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The Dads Making A Difference Podcast with Cam Hall is strategically designed to inspire you to live a life of significance. A life focused on passion, purpose, and presence. A life where you can make a real DIFFERENCE in your family, in your business, and in the community around you.

This podcast is inspired by you. The Dad that feels called to live with purpose. The Dad that works hard to give all he has to build his family, his faith, his finances, and his fitness. The Dad that his family is proud of. The Difference Makers.

The key to becoming a real difference maker in your life, is being intentional about the information you digest. That includes what you listen to, the conversations you have, and the company you keep. Well, you’re in good company with Cam and Dads Making A Difference.

Cam’s intention with the Dads Making A Difference Podcast is that it inspires you to elevate your game and become a man of action. The interviews and stories shared here will drive you to surround yourself with your own trusted group of advisors. A tight knit community that is going to bring you out of isolation, give you a sense of belonging and purpose, and will fuel your drive to commit to something larger than yourself, to truly become a Dad Making A Difference!

So get inspired and join us as Dads Making A Difference!
60 Episodes
As men, we can often feel burdened by the responsibilities of home and work. So much so, that our ability to have fun is affected. This then impacts the way we connect with our kids, especially when it comes to play. We may even begin to view play and fun as an event, as a product, instead of as the valuable pursuit of joy and wonder.  But just because dads have serious stuff to take care of doesn’t mean they don’t get to have fun anymore. With the right approach, dads can become leaders who bring joy and play into their own homes even as they take care of work and other responsibilities.In this episode, Dr. Mike Rucker shares what happiness really is about and how to be the bearer of joy in their own families. “Of course we want to be happy. It’s an interesting by-product of living a joyful life. But when we make it an outcome-based goal, it’s clear that bad things can happen.” - Mike RuckerIn This Episode:Mike talks about positive psychology and why he started to study the concept of happiness in depthLearn how dads can bring more joy into their family’s livesDiscover how dads can find balance between work and family life while still having funLearn the value of fun and play even as an adultLearn tips on how to effectively play with your kidsLearn how to be more present when playing with your kids...and more!Resources:The Fun Habit: How the Pursuit of Joy and Wonder Can Change Your Life by Mike Rucker PhD Connect with Dr. Mike Rucker:WebsiteFacebookInstagramTwitterLinkedInConnect with Cam Hall:WebsiteFacebookInstagramTwitterLinkedInYouTubeEmail - cam@dmdpodcast.comWant to join a holistic group coaching call with Cam? - Send him a message on Instagram @fightthedadbods
It’s been a year since Cam started the Dads Making a Difference podcast, with over 50 episodes of insightful conversations with people who shared amazing stories and lessons. These conversations have, without a doubt, paved the way for growth for so many dads out there.Cam’s inspiring story about how he came up with this topic for the anniversary episode may be seen as divine providence. But it made Cam appreciate the power of connection and conversation, two things that have become central in this podcast’s growth.In this episode, Cam shares 10 powerful takeaways he gained from the long list of conversations that he has had in the past year for this podcast. “When we do hard things and we come out on the other side, we have hope – hope that we can take on other challenges.” - Cam HallIn This Episode:Cam celebrates the 1st year anniversary of the Dads Making a Difference podcastCam shares how taking a pause allowed him to reflect on his biggest takeaways from the podcastDiscover the power of doing hard thingsLearn about the opportunities the power of connection and conversation can presentLearn 10 actionable steps that can help you become a dad making a difference...and more!Connect with Cam Hall:WebsiteFacebookInstagramTwitterLinkedInYouTubeEmail - cam@dmdpodcast.comWant to join a holistic group coaching call with Cam? - Send him a message on Instagram @fightthedadbods
