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About Cody Sperber:Cody Sperber is widely acclaimed as one of the most successful real estate investors and leading educators in the U.S. today. He started with no money to his name, sitting at his laptop in his then-girlfriend’s (now wife’s) kitchen, trying to flip properties to a small email list he managed to finagle together. After a few years of trial and error, including more than a few painful mistakes and shaping lessons in the school of hard knocks, he eventually cracked the code and has since been on a massive profit and growth track.Today Cody has flipped 1,000+ deals and counting, worth around $200M or so thus far. In the process he’s had his hands in all manner of real estate transactions including wholesale deals, short sales, multi-unit, subject to, lease options and his own proprietary investing strategy, the Reverse Short Sale.Today he’s widely known as “The Clever Investor” by his friends and colleagues, a nickname he earned for his use of highly creative strategies, innovative thinking, and an uncanny ability to generate buyer and seller leads at will.Cody lives in Phoenix, Arizona with his best friend (his wife) and their two beautiful children (Hudson and Brynlee). They are his “reason why”.About Shannon Sperber:Born in Sarnia, Ontario, Canada, and raised in Phoenix, Arizona,  Dr. Shannon Sperber is a notable personality in the medical field. The breathwork expert is a physical therapy doctor and received her degree in 2008. Throughout her career, Dr. Shannon has impacted many lives working as a home geriatric PT, a position she held before turning her focus to her family. Last year during COVID quarantine, she became Heart Math certified and a breathwork facilitator. She is now working as a Somatic Release Breathwork facilitator, where she hosts group and individual sessions.___________If you appreciate the content on the show, please leave a 5-star rating and review, and subscribe so you don't miss a single episode!
On today's episode – your hosts sit down with Jordan and Jen Harbinger.Jordan Harbinger is a Wall Street lawyer turned podcast interviewer with an approachable style and knack for securing high-profile guests. His show, The Jordan Harbinger Show was selected as part of Apple’s “Best of 2018.” The Jordan Harbinger Show is one of the most popular podcasts in the world with over 6m downloads every month. Jordan also teaches nonverbal communication and social engineering to clients like CIA, NSA, FBI, MI6, Google, Facebook and elsewhere in the public and private sectors.Jen is a former tax accountant who turned her organizational talents to become the head of operations for The Jordan Harbinger Show and brand. If you appreciate the content on the show, please leave a 5-star rating and review, and subscribe so you don't miss a single episode!
JOHN LEE DUMAS (JLD) is the founder and host of the award-winning podcast, Entrepreneurs on Fire.Past guests include Tony Robbins, Barbara Corcoran, and Gary Vaynerchuk. With over 1 million monthly listens and over 100 million total listens of his 3000+ episodes, JLD is spreading entrepreneurial FIRE on a global scale.KATE ERICKSON is the engine at Entrepreneurs On Fire and co-author of The Podcast Journal: Idea to Launch in 50 Days. Her goal: to help entrepreneurs achieve financial and lifestyle freedom.If you appreciate the content on the show, please leave a 5-star rating and review, and subscribe so you don't miss a single episode!
Partnerships can make you or break you – from the boardroom to the bedroom, having the wrong people in your life can make it a living hell.If you want to win big, you have to bet on the right people.Join your hosts, David and Patricia Carlin each week as they sit down with high-level entrepreneurs, celebrities, financial advisors, authors, experts and more to tell us the secrets to their success and the relationships that have accelerated their success.Their mission is simple: They just want to make more money by helping you make more money.If you’re not ready to radically increase your income, this is not the podcast for you.If you are, keep listening to the Betting on Us Podcast.
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