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#4 Gaby Dabrowski

#4 Gaby Dabrowski


In this episode of Larger Than Ourselves, Marcus speaks with Gaby Dabrowski about:Mixed doubles at the US OpenTennis origin storyPressure from success at an early age - Les Petits AsThe weight of potentialRelationship with family/supportRegretsWho taught Gab to be charitableThe differences between charities - charity selectionDeeper meaning in a careerWTA player councilHow Gab wants to be rememberedMost important issue in the worldThe importance of being quietWhat would the world be like if everyone meditated 10mins each day?Victor Frankl - Man’s Search for Meaning
#3 Kate Strong

#3 Kate Strong


Kate is a triple world record holder on the static bike, holding distance records over 1 hour, 12 hours, and 24 hours. She is also the first woman to create a 24 hour record on the static bike. Kate is also an Age-Group Long-Distance Triathlon World Champion, and has an incredible story of how she got to the top of the podium, going from zero training to world champion in 14 months. She is now training for Challenge 3000 - cycling 3000 miles around the coastline of the UK’s main island to raise awareness for global health.In this episode, Kate and Dylan discuss: • How Kate came to be an athlete• How to go from zero training to Triathlon World Champion in 14 months• The story of three world records• How sport can transcend entertainment• Challenge 3000 - 3000 miles on a bike made out of bamboo!• Being taught not to be charitable and fighting against it• How Kate thinks about charity• Which cause areas resonate most• Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs - origin story• How Kate wants to be remembered• Most important issue in the world - In 50 years• Quick-Fire 
#2 Hugo Inglis

#2 Hugo Inglis


Hugo is a triple Olympian and a veteran of the New Zealand Black Sticks hockey team. He has been considered one of the best hockey players in the world, and vice-captained the NZ team at the Tokyo Olympics. Hugo is one of HIA’s earliest pledgers, and after receiving his MBA with distinction from the Heriot-Watt Edinburgh Business School he worked in business development with Lever Room and banking with ANZ, New Zealand’s largest bank. He also has experience with startups, founding a sustainability based company called Borrowed Goods.LinkedInIn this episode, Hugo and Dylan discuss: • Hockey origin story• What Hugo attributes his success in sport to• What has sport brought into his life• Fondest sporting memory: Rio 2016 and finding perspective• Worst sporting memory and how to construct meaning from experiences• Charitable journey - Maslow's hierarchy• How HIA changed his approach to giving - addressing scepticism with research research• Finance background helps to understand effective giving. The idea of ROI - thinking about• How to optimise training/investments and transferring that framework to charity• How donating and pledging adds meaning to your career - win or lose, you make a difference• Most important issue in the world• What we can do to combat overstimulation, and the importance of quiet• The hedonic treadmill• How one person can create change in the world • How do you consider future generations?• Quick-Fire 
In our very first episode, Host Dylan Moscovitch and High Impact Athletes Founder Marcus Daniell discuss the organization's backstory and mission, Marcus' work to connect athletes with effective, evidence-based charities, and just how important it is to harness the power of the collective athlete voice to educate the world about the outsized benefits of giving effectively. Join us on our journey as we explore the ways that athletes and leaders are doing the maximum good possible and helping to build a future that is... Larger Than Ourselves!Marcus is a tennis player from New Zealand with 5 ATP titles, quarterfinal appearances at both Wimbledon and the Australian Open (twice), and numerous caps for the NZ Davis Cup Team.On January 4th, 2021, Marcus took the Giving What We Can pledge to donate at least 10% of his annual winnings to effective organizations for the rest of his life.Alongside his tennis career, Marcus has completed a B.A. from Massey University in Psychology and Spanish and has been awarded the Arthur Ashe Humanitarian Award for his work with HIA, joining recipients such as Nelson Mandela and Roger Federer. LinkedIn | Twitter | FacebookIn this episode, Marcus and Dylan discuss: • What is High Impact Athletes?• What is effective giving?• Givewell and charity research• How much good can an individual do? - Against Malaria Foundation• HIA origin story• How donating has impacted his life• Optimising sport and charity• The pledge and what it meant for Marcus’s tennis career & the meaning it added• The amount of good someone on a median salary in a high-income country can do• The long-term vision for how athletes can create positive change in the world• Athlete influence over time and the connection with fans• Most important issue in the world• How much do you think about the long term future?• Quick-Fire• Peter Singer• How do you want to be remembered? 
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