and promote entrepreneurs who create their own lines of healthy foods or healthcare products. One such entrepreneur is Meredith Sharp, owner and founder of Tallow LLC, who is the next guest on my podcast.A glaring omission in the healthcare product field are skin care products that truly nourish — without chemical additives — the largest organ of our body. The difference here is to nourish our skin, rather than use pharmaceuticals or even "natural" ingredients to suppress skin symptoms.True nourishment recognizes that we take in some nutrients — for example, sunlight — primarily through our skin. In other cases, the skin can be a vehicle to facilitate the absorption of nutrients into our bodies. Meredith, partly to address her own chronic skin conditions, did a deep dive into skin nourishment. What she came up with is both a concept of how to nourish one's skin, as well as actual products that use pure, grass-fed, grass-finished tallow, herbal infusions, and other natural ingredients such as pure turpentine.I'm delighted to present to our listeners her philosophy and practice of skin nourishment. Join me in listening to this interesting interview.Best,TomLearn more and shop Tallow Skincare on Dr. Cowan's Garden: website: to Conversations w/ Dr. Cowan & Friends on Spotify: Apple Podcasts: BitChute Channel: the showWebsites: @TalkinTurkeywithTomFacebook:
Hey, everyone. In today's episode of "Conversations," I talk with my friend Michael Mendizza about schooling and the "miseducation" of our children. Our conversation revolved around understanding the difference between "conditioning" children as opposed to helping educate them.Michael has decades of experience looking into this issue and has collaborated with most of the leading people who have worked on this question. His thesis is that schooling is essentially the process of conditioning children to believe in the tenets of modern culture, often at the cost of developing critical thinking and a path to freedom.  In today's discussion, we explore what an education for true freedom would look like. Michael also has written a paper helping parents implement these principles.  Anyone who is interested in education, children or has young children of their own will want to tune into this interview. Link to Michael's Paper: well,TomMy website: to Conversations w/ Dr. Cowan & Friends on Spotify: Apple Podcasts: BitChute Channel: the showWebsites: @TalkinTurkeywithTomFacebook:
Dear friends,The most interesting question of all is not the science, as that is easy to demonstrate: No natural, chimeric, lab-created or any other type of SARS-CoV-2 has been proven to exist. The question is, why this story? The answer might have come from Sachs himself, who in a long follow-up article essentially came to the conclusion that, as a result of discovering this lab leak, whether purposeful or accidental, it is no longer possible to trust national governments or virology labs to police themselves. They have been proven to be corrupt, sloppy and untrustworthy. His solution? We must put the oversight of all virology labs and, perhaps someday, of all "science" labs under the gentle and careful guidance of the World Health Organization and related supranational bodies.I was absolutely shocked to read this purported solution. To centralize control of scientific experimentation in the WHO, an unelected and unaccountable body that pushed the effort to vaccinate most of humanity and drove the disastrous lockdown policies worldwide, would create an even bigger monster to battle. It now feels urgent for the health-freedom community to rigorously investigate the whole story of SARS-CoV-2 in particular and virology in general. As Mark and I point out in this podcast, the health-freedom promulgators of the lab-leak theory now have two options. First, they can demonstrate how they know that HIV, the original coronavirus and SARS-CoV-2 exist, and then show how this chimeric lab-created virus was spread throughout the world. Or, they can investigate further the scientific evidence of virology's catastrophic and obvious lies.Their response to this request will help demonstrate whether a "unity conference" as proposed by Kennedy's Children's Health Defense is a real possibility. My sincere hope is that those in the medical-freedom community have simply misunderstood the science of virology.All the best,TomMy website: to Conversations w/ Dr. Cowan & Friends on Spotify: Apple Podcasts: BitChute Channel: the showWebsites: @TalkinTurkeywithTomFacebook:
Hi, everyone.This week's podcast interview is with Dan Stachofsky from the Essential Energy company. Probably all of us are somewhat familiar with the problems associated with EMF exposure, problems that only worsen the longer we are exposed. Many of us are looking for realistic, doable solutions.It's a daunting problem because in our current world, it's almost impossible to avoid at least some level of EMF exposure. This situation fits Ivan Illich's description of a "radical monopoly," that is, a state-sanctioned act that adversely affects everyone whether they would choose to participate or not. Dan decided to put his attention toward helping to solve the problem of harmful EMF exposures.In this interview, you will hear his story and find out what solutions he came up with. My hope is this interview helps you add another layer to your understanding of EMF damage and mitigation.Best,TomUse this link with the code COWAN20 for 20% off EMF protection products from Essential Energy: website: to Conversations w/ Dr. Cowan & Friends on Spotify: Apple Podcasts: BitChute Channel: the showWebsites: @TalkinTurkeywithTomFacebook:
Today's friend is someone I've known for a few years. Andreas Wecker has a very interesting story I think people will enjoy hearing because it's about oils. Many people have probably heard me say that when it comes to oils and fats, I typically don't eat plant oils, except olive oil and coconut oil. Andreas has discovered how to extract the essence of an oil from seeds without making them into toxic products. Instead, he makes them into therapeutic oils. He is also the only person I know who puts his oils in Miron jars, which I think is the best way to store products. Learn more about Andreas' story and why his oils are different than other organic oils on the market.Dr. Cowan's Garden is pleased to offer these 100% cold-pressed premium organic living oils, which combine nature's most powerful superfood seeds to support detoxification, boost organ function, and improve overall health. They are nutrient dense with strong anti-inflammatory properties for healing and revitalizing your body.We invite you to explore our collection of cold-pressed organic seed oils in the following varieties: Black Cumin Seed Oil, Five Seed Oil Blend, Flax Seed Oil, Black Sesame Seed Oil, Pumpkin Seed Oil, Kava Oil and Milk Thistle Oil.Learn more about our new seed oils: website: to Conversations w/ Dr. Cowan & Friends on Spotify: Apple Podcasts: BitChute Channel: the showWebsites: @TalkinTurkeywithTomFacebook:
