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Author - from my Conversation with NancyWanted to transition out of her corporate job, just didn't know where the focus would be / Coaching and wanting credibility behind it / Shifting from mentoring to coaching / Finding her style and niche / Constantly learning, growing and feeling energized / Slowing down your racing mind / Don't be intimidated by your clients, relax and trust yourself / Wishing she had a coach 25 years ago / Switching your style based on level of experience / Think differently / The coaching community, the best people ever / Describing coaching through scenarios / Could have gone deeper and closer to the root cause / Preparation for a client that you dread
Highlights from my Conversation with TracyAlways seeking and searching / Coaching the last ditch effort / Her initial coach didn't come from her industry (key element to success) / Living getting coached / Kick off session with 4 key questions / Clients are smarter than we give them credit for / Managing being a workaholic personality / Coaching outlet is mindfulness / Getting "into" her clients and feeling it  in her body / Using a spinner to focus, what is your "spinner" / How to figure out when to get more education / Getting into the neuroscience of coaching
 Link to their great coaching book - Highlights from my Conversation with Julie and LauraGasp not going back to the conference after the break, instant chemistry / Sharing a brain / The concentration of covid, green shoot / Writing a book for newer coaches / The target audience / What the data had to say, fascinating / Fall into habit / Writing a book is a team effort / Using coaching skills while writing the book together / The book Cover / What they love about the book / Marketing the book / Finding the Easter egg about Linus, Moose and Noodle
You can find Sherry here - from my conversation with SherryWanting to Up Her Game while in her coaching career / Exposure to coaching was an epiphany / Weaving coaching into her corporate job / Changing the story and switching out those tapes / Closing the gap on reality vs intention / Being an assessment Junkie / Having a Coaching Network / Dreading your next coaching session?  Listen up / Taking Notes, robust discussion pros and cons  
Highlights from my conversation with Suzanne:Using coaching techniques within her own sales team with great success / Experiencing coaching then wanting to be a coach / Communication and courage / Courage to take a sabbatical and getting the mirror placed in front of her / Getting coached through the sabbatical and going through coaching certification / Take a swim in Lake Me / Core theme of coaching is change / Change Mngt background / The curiosity that is coaching and being brought up being curious / Growth can be a little bit scary / Meeting the client with what they are looking to do / Assessing the client to understand their intentionality / Sharing observations frequently / Struggling with rescuing people / Issues stem from poor communication / Conducting the background call / Coaching has made her a better human being 
Highlights from my conversation with CatieCoaching before being certified / Coaching with a goal without it coaching doesn't make sense / Internal coaching at Intuit, reinforce confidentiality / Bringing the Heat / Being a coach is a job for brave people / Paying attention to body language of your clients and yourself / Somatics - connecting with the body / Move a pebble THEN the boulder / Put your client on Mute during a session / Getting coached by your young mature son / The Benefits of Coaching - You don't always have to be the problem solver
Book: The Inside Out Journey: An Elusive Search for Self Across Three ContinentsLinkedIn: www.kristinaliu.comFacebook Page, Instagram, YouTube Channel  Book launch featured in: StreetInsider, AsiaOneHighlights from Conversation with Kristina LiuWhy am I not happier / A lot of questions without answers / Taking a Dr. of Psychology to figure things out / Being exposed to a "Taster" session of what coaching is / Coaching scale anology vs psychology (impactful) / Thirst for knowledge and loving learning / Driven by wanted to understand herself a bit more / Coaching = What and How questions / Therapy = Why questions / People are naturally - creative, resourceful and whole / Getting coaching was a game changer / 10 minute coaching session was so impactful / Coaching training provided Clarity and Courage / Not hearing your own voice / Trio of events that changed every / Finally listening to the Universe / 3 buckets of areas where people want help / The Positive Intelligence framework / Sage vs your saboteur / People need a coach to help try different things
