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We are wrapping up Season 2 with the ‘N” to X.T.C….our final guest and team member behind the scenes, Nadea Nicole from Hey Girl Haven.    She is passionate about two things: creating and helping people.    From social media strategy to graphics, she is dropping insights like what platform to use to engage your audience, how often to post, what type of content you will showcase, and much more.    “Everything is with intention” stated Nadea.    Well…our intent in this episode is to shine the spotlight on our secret weapon …a.k.a. our Social Media guru…Nadea Nicole.    Let’s get social! Listen to Part I today.    #TheEntrepreneursTrip #XTC #Podcast #Vodcast #Videocast #Entrepreneurship
Yep, Brenda is kind of a big deal!    So, we had to have her back for a 2nd dose with X.T.C. to take the conversation to the next level.    It’s about taking your entrepreneurial aspirations to the next level.    She will impact, influence and inspire our listeners to stop playing small, rock the boat a little, and become a better version of yourself.    She is dropping nuggets like “It is not just to look good but to be good….Don’t wish for it to be easy, wish for you to better!”     She talks about the power of our mind and how it helps us have unstoppable confidence to transform your vision into a thriving business and getting paid$$$$.    You don’t want to miss this episode!   #TheEntrepreneursTrip #XTC #Podcast #Vodcast #Videocast #Entrepreneurship
You may have a main gig or a job, but you always want something ‘on the side’ to diversity your talents, expand your capacity, and bring in the Benjamins $$$$.    Join our conversation with Brenda Cotto, a serial entrepreneur who is running multiple successful companies simultaneously.    She worked herself out of a job by engaging with a network marketing company to launching a coaching practice and academy to creating an art studio.    How does she do it all?    Delegate, collaborate, and knowing how to hire people that are experts in their field so you (as the Owner!) can focus on aspects of your business that only you can do.    Those are just some valuable nuggets of success to determining whether to grow or not to grow your business.    Yeah…she’s kind of a BIG deal!    Check out Part 1 today. #TheEntrepreneursTrip #XTC #Podcast #Vodcast #Videocast #Entrepreneurship
[‘DING DING DING’] “FIGHT!” … Round 2 of the #Collaboration VS. #Delegation debate between the X (Xaulanda) and the T (Tristian) of our crew gets underway in this episode of The Entrepreneur’s Trip, as the C (Chris) attempts to referee this championship bout. Tune in to this MUST WATCH matchup, as we share real-life stories, analogies, and anecdotes to help sort out the similarities and differences between what it means to collaborate, and what it means to delegate. Who will you side with? And when is the right time to delegate, if at all? Tune in to this Main Event to find out! #TheEntrepreneursTrip #XTC #Podcast #Vodcast #Videocast #Entrepreneurship
(1.) Discipline - (2.) Execution - (3.) Commitment   These are the 3 things entrepreneurs often lose sight of, according to Joseph Simmons, Founder & CEO of The Center for Micro-Entrepreneurial Training (CMET).   Joe joins us for a second episode to further explore what makes entrepreneurs successful and how we can enhance both our individual and collective success by working together.    After all, what do successful entrepreneurs like Steve Jobs and Jeff Bezos have in common? They were given the opportunity to fail and then start again.    If you fall down you need a safety net. And that's where your community of fellow entrepreneurs come in ... #TheEntrepreneursTrip #XTC #Podcast #Vodcast #Videocast #Entrepreneurship
August is Black Business Month!    So, X.T.C. sat down with Joseph “Joe” Simmons, CEO & Founder of the Center for Micro-Entrepreneurial Training (CMET) to take a trip in U.S. history to better understand the current changes in the trajectory of black businesses.     Beyond a moment of integration or equality, the current entrepreneurial movement is built on equity, access, and accountability.     Therefore, entrepreneurs need to take ownership of their destiny, collaborate intentionally, and build a foundation of business success that leads to generational wealth.     “We can’t count on other people to do it for us, we have got to do it for ourselves” stated Joe.    Check out this episode to learn more.   #TheEntrepreneursTrip #XTC #Podcast #Vodcast #Videocast #Entrepreneurship
Whether you know him as Jamar, Sincere, or Sin, one thing is for sure – he is ‘too legit, to quit!” Whether it is in starting his business, intentionally nurturing creative collaborations, or being a hands-on Dad, it’s about sharing knowledge, building a network, and investing in your net worth.    It’s about having that entrepreneurial mindset. Jamar continues to share, exchange, and engage in small business strategies and how collaborations can help to build generational wealth.    Tune in today! #TheEntrepreneursTrip #XTC #Podcast #Vodcast #Videocast #Entrepreneurship
A true Renaissance man, Jamar wears many hats – serial entrepreneur, rapper, songwriter, photographer, and most importantly, father!  Jamar, also known as Sincere or Sin, joins X.T.C. to talk about establishing long-lasting collaborations and how when done successfully benefits all parties involved.  As an example, he shares a collaborative experience on a recent Shot by Sin photoshoot done in St. Croix, USVI.  Essentially, the takeaway – collaborations have to make sense!  Check out this episode to learn more and via YouTube to SEE the final product of Jamar’s collaborative handy work. #TheEntrepreneursTrip #XTC #Podcast #Vodcast #Videocast #Entrepreneurship
