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This is our FINAL episode in the "(RE) Setting The Table" Series. While it won't be the last podcast we do it marks an end to our focus on deep change in the church. And this week we have a real treat with Rev. Karen Rohrer as our Guest. She is the director of the Center For Adaptive And Innovative Ministry at Pittsburgh Theological Seminary. A brilliant scholar and minister with a ton to share with us. It's such a great conversation that we decided to post the whole long form conversation. It is definitely worth the listen.
#6 Questions (2-21-22)

#6 Questions (2-21-22)


In this episode we answer listener questions along with the one and only Isaac Thomforde. A 16 year old Crookston teen with wisdom beyond his years. 
This week we talk about what it means to "Make Space At The Table".  In this conversation we talk about:      How can we avoid getting to set in our identities.      The trap of thinking that perfection will "bring more people in".     How "Hybrid Church" can help us avoid ableism and other discriminations.      Why assimilation is the opposite of authentic outreach.     Mission is an invitation to be changed as much as a call to bring change to others. 
In this episode Pastor Mike & Greg talk about the big picture of what we are called to be. The north star that guides us through change and lets us know if we're headed off course. Also, we explore what it means to love as a community, how Hybrid church might help or hurt and some crazy ideas for ministry in the future. Join us as we explore together. New Episodes every Monday.   
In this episode Brother (Rev.) Jeff Brown (Order of Lutheran Franciscans and pastor of St. Paul's Lutheran Church in Crookston)  joins us with his unique views as a member of the .Together we discuss the "tensions" that exist as we look towards  big change in the church.         - What specific tensions are our communities need to deal with?        - What do we do with the inevitable grief?      - How does vulnerability play into the process?      - What are "Shadow Values" and how do they threaten to pull us off course. And most of all       - What are "Core Values" and why they are key to navigating these questions? ----------------------We LOVE Questions and Comments! Send them to
#1 The Situation

#1 The Situation


In our first episode we introduce ourselves, why we're doing this and all that is going through our heads as we think about the great changes that are coming for our communities post covid.    - Collaboration    - Ways to think about the changes in church life we've seen over the last decade.    - Hybrid Church Questions   - How Pentecost, prophets and old problems we are encountering now.    - Crazy ideas for the future of ministry. Send your questions to:
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