They say boys will be boys. And when you’re a dad who’s struggling to connect with their sons, it makes you wonder whether you’re handling things the right way. But the truth is, there are so many stereotypes about boys that dads also had to deal with growing up. So when it’s time to deal with their own sons, they either do the same things they witnessed growing up or just completely feel lost about what to do next.The good news is, dads can make a difference in their sons’ lives when they learn to accept that boys don’t always match the image that society has come to expect – and that’s okay.In this episode, Michael talks about how to support boys and their emotional wellness even if that means going against the norm. “A dad has to know, you don’t get a standard-issue boy. When your boy is born, he’s got all the equipment. But you don’t know whether he’s gonna like and fit the image of masculinity.” - Michael ThompsonIn This Episode:Michael shares the story of how he became an expert on the behavior of boysLearn about how stereotypes have impacted the way boys are disciplined at home and in schoolDiscover the impact of dads that are more involved in their sons’ emotional developmentLearn how fathers can support their sons despite cultural stereotypesLearn tips on how dads can better communicate with their sonsLearn how dads can have tough conversations with their sons...and more!Resources:Raising Cain: Protecting the Emotional Life of BoysThe Pressured ChildConnect with Dr. Michael Thompson:WebsiteTwitterConnect with Cam Hall:WebsiteFacebookInstagramTwitterLinkedInYouTubeEmail - cam@dmdpodcast.comWant to join a holistic group coaching call with Cam? - Send him a message on Instagram @fightthedadbods
Marriage means putting two people with different backgrounds and completely different personalities together. Though there are going to be amazing moments when you think things will go smoothly forever, reality will eventually set in and the differences will start to become conflicts that, when left unresolved, could ruin the relationship for good.But marriage will always require work. As with anything else in life, it’s something that you need to be intentional about. It’s all about understanding that you will always be two different people who chose to come together to build a family and knowing that you also need to do some personal work to get the kind of relationship that leaves room for more growth and more love. In this episode, Tony comes back a second time to talk about the factors that impact conflict resolution in a couple’s marriage. “Perception is reality except when there are different expectations thrown in. When you get clarity, you can go, ‘We’re almost at the same spot’.” - Tony DiLorenzoIn This Episode:Tony shares about the impact of his 5-day couples retreat in MexicoLearn about the importance of being intentional with your marriageHear about resolving conflicts within the marriage despite differences in backgroundLearn the roles that the 6 Pillars of Intimacy play in conflictUnderstand the importance of knowing yourself when it comes to conflict resolutionLearn the different ways people respond when a conflict startsUnderstand the conflict cycle and learn how to apply it...and more!Resources:Episode 23: The Making of an Extraordinary Marriage with Tony DiLorenzoThe 6 Pillars of Intimacy: The Secret to an Extraordinary MarriageThe 6 Pillars of Intimacy Conflict Resolution: The Secret to Breaking the Conflict Cycle in Your MarriageConnect with Tony DiLorenzo:WebsiteLinkedInInstagramConnect with Cam Hall:WebsiteFacebookInstagramTwitterLinkedInYouTubeEmail - cam@dmdpodcast.comWant to join a holistic group coaching call with Cam? - Send him a message on Instagram...
Most of the time, dads struggle to stay real and authentic. They say they want this ideal life and identity but their actions show something different. They want the dream but are not willing to go for it. Even worse, they might not even be honest enough with themselves about what they’re willing to do, what their core motivations are, and what fears lie beneath the surface.Because of this, they take the frustration home. They create a persona that looks good on the outside but is completely different behind closed doors.In this episode, Kyle talks about keeping it real and finding the right motivation to really go after the kind of life that can make an impact not just in one’s own home, but in the lives of others around him as well. “In life, if I wanna learn a trick, I’m gonna take some slams whether that’s in the form of rejection, judgment, losing money, failure.” - Kyle CarnohanIn This Episode:Kyle talks about developing a life that can make an impact on othersHear life lessons Kyle learned when he was mastering skateboarding Learn the importance of finishing what you startedLearn how anger can also be a motivating emotion if paired with disciplineDiscover how discipline really worksFind out what finding balance in life is really aboutLearn about common pitfalls guys struggle with...and more!Connect with Kyle Carnohan:WebsiteFacebookInstagramConnect with Cam Hall:WebsiteFacebookInstagramTwitterLinkedInYouTubeEmail - cam@dmdpodcast.comWant to join a holistic group coaching call with Cam? - Send him a message on Instagram @fightthedadbods
