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In this episode, Michelle and Olivia have an honest chat about "niching down."They discuss:The general go-to niching advice given by most marketing gurus... and how it doesn't sit quite right with a lot of entrepreneursHow they're navigating niching within each of their 3 businessesHow niches can change over timeWhat to focus on when creating a nicheHow your niche affects your marketing and sales messagingAnd more!
In the latest episode of the Marketing Like a Mother podcast, Olivia sits down with multi-award-winning website creation coach, Vicky Etherington. Vicky has been supporting entrepreneurs in their online marketing and with their websites since 2003, working with coaches, course creators, and people transitioning into entrepreneurship. She teaches how to grow an online business and create your own client-winning websites through her signature Rock That Website program. Vicky’s work is all about helping people who aren’t comfortable with marketing and technology to understand how to create a website that is fully focused on growing their impact and their business. In this episode, you’ll learn: How to avoid burnout How Vicky transitioned from done-for-you and 1:1 services to group How to overcome mindset blocks around raising prices How to set boundaries…and stick to them All about how Vicky handled running a business with a husband often gone with the military, annual house moves, and two young kinds How to create a sustainable busines modelOther Links in the Episode:Facebook:
​Today on the Marketing Like A Mother 🎧 Michelle is chatting with Camera Confidence Coach Julia about the power of video and how you can overcome your camera-shyness to boost your business.In this episode, Julia and Michelle dive into:⭐️ Building your confidence to show up on camera⭐️ The power of video for your business from filming lives and running sales calls to hosting webinars and creating course content⭐️ Building up to showing up "live" with strategic rehearsals that prime you for the “real thing”⭐️ And a masterclass in using your voice to share your message more compellingly⭐️ ... and so much more!Other Links in the Episode:
In this latest episode of the Marketing Like a Mother podcast, Olivia is joined by Wellbeing Coach Sandra Lindholm. Sandra helps female entrepreneurs transform from just surviving to thriving by creating a healthy business with simple strategies that they feel excited to show up for (and that will get sustainable results). In this episode, you’ll learn:How to create a healthy business and go from surviving to thrivingWhy it’s so important to take are of your own wellbeing as a female entrepreneurThe 3 success pillars How to make a difference in the world, WHILE taking care of yourself, AND having the time to spend with your friends and familyHow to deal with the fear of visibility and show up authenticallyOther Links in the Episode:
In this episode, Michelle sits down with Award-Winning Mindset Coach & Business Strategist, Jenni Donato.Jenni is the host of The Mindset and Method Podcast, Creator of The Mind Spa Business Accelerator Programme, and joint host of The IGNITE Business Hub.  She helps female entrepreneurs to blast through mindset blocks to create a business that makes them the money they want from doing what they love - in the time they have!Michelle and Jenni discuss:3 things to focus on for business success: belief, simplify and scaleThe science of mindset and how mindset is 95% of successHarnessing the success psychology of the most successful people to improve your businessHow self-care is the best investment we can make as women and business ownersAdvice for selling that pushes past our desire to serve and please but actually empowers A crash course in contrast marketing and how to be careful not to accidentally down-sell everyone to your lowest ticket offerOther links in this episode: - A 30-Min 'Do-It-Yourself' Business Growth Audit 
In this episode of the Marketing Like a Mother podcast, Olivia is chatting with the Integrated Success Coach herself, Laura Ellera. Laura is an award-winning, top-ranking podcaster, speaker, neuroscientist in training and ICF accredited Integrated Success Coach™️ whose sole purpose in life is to help female leaders connect deeply to themselves, their message, and their audience by releasing their subconscious resistance to success so that they can lead with integrity and grace. In this episode, Laura and I discuss:Lessons from a “flopped” launch How connecting deeply with your audience is the key to successHow that connection starts with first connecting with ourselvesThe steps to take to establish that connectionBalancing the science and the wooHow Laura balanced motherhood, life, and a business after being diagnosed with PND two days before her husband left for Afghanistan for two years, and how training and competing in an Ironman helped herOther links mentioned:
