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As an early career scholar, getting involved in peer reviewing can seem like one of the more challenging parts of getting involved in the field. What kind of work should you begin reviewing? What are best practices for writing peer reviews? How and where can you even get involved? In this episode of the Growing Up Comm. Podcast series, Dr. Dan Andrews asks Dr. Nick Bowman, editor-in-chief of the Journal of Media Psychology, all the burning questions on the minds of early career scholars and soon-to-be reviewers. Drawing from his own experience as a scholar and editor, Dr. Bowman shares insider tips and advice on how early career scholars can best navigate the field of peer reviews.Click here for the episode transcript FeaturingDan Andrew Nick Bowman  More from our guests:  Dan AndrewLecturer | School of the Arts and Media University of New South Wales Member | SECACNick BowmanAssociate Professor | Newhouse School of Public CommunicationsSyracuse University Editor-in-Chief | Journal of Media Psychology Works Referenced in Episode:Journal of Communication Copy and Audio Editors:  Jabari Clemons Kate In Sharlene Burgos Executive Producer:DeVante Brown
Are you just beginning your graduate studies and feeling a bit overwhelmed or out of place? Or maybe you’re well into your studies and still can’t shake the feeling that your academic journey is not going as smoothly as everyone else's? Well, you’re not alone! In the episode of Growing Up Comm. PhD candidate Anaëlle Gonzalez joins Lara Schreurs to discuss just how common imposter syndrome can be, the importance of prioritizing one’s mental health and social life throughout grad school as well as some tips for building a substantial support system and changing one’s mindset to help create a more positive and fulfilling graduate experience.  Click here for the episode transcript FeaturingLara Schreurs Anaëlle Gonzalez  Sponsor:The International Communication AssociationMore from our guests: Lara SchreursPostdoctoral Researcher | School for Mass Communication Research KU LeuvenAnaëlle Gonzalez PhD Candidate | School for Mass Communication Research KU LeuvenCopy and Audio Editors:  Kate In Sharlene BurgosExecutive Producer:DeVante Brown
As an early career scholar, it can feel like you have to work all the time to get ahead – or just to stay on top of things. But as guests Andrew Gambino and Drew Cingel explain in this episode of Growing Up Comm, balance is important.Click here for the episode transcriptFeaturing:Arienne FerchaudAndrew GambinoDrew CingelSponsor:The International Communication AssociationMore from our host and guests:Arienne FerchaudAssistant Professor | School of Communication Florida State University Twitter: @ferchauda @FSU_COMAndrew GambinoAssistant Professor | Department of Communication Studies Hong Kong Baptist University Twitter: @Avant_GDrew CingelAssociate Professor | Department of Communication University of California, DavisMass Media Lab Email: dcingel@ucdavis.eduCopy and Audio Editor:Lacie YaoChristian Elliott Jo LampertExecutive Producer:DeVante Brown
What does a more diverse, inclusive, and truly international community of communication scholars look like? How do we get there? How might emergent technologies revolutionize the field of communication? Dr. Arienne Ferchaud is joined by Dr. Srividya Ramasubramanian and Dr. Mary Beth Oliver as they try to answer big questions about the field’s future and discuss how communication scholars can collaborate with other disciplines as the field diversifies, modernizes, and grows more inclusive.  Click here for the episode transcriptFeaturingArienne FerchaudSrividya RamasubramanianMary Beth OliverSponsor:The International Communication AssociationMore from our host and guests:Arienne FerchaudAssistant Professor | College of Communication & Information Florida State University Twitter: @ferchauda @FSU_COMSrividya RamasubramanianNewhouse Professor | Newhouse School of Public Communications Syracuse University Editor-in-Chief | Communication MonographsFounding Director | Difficult Dialogues & CODE^SHIFT Co-Founder & Executive Director | Media Rise Twitter: @DrSriviMary Beth OliverDonald P. Bellisario Professor of Media Studies | Department of Film/Video & Media Studies Penn State University Research Fellow | The International Communication Association Twitter: @olivermb @PSUCOMMGradEdWorks Referenced in Episode: Ramasubramanian, S., & Banjo, O. O. (2020). Critical media effects framework: Bridging critical cultural communication and media effects through power, intersectionality, context, and agency. Journal of Communication, 70(3), 379-400.Scharrer, E., & Ramasubramanian, S. (2021). Quantitative research methods in communication: The power of numbers for social justice. Routledge.Copy and Audio Editor: Sharlene BurgosExecutive Producer:DeVante Brown
