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This episode is for all the therapists, clinicians, and professors out there who hope to write a popular book for the general public about your field of expertise. How do you make the leap from clinic or classroom to the bestseller lists? And do you have to become a social media influencer in order to pull it off? How do you know if you have anything really new to say, and what if your peers criticize you? Today's guest is here to tell us how she managed through all of that.Dr. Laurie Mintz is an author, therapist, professor, and speaker whose life's work is helping people live more authentic, joyful, and sexually satisfying lives. As a tenured professor at the University of Florida, Laurie teaches the psychology of human sexuality to hundreds of undergrad students each year. She's the author of two popular books, both written with the aim of empowering women sexually: Becoming Cliterate and A Tired Woman's Guide to Passionate Sex. Laurie also writes a popular blog on Psychology Today, and maintains an active social media platform with over 50k Instagram followers, as well as a small private practice working with individuals and couples on general and sexual issues. In this episode, you'll learn:How to transition from being a practitioner or professor into a bestselling author.The surprising correlation between one's sex life and overall happiness—and why talking about it with your therapist is important.The difference between spontaneous and responsive desire.How Laurie ran clinical trials to analyze the efficacy of the advice in her book.How to get the most out of social media—such as community and support—while dealing with the trolls. (Hint: Block, block, block!)For more, check out:drlauriemintz.commaggielangrick.comwonderwell.pressAnd
If you're one of those people who's fortunate enough to have connected with your life purpose, chances are that it came to you through your own struggles. This is the case for many of us on the path of conscious living. We're faced with a set of challenges—perhaps related to physical health, relationships, or the search for meaning—and through contending with and mastering these challenges, we naturally want to share what we've learned with others about how to be a happier, healthier, more fulfilled human. Today's guest is on a journey like this, and out of that impetus, she's created an amazing community and a set of programs through which she shares her knowledge and insight, and also provides a platform for some of the world's preeminent thought leaders to spread their message.Julie Reisler is the host of the global podcast, The You-est You, where she has interviewed spiritual luminaries like Martha Beck, Neale Donald Walsch, and Tara Brach, as well as inspiring entrepreneurs like Amy Porterfield, Marie Forleo, Jenna Kutcher, and many others. Julie is also the founder of the Life Designer Coach Academy, where she certifies transformation coaches from all over the world. She's a public speaker, a course creator, and the author of Get a PhD in You. In this episode, you'll learn:How to channel your struggles and challenges into growth.How to listen to your higher voice when it’s telling you to start a new project or practice.Why having the third-party perspective of a coach and/or therapist is so essential to gaining clarity in your purpose.How to prevent the fear of public criticism from holding you back.Practical advice on what it takes to start and produce your own podcast.For more, check out:juliereisler.commaggielangrick.comwonderwell.pressAnd
Life is always coming at us fast, and that feels especially true when you decide to write a book. You take on this huge, ambitious commitment, and suddenly a home improvement project goes sideways, a family member has a health issue, work-demands become crushing, or some other huge interruption comes along and threatens to pull you off your path. Today's guest experienced all of that and more, and is here to tell us how she got through it and managed to finish and launch her book.Kimberlee Davis is a certified financial analyst and the author of The Fiscal Feminist: A Financial Wake-Up Call for Women. Currently Managing Director and Partner at The Bahnsen Group, Kimberlee has more than 25 years of finance, legal, and corporate experience. Her mission and personal passion is to help women of all ages and wealth levels achieve solid financial footing in both calm and turbulent times. Through her podcast, her online platform, and Instagram account—all also called The Fiscal Feminist—Kimberlee empowers and educates women to embrace their responsibility to themselves and make sound financial decisions that will create peace, freedom, and stability in their lives. In this episode, you'll learn:Why women need a “financial wake-up call.”Why taking control of your finances is one of the most important forms of self-care.The five steps to achieving financial freedom.How to balance building an author platform and writing a book while working a full-time job.How to stay committed to finishing your book when the day-to-day stress of life gets overwhelming.For more, check out:fiscalfeminist.commaggielangrick.comwonderwell.pressAnd