In this episode, Michelle and Olivia do a deep dive behind the scenes of their schedules as mompreneurs. They discuss:Their schedules with 2 businesses each + toddlersNon-traditional schedules vs "regular 9-5"Their secrets behind balancing it all (without losing their minds...)The danger of just "putting out fires" all dayHow to determine what's truly urgent and/or important in your scheduleWhen guilt sneaks inHow to take your clients' schedules into consideration in your business
In this latest episode, Olivia sits down with author and certified Mindful Schools meditation educator, Miranda Lee. Miranda specializes in practical meditation coaching for busy families, teaching parents and kids how to lead contented and balanced lives using mindfulness and meditation techniques. In this episode, you’ll learn: How mindfulness can help you in business, especially in stopping the overwhelm that can occur when balancing caregiving and work Why pausing in our working day can help us be more productive and how to pause effectively How to get in the habit of pausing, even when you have no extra time Miranda’s tools to help with overwhelm and stressful moments Why self-compassion is so important for working mothers And Miranda walks us through a short (but incredibly effective!) practiceOther Links in the Episode:
In this episode, Michelle sits down with lead generation and email funnel strategist, Allison Hardy.  Allison helps busy mompreneurs stay in part-time hours by scaling their businesses by selling more of their course or membership. She teaches her clients how to implement her proprietary email funnel framework that introduces habit-based automation into the email funnel, so that your lead is qualified for the pitch, and you’re never a sleazy slimeball in someone’s inbox ever again.Michelle and Allison talk about:What are email funnels?Her signature system for setting up habit-based funnels for better engagement, nurturing and conversionsWhen is the right time to introduce funnels into your business?How she built her program around her role as a motherAdvice for implementing education and trainings to actually get resultsHow she runs her business around her family + her origin story for focusing specifically on MomsThe importance of living out your brand values in your business and how values are the best way to identify your ideal clientsOther links in this episode:
In this episode, Olivia is joined by Life and Mindset Coach Jenny Baird. Jenny specializes in Communication and Performance and spent the last 20 years performing as a singer/songwriter, communicating and presenting professionally, coaching in multiple settings……not to mention doing the intense personal work required to dig her way out of who she was “supposed” to be and discover the power and freedom that comes from finding her voice and living as her authentic self..In this episode, you’ll learn: How to build confidence and break through anxiety, especially in public speaking/performance settings How to find your authentic voice and message and communicate from that grounded place How to process negative thoughts that trigger anxiety before a big event How to be confident and grounded, no matter what audience you’re in front of and no matter what reaction you’re getting from that audience.Other Links in the Episode:
In this episode, Michelle sits down with Kajabi specialist Jaimee Claxton. Jaimee is the Founder & Creative Director at Website Restyle, as well as a double Olympian, mum of three, and a coffee loving Kiwi living in France!Jaimee supports female entrepreneurs, online coaches and course creators by removing their tech stress and allowing business owners to focus on what they love - their business!In this episode Michelle and Jaimee chat about:Scaling with digital products and how she's nurturing her dream clients earlier in their business journey with smaller investment items so they know / like / trust her when they're ready for 1:1 supportFinding the right audience and offers for your business that light you up and fit your life, and let go of the rest!How investing in support, mentorship and education unlocked things for her businessNetworking & marketing on a human scale with Facebook groups, where she plants seeds of value and becomes top of mind for the right peopleAnd leaning into your mum instincts in business to empathize, support and encourage your communityLinks in the episode: For a 10% discount on any of my Kajabi templates, email Jaimee at and tell her that you listened to this amazing podcast! 
