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In the ever-changing world of Energy Storage, keeping up with the technology can be difficult. Join the team at Fortress Power as we dive into topics such as Residential and Commercial Battery Storage, Lithium Battery Chemistry, Solar Storage Systems and much more. Subscribe now for weekly shows, interviews, technical training, tips and answers to your energy storage and solar power questions.
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Introduction to Lithium Batteries is a webinar that was given by our Product Manager John Cromer. In this webinar, John discusses common warranty terms to help you better understand battery value, goes into detail about multiple battery markets to stimulate creative thought of industry applications, reviews rules of thumb to develop estimating acumen, explores next steps in the preliminary design process for career development purposes, and discusses the fundamentals of the battery management system (BMS).



Fortress Power is a US-based manufacturer of Lithium Iron Phosphate Batteries for residential and commercial applications. In the ever-changing world of Energy Storage, we know that keeping up with the technology can be difficult .Our goal for this podcast is to dive deep into topics such as residential and commercial battery storage, lithium battery chemistry, solar storage systems and much more. This podcast will host weekly shows, interviews with our engineers and other industry experts, provide technical training and tips as well as help to answer your energy storage and solar industry questions. Whether you are a homeowner looking to learn more about energy storage, or you are a solar installer interested in expanding your knowledge, we hope this podcast will be a useful tool in your quest to secure your energy.
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