For those of us who are lucky enough to have experienced a big, transformational change in our personal or professional lives, it's natural to want to share those insights with others. Many of us may have even considered developing a career as a coach or a guide to help people experience that same kind of transformation in their lives, but few have the courage or tenacity to actually follow through on that vision. Today's guest, Shira Miller—a two-time TEDx speaker and professional coach—has done exactly that.After going from financial ruin to prosperity, chronic health challenges to wellness, obesity to healthy weight, divorce to lasting love, and an unfulfilling career to a purpose-driven life, Shira launched a three-year journey of interviewing 100+ people who have also been “stuck” but are now living the lives they craved. The result is her first book, Free and Clear: Get Unstuck and Live the Life You Want. In this episode, you'll learn:What it means to be "stuck" in some area of your life—and how to get unstuck.Why self-care and taking a pause to gain clarity about what you want your "desired state" to be is the first essential step to living a fulfilled life.The 7 roadblocks that get people stuck.What a "reverse bucket list" is and how it can help you build trust and confidence in yourself.Why publishing a book can be such a powerful force for change not only for your readers, but also in your own life and career.How to navigate the difficult work of becoming an author when you still have a full-time job.For more, check out:shiramiller.commaggielangrick.comwonderwell.pressAnd
If you're a creative person, you probably dream of building a thriving business and an abundant life around your art. But while creating is immensely rewarding, monetizing your art can have a shadow side—the potential for burnout, the fear of being vulnerable, and the inevitable rejection that comes with publicly sharing your work. Today's guest is here to talk about how to navigate all of that. Janne Robinson is the author of This Is for the Women Who Don't Give a Fuck and There's Cobwebs on Her Vagina. An accomplished writer and poet dedicated to offering a bold and honest expression of the human landscape, Janne's articles have been viewed millions of times on publications like Huffington Post, Thought Catalog, Elephant Journal, and more. She's no stranger to the public spotlight and all the joys and difficulties that come with it. In this deep, illuminating discussion, you'll learn:How incredibly healing and powerful art can be—for both the artist and their audience—when it comes from a place of honest, vulnerable sharing.How to deal with rejection and having your work misunderstood.How to recognize and recover from burnout, when the responsibility of running a business depletes your creative energy.How to prevent the high expectations you might place on your artistic work from hindering your progress.How to set boundaries to protect yourself in your success.For more, check out:jannerobinson.commaggielangrick.comwonderwell.pressAnd
So you've decided to write a nonfiction book, but how do you get started when you don't even know what square one looks like? Today's guest offers a wealth of useful advice on how to lay a strong foundation for your book and avoid costly, time-wasting mistakes. Josh Bernoff is a freelance ghostwriter, editor, publishing consultant, and the author of four books, including Writing Without Bullshit: Boost Your Career by Saying What You Mean. A former analyst and SVP at Forrester Research, Josh also delivers workshops on how to write with clarity for companies like Netflix, Disney, GE, Salesforce, and many others. His mission? "To rid the world of bullshit, one writer at a time."Josh says writing a book is like going on a trip: If you just start driving without any idea of where your destination is, you could end up anywhere—and probably not where you intended. In the same way, you need to develop a clear goal and roadmap for your book before you start typing. In this episode, he'll give you the tools to build that roadmap—or what Josh calls a "fat outline." You'll learn:The first three steps you need to take in order to start writing your book.Why all effective writing includes stories, even in the business genre. (Hint: Stories are persuasive.)How to find, structure, and use case studies effectively.The biggest mistakes authors often make—and how to avoid them.Why real authors always promote their work. (If you don’t, you’re just a typist!)Why there’s no such thing as true writer’s block—and a simple, funny trick that can help you get through it.For more, check out:withoutbullshit.commaggielangrick.comwonderwell.pressAnd
Putting your work out into the world can be really uncomfortable—especially at first—and many of us use that as an excuse to never do it. We shy away from discomfort, which is totally understandable, but also exactly the wrong move if we want to get ahead in life and achieve our dreams. As Robert Frost once said, "The way out is through," and when you actually seek discomfort, you put yourself into unknown territory where new, better things can happen in your business and your life.An adventure seeker who regularly pushes his own boundaries by skydiving, century bike riding, shark diving, and even trekking in the Sahara, Sterling Hawkins is well acquainted with discomfort. In his twenties, he achieved wild success, raising $550 million for his first start-up. Then in his thirties, the company crashed, and he found himself "moving out of the penthouse and back into his parents' house." That crushing experience put him on a quest to find the answer to this question: How do some people create transformative results in even the harshest circumstances? What he learned reveals that the uber-successful actually thrive on discomfort, because they know it can be high-octane fuel for performance or the most direct path to their goals.Now, as an entrepreneur, motivational leader, and internationally recognized public speaker, Sterling teaches his #NoMatterWhat system for achieving larger-than-life results to Fortune 500 companies. In this episode, he shares:What it means to “hunt” discomfort.How physical and emotional discomfort are actually experienced the same way in the brain—and can be overcome in the same way, as well.The 5 primary types of discomfort that stand between us and the results we want.His proven 5-step system for overcoming each of those discomforts.Every uncomfortable aspect of publishing his first book—and why it was ultimately such a gratifying experience.For more, check out:sterlinghawkins.commaggielangrick.comwonderwell.pressAnd
