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A podcast about all things Aussie music-related from an opinionated non-Aussie blogger girl.

Join the host, Saba from the, as she speaks to people who do something seriously “non-silly” (pun intended) in the Australian music community. Discussions about broader industry topics + more personal chats with the invited guests about what they do, how they do and why they even bother.

P.S. Contact Saba at for collab/chat proposals.
22 Episodes
Many people dream of working in the music space. But being a part of the business also comes with some downsides. Ask any artists touring for extended periods of the year. Ash King is the in-house psychologist for Support Act, the Australian music industry's mental health charity. She walks me through the impact of well-being on the lives of the people working in the music business (and everyone else's, for that matter). Visit Support Act's page: Support Act's Wellbeing Hotline: 1800 959 500 (24 hours a day, 365 days per year, within Australia only) Find out why you should support 'Support Act': Learn more about 'Sound Minds': Participate in the Aus Music T-shirt Day: Read my article about #ausmusictshirtday: Watch the interview with Lucas Sutton: Find me online as @SillyMcWiggles --- Send in a voice message:
Apart from haka, rugby and Lorde, what else do you know about New Zealand? And how about the Māori culture? Meet Matariki Cultural Foundation's Director, Hinu(rewa) Te Hau, who shares her invaluable insights on the importance of Māori arts and music in New Zealand's society. Browse some Maori vocabulary here: Get to know some Maori artists: Learn about Taonga pūoro - Māori musical instruments: Find out more about the traditional dance, kapa haka: Learn about The Treaty of Waitangi: ⁠⁠ More resources about Mātauranga Māori – Māori knowledge: ⁠⁠ Visit Matariki Cultural Foundation: See what Creative New Zealand has to offer: Check out Māori Language Commission: Visit NZ Music Commission: and its division, Outward Sound: Listen to Iwi Radio Stations: And finally, connect with me on my channels: Silly McWiggles --- Send in a voice message:
The chat about diversity, inclusion and access with Morwenna Collett - a disability consultant in the arts industry in Australia - inspired me to make my online channels more suitable for different audiences. So I thought providing transcripts on the platforms where my podcast is available would be a good way to start. But I ran into some unexpected obstacles... Find the subtitled version of this special episode here: Check out Otter for your transcripts: Find Morwenna's page here: DM me on socials @SillyMcWiggles with your thoughts --- Send in a voice message:
Wheelchair-accessible venues, quiet spaces for neurodiverse people at festivals or sign language interpreting at concerts are no longer just nice-to-haves. Yet, there's still much room for improvement to make the music business more diverse, accessible and inclusive. How's Australia doing on that front? Morwenna Collett, an accomplished facilitator passionate about increasing accessibility within the music industry, is talking me through some of her findings and her own lived experience as a musician with a disability. Find the subtitled chat here on YT: Visit Morwenna's website: The article about Beyoncé's and Lizzo's ableist lyrics is here: Watch this video of Auslan interpreters rocking out at a gig: Amber Galloway (American sign languages interpreter)'s website: Check out Ability Fest: and my blog post about it: Learn about Arts Access Australia's mission: Meet Morwenna's peer and disability advocate, Eliza Hull: Find out more about Hack Sounds: --- Send in a voice message:
Dino Lupelli is an entrepreneur who creates opportunities for innovation in the music sector, especially the live side of it. He's based in Milan, Italy, but the projects he spearheads, like Linecheck and the Music Innovation Hub, have had a global impact. A big part of his work is related to the ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) aspects of culture. So I picked his brain about the "green" side of concerts and festivals, including ideas to become more sustainable, the cost of the transition and how the topic is perceived by different parties within the music business, in general. Learn more about Dino on his website: Visit the Music Innovation Hub: Browse useful resources provided by these sustainability-focused music organisations: Julie's Bicycle -> Music Declares Emergency -> Green Music Australia -> Find me on socials as @SillyMcWiggles, and check out my for more music-related topics. Feel free to drop me an email at: as well. --- Send in a voice message:
Hello, Season 4!

Hello, Season 4!


