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The Enterprise Mobility Roundup

Author: BlueFletch

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The Enterprise Mobility Roundup takes a look at mobility in the enterprise, focusing on workforce devices, business applications and the technology behind them.
39 Episodes
What's the best way to manage your enterprise's rugged Zebra devices effectively? Join Brett Cooper, Mark Banks, and Patrick McGlynn as they unpack the most comprehensive Mobile Device Management (MDM) options for 2024. From mastering application deployment to ensuring robust security controls and real-time inventory tracking, this episode promises to arm you with the knowledge to make informed decisions about your enterprise's mobile devices. Discover why enterprises are increasingly choosin...
Ready to unlock the secrets of seamless mobile device management with Microsoft Intune? This episode of the Enterprise Mobility Roundup features Brian Grant, solution architect at Atea, and Patrick McGlynn, BlueFletch lead system engineer, sharing invaluable lessons from their hands-on experience with Intune deployments. We explore why organizations are increasingly gravitating towards Intune, highlighting its cost benefits and advanced features that provide a unified endpoint management appr...
When it comes to innovation and technology, the retail industry seems to always lead the pack. This Bluefletch podcast discusses what about retail is unique and the reasons why they are on the leading edge.
StayLinked CTO, Justin Griffith joins Brett Cooper to discuss 10 cutting edge technologies and trends in the enterprise, and how it applies to the enterprise worker in warehouses, retail, logistics or other frontline workforce situations.
MODEX 2024 is the premier international material handling, logistics and supply chain show and conference. Held this March in Atlanta, solution providers demonstrated their equipment, systems and services to 40,000 manufacturing and supply chain professionals from around the globe, seeking productivity solutions for their operations. BlueFletch recaps what was interesting, new, and cutting-edge at this year's conference
Alan Lampa joins Brett Cooper of BlueFletch for a discussion into the journey of authentication technologies from their inception to the cutting-edge systems of today. Learn about:Advancements in AuthenticationExplore the advancements in authentication methods, including the shift from traditional password-based systems to the convenience and security of Single Sign-On (SSO)Modern Authentication StrategiesWhat are the technical underpinnings of modern authentication strategiesSingle Sign-on f...
Brett Cooper and Lee DeHihns explore the findings in the recent report, “Boosting Productivity of Frontline Workers with Modern Mobility”. This report was conducted by VDC Research, surveying enterprises using mobile computing devices such as rugged Android devices for their frontline workforce.Findings discussed:Shared workforce device model for frontline workersDevice and app landscape and how it affects productivity Workforce device accountability (checkout, device tracking)&nbs...
This podcast provides valuable insights into the current trends and future directions of enterprise mobility, particularly in how technology is being used to empower frontline workers and improve operational efficiency.Key points discussed include:Evolution of Mobile Devices: The transition from basic, rugged devices to sophisticated Android-powered tools, and how this has enhanced productivity and efficiency in various industries.Application Stack for Frontline Workers: The importance of col...
BlueFletch explores the pros and cons of iOS devices and Android devices in the enterprise environment, and discusses insights and actionable strategies in deciding which workforce device platform is right for your enterprise.Different device hardware platformsCustomization in Android vs iOSConsistent Custom User experienceAvailability of accessories
Clint Larson from Liberty Systems joins BlueFletch to discuss RFID technologies and their use in the supply chain, including manufacturing and distribution.
Jim Sermonet, Zebra Retail Solutions joins BlueFletch in discussing challenges retailers are facing in terms of retail engagement, inventory, and compliance, and how technology can help today's modern store in both retail environments and warehouses.
Matt Dermody of Manhattan Associates joins BlueFletch in a discussion on mobile device management systems and the way devices are managed today. Matt discusses how Google has approached the management of Android devices, how device ownership and control is affecting management, and other MDM/EMM advances.
Special guest Brian Gore from Ivanti Wavelink joins Brett Cooper to discuss technology in the modern warehouse; everything from telnet and green screens to modern IoT trends affecting IT in the warehouse.
In this episode, BlueFletch will explore the perennial debate of ‘Buy vs Build’ when it comes to enterprise mobile software, looking at 5 important considerations to help make your decision. CustomizationDoes your business require bespoke software or could pre-built solutions be the right fit?Time-to-MarketWeigh the potential delays of building software from scratch against the quick implementation of ready-made solutions. Support and MaintenanceAssess the benefits of vendor assistance versus...
In this episode, Brett and Richard talk about the effects AI is having on personalizing content and six things to be cognizant of when trying to customize and personalize enterprise apps for the workforce.
Ivanti executive Greg Henry joins the BlueFletch podcast to discuss the supply chain, warehouse, and technology for an efficient warehouse workforce.
Our industry experts discuss and share practical tips for reducing workforce device loss, helping you unlock cost savings, enhance data security, track devices, and improve employee accountability, including: The significance of reducing workforce device loss and its impact on your bottom line.Proven strategies for implementing strict device check-in/check-out policies and centralized tracking systems.The importance of providing accountability programs for employees, ensuring they’re equ...
BlueFletch will discuss the best practices around security analytics and monitoring when comes to Android devices in the enterprise, in particular large device fleet deployments. You’ll learn:What tools can be used for analytics collections and reportingWhat areas to look for in analytics, such asUsage Anomalies in DevicesConfiguration AnomaliesNetwork AnomaliesHow to start monitoring and interpreting findings
Zebra Technologies' Andre Luecht, Vertical Strategy Lead for Supply Chain joins BlueFletch to discuss trends and happenings in technology for supply chain, warehousing and transportation/logistics. From robotics, to AI and vision, RFID and the workforce, Andre gives a detailed overview of what he sees driving the industry.
Justin Beals, CEO of security firm Strike Graph joins Brett Cooper to discuss the state of security today, the compliance requirements or certifications needed with ubiquitous data sharing, and how evolving technology and innovations affects standards.