You might think you have a book in you (and you probably do), but is it a truly great one? Would readers want to buy it? Would your message have the power to change people's perspectives and lives? David Moldawer is a New York publishing veteran with more than a decade of experience acquiring books for companies like Penguin, St. Martin’s Press, McGraw-Hill, and Amazon Publishing, and today, he joins The Selfish Gift to offer his invaluable, frank advice on how to craft a book that actually sells.David has seen it all and can guarantee you: "There's nothing new under the sun." No matter how unique you think your story or your advice might be, there are likely a dozen other similar books out there. The key is to put your own spin on it—a fresh angle, a new methodology, a unique perspective, a compelling voice. But how?In this episode, you'll learn:Why differentiation—identifying what sets your book apart from others like it—must always be your starting point.How to "think like a reader" in order to identify your target audience. (Spoiler: Trying to write a book for "everyone" will result in a boring read that isn't right for anyone.)Why some of the biggest bestsellers actually... aren't that great.Why building a good "hook" into your title and subtitle is essential for a package that sells. (Hint: Brevity is best.)Tips on the writing process from a seasoned publishing professional who has worked with the likes of Deepak Chopra and David Mamet.For more, check out:mavengame.combookitect.commaggielangrick.comwonderwell.pressAnd
Why is going public with your life's work so terrifying? Is it the fear of rejection? Are you worried people will think you're selfish for focusing on your art, or that you're a sell-out for striving to gain visibility? You might be surprised to learn that the fear of putting yourself out there is ancestral; it was a part of our DNA even before social media. Historically, ostracism—being cast out from the group—could cost people their safety or even their lives. So it's no wonder that public disapproval can feel like literal, physical danger. But there's something even more dangerous: losing the opportunity to become the best version of yourself, to make the most of your one, precious life.Claudia Cauterucci is a multilingual, multicultural psychotherapist, international speaker, author, and the creator of dynamic meditation. She has nearly 40,000 one-on-one clinical and coaching hours under her belt, helping people heal from ancestral trauma so that they can rise with greatness into the life they choose—something she calls "The Heaven on Earth Experience." Now, she joins The Selfish Gift podcast to share her wisdom and meditative strategies for overcoming fear to help you on your own journey to "Heaven on Earth."In this episode, you'll learn:Why fear of rejection is an intrinsic part of the human experience and can often feel like physical danger, even when it's not.The "survival programs" we need to overcome to get past that fear and chase our dreams: wanting control, wanting approval, and wanting safety.How to prepare yourself for handling triggers of past traumas and the inevitable—yes, inevitable—experience of disapproval.Practical mental tools and dynamic meditation strategies you can do anywhere at any time to be more in control of your emotional responses.Why working toward becoming your highest, capital-S Self is not only what's best for you, but also what's best for the world.For more, check out:claudiacauterucci.commaggielangrick.comwonderwell.pressAnd
How many times have you thought about writing a book or starting a company/venture that creates positive change in the world? And how many times has your response to that impulse been something like, "It's not the right time" or "I'm not enough of an expert" or "There's no way I could possibly succeed"? In this episode of The Selfish Gift, serial social entrepreneur Madeleine Shaw explains why everyday people—not just business execs and tech workers—should feel empowered to make a social impact.With little formal business education, Madeleine says she has a "street MBA," meaning she earned her wisdom through experience rather than degrees, and she's got plenty to show for it. In her 28-year career as a social entrepreneur, Madeleine has founded and co-founded multiple for- and non-profit organizations—most notably Aisle, a groundbreaking B Corporation that was one of the first companies worldwide to champion natural menstrual health. Now, Madeleine's sharing some of her hard-earned wisdom with us. In this episode, you'll learn:How social entrepreneurship subverts the tools of capitalism to create positive social change.Why you should give yourself permission to say, "I'm an entrepreneur" or "I'm a writer"—especially if you come from a marginalized group. (If not you, who? If not now, when?)Why the traditional capitalist focus on infinite financial growth is wildly unsustainable, and how the term "radiance" offers a more multi-dimensional measure of success based on impact.Why collaboration is the new competition, and why finding the right support is the key to success. (No one does this alone!)How to push past fear to accomplish something new. (Hint: Allow yourself to be a beginner.)How writing a book can be one of the most powerful ways to honor your legacy.For more, check out:madeleineshaw.camaggielangrick.comwonderwell.pressAnd