To Collaborate OR NOT to Collaborate as entrepreneurs?  That is the question that the X.T.C. crew tries to get to the bottom of in this episode.  As Tristian suggests, "we have to figure out, WHO it is we collaborate with, WHY we want to collaborate with them, and WHEN is the best time to collaborate with them?"  As it turns out, we each have our own criteria for deciding whether or not to collaborate with someone. And we can be a bit picky too, as we don't collaborate with just anyone. But those whom we do collaborate with have earned it.  Tune in to find out what it takes to get the members of X.T.C. to collaborate on a professional level.  Do you share similar criteria for who you do or don't collaborate with? Are you bringing to the table what is necessary for people to want to collaborate with YOU?   #TheEntrepreneursTrip #XTC #Podcast #Vodcast #Videocast 
This week we're diving even deeper into the story of how "Joey, the Barber" became a client experience guru.    As entrepreneurs, we all start somewhere. And many of us, like in Joey's case, begin watching, observing, and learning from other experts in our field.    It's one thing to emulate the people we learned from and to stop there. But it's a whole other thing to strive to do it even better, to take risks, challenge ourselves, and find your own style and measurement of success.    It's this work ethic and burning desire to always try to do better for his customers that make "Joey, the Barber" THE GUY that his clients want to keep coming back to.        #TheEntrepreneursTrip #XTC #Podcast #Vodcast #Videocast #Entrepreneurship
Royalty is loyalty! Joey the Barber takes us on his entrepreneurial journey and creates quality client experiences for his clients. Identifying the need to reduce wait times, ensure guaranteed appointment times, and focus on that one-on-one client experience, he set out to automate the systems of his business, expand the services provided and offer more than just a haircut. As a client Tristian proclaims, “I’ve been more loyal to the barbers in my life than the women in my life.” To which Joey explains, “It’s a relationship. It’s a friendship. It’s about building a bond.” Now, that’s loyalty that flows both ways. Check out the episode with Joey from Royalty Cutz Barbershop in St. Croix!
Fasten your seatbelt! The entrepreneur and client experience can be a bumpy ride!    As entrepreneurs, we often rack our brains thinking about "how do we get that first client", "how do we keep our pipeline of potential clients filled", or "how do we identify and attract the type of client we enjoy working with most"?     What does it take to land our ideal client, onboard them, and continue to nurture that entrepreneur and client relationship?   Conversely, like any relationship, how do we prepare ourselves and implement failsafes that allow us to exit a relationship with a client who is not working out like we had hoped?   Tune into this episode of The Entrepreneur's Trip as X.T.C. dives deep into the entrepreneur & client experience!
When we are having a good time, we just have to keep the conversation going! Join X.T.C. with Khnuma Simmonds, CEO & Founder of My Girlfriend’s Closet, for Part 2 of the Culture & Connection conversation as we unpack her [Suit]Case Story. What started out as a love of diverse extracurricular activities in high school translated to multiple businesses and revenue streams in adulthood for Khnuma. She has used entrepreneurship to create Girlfriendism (, with over seven different branches of business that were inspired by women of St. Croix, US Virgin Islands and created for women around the world. As such, the 2022 Girlfriendism Retreat will be taking 32 women from the USVI to Greece for a cultural exchange that culminates on National Girlfriend Day. Khnuma is intentionally building her legacy by empowering other women and entrepreneurs to live in purpose and to share HERstory.
In this episode of The Entrepreneur’s Trip with X.T.C., we’re adding a “K” to the mix. Khnuma is the CEO and Founder of My Girlfriend’s Closet STX boutique in St. Croix, and is the Founder of the global movement, “Girlfriendism”. We brought in fellow entrepreneur, Khnuma, to talk about “culture connection”. So, what does that mean? Culture connection can take on a lot of different meanings. However, in this episode, we discuss  the entrepreneur’s individual culture, the organization’s external cultural environment, and the organization’s internal culture. As entrepreneurs, of course, we bring to our businesses our own individual culture, experiences, and biases. Then there's the collective piece for our organization and the environment in which our organization exists. Where is the business situated? What are our cultural surroundings like? And lastly, there is the culture that exists within our organization. What are the organization’s values? What is the employee culture like and how does that culture translate to or impact our customers? Join X.T.C. … and “K” for this special culture connection episode, to see how your cultural awareness, competency, and connections may be affecting you and your business.
