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Dave Laurier travels to Vancouver, British Columbia and speaks with Don Murray and Dale Lutz, the co-founders of the Canadian software company Safe Software.Their Data Integration Platform, FME, is the one and only spatially aware data integration platform. Making FME the undisputed Data Integration platform within the geospatial industry. Don and Dale explain why a Data Integration platform is necessary, how it works and what it can mean to you. Dave also asks them about their company's purpose which is about improving lives, life and the health of our planet and queries them around fun at work, corporate responsibility and their advice to young talent in the geospatial industry.  Learn more around Don and Dale, the co-founders and co-CEO's of Safe Software at more information around FME, the only spatially aware Data Integration Platform, please visit the Safe Software website at podcast is brought to you by Dave Laurier and Tensing, an Avineon company. Learn more about us at 
Dave Laurier travels to Palm Springs, USA and speaks with Jack Dangermond. Jack is the co-founder, together with Laura Dangermond, of the Environmental Systems Research Institute (Esri), a privately held Geographic Information Systems (GIS) software company.Together they talk about the world's challenges today which are big and complex and the GIS acting as the intelligent nervous system for the planet can help solve those challenges. For more information about Dave Laurier or Avineon-Tensing please visit our corporate website at  or read the blog about this episode (Dutch)  at 
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