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In this episode of The Art and Science of Developing Athletes, Dr. Angel Mason, Director of Athletics at Berry College in Rome, Georgia, and founder and CEO of "The Show," takes us on a journey through the world of sports, equity, and the evolving landscape of college athletics.The interview begins with a deep dive into the impact of Title IX on the development of female athletes, shedding light on how it has shaped Dr. Mason's own athletic journey and become central to her work. Title IX, still providing benefits and facing its own set of challenges, is discussed in detail, highlighting how it has led to a surge in aspiring female collegiate athletes and the importance of women coaches in the industry.Dr. Mason delves into the importance of education in achieving equity and discusses the impact of taxable income on athletes, emphasizing the need for a national conversation. The evolving landscape of college athletics takes center stage as the discussion turns to athletes becoming employees, developing their own brands, and the disparities between men's and women's sports. The episode concludes by emphasizing the significance of equity in leadership and the responsibility of pioneers to pave the way for future generations. Learn more about Dr. Angel Mason via her LinkedIn page.
In this episode of the Art and Science of Developing Athletes, guest host and Chair of the UF Department of Sport Management, George Cunningham, talks with Linda Flanagan, a freelance journalist, researcher, former cross country and track coach, and author of the book "Take Back the Game." Linda shares her lifelong journey as an athlete, starting from organized sports to her present-day 20-mile weekly running routine. Drawing from her experiences as a coach, she discusses the state of youth sports and the pressure on kids to specialize early due to the monetization of the industry. Linda highlights the importance of parents reclaiming their agency in their children's sports life, suggesting the need for a 'Ministry of Sport' to regulate. She provides insights on the Positive Coaching Alliance, a nonprofit focused on reshaping coaches' approach to working with kids. Linda emphasizes that despite the concerns around youth sports, its potential in making a difference in kids lives asserts the need to rectify these issues.Flanagan holds a degree in International Relations from Lehigh University, a Master of Studies in Modern History from the University of Oxford, and a Master of Arts in Law and Diplomacy from Tufts University. Now, Flanagan is an author and freelance journalist, with published work in credible news outlets such as The Atlantic, the Wall Street Journal, and Newsweek. More about Linda Flanagan can be found on her LinkedIn page.
Dr. Israel Teoldo Da Costa, a Brazilian research scientist that focuses primarily on soccer and the development of its athletes, meets with Dr. Michael Sagas at the University of Florida. Sagas and Da Costa focus on Da Costa’s background, his Federal University in Brazil, the opportunities that the University provides for students, as well as different softwares that have been implemented across the world to improve tactical decision making in soccer. Da Costa is an expert in his field and has provided coaches and industry workers with books, websites, and softwares to help improve the skill level and development of soccer players from youth leagues to professional clubs. Dr. Da Costa provided his websites in the podcast and the links can be found below.
Dr. Sagas sits down with Bahati VanPelt, an Athlete Development expert, to discuss meaningful insights of an Athlete Development Specialist. VanPelt highlights different experiences, necessary skills, and expert advice for aspiring specialists. This episode was produced by the Wasdin Speaker Series.
Dr. Michael Sagas sits down with Dr. Keith Harrison to discuss topics such as Harrison’s “Scholar Baller” work and the impact of DEI on the practitioner world, including coaches, psychologists, counselors, etc. Dr. Harrison also provides advice to improve competencies within the DEI space, the current and future state of DEI in Collegiate and Professional programs, and the issues around mental health within youth athletes. Dr. Keith Harrison's biography can be found here.
Dr. Michael Sagas and Tony Davis meet to discuss Davis’ role at MAI Capital Management. Davis, a Certified Financial Planner, highlights the importance of financial literacy and awareness for professional athletes and their families. More about Tony Davis can be found here.
Dr. Michael Sagas is joined by Kevin Carr, founder and CEO of Pro2CEO. They discuss the progression of financial possibilities surrounding the profitability of Name, Image, and Likeness in non-professional sports as well as the shift in sports medicine after COVID-19. You can read Kevin Carr's biography here.
Trailer for the segment of Athlete Plus called "The Art and Science of Developing Athletes." Tune in to listen to Dr. Michael Sagas discuss relevant research and experiences within the sports field with professionals from various sport backgrounds.
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