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Prayer Starters with Suzanne Eller (KLRC)

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Prayer Starters helps you connect in prayer with a God that loves you like crazy. Each episode begins with a scripture, offers a drop of encouragement, and ends with a prayer starter that invites you to talk to God, right where you are. Prayer Starters is brought to you by Suzanne (Suzie) Eller and the KLRC Podcast Network.
530 Episodes
God, taking steps of faith can feel awkward but you are cheering me on. Scripture: Psalm 37:23Keywords: Direction; details; delight; Father; bravery. Best of, Summer.
God, my words and my actions hurt someone. Help me to make that right. Scripture: Psalm 38:18Keywords: Best of, Summer.
God, the roars are real but so are you. Scripture: Psalm 34:10Keywords: Roars of worry; fear; anxiousness; trouble; gatekeeper; safety; refuge. Best of, Summer.
Jesus, take my eyes off the shiny things to see what really matters.Scripture: Philippians 3:8-9aKeywords: Approval; reputation; Jesus’ love; shiny things; fulfilled.Best of, Summer.
Jesus, help me to release that burden of debt I’ve carried for way too long. Scripture: Matthew 6:12Keywords: Forgiveness; resentment; hurt; freedom; releasing. Best of, Summer.
Jesus, help me to live my faith in a way that changes me, and others. Scripture: Matthew 9:13Keywords: Healer; Jesus; Savior; mercy; religion; compassion; living faith. Best of, Summer Edition
Jesus, you are refining and changing me so I can live totally free. Scripture: Ephesians 4:21-22Keywords: Cast off; old nature; newness; freedom. Best of, Summer Edition.
Heavenly Father, help me to see this through your eyes. Scripture: Ecclesiastes 4:1Keywords: Oppression; observe; changed mind; changed heart; compassion. Best of, Summer Edition
Jesus, when things feel dark, you are my Light. Scripture: John 8:12Keywords: Festivals; light; Siloam; I Am; illuminate. Best of Summer Edition
REVIVED! (Episode 508)

REVIVED! (Episode 508)


God, bring my dry bones back to life! Scripture: Ezekial 37:7Keywords: Dry bones; spiritually dry; resurrection; revival; faith; prophet.
Abba Father, heal my heart of the wounds of spiritual abuse. Keywords: Spiritual abuse; religious abuse; Hagar; angel; seeks; comfort; healing.  Scripture: Genesis 16:8
Jesus, thank you for taking our sins once and for all. Keywords:  Cross; redemption; sacrifice; high priest; Jesus; relationship. Scripture: Hebrews 7:27Resource: Come With Me: Discovering the Beauty of Following Where He Leads
Father, your peace is an anchor that will hold my soul and spirit in place, even in the pit. Scripture: John 14:27Keywords: Peace; difficult times; sanctuary; gift; assurance.
Holy Spirit, help me be tender toward her heart and your timing.Scripture: Matthew 13:18-19Keywords: Tender; gentle; patient; friendship; witness; Holy Spirit; seed sowing.A "best of” episode.
Jesus, you love me enough not to leave me trapped.Scripture: Hebrews 12:11Keywords: Rescued; trapped; mercy; discipline; truth; God’s love; hope.Join Suzie on Threads @Suzanne.Eller
YOU KNOW (Episode 502)

YOU KNOW (Episode 502)


Jesus, I’m bringing this struggle to you.  Keywords: Temptation; trial; advocate; human; diety; understanding; suffering. Scripture: Hebrews 2:18
Abba Father, I am in your hands, today, yesterday, forever. Keywords: Evil; Joseph; captive; held; healing; whleness. Scripture: Genesis 50:20
ENOUGH (Episode 500)

ENOUGH (Episode 500)


God, enough is enough, and I will rest in that. Keywords: Gratitude; rest; productivity; create; enough; striving; balance. Scripture: Genesis 2:3
God, thank you so much that you care about the way I feel.Scripture: Nehemiah 2:2aKeywords: Sadness; safety; refuge; feelings; wisdom; heart.
ANCHORED (Episode 498)

ANCHORED (Episode 498)


Jesus, help me not to drift away from what is true.  Keywords: Truth; anchor; drift; wrestling; faith; distraction; Jesus. Scripture: Hebrews 2:1Resource: The Spirit-Led Heart: Living a Life of Love and Faith Without Borders by Suzanne Eller