Showing up is one of the biggest challenges that dads struggle with. There are so many things that could impact a dad’s ability to show up – whether it’s a subconscious limiting belief, expectations set by society, or the lack of clear direction that stops one from intentionally taking action.Over time, the inability to show up not only impacts a dad’s confidence in his own abilities and worth as a father, it could also impact the relationship not just with your child, but with other people around you.In this episode, Cam talks about the common reasons why some dads struggle to show up and shares tips on how to be more intentional about showing up for your family and kids. “When I’m nailing my personal habits and I’m in alignment with what I think is important, I know I can show up better.” - Cam HallIn This Episode:Cam talks about talking to dads who are struggling to show upFind out what common themes hold dads back from showing upLearn about the importance of integrityLearn how to be more intentional when you decide to show up as a dadFind out why it’s important to fill your own bucketDiscover the importance of having some quiet time...and more!Connect with Cam Hall:WebsiteFacebookInstagramTwitterLinkedInYouTubeEmail - cam@dmdpodcast.comWant to join a holistic group coaching call with Cam? - Send him a message on Instagram @fightthedadbods
In this episode, we are joined by Brandon Jones, the founder of Be Dadly and host of The Be Dadly Podcast. Brandon is a certified parent educator in positive discipline and has dedicated the last decade to learning and implementing effective parenting techniques.Brandon struggled with correcting his son's misbehavior and feeling frustrated with inherited parenting techniques. Through his own journey, he discovered the power of positive parenting and response-based techniques. Today, he helps fathers overcome anger and impatience while teaching them how to achieve better behavior from their children without resorting to yelling, spanking, or bribery.With Brandon's extensive knowledge and experience, he shares practical strategies to transform misbehavior into opportunities for growth and development. His guidance equips parents with the tools they need to become confident and effective in their parenting approach.Join us as we learn from Brandon and explore the benefits of positive parenting with response-based techniques."Children who feel good often do good, children who feel bad are often struggling." - Brandon JonesIn This Episode:Understand the difference between reacting and responding, and how response-based techniques can help you become a more effective and positive parent.Identify attention-seeking behaviors in children, and understand the root causes of such behaviors.Explore the heartbreaking aspects of attention-seeking behaviors, and discover effective ways to respond with empathy and compassion.Discover how response-based techniques can transform you as a dad, help you overcome anger, impatience, and frustration, and foster a deeper connection with your child.Recognize the importance of continuous learning and how expanding your knowledge can result in less frustration and more confidence in parenting.Discover the foundational pieces of good parenting, including setting clear expectations, establishing boundaries, and fostering a positive relationship with your child.Explore the impact of correcting versus connecting, and understand how focusing on connection can lead to better behavior outcomes for your child.Discover how creating space can be an effective way to promote consequences for misbehavior, while still maintaining a positive and respectful relationship with your child.Understand the benefits of creative versus reactive responses when dealing with misbehavior, and how being proactive can lead to more positive outcomes.Resources:Be Dadly PodcastConnect with Brandon Jones:WebsiteInstagramConnect with Cam Hall:WebsiteFacebookInstagramTwitter
Society expects so much from men. There’s always that pressure to earn more, be more, say more, and do more, that eventually, those expectations become a critical voice in your head that questions everything you accomplish. It becomes that nagging thought that makes you second-guess yourself and rethink whether your wins really are wins.Over time, that inner critic can push you to question your own worth. You start to forget the little wins because you want bigger ones. This is also the fastest path to a miserable life where you will never be enough.In this episode, Paul talks about how that inner critic can ruin your life, and how it’s possible to take action to prevent that from happening. “If I classify my mistakes as a win, the critical voice can’t argue with that.” - Paul EdwardsIn This Episode:Paul and Cam