How do you get the media to talk to you about your work? And how should you talk to journalists? What’s the best way to get your work to a wider audience? Host Christine Cook asks Rabindra Ratan those questions in more in this episode of Growing Up Comm. Click here for the episode transcriptFeaturing:Christine CookRabindra (Robby) RatanSponsor:The International Communication AssociationMore from our host and guests:Christine CookPostdoctoral Researcher | Department of AdvertisingNational Chengchi University (NCCU) Twitter: @ChristineLCookL @nccu1927Rabindra RatanAssociate Professor | Department of Media and InformationMichigan State University Twitter: @raratan @spartiecastWorks referenced in episode:Michael J. Lee, C. of C. (2023). The Conversation. Copy and Audio Editors:Christian ElliotLacie YaoExecutive Producer:DeVante Brown
In this episode, Dr. Nancy Dai converses with Dr. Christine Cook about their different, yet similar paths through academia whilst in different areas of the world. Nancy and Christine also provide insight to young scholars looking to enter the world of Comm studies and academia on a global scale. After comparing their early career experiences, the conversation shifts to attending ICA’s global conference in Paris 2022. Both list their hopes and dreams on what the conference will entail either in-person or through a remote experience.  Click here for the episode transcript  FeaturingChristine CookNancy Dai Sponsor:International Communication AssociationMore from the host & speakers:  Christine CookPost Doctoral Researcher, National Chengchi University, Taipei, TaiwanPost Doctoral Researcher, New Jersey Institute of Technology Social Interactions LabPh.D. Tilburg University, the Netherlands Nancy Dai Assistant Professor, City University of Hong Kong Department of Communication and Centre for Communication Research Ph.D. Michigan State University, USACopy and Audio Editors:Jo LampertBennett PackExecutive Producer:DeVante Brown
In this episode of Growing Up Comm, Lara Schreurs interviews Mesfin Bekalu, a noted researcher in health communication working as a research scientist in the Lee Kum Sheung Center for Health and Happiness, Department of Social and Behavioral Sciences, Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health. Lara and Mesfin discuss tips for networking as early career scholars. Dr. Bekalu shares his own journey, building a career internationally and interculturally, sharing tips for what to do before, during, and after attending conferences to maintain strong professional connections.  Click here for the episode transcript FeaturingLara SchreursMesfin Bekalu Sponsor:International Communication AssociationMore from the host & speakers:  Host Lara SchreursPostdoctoral Researcher | Leuven School for Mass Communication ResearchKU LeuvenTwitter: @lara_schreurs Guest Mesfin BekaluResearch Scientist | Department of Social and Behavioral SciencesHarvard T.H. Chan School of Public HealthTwitter: @mesfinabtCopy and Audio EditorsKate InExecutive Producer:DeVante Brown
In this episode of Growing Up Comm, Cecilia Zhou interviews Lisa Hurwitz, Director of Impact Research at Newsela. Lisa details her journey from working in the industry to receiving her PhD in Media, Technology, and Society at Northwestern University, and how her academic research experience informed her return to industry post-PhD. She offers useful advice to communication students and scholars interested in exploring industry rather than academic career paths. Click here for the episode transcript FeaturingCecilia Yuxi ZhouLisa Hurwitz Sponsor:The International Communication AssociationMore from the host & speakers: Cecilia Yuxi ZhouPhD Candidate | Department of CommunicationUniversity of Massachusetts Amherst Lisa Hurwitz Director of Impact Research | Newsela Copy and Audio Editor:Kate InExecutive Producer:DeVante Brown
Are you an early career scholar that’s feeling a bit anxious about embarking on your job hunt? Conferences and CVs are one way to get started but are there other ways to prepare for the job market? In this episode of Growing Up Comm., Regina Ahn and Yvette Wohn share advice on how to find the right job. Click here for the episode transcript. Featuring Cecilia Zhou Regina Ahn Yvette Wohn Sponsor:International Communication AssociationMore from our guests: Regina Ahn Assistant Professor | Department of Strategic Communication University of Miami Yvette WohnAssociate Professor | Department of Informatics New Jersey Institute of Technology Twitter: @arcticpenguin Works referenced in episode: Is In, T. P. (2023). The Professor Is In.Copy and Audio Editors:Christian ElliotSharlene BurgosExecutive Producer:DeVante Brown
The International Communication Association presents the ICA Podcast Network, where we’re grappling with questions about how to navigate, transform, and make sense of a changing world. Our podcasts will bring together scholars and practitioners from around the world to showcase the most exciting and important work in our field and amplify researchers, educators, and advocates who are underrepresented in our field.  We're so excited to introduce One World, One Network‽, Interventions from the Global South, Architects of Communication Scholarship, Digital Alchemy, Feminist Networks and the Conjuncture, Ask Us Anything, Growing Up Comm, JCMC: The Discussion Section, and Communicating for Impact. Visit our website to learn more and listen to each podcast. 
