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Guided and hosted by Noush, this episode is an open conversation exploring Jordane's journey with business and Girl and Her Moon, about surrender and allowing, energetic hygiene and practice, and in true GAHM Podcast style, an exploration of the vast human experience.2023 Readings:2023 Tarot Reading: 2023 Astrology Reading: mentioned:- Mysteries of the Dark Moon: The Healing Power of the Dark Goddess by Demetra George- Becoming Supernatural: How Common People Are Doing The Uncommon by Joe DispenzaMeditation mentioned:Morning Meditation by Joe Dispenza: an Astrology Reading with Noush: us in the membership:
Life is our greatest teacher. Life is our initiation after initiation. And the deeper we engage with what reality presents us, the deeper we naturally move into and through great healing. Our experience, our reality, is filled with mirrors, both subtle and obvious. I don’t think we need to go looking for ways to grow, or searching for new things to heal. Rather I believe that it is in our greater and deeper engagement with reality that we are presented with our own doorways into healing. It’s in our unique dance with life that we are lovingly taken by the hand and into our inner caves to be with, to bring to love to, to have compassion for, to face, to accept, and to transform what is ours to transform.
Issa is Girl and Her Moons Astrologer and Sacred Circle Guide.During this conversation, Issa and Jordane explore the second Eclipse Season of 2022, the invitations present, bring insights into the Taurus-Scorpio Axis and practices to bring safety and nourishment to self throughout this high energy time.Eclipse Season Sale:15% off with the code ECLIPSE on all readings, membership & activations. Book below. prompts mentioned:~ What is keeping me stunted?~ What is keeping me scared from speaking my truth where it then comes out aggressive, scattered, frenetic or disoriented in some fashion?~ What is keeping me from expressing what I really desire to communicate?🦋JOIN US IN THE MEMBERSHIP: READINGS: READINGS: x
To sink into something so deeply is almost a sacred act of rebellion in this fast moving, ever consuming society that are we living amongst - and it is so rewarding. What if we slowed down enough to let all of Life into our hearts, into our beings, into our inner worlds with such profound love and impact that we can’t not be completely changed and transformed by each moment. Links:Live circle - in the membership: Yes to Soul Activation: x
Patti Higgins is an Intuitive Energy Master and Mentor. Throughout this conversation, Patti and Jordane explore expression, the chakras , working with the elements, and the divine human template.Patti guides us through interacting within difficult conversations and navigating unhealthy energy dynamics, healing across timelines, the art of non-attachment and her experience with dying not once, but twice. Connect with Patti below:WEBSITE: @trueessenceliving
Exploring the greater invitations of Mercury Retrograde with Jordane.For a deeper dive into what this transit means for you, our transits reading: blog on this specific Mercury Retrograde: this weekends live Pisces Full Moon Circle in the membership:
Let's get excited once again about our dreams. Let's expand beyond what we believe is or isn't possible for ourselves. Let's team up with our desires and let them come alive in our body. Let's remember our divine creative power. An exciting, potential filled and dreamy solo ep with Jordane. Enjoy x
Get an inside look into what a personal astrology reading is like as Georgia explores Jordane’s natal chart as a structure to explore astrology in all different directions.During this episode Georgia shares all about evolutionary astrology, the journey and purpose of the Soul, Saturn Returns, Healing with Chiron, the importance of choosing a reader that you trust and align with, the responsibility of being an astrologer if you are reading for clients and so very much more.There is so much wisdom, knowledge and depth within this episode, enjoy!For a personal astrology reading with Georgia:
Throughout this episode, Amy and Jordane explore all things Human Design in an introductory and foundational way. From energy types to collective shifts, aura types, energy centres and how astrology interacts with HD.Amy is an astrologer, human design guide, energy practitioner and business mentor. She combines her knowledge and training in human design, astrology and energy science with her 10+ years of experience working in traditional business to help business owners, creatives and CEOs remember who they are, connect with their purpose and unique gifts, and create a life that is aligned and enriching.WEBSITE: amylea.coLinks:For our bonus Lions Gate Ritual & Reading inside of the membership, join us at:
A journey with Jordane exploring energy practices, the aura, freedom, and the fertile and mysterious realms of emptiness from which all of life comes from.The invitation is to bring greater spaciousness into our days, to surrender to pockets of unknown and emptiness, and to free ourselves from our past chapters. Enjoy x
Throughout this episode, Marissa and Jordane explore what the nervous system is, ways to anchor safety and excitement into the body, creating healthy boundaries, and so much more!Marissa guides us through practices to connect with the messages of our body, trusting our intuitive guidance and way to understand what is coming from a fear-based instinct, or a heart-based intuition. This episode is packed, truly, with so much valuable insight as we explore how the Nervous system plays a role in lived spirituality. Marissa is an integrative coach, working with a holistic approach to the human experience looking at things like mindset, subconscious behaviours and patterning, nervous system healing, trauma, intuition, emotional mastery and more. Connect with her below. WEBSITE: @marissajane.integrativecoachAnnouncement: We have expanded in our team and offerings. Our beautiful evolutionary astrologer, Georgia, is now offering live and recorded astrology readings with Girl and Her Moon - and you can be one of the FIRST to explore your chart with her!Get your 15% off any Astrology Reading with the code 'PODCAST'If you like this episode please leave us a review on apple podcasts and share it on IG and tag us, and we will pick a winner in the coming weeks - and it could be you!