discuss how to deal with the critical voice inside you that tells you you’re not enoughFind out how to challenge that inner critic that measures your worth based on society’s standardsLearn how to stop yourself from self-judgment based on your pastDiscover the impact of being surrounded by the right people especially when you feel like nothing is workingUnderstand the importance of moving out of your comfort zone to be part of a communityLearn that mistakes are necessary and can be considered as wins...and more!Resources:Crushing by TD JakesConnect with Paul Edwards:FacebookConnect with Cam Hall:WebsiteFacebookInstagramTwitterLinkedInYouTubeEmail - cam@dmdpodcast.comWant to join a holistic group coaching call with Cam? - Send him a message on Instagram @fightthedadbods
As dads, our own childhood and life experiences have a huge impact on the way we raise our own kids. But what happens if you did not have the right role models and your entire life is filled with trauma after trauma? In this episode, Rob shares how his amazing transformation story that took him from his troubled childhood and addictions into a life dedicated to loving the people around him helped him become the kind of father he never had."Once you forgive, there's an opportunity to love. Forgiveness is love." - Rob DeckerIn This Episode:Rob talks about being mindful of having a healthy relationship with his own son, and not  Rob shares his own challenges and traumas as a child until adulthoodRob talks about a dramatic attempt to take his own life resulted in him solidifying his faithHear about the miracles that forgiveness, healing and love can bringLearn more about Rob’s recovery and working on getting to peak healthHear more about how Rob now thrives by doing everything from a place of love ...and more!Connect with Rob Decker:WebsiteRise As LionsFacebookConnect with Cam Hall:WebsiteFacebookInstagramTwitterLinkedInYouTubeEmail - cam@dmdpodcast.comWant to join a holistic group coaching call with Cam? - Send him a message on Instagram @fightthedadbods
As Dads, it’s easy to get so caught up with personal frustrations about how your kids' experiences should go that you unknowingly drown them out when they voice out their own thoughts, feelings, and opinions. On this podcast’s 50th episode, let’s rediscover what the real mission is behind Dads Making a Difference and look back at some powerful lessons that challenge you to become better dads, better men, and better humans that kids will want to be like when they grow up."I can be stern, serious, joyful, happy, caring, loving, empathetic -- all of it. But I need to be conscious that little eyes are upon me." - Cam HallIn This Episode:Celebrate the 50th episode of the Dads Making a Difference podcastCam shares a huge realization from a heartbreaking experience with his sonLearn why it's important to be more mindful in not making things about youCam shares a life-changing lesson he learned from his college basketball coachDiscover why proximity is powerLearn the importance of value, priorities, focus, and how you can define and measure successDiscover more important takeaways from the past 49 episodesRemember the mission behind Dads Making a Difference...and more!Resources:Episode 48 with Curtis HunnicuttEpisode 45 with Larry HagnerEpisode 46 with Mark MacdonaldEpisode 18 with Big AEpisode 23 with Tony DiLorenzoEpisode 6 with Evan MoneyEpisode 28 with Zach LushEpisode 21 with Blake BrewerConnect with Cam Hall:WebsiteFacebookInstagramTwitterLinkedIna...
As a dad, you have the opportunity to be a positive influence in the world, but it takes effort and intentionality to get it right. So how can you achieve this? Ralph Anania shares the wealth of his experience by revealing the proven strategies that he's utilized to create over 30 successful multi-million dollar businesses. Through his insightful guidance, Ralph highlights how a life done right begins with being a positive influence in the lives of your children."My purpose is to make a difference in somebody else's life and it needs to start with my children." - Ralph AnaniaIn This Episode:Ralph explains why negativity is the “killer” of all things.Learn how you can dictate the type of energy flowing around you.Discover ways you can encourage growth at every level in your family, business, or society.Find out how you can empower people by allowing them the freedom to make mistakes.Understand what it means to live a life of authenticity.Learn why people don’t easily open up to change.Explore the fundamental challenge society is facing today and how our programming becomes an impediment to a life of authenticity.Discover what happens to people's mindsets the moment they realize they can achieve anything.Learn about the #1 priority of a father.Discover why you need to start with your children if you want to make a difference in the lives of others.Learn how to build a solid foundation for your kids and family.…and more!Resources:Life Done Right: Timeless Wisdom to Give You Hope and Inspiration for the Future by Ralph AnaniaConnect with Ralph Anania:WebsiteFacebookLinkedInInstagramYouTube