Who’s keen for more “Silly Talks” with Saba from the Silly McWiggles project? This season, we’re going international. And the chats are centred around topics like sustainability, working with First Nations artists, accessibility and mental health. Stoked to be back! Speak soon! Collab proposals are welcome. Find me online: or Drop me an email at or DM me @SillyMcWiggles on socials. Podcast credits: Concept, recording, production & artwork design - Saba from the Silly McWiggles project Music Theme from iMovie --- Send in a voice message:
In my humble view, some jobs in the music business are totally underestimated. Sound engineering is one of them. The truth is, you only notice the sound techs when something goes wrong at a gig. So I asked Dan Nash, an Aussie professional with over 20 years of experience in the field, to explain what goes into this challenging, yet fascinating profession.  You can find Dan on IG: Learn some audio terminology from this online glossary: Check out two audio technology companies Dan mentions in the chat: DiGiCo: Avid: Find me on socials as @SillyMcWiggles, and check out my for more Aussie music-related topics. Feel free to drop me an email at: as well. --- Send in a voice message:
Have you heard of Big Sand yet? It's a virtual science fiction band, "Australia's Answer to Gorillaz", that debuted in April 2022. Sally Coleman, the project's creator and "manager" talks me through how she came up with the idea, the tech that made it possible, and her adventures in the world of animation and motion capture - totally new to her.  Check out the Big Sand's website: I also wrote about it on my blog: Connect with Sally on LinkedIn: And here are some companies and initiatives that helped Sally make the project happen: CDW Animation - Artbreeder - Unreal Engine - Digital Futures Initiative - --- Send in a voice message:
Wouldn't it be great if touring musos could save on some costs generated by life on the road, by receiving free food, accommodation or transport, for example? Pixie Weyand, the founder of Feed Music, is convinced this can be done. I'm sold on this idea already, but Pixie is currently on the journey to convince brands and music fans about it, too. Find out how the concept works from this episode.  Check out Feed Music's website: Connect with Pixie on LinkedIn: --- Send in a voice message:
A flight from Sydney to New York is about 22 hours, from Perth to London - approximately 16 hours, and from Melbourne to Singapore - more or less 8 hours. So it's not easy or cheap for an average Aussie act to tour overseas. Nevertheless, the world is finally embracing the potential of the artists from the Land Down Under. So I've invited Larry Heath, the Associate Producer for Sounds Australia - the Australian Music Export Office, to take me through all the ups and downs of exporting Aussie music abroad.  Get to know Larry's company, Heath Media: Learn more about Sounds Australia on their website: Read about the Aussie BBQ in London in May 2022:    --- Send in a voice message:
I often get the question, "Who is your music journalist role model?" Well, here is me talking to one. Sosefina Fuamoli has worked with Rolling Stone Australia, the ARIA Awards, or BIGSOUND music conference, for instance. And I'm quizzing her on the "definition" of Australian music, some grassroots organisations championing local music Down Under, and the vital aspects of the business that still need to be addressed urgently. Don’t forget to tune into the Silly Encore with Sosefina after this one. We’ll talk about some of her fave Aussie acts. Find out more about Sosefina on her website: And here are links to some projects we mention throughout the episode: NEWPRINT (supporting young artists of colour living in outer urban and regional areas): Music In Exile (not-for-profit record label for artists from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds): BIGSOUND (Australian music business conference and showcase): --- Send in a voice message:
We’re back to talk more "silly" stuff with serious Aussie music industry peeps. This time round, they’re (mostly) not musicians themselves. Housekeeping: no more video from this season onwards, just my sexy international accent and my esteemed guests in audio format. Sooooooo keen. Hope you are, too! Saba from the Collab proposals welcome! Drop me an email at or DM @SillyMcWiggles on socials.  Podcast credits: Concept, recording, production & artwork design - Saba from the Silly McWiggles blog Music Theme from iMovie --- Send in a voice message:
To close this season of the podcast, here are some bits and pieces from the chats with all four guests on some totally silly and some completely serious aspects of the music business, with a few insights from Down Under.    You'll hear again from:   - cellist Anita Quayle: - the gents from the art-rock band Peak Park: - Fight The Sun's frontman: - and the R&B powerhouse Caiti Baker:  Follow for more news and topics related to Australian music.    You can email me at:   with any collaboration proposals.    And stay tuned for more seasons of Silly Talks in the future! --- Send in a voice message:
I wanted to speak to Caiti Baker since the very first time I saw her at the St Kilda Fest in Melbourne in 2018. The Darwin-based singer/songwriter has such a magnetic vibe about her on stage that it's impossible to forget her shows. So when we finally connected on Instagram last year, I was super stoked to hear about her story so far and how a completely new chapter in her music adventure is about to get started. Find out more about Caiti Baker on her website: Here is a link to her Sietta project on Spotify: Check out the 'Birds Eye View' podcast as well: You might want to learn more about Kuya James: Also, visit my blog: And finally, consider supporting me on Patreon: See you in the next episode which is entirely dedicated to Caiti Baker’s new album, 'Under Our Galaxy'. --- Send in a voice message:
You’d be surprised, but although I cover heaps of music genres, rock and the heavier sound are my kind of vibe. So when Fight The Sun pitched their music to me on Groover, I invited their frontman, Adrian, for an in-depth chat. And we ventured into many different topics, like navigating social media and rock music marketing.  Find out more about Fight The Sun on their website: Check out Adrian’s “Riffs of the Day” On TikTok: If you want to submit your music to me on Groover, contact me here: Also, visit Shihad, the Kiwi band Adrian mentioned in the conversation: See you in the next episode where I’ll speak to Adrian about Fight The Sun’s new music and their plans for the future. --- Send in a voice message:
Being a DIY band has its ups and downs: you learn heaps as you go, but it can get pretty hectic sometimes. The two Melbourne pandemic lockdowns were a huge blow to Peak Park’s plans as well. Yet, they’ve managed to come out stronger on the other end, both as bandmates and mates in general. Find out more about Peak Park on their website: The interview with Peak Park from two years ago is here on my YouTube channel: Follow my blog here: Don’t miss the next episode, the Silly Encore with Peak Park, where we’ll chat more about the band’s new EP, “How To Be”. --- Send in a voice message:
Classical instrument players are rarely guests on my show, and it’s time to change it. So today, I’m speaking to Anita Quayle - a Melbourne-based cellist and composer with 25 years of experience in the music business. She does so many cool, modern things with her traditionally classical instrument that I think I’m going to start taking cello lessons myself :) Come back on Thursday to hear more about Anita and her journey to becoming a cellist. Find out more about Anita here: If you’re in or around Melbourne this week, catch Anita with her Beyond The Lake project at The Toff In Town on Thursday, 28 April 2022. Get tix here: The best way to support Beyond The Lake is through Bandcamp: Links to some other resources/artists mentioned in the episode are below. Anita demonstrates the electric cello and its effects on the Australian Musician podcast: Guzheng Player Mindy Meng Wang: Violinist Xani Kolac: MAS (Melbourne Amplified Strings): The SPIRE project: The 13:12 project: Canadian cellist Zoë Keating: --- Send in a voice message:
Silly McWiggles is back to talk more "silly" stuff with serious Aussie music industry peeps.  Housekeeping: this time the episodes are dropping every Tuesday and Thursday. Stay tuned for the first one! I'm keen. Are you? ;)  Saba from the Check out my new ventures below. Silly McWiggles on Groover: Silly McWiggles on Patreon: Podcast credits: Concept, recording, production & artwork design - Saba from the Silly McWiggles blog Music Theme from iMovie --- Send in a voice message:
Who’s better qualified to launch an artist coaching company than an artist herself? Kate Westwood, a singer-songwriter from Melbourne, decided to use her experience in the music business to support the indie music community. In this Silly Talk, she explains how Westwood Management supports indie artists with heaps of different resources.  Find out more about Westwood Management on their website:  Why not join the waitlist for the 2022 Indie Musician Summit run by them as well? Register here: And don’t forget to tune into the Silly Encore with Kate. We’ll talk about her unusual career path in music. --- Send in a voice message:
If you’ve lived overseas for a bit longer, then you’ll know that it has its ups and downs. So does Prita Grealy. She has a unique perspective of a musician who has performed and toured both in Europe and Australia. The Perth-based muso also shares heaps of useful tips for emerging artists in terms of managing finances, booking gigs and learning things by doing in the music biz. Find out more about Prita on her website: or Instagram: Tune into the Silly Encore with the artist to hear about Prita’s musical inspirations and why hip hop is one of her go-to music genres, despite being a singer-songwriter. --- Send in a voice message:
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