It’s you and I today. Exploring thoughts, opening to possibility, and connecting with ourselves in a new way."You and I are the force for transformation in the world. We are the consciousness that will define the nature of the reality we are moving into. " - Ram DassEvery step we take. Every time we say yes to ourselves and our inspiration. We are weaving together existence in a new way.
Noush is Girl and Her Moon's astrologer, intuitive, and overall magic human.Throughout this episode we explore Noush’s introduction into Girl and Her Moon, her divinely guided journey with astrology and really beautiful connection with this art.She guides us into looking our chart in a holistic way, and the best places to begin to unpack our own relationship with astrology, with self-reflection and tracking cycles and major events in our lives.We’re also holding a giveaway for a 1:1 live Astrology Reading with Noush!If you like this episode please leave us a review on apple podcasts and share it on IG and tag us, and we will pick a winner in the coming weeks - and it could be you!
Advanced Practice is basic practice mastered.  Let's return home, to the space where nothing could be more important than total awe at being alive, at being here, getting to experience Life. A solo episode with Jordane returning to foundational truths, simplicity, beauty and the power of intention. What foundational knowings are you being asked to become more familiar with, more rooted in? What basic truths wants to hold you? Enjoy x
It’s as if Girl and Her Moon is her own energetic expression, as if it exists as an energetic container in the cosmos, where I can step into it almost like a room.I can look around, witness how my body feels, witness the main messages or take aways from what this divine being has to share with me. I can become one with it for a moment.And the same is true for this podcastWelcome to Girl and Her Moon the Podcast! Episode 1 explores a sweet and welcoming introduction to Jordane, Girl and Her Moon, and this new adventure (podcast!). Enjoy! xx
A short and sweet dip into Soul, self, and connection with Jordane. Exploring intuition, inner knowing, softening into doubt and fear, and the magic and potency of our words."I ask that you see the divine creation in your words.As if everything you say is accompanied with a magic wand, or a click of your fingers into creation.I ask that you visualise a beautiful weaving of realities, creation, and possibility flowing from your tongue with each word that is expressed."Enjoy x
Natalie Olsen is a philosopher, numerologist, spiritual coach and all round magical human.Together in this episode we explore the energy of 11 through the lens of numerology.May in numerology is an 11 month, and 11 is what is called a master number and holds a beautiful intensity and magic in its essence.Together we will explore what that means, how to align with and open to its power, and how it fits into the overall energy of 2022.We also dive into connecting with intuition, seeing repeating numbers, a little about relationships, and finish with the last part of the episode very raw and quite up close and personal. It is a longer conversation, and it was such a joy to have and if you resonate with Nat's energy you can find her below!IG: @numerologychickWeb:"Basically what the 11 of May is saying is to go to the next level and feed your garden, to see what you want flourish...You have to go through this rite of passage of  listening to your inner voice, becoming best friends with yourself, and trusting your inner guidance over what you're hearing from the outside."Enjoy! xx
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