Highlights from my conversation with PhilGetting into coaching due to early dyslexia / 21 years of working with professionals globally / Our brains don't like change all that much / Being a teacher as much as a coach / Stop giving away your energy, you unconsciously do it / Keeping your Ego in check / Must have an urgent desire for better results / Connecting to either pain or passion to progress in coaching / Your amygdala is like a 4 year old child that needs guidance / Thinking of your habits as lanes on a highway / His Master of Business Leadership habit / Not what you say but what you do / Seeing results
 Highlights from my conversation with JonathanCoaching to learn more about yourself / Having a somatic reaction during coaching / Finding a mentor to understand coaching a bit more / Going internal with after 8 years of external coaching / Using his coaching effectively with his corporate job / Having dual goals with his clients / The fuzzy front end of coaching / Hanging out at the edge of a clients comfort zone / Reframe the anxiety / What is the discomfort trying to tell me / Finding mentors to normalize what I’m going through / Filling up your quiver / Most coaching happens in the middle leadership levels / The client world doesn't have bright lines around techniques / Do you want a Thought Partner right now / Use more folksy language / Self awareness leading to self inquiry / Love when the client "stews" in the question / The fuzzy front end / The elephant and the Rider / Still trying to figure out what he wants to be when he grows up from my conversation with JackieI'm not out to run a marathon / Being the kite flying in the wind during her career / Being coached then being a coach / Being an Org Development professional and looking at the system / Constantly looking for the red thread / Be more like "Columbo" the tv series detective from the 1970's series / Working with clients in transition / Asking the client if they'd like the soft or sandpaper approach / Empathetic listener who is willing to put up the mirror / Running marathons and being a ballroom dancer / Asking the client their thoughts on feedback prior to delivering it / Four types of reactions for 360 Feedback 1) Surprise and shock 2) Confusion and anger 3) Rationalization and rejection 4) Acceptance focus and integration
Kara is the client of Adrienne Kortas (chc EP# 18)Highlights from my conversation with KaraFirst coaching was 6 years ago / Getting the wonderful introduction from her Mentor to Adrienne Kortas / Foundational Period - Initial time in "getting to know" each other / Useful exercise - Mapping out life's highs and lows / Tackling an acute situation instantly and showing immediate value / Shocking EQ assessment results / Working with consumables when Covid hit / Getting called out in an accurate way on work - life balance / Really defining resilience / Taking a sabbatical to reassess / Thinking of her career without coaching / You need to fill your own cup first
Highlights from my WONDERFUL conversation with AdrienneFind Adrienne here - to wear bright colors was drilled into her at a young age / Getting certified in coaching to fill the need that Adrienne saw in her corporate gig / Seeing the value of Executive coaching when you DON't see it / Being drawn to the tailored approach of coaching for Leadership Development / Pick only two - Time / Money / Quality / Being an evangalist, the religion that is coaching / Extremely difficult to explain the benefits of coaching through a written proposal / Coaching - a Focused conversation that targets change / Who am I at my best / Who do we want to become / As a coach you never have to know what's going on in the other persons head / Using Assessment data to learn more about you from my discussion with MargaretGetting coaching while finishing up at pwc / Encouraged to be a coach while still working / An elevator conversation / "Much more likely to be successful" if the client figures it out themselves / Perspective on giving advice / Practicing conversations / role play / It's about asking questions with the proper tone and curiosity / Using more coaching techniques outside of coaching / Our clients have the answers / Working with Lawyers in transition / Coaching the client and the significant other / Working with Lawyers Wobber brings so much energy to this podcast and she provides a perspective on her coaching niche and how she became a coachHighlights from my conversation with ToryMoving to and coaching in Mexico / Coaching PHd's looking for jobs in industry (this is what tory did) / Paying it forward, then formalizing / Consulting vs coaching / Grieve the loss of their academic identity / Having lived what she is coaching / Visualizing your future / Who am I if I'm not my job / Pint size insights / Helping clients get "unstuck" / Skills are there, helping with the mindset shift / Asking clients to stand and breathe / Finding the right coaching course / The dip and getting to mastery / PB&J conversation
