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Matt and Reggie interview Bryan Schneider and Mehul Madia of the law firm, Manatt, Phelps & Phillips as a second part to the two-part series on the CFPB. They discuss the regulatory bureau’s processes, as well as best practices for Fintech firms.
CFPB Primer

CFPB Primer


Matt and Reggie take a deep dive into why the government was forced to finally create the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. They discuss how it started, its purpose, the policies it created, and its impact on Fintech.
In the last decade, the payment processing space exploded onto the scene. Join Matt and Reggie as they talk to Jareau Wadé, Chief Growth Officer at Finix and co-founder of Balanced, who’s had a front-row seat right from the start. 
Fintech State Regulators

Fintech State Regulators


In this episode: how fintechs should think about regulators and regulation. There’s a lot of regulatory scrutiny happening now in the BaaS space, so this is a must-listen.Matt & Reggie discuss regulatory schemes, licensing, and what to do when regulators reach out to you.
Matt and Reggie chat with Sara Xi, Chief Product Officer of Prime Trust. Join us for a deep dive into the crypto infrastructure that covers key building blocks, pain points, and common solutions.
Compliance 101

Compliance 101


Matt and Reggie take us through what compliance is and specifically what most Fintechs need to do. They talk about how to build a team, and ways you can leverage technology to keep your headcount needs lower in the compliance space.
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