Season 2 Premiere!

Season 2 Premiere!


All Aboard Trippers!👋🏽…Welcome to Season #2 of The Entrepreneur’s Trip!  While planning our itinerary for this season, we asked for your feedback and what topics you would like us to discuss next.  You spoke and we listened! This season we are mixing it up with new guests, new destinations, new views, and new experience upgrades!  Join us as we look in the rearview mirror from the launch of this podcast in early 2022, to where we are now along this entrepreneurial journey!  Let’s celebrate how far we have traveled together!🍻  So pack your bags, jump aboard, and grab a drink 😉…Season #2 is about to be a trip! 😎🧳🛳
WOW! What a ride it’s been. Can you believe the Season 1 finale of The Entrepreneur’s Trip is already here? We hope you’ve enjoyed this journey with the X.T.C. crew over the past 16 episodes. Here in the finale, X.T.C. gets in vacation mode with our trippy shirts and the libations flowing, as we reminisce and recap our inaugural season. Whether you’ve been tripping with us the whole season or are just joining us for the first time, this is an episode you’re not going to want to miss!  And don’t worry … we will be back for Season 2 at the end of June! Now, grab your beach chair, pour yourself a beverage of choice, and listen to the Season 1 finale. Then, connect with us and your fellow trippers on our social media channels. Join the conversation, let us know how we can improve, and what you’d like to see in Season 2. We want to hear from you! In the meantime, as we get some R&R, you can relax and repeat your favorite Season 1 episodes. Happy Trippin’! #TheEntrepreneursTrip #XTC #Podcast #Vodcast #Videocast #Entrepreneurship
Jerry's [Suit]Case Story

Jerry's [Suit]Case Story


Join X.T.C. as we unpack the [suit]case of Jet-setting Jerry! A Super Networker that has manifested exciting experiences from canceled music festivals in Alabama, filming people as they cross the US & Mexican border, to near-death encounters in St. John, US Virgin Islands, Jerry Garcia, Founder & CEO of Garcia Media Services and Penguin Death Squad dives deep into sharing stories on how networking has helped to grow his businesses and created some lifelong memories. This adventurous and advantage-seeking entrepreneur amps up his value to the services he provides by 1. Showing up and putting yourself out there; 2. being the first to shoot, edit and distribute imagery; 3. infusing compassion and generosity into everything he does; 4. loving what he does while learning “on the fly;” and 5. taking calculated risks with “Jab, Jab, Jab…Right Hook.” He has mastered how to keep his entrepreneur’s trip unexpected and exciting…Jerry be trippin’! Share your networking and entrepreneurial adventures in the comments! #TheEntrepreneursTrip #XTC #Podcast #Vodcasts
Networking beyond your circle of family & friends and making your “bubble bigger” can be uncomfortable, challenging and rewarding. As an entrepreneur, the same way you may focus on your financial capital, you need to intentionally identify and balance your bonding capital vs. bridging capital to strengthen your network. Take this quick assessment. To evaluate your inner circle, “Who are the 5-10 people you spend the most time with?” Then, make a list of your outer circle, which includes the 50+ people that make the most impact in your professional life. If you are spending more than 70% of your time in one of those circles, then it’s time to diversify your network. Remember, your network is your net worth! Join X.T.C. as they share their networking experiences and how they are nurturing their net worth. #TheEntrepreneursTrip #XTC #Podcast #Vodcasts
Networking is really niche-working! Whether you have a specific area of focus where you network, how you expand your type of connections, and the ways you show up in networking situations are indicative of your niche. Whether you are a player, a moderator, or a purist, X.T.C. explores different aspects of networking and ways to connect in person and virtually. We’ve all heard the sayings “It’s not what you know, but who you know” and “It’s not who you know, but who knows you.” What do you think? Come take this entrepreneurial trip of networking with us and share your thoughts today! #TheEntrepreneursTrip #XTC #Podcast #Videocasts
Networking really is about working at casting your social net and making connections with others in a meaningful way. As entrepreneurs, we may approach networking very differently, make connections in diverse spaces, and have a plethora of experiences because we have to put ourselves out there. No matter how we go about it, networking offers the opportunities to exchange ideas, make yourself noticeable, explore new opportunities, reassess qualifications, improve creative intellect, provide extra resources, have support, grow your status and self-confidence, while establishing long-lasting relationships. Based on your network, connections, connectivity, and expansions beyond your current community, your network can become your net worth. Join X.T.C. as they explore how networking is an essential component of business success.  
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