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In the end, The Wire offered a glimpse of where society was headed if nothing changed. Clarke Peters and Dominic West discuss Season 5's divisive serial killer story arc, while Andre Royo recalls Bubbles' redemption. Idris Elba and TV critic Sonia Saraiya weigh in on how The Wire never won an Emmy. Author D. Watkins explores The Wire's social impact while David Simon and Ed Burns share their perspective on why the show still resonates so deeply. Lastly, Wendell Pierce sounds off on how one scene, in particular, speaks to The Wire and the state of the world.See for privacy information.
The Wire boldly wiped its slate clean in Season 3, rerouting the show moving forward. Idris Elba discusses the slow dissolution of Stringer Bell and Avon Barksdale's relationship and The Wire's use of humor. Then host Method Man goes deep on what many people consider The Wire's best season: Season 4. Jermaine Crawford recalls the pleasures and pains of playing Dukie, Alexa Fogel explains the challenge of casting child actors, and both Ed Burns and Jim True-Frost reflect on their portrayal of the Baltimore public education system.See for privacy information.
The Wire created one of the most complex characters in the history of television in Omar Little, played by the late Michael Kenneth Williams. Casting director Alexa Fogel recalls what made her consider Williams for the role, and Ed Burns remembers his initial doubts and how Williams extinguished them when the cameras rolled. Idris Elba, Andre Royo, JD Williams, Wendell Pierce, Hassan Johnson, Domenick Lombardozzi, Clarke Peters, Karen Thorson and Jermaine Crawford also join The Wire at 20 to talk about the special type of person Williams was, his exceptional talent, their friendships with him, and how his performance added new depth to discussions of masculinity. Rest in peace, Michael Kenneth Williams.See for privacy information.
The Wire has historically been known for its tight-knit family environment behind the scenes. Executive producer Nina Noble attributes their bond to the show's underdog status. Domenick Lombardozzi, Dominic West, JD Williams, and Andre Royo join The Wire at 20 to talk about the frat house environment they cultivated. Next, Karen Thorson and Jim True-Frost recall renting rooms in Clarke Peters's home, a more mature space that he called "The Academy." Finally, Nina, Wendell Pierce, and Dominic remember how the team staged an intervention for Dominic after his enthusiasm lapsed during Season 4.See for privacy information.
The Wire isn’t exactly a love letter to Baltimore, but you can’t deny the Charm City gives the show its personality and energy. David Simon joins The Wire at 20 to describe how the politics of filming in Baltimore changed over time. Andre Royo and JD Williams recall the day-to-day excitement and challenges of filming on the city’s streets. And Method Man engages in a dynamic conversation with one cast member who was B-more to the core: Felicia “Snoop” Pearson.See for privacy information.
Casting director Alexa Fogel explains how tricky it was to cast one of The Wire’s lead characters, Jimmy McNulty. We hear from Dominic West, Wendell Pierce, and Andre Royo about scoring their roles and the unique prep work they did to ace their performances. Domenick Lombardozzi and Jim True-Frost weigh in on the precarious nature of the show, which often felt like it was on the verge of cancellation. Producers Karen Thorson and Nina Noble round out the episode with memories of executive producer Bob Colesberry, who passed away unexpectedly between seasons.See for privacy information.
Hassan Johnson, who played Roland “Wee-Bey” Brice, joins The Wire at 20 for an animated conversation between old friends. He and Method Man reminisce about growing up together on Staten Island, share behind-the-scenes memories of their time on The Wire, and reflect on the show’s lasting pop culture influence, including the ubiquitous Wee-Bey meme.See for privacy information.
The Wire was far from a surefire hit from day one. Host Method Man walks through The Wire’s long journey to the screen and the initial challenges it faced. Series co-creators David Simon and Ed Burns join to discuss how their backgrounds in journalism and law enforcement shaped their vision for the series. Executive producer Nina Noble and writer/producer George Pelecanos weigh in on how the writer’s room was sometimes a shouting match.See for privacy information.
The official 20th anniversary podcast for the HBO Original Series The Wire. Hosted by Method Man and featuring interviews with the show’s cast, crew, and creators, the 8-episode podcast will offer a behind-the-scenes peek into the show’s production and celebrate its lasting influence as a cultural phenomenon. If you thought you knew The Wire, you’ve never heard it like this.  See for privacy information.
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Joel Hamburg

Thanks for The Wire at 20. Loved every episode.

Jul 25th

Joel Hamburg

Great show and great podcast.... thanks

Jul 3rd
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