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Lt. Gen. VeraLinn “Dash” Jamieson recently retired after 38 Years of dedicated service in the USAF. She last served as the Deputy Chief of Staff for Intelligence, Surveillance, Reconnaissance, and Cyber Effects Operations, Headquarters U.S. Air Force, Arlington, Virginia. Lt. Gen. Jamieson is combat experienced, an operational expert, and an adept air, space and cyber strategist. She directed intelligence operations for multiple contingencies to include operations Desert Storm, Allied Force, Unified Response, Enduring Freedom and Iraqi Freedom.Topics Discussed Include: Rising through the Ranks as a Woman in the Military  Being the 1 and only woman on base during her deployment to Korea Championing Disruptive Technology and its value to DoD What is takes for successful DevOps implementation  Translating the disconnect between Business Startup and DoD Relationships and Teams based on Trust Mentor / Mentee relationships and the reciprocity between the two 
​The Almanac of American Politics 2020 called Mac Thornberry “one of Congress’ brainiest and most thoughtful members on national and domestic security issues,” and said that he “has long been at the forefront of national security issues.”  USA Today said Mac has “experience in Washington, a rare long view and a reputation for serious, thoughtful problem-solving.”​ Consistently on the leading edge of critical national security issues, Mac led in creating the National Nuclear Security Administration to improve management of the nation’s nuclear weapons complex; establishing the Department of Homeland Security (introducing a bill to do so six months before the attacks of 9/11); preparing the military to defend the nation in new domains of warfare such as space and cyber; and improving DOD’s innovation and acquisition efforts. In addition to serving on the House Armed Services Committee throughout his time in Congress, Mac also served on the House Intelligence Committee for 14 years. He has written widely on defense matters and appeared on all major television channels providing insight on national security-related issues. Since leaving Congress after 26 years, which included service as Chairman of the House Armed Services Committee, Mac continues to work at the intersection of technology and national security with various companies and organizations.Topics Discussed Congressional Experience and the “Why” Behind his service How the Department of Defense can better work with startups  Reforming the Pentagon’s acquisition program to strengthen collaboration between DoD and Tech sector How to build the next generation of the industrial base that we need to protect our security and prosperity How to inspire new generations of talented people to help build the future National Security base.   How mentors have influenced Mac’s career trajectory  How Mac hopes to impact others through mentoring? Engaging with nonprofits like SVDG and RAND along with people outside of our direct network and political affiliations is a powerful way to get outside of our comfort zone and connect with a diverse set 
Dr. David Bray, Ph.D., is a Leader at The World Economic Forum, World Keynoter speaking at events such as TEDx, SXSW, Forbes, and the UNDavid Bray is a GLOBAL TECH & DATA EXPERT, FOUNDER/DIRECTOR, STRATEGIC C-SUITE EXECUTIVE, CREATIVE PIONEER, CORPORATE BOARD MEMBER skilled at leading transformative change in novel & turbulent situations requiring new business models and successful strategies to deliver intelligent, reasoned results. Topics Discussed   Silicon Valley affects National Security and Geopolitics Focusing on Data, not politics  Speaking Truth to Power even if inconvenient  Global Industrial Defense Network for Competitive Advantage  Ideas, Public Health, and Information transform borders Democratizing technology and Empowering the Edge Shifting the Defense Industrial base to Defense Industrial Network  Disruptive New Technology leading National Security  Mentorship and Mentoring others
Kristen Bartok Touw is Co-President, Chief Operating Officer,  and a member of the New Vista Capital board of directors since December 2020. She is the founder and managing partner of AirFinance, which has sourced, structured, diligenced, and serviced more than $1.2 billion in financing across a variety of structured products to aerospace companies, their suppliers, and their customers globally since 2008.Ms. Bartok Touw has also been an active early-stage investor in new and emerging advanced air mobility, or AAM, technologies through AirFinance’s Venture Capital arm. She has sourced, diligenced, and executed early-stage investments in AI, machine learning, computer vision, autonomy, Urchin Tracking Module, data analytics, drones, vertical take-off and landing aircraft, electrification, and battery technology. Ms. Bartok Touw is also an active advisor to many AAM startups and a frequent speaker on the topic of the intersection of AAM and finance. She was named to Corporate Jet Investor’s “Power List” in 2015 as one of the industry’s top 10 innovators and is currently the only woman on the list.Discussion Topics Include:  Going from Politics to Investment Banking to Entrepreneurship  Entrepreneurship on the West Coast VS East Coast  Being smart enough to ask dumb questions Learning from Failure Building Relationships  Work-Life Balance - Family and a Career  Kitchen cabinet of diverse mentors 