HighlightsCompany sponsored and he jumped at the chance / Coaching is for everyone and not just business executives / Clicked with Danielle Francis from the description of her coaching / Looking into the mirror and taking on a different perspective / Starting with strategic thinking and evolving to team development / Noticed his communication level has increased across the board / Leveraging both coaching and the pandemic to build a stronger team / Ending every session with a big smile / Don't know about coaching, get it as soon as possible / Coaching is all about YOU, YOU are the at the center /The answer to the session is always there you just have to find the key to unlock it / Applying coaching techniques with his team and his kidsFind Danielle here -
HighlightsGetting into coaching from an Entrepreneurial perspective and Overcoming some downfalls / Experiencing the power of coaching / Clients love Danielle's Engineering background / Coaching connects to the human side / Lead Authentically works with clients / Be yourself and still get what you want / How she helps clients and her style, great stuff / "running through your head" point of view / The stories going through your mind may not be true / What is the evidence around the Story / When you know better . . . you do better / Recognizing your Triggers / "Hey, what is that" funny moment / Starting of with advisory / coaching now it's 100% coaching / When coaching "Clicked" for Danielle / Tough questions / You don't have to answer the question to me, but answer it to yourself / Science Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) Focus / Being challenging as a coach 
HighlightsBeing in a toxic situation and struggling to get out / Completing a "Value" Exercise that was extremely helpful / Coaching got a little bit uncomfortable / Wanting to leave her job and wanting to control all elements of leaving / Coaching helped Sarah get to a place she had struggled to get to for years / Working together to reframe her goals and define a meaningful career transition  / Challenging at times to reset thoughts and goals / "What's wrong with that?" / Resigning prior to having everything figured out / A value of a coach is NOT knowing all the players and pieces / Taking time out to evaluate her dreams and goals / Being in the Hamster wheel / Don't "Should" yourself
HighlightsNever planned to be an Executive Coach / Abrupt ending and had to Re-think a new role in the world / LOVED to hold people up and informal coaching / Being a woman in an industry of the Boy's Club / Figuring out how coaching fit into her life / Finding a coach to help "vocalize" her thoughts / Changing her identity and starting over / Workaholic background and fitting into Coaching / Bringing successful career to her coaching practice / Her philosophy on coaching her clients / Helping woman take up space similar to the way men do and taking credit / Being team oriented and still take credit for YOUR role / Coaching is a team approach / Having a less than positive initial coaching approach / Doing and initial Value Assessment / Coaching is a lot about marinating and allowing time for it to "sink in" / Mom influencing coaching and Coaching influencing Mom / Standing behind the leader now
You can find Victoria here - Salt Lake city bookstore epiphany / What made people tick / No marriage and family therapist, career counseling emphasis was the focus / Coaching the whole person / Advice on group coaching, start with the most challenging group first / Coaching during the Global financial crisis / Global job 1,500 Executives and 200 coaches to manage / The fit between a coach and a client / Clients sometimes want to be challenged / Assessing when to move on from a client / Recommending other coaches to assess fit / Book working title - The Slingshot Quest - Discover your identity to design your destiny / What is the story behind the work / Sometimes we are conditioned / Coaching can and perhaps should be uncomfortable / Getting your Hours "gifted" / With her kids leaning towards asking instead of telling Hear Victoria's complete story on my "Wish I knew podcast . . ." Episode # 40
HighlightsFound Rita on Linked In based on her tag line of "I help successful women professionals in male dominated industries"Feeling stuck in her career Had mentors and curious about coachingResults Increased awareness Limited beliefs What narrative do you tell yourself Language you useBe that person that you want to beGreat use of reframingGreat impact story for other areas of her life on my "Wish I Knew . . . " podcast episode #44
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