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On today's show, I argue that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi made the right move in visiting Taiwan. At a time of rising authoritarianism across the globe, including America, she made a strong stand in support of freedom and democracy. Then I interview Nancy Thompson, founder of the organization Mothers Against Greg Abbott. She discusses her campaign to defeat the extremist Texas governor, who she says is harming Texas families. Next, we pay homage to my friend Jerry Stephenson, who passed away this week. He was the father of the Ex-Gay’s Survivors movement and dedicated his life to fighting conversion therapy and exposing religious hypocrites. To discuss the topic of conversion therapy, I have a conversation with Matt Ashcroft, a survivor of the Ex-Gay Group Journey in the Manhood.
On today's show, we talk about an alarming sex panic in Nebraska that has shaken up the state's politics. What started as an attack by Christian nationalists on liberals and LGBTQ people has morphed into a hostile takeover of the Republican Party. Then we interview Mimi Swartz, an executive editor with Texas Monthly. We're going to discuss Texas politics. Do Democrats have a shot at political power in 2022, or will they be disappointed once again?
On today's show, we discuss how Republicans use historical revisionism to whitewash history and sanitize their unsavory behavior. Then we interview Paul Street, who's on the editorial board of the organization Refuse Fascism. Street is the author of many books, including his latest, This Happened Here: Amerikaners, Neoliberals, and the Trumping of America.
On today’s show, we examine why Trump and the Republican Party jeopardize Israel’s national security and sovereignty. Then we address the burning question on everyone’s mind. Is this week’s scorching weather the result of climate change? Find out in our conversation with Julie McNamara, an expert with the Climate & Energy program at the Union of Concerned Scientists. Thanks for joining War of the Words. I’m your host Wayne Besen. Enjoy the show.
On today’s show, we respond to right wing Republicans who smear progressives as communists, simply because they want a fairer economy and a strong middle class. We also address how conservatives deliberately conflate Venezuela’s authoritarian socialism with Democratic Socialism in Scandinavia. Apparently, they think American voters are too dumb to know the difference. We then interview prolific author Gene Stone. He’s the author of books including number one Washington Post bestseller The Bush Survival Bible, the number one Los Angeles Times bestseller The Trump Survival Guide, The Secret of People Who Never Get Sick and the Engine 2 Diet. You won’t want to miss our riveting conversation on topics ranging from politics, veganism and LGBTQ issues.
On today’s show, we discus right wing Republican efforts to take away life-saving HIV prevention drugs, commonly known as PrEP. Yes, it’s as crazy and dangerous as it sounds. We talk about how perverse attempts by Republicans to portray a 10-year-old rape victim’s abortion as a hoax backfired. Then we interview Katherine Stewart. She has reported on the Religious Right for more than a decade. She is the author of “The Power Worshippers: Inside the Dangerous Rise of Religious Nationalism”.
On today’s show, we discuss how the American economy performs significantly better under Democratic presidents than Republican presidents. We take you to a Hawaiian island owned by a Republican mega-donor, to see how extreme right-wing policies have negatively impacted the lives of locals. Then we interview star Chicago labor organizer Bill LePinske. We talk about what unions are doing to prepare for the midterm elections.
On today’s show, we discuss the Supreme Court’s attack on the Environmental Protection Agency and how it’s sabotaging efforts to fight climate change. We have Part Two of our interview with constitutional legal scholar Bryan Wildenthal. We’ll talk about the overreach of the right-wing Supreme Court, and the impact it’s having on our lives. We end with my thoughts on America’s deadly gun epidemic.
On today's episode of War of the Words, Wayne discusses how Republican dominance of talk radio is a threat to democracy. Liberals have foolishly ceded the airwaves, creating a dangerous vacuum that promotes demagoguery instead of debate. Wayne interviews constitutional legal scholar Bryan Wildenthal. We discuss the radicalization of the Supreme Court, and what it means for your future. It’s the first half a two-part interview you won’t want to miss.
On today’s show, we discuss the renegade Supreme Court. We pose the question, are they working for America or a radical movement to end democracy? Then we interview Sean Faircloth, former mayor of Bangor, Maine and author of, Attack of the Theocrats: How the Religious Right Harms us All—and What We Can Do About It. In our interview, we discuss the Supreme Court’s brazen attack on Separation of Church and State. We end the show with a shocking story of Texas schools proposing to soft-pedal “slavery” as “involuntary relocation”.  No, I’m not making this up.
We begin the show with me reflecting on my childhood in Texas and discussing the many ways fundamentalist Christians dominated every aspect of our lives. The right-wing coup of the Supreme Court has now elevated these backward elements of my youth, as they seek to violently reclaim America and enforce their narrow worldview. Then, we discuss Cassidy Hutchinson damning January 6 testimony that shed more light Trump’s criminality. We end the show celebrating a Polish court that ruled so-called "LGBT-free zones" are unconstitutional.
On today’s War of the Words: We examine what life in America would be like if Trump’s ongoing coup succeeds. We interview James Kirchick, author of Secret City: The Hidden History of Gay Washington. We talk about the Jan 6 committee and how Donald Trump must be arrested for America to move on. He did the crime, so he must do the time.
On today’s show, Republican Senate candidate Herschel Walker has a secret. Well, three of them, actually. Find out what they are. We’ll discuss the latest Jan 6 hearing – which was truly shocking. We talk about Joe Biden’s Executive Order protecting LGBTQ people from “ex-gay” conversion therapy. We interview Alvin McEwen, an expert who monitors the Religious Right. And, you won’t believe this, we end with the Russians trashing French and Italian food. Who would have guessed? I hope you enjoy the show.
In this episode, Wayne discusses the urgent need for LGBTQ self-defense to beat back Nazis invading Pride events. He also interviews Terry Cosgrove of Chicago’s PersonalPac. He talks about life in a post Roe v Wade America.
In this episode, Wayne talks about how in the weeks following the Uvalde, Texas school massacre there have been 34 mass shootings and 700 people killed. Wayne also breaks down a FOX News segment from host Tucker Carlson, to show how he insidiously stokes racial divisions and promotes white supremacy. We also spotlight Tucker Carlson’s “manly” cackle. You won’t want to miss it!
On today’s War of the Words with Wayne Besen, we take issue with Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis’ outrageous attack on the Special Olympics. We call out five baseball players on the Tampa Bay Rays who refuse to wear a rainbow logo for the team’s Pride Night. The players condemned the so-called “gay lifestyle”, in the name of Jesus, and told LGBTQ people to be celibate. Wayne ends the show with a riveting conversation with Heidi Beirich, the co-founder of the Global Project Against Hate and Extremism. They will discuss the recent rise of white supremacist hate groups and the rapid growth of political fascism.
On this episode of War of the Words, host Wayne Besen interviews Scott Hamilton, Executive Director of the Oklahoma Democratic Party. They discuss Scott’s plans to win in a ruby red state that is staunchly anti-LGBTQ and anti-abortion. Wayne also talks about attacks on the LGBTQ community during Pride month. In one such assault this week, Donald Trump Jr. is more concerned about drag queens performing in schools than taking AR-15 assault rifles out of the schools.
Only days after a gun massacre at a Texas elementary school, the NRA opened its convention in Houston. In a supreme act of hypocrisy, the NRA is banning guns while twice impeached, ex-president Donald Trump speaks. The NRA doesn’t even believe its own extreme rhetoric that the answer to gun violence is more guns! Too bad they care more about protecting themselves instead of schoolchildren. In this episode, we explore the tragedy of gun violence in America and how Republican obstruction has stopped meaningful gun safety reform.
News and commentary through a progressive lens. War of the words podcast with Wayne Besen.
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