As fathers navigate the complexities of parenthood, they often find themselves searching for their true identity, priorities, and values. This journey can be transformative, as dads uncover new insights about themselves, their families, and the world around them. Today’s guest, Curtis Hunnicutt says, through introspection and self-reflection, fathers can better understand their role as parents and cultivate meaningful connections with their children. Join us as we delve into the heart of modern fatherhood and uncover the secrets to unlocking a more authentic and fulfilling fatherhood experience."I will be willing at any moment to sacrifice who I think I am to who God created me to be." - Curtis HunnicuttIn This Episode:Curtis talks about his mission and the framework he’s been using to help business leaders and fellow dads find their true path and identityHow to find clarity in knowing the man you want to becomeThe one sentence that defined all of Curtis’ Yeses and NosWhat makes up the true definition of values and principlesHow our core values help us define our priorities and shape our goalsCurtis shares the wisdom behind the analogy he’s learned from his grandfatherWhat differentiates King Solomon's leadership from King DavidHow people end up pursuing a different path even when they started out with good faith and pure intentionsPriorities versus values The best thing a father can do for his childrenAn investment you'll never regret…and more!Resources:The Book of EcclesiastesKing SolomonKing DavidLeo Tolstoy Dr. Andy GarettConnect with Curtis Hunnicutt:Website Connect with Cam Hall:WebsiteFacebookInstagramTwitterLinkedInYouTubeEmail - cam@dmdpodcast.comWant to join a holistic group coaching call with Cam? - Send him a message on Instagram @fightthedadbods
It's common for health and fitness to take a backseat during difficult times in our life. Our guest, Jeff McMahon shares how he used a difficult time as an opportunity to make positive changes and regain control of his health and well-being. In this episode, we'll share inspiring stories of dads who found solace in fitness after setbacks such as divorce. If you're a dad who has experienced a setback, whether it's divorce or any other life challenge, we urge you to take inspiration from these stories and use your passion for health and fitness to help you overcome obstacles and emerge stronger. Take that first step today and prioritize your health; you'll be amazed at how it can positively impact your life as a dad and beyond."Motivation doesn't last but bathing doesn't either. That's why we recommend you to do it daily.” - Jeff McMahonIn This Episode:Jeff shares how his passion for health and fitness helped him overcome the challenges of ROYGBIV blindness and divorceExplore the top three benefits of virtual trainingWhy prioritizing self-care benefits your childrenThe key factors that drive resultsMain reasons for weight loss or gainWhy working out alone is never enoughThree key areas where entrepreneurs struggle with building confidence and self-esteemPitfalls to watch for on your confidence-building journeyWhat it means to live life in the majorityHow removing something from your life can help you move forwardResources:One-on-One Virtual TrainingConnect with Jeff McMahon:WebsiteConnect with Cam Hall:WebsiteFacebookInstagramTwitterLinkedInYouTubeEmail - cam@dmdpodcast.comWant to join a holistic group coaching call with Cam? - Send him a message on Instagram @fightthedadbods
In every dad's world, everything can seem so fast-paced that it's easy to feel overwhelmed and out of control. But the truth is, we have more power than we think. By taking control of our health and our lives, we can create a happier, more fulfilling future. In this episode, Mark Macdonald explores practical tips and strategies for achieving optimal wellness, from eating well and exercising to developing the right mindset. If you want to improve your physical health or take charge of your overall well-being, this episode will empower you to make positive changes and live your best life. "We can live with power regardless of our age.” - Mark MacdonaldIn This Episode:Mark shares the mechanics of how men can jumpstart their journey to taking control of their healthThe best thing about Mark’s family movement of eating togetherThe important role of food education in the quest for living with food freedomHow Mark’s kids won the battle against their eating disordersWhy food is not a tool to lose weight but a fuel2 main times that you make fat cells and why it's important for dads to understand this processWhat we need to teach our kids about blood sugar and fat cells so we can set them up for success in their healthDiscover the reality behind people getting thicker The 3 major things you need in place when building a mindsetHow 1% can lead to 100%The 3 main programs within the 28-Day Jumpstart…and so much more!Resources:Why Kids Make You Fat…and How to Get Your Body BackKFit MommyFight the Dad Bod28-Day Jumpstart100 Days of 1%Connect with Mark Macdonald:WebsitePFC3Connect with Cam Hall:WebsiteFacebookInstagramTwitterLinkedInYouTubeEmail - cam@dmdpodcast.comWant to join a holistic group coaching call with Cam? - Send him a message on Instagram @fightthedadbods