In this episode of Growing Up Comm, Sarah Pila-Leiderman interviews Jennifer Le (Senior Manager of Conference Services & Office Manager), Laura Sawyer (Executive Director of ICA), and Noshir Contractor (ICA President-Elect) as the communication world prepares for the the first every hybrid International Communication Association Conference anchored in Paris, France with 11 Regional Hubs around the world. Sarah Pila and company spend some time highlighting the upcoming event, and the best approach to experiencing the conference both in person and virtually. The panel also discusses how to engage the crowds, overcome social anxieties, and multiple opportunities to “recharge” one’s battery. Click here for the episode transcript FeaturingSarah Pila-LeidermanJennifer LeLaura SawyerNoshir Contractor Sponsor:International Communication AssociationMore from the host & speakers:  Sarah Pila-LeidermanResearch Assistant Professor of Medical Social Sciences | Northwestern University Feinberg School of MedicineTwitter - @SarahCPila Jennifer Le Senior Manager of Conference Services & Office Manager |  International Communication AssociationTwitter - @jenuinleEmail - Laura SawyerExecutive Director | International Communication AssociationICA Twitter - @icahdq Twitter - @LSawyerEDEmail - lsawyer@icahdq.orgNoshir ContractorPresident-Elect | International Communication Association PJane S. & William J. White Professor of Behavioral Sciences | Behavioral Sciences at Northwestern UniversityTwitter - @noshirLinkedin - Email: nosh@northwestern.eduLinks to pages reference in the episode:Accessibility pageCurated map of restaurants, pharmacies, print shops around the conference venueConference questions - conference@icahdq.orgCode of Ethics issues on-site - jarnold@icahdq.orgSECAC Twitter: @ICASECAC ICA Student and Early Career Scholars Community Facebook Group Page
In this episode, host Sarah Pila-Leiderman guides a panel of guest speakers through the implications of social media for early career scholars.Click here for the episode transcriptFeaturing:Sara GradyReyhaneh MaktoufiAnne Oeldorf-HirschSponsor:International Communication AssociationMore from our host and guests:Sara GradySara Grady is a media psychologist and her research explores narrative experience on psychological and biological levels. What makes movies feel real? Why do we care about fictional characters and events enough to revisit them time and again, or talk about them with friends? In other words, what motivates narrative entertainment processing, how is it so intrinsically rewarding, and how does a story experience unfold over time? She uses a variety of quantitative approaches to assess the emotional and cognitive processes underlying entertainment’s functional value for users, especially as a coping mechanism when we’re under stress. @smgrady @CommDeptMSU Reyhaneh MaktoufiReyhaneh (Rey) Maktoufi, PhD, is a DC-based, Iranian researcher and science communicator. She is the co-producer, host and illustrator of PBS/NOVA's digital series Sciencing Out, a mini-series on women in history who have used different strategies to communicate their science. Rey successfully defended her Ph.D. in Media, Technology, and Society at Northwestern University. She is a Rita Allen Foundation Civic Science Fellow in Misinformation at GBH|NOVA. As a researcher, media strategist/consultant, and producer, her main fields of interest are science communication, misinformation, curiosity, public engagement with scientists, and science communication in media. She was a visiting researcher at the Adler Planetarium, where she studied science communication and facilitated workshops on communication skills and she's also a producer at The Story Collider podcast. Before starting a Ph.D., Rey has been working as a health communication facilitator and cancer preventive/palliative care campaign manager in Tehran, Iran. Rey currently enjoys working with different nonprofits such as the Communicating Science Conference (ComSciCon). She also engages in science outreach through writing blog-posts and making science comics and has been interviewed on outlets such as the Smithsonian Magazine and the SETI Institute's podcast Big Picture Science.@TheCosmicReyAnne Oeldorf-HirschAnne Oeldorf-Hirsch is an Associate Professor in the Department of Communication at University of Connecticut, where she is part of the Human-Computer Interaction Lab. I'm also a faculty affiliate of the Institute for Collaboration on Health, Intervention, and Policy (inCHIP), the Connecticut Institute for Brain and Cognitive Science (IBACS), and the Sustainable Global Cities Initiative (SGCI).Her research focuses on information sharing as communication on social media. Specifically, she investigate the effects of using social media to engage with news content, share health activities, disclose personal information, ask questions, seek social support, and how scientists can use these platforms to engage with the public. @anneohirsch Links to pages reference in the episode:SECAC Twitter: @ICASECACICA Student and Early Career Scholars Community Facebook Group Page



This new podcast series from the International Communication Association Podcast Network will cover topics relevant for students and early career scholars: finding work-life balance, leveraging social media for personal branding, navigating the global job market, dealing with insecurity and rejection, and getting the most from ICA conferences. Guests have navigated these issues and more and will entertain and inform you with fun anecdotes and lessons learned along the way.  Click here for the episode transcript FeaturingSarah Pila-LeidermanSponsor:The International Communication AssociationMore from the host & speakers:  Sarah Pila-LeidermanResearch Assistant Professor of Medical Social Sciences | Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine@SarahCPilaStudent & Early Career Community at ICALinks to pages reference in the episode:SECAC Twitter: @ICASECACICA Student and Early Career Scholars Community Facebook Group Page
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