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Prayer Starters with Suzanne Eller (KLRC)

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Prayer Starters helps you connect in prayer with a God that loves you like crazy. Each episode begins with a scripture, offers a drop of encouragement, and ends with a prayer starter that invites you to talk to God, right where you are. Prayer Starters is brought to you by Suzanne (Suzie) Eller and the KLRC Podcast Network.
227 Episodes
God’s provision can be a miracle for you, and an answer to prayer for someone else. Keywords: Provision; food; miracles; leftovers; needs; generosity.Scripture: Luke 9:17
SENT (Episode 222)

SENT (Episode 222)


Jesus was sent to mend, heal, and make us free. Keywords: Jesus; freedom; mended heart; welcome; Savior. Scripture: Luke 4:18
FILLED (Episode 221)

FILLED (Episode 221)


The battle you are in is not greater than Who is in you. Keywords: Battle; equipped; victory; overcomer; Holy Spirit; enemy.Scripture: Luke 4:1
BUT. . .  (Episode 220)

BUT. . . (Episode 220)


When we remember how far God has brought us, we show mercy to others. Keywords: Heart; healed; mercy; remember; looking back; kindness. Scripture: Titus 3:4-5
Hope can be what we wish for, but "living hope" is Who we walk with. Keywords: Hope; faith; Jesus; enduring; forever; anchored.Scripture: 1 Peter 1:3
WAKE UP (Episode 218)

WAKE UP (Episode 218)


God calls us out of spiritual numbness to find life with him. Keywords: Sleep; numbness; relationship; restore; request; awake. Scripture: Isaiah 52:2
We are clothed with redemption and covered with righteousness; what a gift!Keywords: Redemption; restored; redeemed; salvation; gratitude; transformation.Scripture: Isaiah 61:10
The Word of God is alive. It speaks to us.Keywords: Bible; Word; Holy Spirit; teach; grow; faith.Scripture: Romans 15:4
God is thinking about you. Keywords: Thoughts; relationship; Creator; connection; communion; community.Scripture: Psalm 139:17
God sees our life through an eternal lens. Keywords: Eternity; heart; wisdom; meaning; purpose; trust.Scripture: Ecclesiastes 3:11Resource: Prayer Starters: Talking with God About Hard Times by Suzanne Eller(Available where books are sold)
We are all tempted. God, who loves us, offers a way out. Keywords: Temptation; faith; sin; following Jesus; enemy; help. Scripture: 1 Corinthians 10:13
We are not identified by words spoken over us by others.  Keywords: Identity; wholeness; territory: growth; expand; prayer.Scripture: 1 Chronicles 4:10
Breaking down the wall we no longer want between us and God. Keywords: Obstacle; sin; repentance, humility; repair; redemption.Scripture: Isaiah 57:14
Heart work is hard work, but worth it.       Keywords: Heart work; transformation; planting; farmer; healing.Scripture: Isaiah 28:28
Hospitality is more than a great party; it’s the heart of our Heavenly Father. Keywords: Hospitality; kindness; thirsty; compassion; love.Scripture: Isaiah 21:14
A friend can be the best comfort when things are hard.Keywords: Friendship; together; community; comfort; console.Scripture: Job 6:14
Write it down. Make it plain. Remember what God has done.Keywords: Write; Record; remember; recall; recount; faithful.Scripture: Habakkuk 2:2Resource: Prayer Starters: Talking with God about Hard Times by Suzanne Eller
Whether things are up or down, Jesus is our constant. Keywords: Constant; faith; foundation; Rock; strength; forever. Scripture: Hebrews 13:8
Help me to sort through what is worthwhile and what is not. Keywords: Jesus; Peter; fighting well; sword; God’s will; culture. Scripture: Psalm 119:37
Injustice is real and leaves a mark. A just God meets you in that pain. Keywords: Injustice; justice; seen; hope; graciousness; restoration. Scripture: Job 5:16
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