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Matthew Strotton of Real Asset Management discusses;Targeting the healthcare and essential services retail sectorsInvesting here in contrast to other asset classesInvestment opportunities & considerations Approaching investment in the sectorModerated by David McDonald, CFA of IMAP
Dan Miles of Innova Asset Management and Nat Webb of Dobbrick Financial Services discuss;Recent market volatility and outlook Approaches to risk managementWhat works for clients and the value of educationBenefits of managed accounts and using external investment experts Moderated by David McDonald, CFA of IMAP
Angela Ashton of Evergreen Consultants and Diana Mousina of AMP discussGlobal and local inflation outlookEconomic growth: Are we in for a recession, stagflation or neitherThe impact of growth and inflation on real assetsWhat is worst outcome for real assets?Which real asset sub classes offer inflation protection and how?Liquidity issues and access to real assets for managed accountsThe impact of covid and work from home on office property
Isaac Poole of Oreana Portfolio Advisory & Monik Kotecha of Insync discuss the following pointsDemographic and generational trends in China and AsiaImplications for portfolio constructionChanges in Asia over past decade and whether geographic allocation is still validHow to achieve exposure - directly or indirectlySector specific issuesImplications of Asian trends for global growth 
Lukasz de Pourbaix of Lonsec Investment Solutions & Hamish Fitzsimons of Alliance Bernstein discuss the following pointsHow are you changing portfolios in response to rising inflation and interest rates?Now that bond yields are over 3% are you reconsidering adding to fixed income in portfolios?What other asset classes do you like in this environment?Is it too late to sell long duration assets now or switch out of high growth managers?How do you see rising inflation impacting equity markets? What parts of the equity market do you prefer in an environment of rising rates and high inflation?What sectors do you see as potential offering inflation protection?
Simon Steele of Fiera Capital and Darren Beasley of Evidentia discuss the following pointsThe impact of higher interest rates and inflation when selecting managersThe concept of style adjusted alphaWe've seen a switch from growth equities to value. Is this likely to be a short-lived phenomenon or could higher bond rates dampen the performance of high growth stocks?The search for protection against inflation in the current environmentUkraine and Russia and any impact on growth Predicting long-term profitability and success of individual companiesRegional preferences within global equities and the importance of geographical exposure. The importance of valuation and short-term performance?
In this podcast Chris Ogilvie of Investblue and Paul Eitelman of Russell Investments will be discussing: What are investors asking their adviser about?What is the source of inflation – supply driven or labor market – which will prove significant in the long run?How quickly will the Fed raise rates and what are they watching most closely?How are investors reacting to rising interest rates?How might market respond in 2022 to the current economic conditions?What is the role of real assets in the portfolio?What role do real asset play for Australian investors?What are the implications of the Ukrainian conflict for investment markets?Has the spike in energy prices accelerated the potential to include alternative energy sources in portfolios?Moderated by David McDonald,CFA IMAP Investment Specialist
In this podcast John McIlroy of Crystal Wealth and Nicholas Ali of SuperConcepts will be discussing: Who is starting SMSFs and what are their motivations?Who is making the investment decisions once the SMSF is established?Relation of the SMSF strategy to the mandate for the managed account portfoliosIncorporation of other assets into the way the portfolio is managedRole of ESG in SMSF portfolios Advantages of using managed accounts for SMSFsWhat are main assets in SMSF and what is missing?Moderated by David McDonald, IMAP Investment Specialist
In this podcast Tim Murphy of Morningstar and Stephen Furness of MGD Wealth will be discussing: The events of 2021:Which asset classes/sectors did well and which ones didn't perform?The reversal in the value vs growth story and performance of the tech sectorWhat happened in fixed income given inflation fears and expectations of rate rises?For January 2022:How did markets perform?What have been the main drivers for this performance?What concerns and questions did your clients have?Is the "correction" over or we can expect continued volatility?For 2022:What you are recommending for portfolio positioning?What are your expectations for interest rates and inflation? What are major questions and concerns that clients might have? Moderated by David McDonald, IMAP Investment Specialist
Nick Kirrage, Co-head Schroders value team & Jonathan Ramsay,  Director InvestSense discuss;- What value investing means to them- To what extent they use Growth and Value as inputs to their thinking about the amount invested in global equity markets- Whether they  have a target period to hold any particular investment- Their view on inflation and- Their view on the likely direction of rates in major marketsModerated by Toby Potter, IMAP
In this podcast Angela Ashton of Evergreen Consultants and Rebecca Myatt of First Sentier Investors will be discussing: How ESG is integrated into the Responsible Listed Infrastructure fund The different approaches to ESG across managers and how they have changed over the yearsWhy the UN Sustainable Development Goals are a natural "benchmark"Whether there has been an uptick in clients wanting ESG solutions Is net zero is achievable in listed infrastructure? What would that mean to portfolios and portfolio construction?  Moderated by Toby Potter, IMAP Chair 
In this podcast Mathew Kaleel of Janus Henderson and Isaac Poole of Oreana Portfolio Advisory Services will be discussing: Alternative strategies and how Managed Account portfolio managers think about themThe role of Alternatives in portfolios and the level of exposure appropriate in portfoliosWhether Alternative strategies be thought of as part of the way of managing volatility or as a return generatorTheir short and medium term outlook for investment markets and how that colours their view of the use of Alternatives Moderated by Toby Potter, IMAP Chair 
Points that will be discussed in this podcast are: ·         What are the key challenges in serving the NFP market?·         What are the differences between NFP and taking on an individual client?·         ESG or ethical considerations are obviously more likely to be significant. How do these tend to manifest in their requirements?·         What pointers do you have for advice practices that would like to develop a NFP component to their business?
IMAP in conjunction with BetaShares and Lonsec present the first Podcast in the Independent Thought series . In this Podcast Lukasz de Pourbaix (Lonsec) and Peter Harper (BetaShares) discuss What use is made of ETFs in managed account portfolios and is this changing as FUM in managed accounts grows?What issues can this give rise to?How are these issues addressed?  What are the roles of the various participants in particular the issuer and market makers? What are the particular challenges of fixed interest ETFs?How can a portfolio manager efficiently switch between similar ETFs?
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