Steve co-created the Lean Startup movement. He has been part of, or co-founded eight Silicon Valley startups. These have run the gamut from semiconductors, video games, personal computers, and supercomputers. (MIPS, Zilog, Rocket Science, SuperMac, Convergent Technologies, Ardent, ESL) Steve's last company was E.piphany, an enterprise software company. Discussion Topics:  The role Universities play in the National Security Industrial Base The Gordian Knot Center for National Security Innovation @ Stanford  Delivering MVP's with speed and scale faster than our advisaries Semi- Conductors , Where were heading/Globalization The Future National Security Landscape   OODA Loops
James Cross is the Founder of Silicon Valley Defense Group a non-profit focused on National Security and Innovation. As Co-Head of Private Investing for Franklin Equity Group and Managing Director of Franklin Venture Partners he specializes in investsing in private opportunities with mid- and late-stage companies that the firm believes are poised for transformative impacts across multiple industries. SVDG  seeks to align and connect the people, capital, and ideas that will ensure the U.S. and its allies achieve a durable advantage in the global techno-security competition.They are working to create the nexus of pioneering ideas, people, and capital that will unlock new sources of innovation for national security and power the digital evolution of the defense industrial base.Discussion Topics :  The Origin of SVDG and Bridge Between Silicon Valley & DC  VC investment Fund Framework, Definitions and Descriptions  Policy Makers Mistaken Views on Defense and NatSec Focuses on the Defense Ecosystem Globally not just in Northern California  Venture Backed Tech Ecosystems Across the Country Future Talent, Future Mission, Future Threats 
Tina Dolph is an accomplished executive leader with more than two decades of government industry experience.  Shes widely known as a collaborative leader. Prior to Leading Siemens Government Technologies Ms. Dolph was instrumental in Lockheed Martin’s integration of and subsequent divestiture of PAE, Inc., where she served in executive leadership positions culminating as Executive Vice President, Company Operations for a $2 billion enterprise.Topics Discussed Include Finding our way through experience as Leaders  Learning our strengths with Mentors  Focusing on Mission & People means everything else falls in place Maintaining the Innovation Ecosystem Partnering with High Tech Talent 
Shaun Modi is the founder and CEO of a new venture-backed Startup, Capitol AI. Capitol employs a no code interface which empowers users from the CEO to the front line manager to make higher velocity, better quality AI-enabled decisions.  With a single click on a data source and the Capitol platform bubbles up insights and predicts the best visualizations for decision-makers. Shaun's is one of the leading designers in Technology who's skills are a culmination of 14+yrs experience from tremendously successful companies and institutions ; Airbnb, Google, RISD, & MIT.  As founding designer at Airbnb, and co-founder of the design and innovation group TM he has launched over 55+ products. Airbnb is now worth $100b+.  Shaun has also created a fee-free cash transfer app Shaun designed for Sendwave is currently used by three million Africans every day and has been named one of Business Insider’s Top 75 Designers in Technology  Discussion Topics Include:  Shaun’s passions as a child that led him to a career in Technology and Air BnB The power of Design and the impact it can make on Business There is no bigger mission than National Defense How can DOD create a platform to allow us all to work together?
Welcome to Building the Base, a unique discussion focused on shaping our future national security industrial base during this pivotal time in our Nation’s history For over 40 years, the non-profit organization Business Executives for National Security, or BENS for short, has brought senior executives and best business practices from across our country together to address our Nation’s most pressing security challenges. The BENS mission is more important now than ever before. It’s a daunting task ... a task the United States has not had to do at this scale since World War II. It’s also a historic opportunity to leverage new technologies, new business models, new ideas, and new voices to improve our country for the decades to come Hear from top entrepreneurs and leaders from the high tech, financial, industrial, and public sectors, as they share their ideas and perspectives about how we can all work better together to ensure our national security and prosperity. Building the base is hosted by long time BENS member and leader of the BENS Technology and Innovation Council Lauren Bedula and former Chief Weapons buyer and innovator for Special Operators, Sailors, and Marines and now BENS distinguished fellow: Hondo Geurts! We look forward to you joining us and weighing in on the discussion! Listen to: Building the Base. Find New episodes Everywhere fine podcasts are found! 
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