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For nearly three decades, Michele Tafoya reported the action from the sidelines. She covered the NBA, NFL, Olympics, and the college football and basketball national championships. And now, during these insane times in our world, she thinks we need a serious dose … of sanity. This is the Michele Tafoya Podcast, with your host — one of the sanest people on planet earth — Michele Tafoya.
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Online censorship in America.  If you don’t think it’s happening, you’ll want to hear from Mike Benz, Executive Director of Foundation for Freedom Online. See for privacy information.
Michele discusses three of the day's top stories: Hunter Biden's attempt to control the narrative; Ireland's frightening attack on free speech; and Deadspin's demise may come at the hands of a five-year-old. See for privacy information.
In this encore presentation, David Horowitz and Liz Wheeler candidly expound on how we arrived at this national juncture, who is to blame for our precipitous slide into Marxian pseudo-science, and what is at stake for our children's and nation's future.  See for privacy information.
How does anyone recover from child abuse?  We hear Les Norman’s story of going from a miserable childhood to Major League Wheel of Fortune… and to a life of peace. See for privacy information.
Hookers For Jesus

Hookers For Jesus


Hookers for Jesus founder, Annie Lobert, is a Survivor. Annie experienced more than a decade of sex trafficking in Hawaii, Minneapolis and Las Vegas. She has been working with survivors of trafficking for more than 20 years and shares her story with Michele.    See for privacy information.
Do you really know the details surrounding the story of George Floyd?  Are you open to looking at all the evidence?  In her new film, “The Fall of Minneapolis,” Liz Collin reconstructs that fateful day with the use of police body-cam video and interviews that may change your mind.  If you’ll open your mind.See for privacy information.
Courage is a Habit

Courage is a Habit


School counselors and social workers have operated with impunity because parents still believe them to be "guidance counselors" of the past. They are now the biggest purveyors of the Transgender Cult and critical race theory. Alvin Lui of Courage is a Habit exposes them using their own training materials.See for privacy information.
Yinam Cohen can’t tell us everything that’s going on behind the scenes to release hostages, dismantle Hamas, and protect Israel.  But he has A LOT to say about pro-Palestinian protesters, Joe Biden, and the Abraham Accords.See for privacy information.
The world is in turmoil, and yet the Biden Administration continues to trust China and Iran.  Oh, and Representative Rashida Tlaib is reportedly hiding out in a secret Facebook group.See for privacy information.
Union boss Randi Weingarten, who heads the American Federation of Teachers, is one of the most partisan, radical, politically driven people in public life.  She failed kids during the pandemic, she doesn’t have her facts straight on which branch of government controls the money, and she even misrepresented the American Revolution.  She claims to “love” our kids.  Her results say otherwise.See for privacy information.
A young Penn student called out his university nearly three years ago for accepting “92 gifts or contracts totaling $62,204,380” from authoritarian regimes.  Yet the motto of UPENN is, “Laws without morals are useless.”  Apparently, their motto does not apply to these donors.  And now, the University is the center of some of the most anti-Semitic student activity in America.See for privacy information.
James Lindsay is hopeful that the West is coming around, and that we are finally seeing the deception — the Maoism — in today’s DEI movements.  This is one you’ll want to hear twice.  Take notes, because the books he recommends are important.See for privacy information.
War, inflation, and a border crisis are taking their toll on Joe Biden’s re-election hopes.  And no matter how much people hate Donald Trump, he seems to be picking up momentum… even as he faces courtroom after courtroom.  What is going on here?!?See for privacy information.
What is Hamas?

What is Hamas?


How did Hamas come into power?  Who finances them?  How do they treat the Palestinian people they are supposed to protect?  Here’s a quick primer.See for privacy information.
Author and free speech advocate, Greg Lukianoff, discusses cancel culture, the fate of free speech on campus, the Israel/Hamas conflict and his new book, "The Canceling of the American Mind". Check out and support the right to individual expression. See for privacy information.
Immigration has been a disaster under the Joe Biden Administration, and it’s coming home to roost.  The Southern Border, terrorism, Tik Tok, and China are all related.  Michele explains her view.See for privacy information.
He was fired by the jelly-spined Seattle Times after a few readers didn’t like his social posts. Independent journalist and former university lecturer, David Josef Volodzko, is now the man behind 'The Radicalist', a Substack newsletter about communism, fascism and radical movements. Hear his very personal connection to the recent attacks on Israel, and why he is “proud to be American."See for privacy information.
Kansas City Chiefs Hall of Famer, poet, former Presidential Aide to three presidents… Nick Lowery and Michele talk about the current President, and who is fit to become the next POTUS.See for privacy information.
Did you know Nick Lowery was in the Kansas City Chiefs Hall of Fame?  Did you further know he is a poet, Dartmouth and Harvard grad, Five-Time NFL Man of the Year, poet, and 3-time Presidential aide?  He joins Michele to discuss everything from Israel to the Southern Border in Part One of this fascinating interview.See for privacy information.
“Teddy and Booker T.  How Two American Icons Blazed a Path for Racial Equality.”  Author and Fox News Anchor Brian Kilmeade joins Michele.See for privacy information.
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