Hi, everyone.Today's podcast conversation is with Matt Maruca, the founder and owner of Ra Optics. As a result of suffering from health challenges, Matt went on a quest to determine what could be the source of his troubles. After years of searching, he stumbled upon the idea that maybe he was exposed to too many unnatural and harmful lights. This realization began a long study of the effects of light on living creatures. He was able to determine that sunlight is our primary nutrient. This finding aligns with my own understanding of the components of a living system: Light is its primary source of information. If we are continually exposed to artificial light instead of natural sunlight, our health will inevitably suffer. Working with these principles, Matt was able to formulate what he calls his "light diet" and to produce high-quality glasses that block the majority of the harmful blue lights that emerge from our devices. The result is relevant for us all. I have been using the Ra Optics yellow and red glasses now for a few weeks, and they are a good addition to my life. Tune in to hear more about the history and science of the "light diet" and the benefits to your health of Ra Optics glasses.  Best,TomPlease enjoy 15% off Ra Optics glasses via this link or with the code tomcowan at checkout.A note from Matt regarding the choice of the eye of Horus as his logo:"I simply named the company after the Egyptian sun god Ra because I thought it sounded good. This was about the extent of the connection.Later I learned that that 'A' sound in Ra is said to be the most primitive sound humans made and very powerful at a spiritual level. I have yet to study very deeply into this. I just think it sounds cool and it's powerful, and to me Ra is a sort of "mythological" figure with a deep historical significance for much of human history, particularly the development of all civilization.As far as the logo, naming a company after an Egyptian god seemed to warrant picking a logo that was related, and I thought of the Eye of Horus because it's sort of looks like the letter R (our first logo used the eye of Horus as the letter R in Ra, but I decided to scrap it), and I thought it was cool and very recognizable, and no major brand currently uses it as their logo.So, I decided, why not play on 5,000+ years of ancient energetic and spiritual history and try using it as our logo. It seems to be working fairly well, as far as I can tell.I do find it interesting that the ancient pharaoh Akhenaten who banished polytheism in favor of the worship of one God, the "Aten" or sun disc, which is the first form of polytheism in recorded history, was removed from the pharaohs list, the ancient equivalent of being "canceled" today. It seems as though there was some foul play going on even back then in regards to hiding sunlight, so at a much deeper level I see our brand as a way to bring back the idea that the sun is good and the Support the showWebsites: @TalkinTurkeywithTomFacebook:
Hi, everyone.  Today's podcast interview is with inventor and scientist George Wiseman, the creator of the AquaCure device. First, let me say I am no expert on the engineering or mechanics of the AquaCure device, but as you will hear in this interview, the concept behind the AquaCure device is simple and profound. The function of the AquaCure is to generate something that has historically been called "Brown's Gas," named after its original promoter.  Brown’s Gas contains molecular hydrogen historically used for a variety of uses, including to fuel blow torches. A relevance for us is that molecular hydrogen is our main nutrient, comprising about 62 percent of our molecules. Molecular hydrogen is formed in our large intestine through the work of our gut microbes digesting hydrocarbons in foodstuffs. Because of the dramatic impoverishment of our gut flora in the past 100 years, most of us are unable to generate adequate molecular hydrogen, which means we are not able to repair our tissues. The result is illness and disease. In other words, as I have so often pointed out, we don't actually suffer from a particular "disease"; rather, we are starved or poisoned when we are sick. Molecular hydrogen, arguably, is our most important nutrient, and its deficiency leads to virtually all of the "diseases" modern people experience.I would encourage anyone who is interested in improving their health to check out the website, watch the videos, read the blogs, and study the scientific papers that all document the health benefits of breathing and drinking air and water that is enhanced with molecular hydrogen. I have been using an AquaCure device in our home for about three months, most of the water I drink is hydrogen enhanced, and I try to breathe in the gas at least an hour each day. The device is easy to use, easy to maintain and seems to be a valuable addition to our growing natural-health, water-based therapies.  George has graciously given our community members a 5% discount with the code Cowan  at checkout. View his shop here.Best,TomMy website: to Conversations w/ Dr. Cowan & Friends on Spotify: Apple Podcasts: BitChute Channel: the showWebsites: @TalkinTurkeywithTomFacebook:
This week's podcast episode features Dr. Grayson Dart. I first met Dr. Grayson when he joined my mentoring program that I was holding for practitioners a few years ago. He now has his own consultation program and works with Dr. Andrew Kaufman.Dr. Grayson left modern medicine after finding out that modern medical practices did not improve people’s health and are oftentimes harmful. He decided to discover practices that truly heal and began researching the relationship between body, mind, and spirit. What followed was his own healing experience and a deeper understanding of how to use nature to heal the body.Dr. Grayson's new practice is designed to get the best health results possible while teaching people the vital knowledge they need to care for themselves and their families. He loves witnessing people become their own health authority.Today we're going to hear about his background, how he got into his new way of thinking and doing medicine, how he is helping people who are looking for a practitioner, and what they can expect when they book a consultation with him.Book a consultation with Dr. Grayson here.My website: to Conversations w/ Dr. Cowan & Friends on Spotify: Apple Podcasts: BitChute Channel: the showWebsites: @TalkinTurkeywithTomFacebook:
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