Being a dad can be one of the most challenging experiences in life. Fathers are tasked with providing emotional support, guidance, and discipline while balancing their own personal and professional lives. So, what does it take to become a legendary dad? Larry Hagner, the founder of The Dad Edge, joins Cam in today’s episode with a few tips and insights to help you on your journey into living a legendary life. "Everything that you possibly want is on the other side of you stepping into it and saying I don't know the answers, but I'm willing to learn and try.” - Larry HagnerIn This Episode:Larry talks about the origins of The Dad Edge and how it came into existenceLarry recalls an incident with his 4-year-old child that turned his life aroundThe cost of doing nothingThe 3 basic needs of kidsWhy Larry encourages men and fathers to seek a community of supportLarry’s best practices on how he's energizing his relationship with his family and his marriageHow men talk versus how women talk: why it’s important to understand the difference“Slow is smooth and smooth is fast” Resources:Dad Edge AllianceThe Good Men ProjectAaron WalkerConnect with Larry Hagner:WebsitePodcastConnect with Cam Hall:WebsiteFacebookInstagramTwitterLinkedInYouTubeEmail - cam@dmdpodcast.comWant to join a holistic group coaching call with Cam? - Send him a message on Instagram @fightthedadbods
Effective communication is the backbone of successful leadership. Leaders who communicate effectively are more likely to motivate and inspire their team members, foster collaboration, and create a positive work environment. If you're a leader looking to improve your effectiveness, discover how to enhance your communication and leadership skills by implementing a 3-layered filter when interacting with others. "The most effective communicators and leaders enter into a process with others so that they can help others take ownership over their own path.” - Cam HallIn This Episode:Cam talks about the 2 main reasons why people come to you and why it matters to know How leading is guiding instead of prescribingDiscover one of the most essential skills in leadershipThe key to cultivating a quiet leadership skillHow to shift from giving answers to asking questions that inspire thinkingExamples of questions promoting the culture of thinkingWhy you should aspire to do things “with” people instead of doing things “for” peopleConnect with Cam Hall:WebsiteFacebookInstagramTwitterLinkedInYouTubeEmail - cam@dmdpodcast.comWant to join a holistic group coaching call with Cam? - Send him a message on Instagram @fightthedadbods
Living a great life is something that we all aspire to, but it can often feel like a distant goal. Whether it's pursuing your passions, building strong relationships, or finding purpose and meaning, there are many strategies for living a great life. Jeff Lovell is here to give expert advice on how to cultivate the right mindset, habits, and tools that can transform your life. Start exploring the secrets to a great life today and unlock your full potential!"To live courageously with purpose is to recognize what you already have and what's already been given to you.” - Jeff LovellIn This Episode:Jeff shares his transformative journey from being a pastor to a full-time coach, and how this transition has positively impacted his lifeExplore the essence of The Great Life Project and understand its purpose and goalsUncover the transformative impact of coaching and how it can awaken new possibilities for yourself, others, and your businessUnderstand how a lack of clarity can hold people back from living the great lifeGain insight into Jeff's definition of a great life and how he helps others achieve itDiscover the 4 essential elements of a great lifeUncover the difference between "receiving purpose" for yourself and "bringing purpose" to othersDiscover the concept of "letting your life speakJeff reveals the best thing you can do for your relationshipsResources:Top Five Regrets of the Dying: A Life Transformed by the Dearly Departing by Bronnie WareLet Your Life Speak: Listening for the Voice of Vocation by Parker J. PalmerConnect with Jeff Lovell:WebsiteLinkedInYouTube Connect with Cam Hall:WebsiteFacebookInstagram TwitterLinkedInYouTubeEmail - cam@dmdpodcast.comWant to join a holistic group coaching call with Cam? - Send him a message on Instagram @fightthedadbod
