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The scientific method

The scientific method


I talk about the scientific method and give a simple experiment you can test it out with - and talk about how that simple notion led to bigger things.
Here’s my take on all that happened to get us from the launches I was a part of to where we are today.
I spent 18 months as a graduate student working on the space program. I talk about my experiences and what I learned along the way
Intro to my podcast

Intro to my podcast


Who am I? What is this? And a commencement address.
Here’s some detail about elections and election security
How can you contribute to making yourself and society smarter?  The first step is to stop watching the crap on TV.
The stories of our interactions with Japan leading up to our entry into WWII are sometimes forgotten. Here's a primer.
The Earth doesn't care what you think...
A famous restaurant closed and the owner set about feeding the hungry.
How can anyone say trump is doing...anything right? He’s bumbling through this.
I provide clips from various sources to illustrate my point.
A random stream of consciousness .
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