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A nuclear safety technician during the week, a pitmaster going nuclear on the competition on the weekends, our 9th episode features Phillip Mason of the Fallout BBQ competition team out of Hartsville, SC. In this episode, we get to discuss his journey from a backyard cook to an award-winning KCBS pitmaster, the challenges he and his father have faced with their BBQ trailer recently, and his instructions on how to fully melt a turn-in box. Phillip is a very humble dude and we really enjoyed talking with him about BBQ competitions, and we are sure you will enjoy listening. The running time is 54 minutes.
In our 7th episode, we have the great pleasure to have one of the great ambassadors to the sport of competition bbq in the Carolinas, Mr. Noel Kay as our guest. Noel is a former (and future) competitor, contest organizer, and KCBS judge, currently working towards his Master Judge certification and eventually becoming a Rep. Noel talks with us about what goes into organizing, promoting, and running a contest from his successful Butts and Beans and now Shelby BBQ Extravaganza events, his family and recent positive health changes, and what it is like being on the other side of the turn in table. One of our favorite episodes so far, and we think you will enjoy this one as well. Running at 1 hour 10 min, you should learn a lot about Noel, his past successes, and his future goals in this podcast.
Our guest on the 6th episode is one of the most winning pit masters in the Carolinas, Mr. Brian Corbett of the Smokin Skullies competition bbq team out of Goldsboro NC. Grab a couple of beers, a cup of coffee, or both for this episode as we get in-depth about Brians's goals in BBQ, his best influences, his golf handicap, and a great Wal-Mart story. You'll also learn why he will never ever use an electric carving knife again. This episode clocks in at 1 hour and 20 minutes and is a really enjoyable episode. 
Our 5th episode is a very lively one with the guys from The Smoke and Brew Mafia, John Adkins and Eric Lambeth. KCBS competitors from Asheboro, NC, John, and Eric have been in the circuit for many years now, racking up a ton of calls, RGCs, and GCs along the way. In this episode, we discuss what got them started, what they love about competing, how Eric designs and builds his drum smokers, and if they sleep at home when a contest happens in Asheboro!
If you've competed in a KCBS contest in the last 6 or 7 years more than likely our 4th episode guest was your rep. Alan Rothrock is a staple of the mid-Atlantic KCBS circuit, serving as a KCBS rep for pretty much all the area contests. In this episode, we talk about how he got started as a rep, what he values in the KCBS community, and the positive changes and trends he sees occurring now in the circuit and in the future, as well as finding out what he a Doug make for Friday night meal at a contest. A great and insightful episode
Hailing from Union, SC, Kenny O'Shields, pitmaster of the One Eyed Pig competition bbq team is our guest on the Third episode. Kenny is one of the most humbled pitmasters in the KCBS and SCBA circuits and has been stacking up walks and calls over the past couple of years. A great episode where we discuss what makes BBQ a family sport, what he loves about competition and the things he does for his community, and why it storms every year at Greenwood. We think you'll enjoy this episode.
Hands down the most winningest SCA cook in North Carolina, Jamie Thomas of the Char-Cole Grilling Team joins us on episode two of The Carolina Q Show Podcast from Burnsville NC to talk about what drives him in SCA points chases, what he looks for in choosing the steak at the selection table, and how many Raz Dogs he has eaten over the past few years. A great episode we hope you will enjoy. Running time 24 minutes.
Mat Griner

Mat Griner


In the FIRST episode of The Carolina Q Show Podcast, we talk with Mat Griner of the Southern Q competition team and catering from Zebulon, NC. Mat is well known across the southeast and beyond for his friendly vibe and stacking up the calls at comps across the area. A multi-year member of the Myron Mixon and Jack's Old South teams, Mat tells us about what drives him in BBQ, what he does to relax, and how he will continue to carry the traditions of Eastern NC style BBQ for the future. Running time 58min. 
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