Did you know that hiring a professional, experienced book editor can cost you upwards of $200 an hour? Well, consider this your $200 episode of The Selfish Gift! Maggie spends an hour talking with Hilary Swanson, a freelance ghostwriter and editor who runs a workshop called "How the F*ck Do I Get a Book Deal?" with bestselling author John Kim. Hilary spent the first ten years of her career acquiring and editing bestsellers at HarperCollins Publishers, and she spills all of her insider knowledge about what the Big 5 look for in a book proposal.Hilary says, "Reading can be an act of activism, so that made me really passionate about making sure my list was doing what it could do to kick down doors." That meant searching for the strongest voices she could find in modern feminism, memoir, smart/edgy humor, mental health, and modern self-help—including New York Times bestsellers by Queer Eye's Jonathan Van Ness, actor Rose McGowan, and the comedic duo behind #IMomSoHard. But what if you're not a TV darling or a hilarious podcaster with millions of followers? How do you make your message stand out from the crowd? In this episode, you'll learn:What an editor actually does. (Spoiler: It's not just sitting in a cozy chair reading manuscripts.)How big of a platform you need to catch a traditional publisher's eye—and what to do if you don't have one.How pitching your book to a publisher is like pitching to a venture capitalist.Why writing a good proposal is the key to getting a book deal—and how to write one.Counterintuitive tips for writing a truly impactful memoir.For more, check out:hilaryswanson.commaggielangrick.comwonderwell.pressAnd
What if you want to write a book, but you aren't a confident writer—or you just don't have the time to write it yourself? In this episode, Maggie talks with Dan Gerstein, CEO of Gotham Ghostwriters, about what it takes to create a successful book with the help of a ghostwriter.Dan has been writing professionally for himself and others for over 30 years, and during his early days as a political speech-writer working for the likes of Senator Joe Lieberman on Capitol Hill, he honed the skills to effectively collaborate with thought leaders—to help them inspire and educate their audiences. Now, he specializes in all types of sophisticated long-form writing, having founded a top-rated agency that matches ghostwriters with authors who need help telling and selling their stories. During this conversation, he breaks down what that process is like:Matchmaking: How running a ghostwriting agency is a lot like being a matchmaker—figuring out which projects have true potential, and which authors and writers are the right fit for each other.Collaborating: What does the author have to produce, and how does the writer translate that material into a book? What does it take to make the book a success?Pricing: The cost will likely surprise you, but don't let sticker-shock keep you from achieving your vision!Making the Leap: How to determine whether hiring a ghostwriter makes sense for you—and how to get over any shyness or fear that may be keeping you from publishing your book.For more, check out:gothamghostwriters.commaggielangrick.comwonderwell.pressAnd
When she wrote her international bestseller, This Naked Mind: Control Alcohol, Annie Grace had no idea that her notion of who she was and what she was born to do would be transformed by it. But that’s exactly what happened. When Annie self-educated her way out of a destructive heavy-drinking habit, she compiled all that she had learned about the effects of alcohol on the human body, mind, and emotions into a PDF, which she uploaded to the Internet and gave away for free (not even collecting email addresses!) Eight years later, that act of radical generosity has grown into a global community, a wildly popular podcast with over 14 million downloads, and a seven-figure business. Through a “crucifying” editing process, her PDF became a book that has now sold nearly a million copies, followed by more books, courses, and her own accredited coach-training program. Her work has transformed millions of lives, including her own.In our candid and open-hearted conversation, Annie bares all:Why she had to spend several days in bed to to recover from her editor’s feedback—and why she’s glad she took their adviceHow she worked tirelessly to get the word out about the book The moment she realized her self-published book was earning her some real moneyHer experience of being courted by traditional publishers with six-figure advancesThe attacks she faced from the recovery establishmentHow her son helped her to deal with the pressures of being recognized in publicFor more, check out:thisnakedmind.commaggielangrick.comwonderwell.pressAnd
What does it take to put your life's work out there in a big way?The Selfish Gift podcast is a series of deep, personal conversations with bestselling authors and prolific creators about how they made the leap from practitioner to public figure. We also dig out the very best advice from the professionals who help them, from editors and agents to publicists, brand strategists, and mindset coaches.Each of us has a unique gift to offer humanity. When we boldly share it with the world, we expand into the grandest version of ourselves and come fully alive.Season 1 debuts May 4, 2022
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