We all have passions in life, whether it be a hobby or a career. But have you ever considered how that passion can positively impact your family life? Bringing the drive and focus you have in your work into your personal life can have a significant impact on the relationships with your loved ones. Dan Purcell, a sex and intimacy coach for married couples, shares how one conversation changed the course of his marriage and his life for good. Explore different ways to translate your passion for business into your family life. "A good tree won't produce great fruit if it's growing everywhere. That includes being a dad, like of my brain space, I don't want to be so starved that I don't give my family the attention they need.'” - Dan PurcellIn This Episode:Dan talks about life after the kids have left the nest and rekindling the passion in your marriageBeing an employee versus being a business ownerThe cost of starting your own business and scalingThe trap a lot of entrepreneurs often get locked inFrom starting and growing a business to losing it and starting over againHow one uncomfortable conversation can make a difference in your marriage What's more to sex than just physical unionReturn on investment equates to a return on happinessResources:Couples RetreatIntimately Us appJust Between US Couples appConnect with Dan Purcell:WebsiteInstagramPodcastConnect with Cam Hall:WebsiteFacebookInstagramTwitterLinkedInYouTube Email - cam@dmdpodcast.comWant to join a holistic group coaching call with Cam? - Send him a message on Instagram @fightthedadbod
It takes a strong leader to build an army of faithful followers, but what makes a leader exceptionally great is his ability to lead at following. Steve Kinsley, a family man, and a community leader who found himself in countless situations when he had to make the decision to “follow”. Today, you’ll hear his story, and realize how your life can become exactly what you hope it to be, but only if you can learn to give up control, and follow. You’ll also learn how every place you go and every person you meet has a purpose, and their purpose could be leading you to your greatest destiny. "Nothing ever goes exactly how you envisioned it. That calls some really trying times in your mind and in your faith, that very question of "what am I doing here?'” - Steve KinsleyIn This Episode:Steve recounts his story of sacrifice and countless transitions How he managed to get his family onboard to major life decisionsTeaching your kids the true meaning of faith and obedienceMaking decisions for yourself versus making decisions that will impact your family and their futureYou can start over at any ageWhat happens when you allow God to take the leadWhy you need a community support groupGuiding versus mandating - different facets of parenthoodResources:Iron Sharpens Iron MastermindConnect with Steve Kinsley:LinkedInConnect with Cam Hall:WebsiteFacebookInstagramTwitter LinkedIn YouTubeEmail - cam@dmdpodcast.comWant to join a holistic group coaching call with Cam? - Send him a message on Instagram @fightthedadbod
Financial education starts in the home. As our children’s first financial teachers, we should have the right knowledge, skills, and tools, to build the foundation of our child’s financial education. For decades, money has been a taboo topic in the home that families tend to veer away from. Rocky Lalvani, the host of the Richer Soul Podcast and Profit Answer Man, joins Cam to break down this taboo once and for all. He demonstrates why teaching our kids early about money and wealth-building is one of the greatest investments and legacies any parent can create. "The cost of delaying starting is the end part, and that's where the biggest things are.” - Rocky LalvaniIn This Episode:Rocky explains why a lot of people are struggling financiallyHow he is being “intentional” on money matters with his kidsThe biggest problem people are facing that involves money (it’s NOT the lack of it!)The money stories you need to examine as adults if you want to improve your relationship with moneyLearn how to start developing a positive money mindset in the homeThe best way and time to start teaching kids how to build a positive money mindsetUnderstand how the envelope system worksDiscover the power of a penny doublingWhy starting early is keyConnect with Rocky Lalvani:Richer Soul Website Richer Soul PodcastProfit Answer Man PodcastConnect with Cam Hall:WebsiteFacebookInstagramTwitterLinkedIn YouTubeEmail - cam@dmdpodcast.comWant to join a holistic group coaching call with Cam? - Send him a message on Instagram @fightthedadbod
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