Focus on Profitability

Focus on Profitability


In this episode, Olivia chats with financial coach Victoria Sexton. Victoria is also the bestselling author of Effortless Money: How to Align Your Wealth and Your Woo and is the host of the Don’t Play With Trash podcast. In this episode, you’ll learn:Why women should iinvest more than menWhat your beliefs, values, and mindset have to do with your financial situationWhat you can do NOW to improve your financial situationWhat you can do now in this economic and political climate to ensure your future financial success?Why women shouldn't delegate their money to their manOther Links in the Episode:Effortless Money: How to Align Your Wealth and Your Woo
In this episode, Michelle and Olivia talk about an up-and-coming trend in the business world: collaborations. They  discuss:The different kinds of collaborationsHow to get over “collaboration FOMO”The importance of knowing yourselfTesting what worksCollaboration tools we loveHow we turned barriers into assetsHow to get started with collaborationsOther links mentioned in the show: Join the Simplify waitlist: you need help finding collaboration opportunities, contact us at
In this episode, Michelle sits down with Lee Midlane. Lee has built her business around the goal of making video more accessible and less scary for women, and getting them more visible in their businesses.In this episode, Lee and Michelle dive into:Helping women overcome the mindset of being on camera and video and purposefully desensitizing yourself to seeing your face on screenHow Lee grew her business out of a gap in the market, being the only woman in her field and businessHow she balances all the different sides of her business with 3 kids on the spectrumHow her family operates as a team like her business and how she’s leaning into doing business her way... and so much more!
In this latest episode, Olivia sits down with high-performance neurocoach Heather J. Crider. Heather is also the host of the Go Reflect Yourself podcast and a leading expert on brain-based growth, thought transformation, stress reduction, and burnout recovery. In this episode, you’ll learn: How to create a joyful, fulfilled life of your dreams - even when you feel like it can’t happen for you How to use practical evidence-based neuroscience to help with the process How Heather involves her teenagers in her business and teaches them valuable life lessons Heather’s top tips for balancing running a business with kidsOther Links in the Episode:
In this episode, Michelle sits down with the lovely Carla Shohet to talk about the importance of community and empowering mothers to shape their own future.In this episode you’ll learn:Why Carla is so passionate about helping mothers create their own financial independenceWhat contributes to forming your identity as a motherThe benefits behind finding a community as a motherThe concept of Matrescence How to find a business concept that works with YOUR lifestyleOther links mentioned in this
In this episode, Olivia sits down with Donna Dube, a homeschooling mother of two teenagers and the founder of Productivity Plus. Donna helps CEOs reach their full potential without the burnout and stress that comes with managing a growing and scaling business. You’ll learn: How not to get overwhelmed with ALL the dataHow knowing the data helps you move forward in your businessHow to pinpoint which metrics you should be trackingHow to make sure what you’re doing is adding to your bottom line (and isn’t just busywork disguised as productive work…)Her recommended tools for tracking dataWhat to do if you’re naturally NOT a “numbers” personHow much time you should be spending tracking data and how often you should be looking at your numbersOther Links Mentioned in this Episode:https://www.productivityplusva.ca10 KPIs You Can Start Measuring TodayGoogle Data StudioGoogle Analytics
In this episode, Michelle and Olivia talk about all things email marketing. They discuss different strategies that have worked for them and what hasn't worked, as well as other topics like:Olivia's strategy for reviving her list after taking a 2 YEAR breakHow to get people on your listHow to choose a platformWhich metrics to trackOlivia's (somewhat) controversial daily email strategyHow to set up a "getting to know you" sequenceBatch creating vs writing in the momentAnd more!Other links in the episode:ConvertKitFreakonomics Podcasthttps://www.thebluebellgroup.com
This week on Marketing Like A Mother, co-host Michelle Pontvert is chatting with the very talented copywriter Nicole Kepic. Here’s what you’ll learn in this episode:The simplifying power of VIP DaysWhat exactly is “copy”How non-writers can harness the power of copywritingHow to make sure you’re not being too “sales-y” in your copyWhat the highest-impact copy is and when to hire a professional copywriterHow launching digital products has changed her businessOther links in this episode:
This week on the Marketing Like a Mother podcast, Olivia is sitting down with business mentor, marketing strategist, entrepreneur, and author Tiffany Barry. Tiffany is incredibly passionate about helping women - especially moms - in business.In this episode, Tiffany and I talk about:Holistic marketing strategiesHow to worry less about your marketing and focus on your other goalsHow to redefine what your “rules” are in your business and create the lifestyle business of your dreamsHow what Tiffany has learned in motherhood has translated into how she works in her businessOther Links Mentioned in the Episode: links may be affiliate links. If you make a purchase, we may be compensated at no additional cost to you.)
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