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Author: Lithic

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Welcome to Fintech Layer Cake. A podcast where we slice big Financial Technology topics into bite-sized pieces for everybody to easily digest. Our goal is to make fintech a piece of cake for everyone. Fintech Layer Cake is powered by Lithic — the fastest and most flexible way to launch a card program.

27 Episodes
Join host Reggie Young in this episode as he explores open banking insights with Matt Janiga, former Fintech Layer Cake co-host, regulatory expert, and current Legal Counsel at Trustly. Dive into the world of open banking and explore the regulatory landscape, dissecting the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau's (CFPB) proposed rules. Discover the potential impact on competition, data access, and consumer choice in the fintech ecosystem. Whether you're interested in open banking regulations or cutting-edge payment solutions, this episode offers valuable insights into the fintech industry's evolving landscape.
Join us in this episode of Fintech Layer Cake as Reggie Young delves deep into the world of fintech and compliance automation with Tommy Nicholas, the CEO of Alloy.Explore the ever-evolving landscape of fraud trends, the hurdles of selling to banks and mature fintechs, and the future prospects of community banks in the US. Gain valuable insights into establishing trust through compliance, navigating the complexities of card-related fraud, and the latest innovations reshaping fintech infrastructure.
In this episode of Fintech Layer Cake, Paul Kesserwani (Cushion Founder & CEO) sits down with Reggie Young as they dive deep into the intricate dynamics of the Buy Now, Pay Later (BNPL) industry. They explore its evolution, regulatory frameworks, consumer behavior, and the pivotal role of companies like Cushion in simplifying bill payments and credit building amidst the complexities of BNPL.
Reggie Young & Nikil Konduru sit down with Brian Barnes, Founder & CEO at M1, to take a closer look at the fintech landscape.From buying a bank, creating a rewards card, and encouraging customer investment, their insights aim to help both consumers and investors in their fintech journey.
In this episode, Reggie Young and Jeff Forkan of Gusto dive deep into payroll payments.They share their thoughts about the process, working with sponsor banks, challenges in dealing with taxes, and enhancing cross-border payroll payments and transfers - all while benefiting both companies and employees.
Reggie Young interviews Sophia Goldberg, the CEO and co-founder of Ansa. Sophia shares her expertise and insights on digital wallets, the future of payment systems, overlooked aspects of the payment process, and how companies could potentially challenge card networks with innovative payment systems.
This Special Episode is a cross-post from the Consumer Finance Monitor Podcast. Reggie Young, Ron Shevlin, and Alan Kaplinsky share their insights on the risks and benefits of AI and chatbots, as well as how fintechs should think about practically implementing them.
Reggie Young interviews Soups Ranjan, CEO of Sardine. They discuss modern fraud detection tools, emerging fraud patterns, consortiums, and lessons from Soups' time leading risk at Revolut and Coinbase.
Reggie Young, with Eduardo Lopez, interview TrueML Co-founder and CEO, Ohad Samet, about debt collection: the problems, the innovations, and the future of the field.
Reggie Young sits down with Jonah Crane, Partner at fintech advisory and investment firm Klaros Groups. They discuss an incredibly important piece of regulatory guidance that has recently been released, outlining how banks should work with third parties like fintechs and what that means for those in the fintech space.
Reggie Young interviews Thejo Kote, founder and CEO of Airbase. They talk about the current state of spend management (aka expense management), and Thejo’s predictions for the field for the next few years.  
Reggie Young and Alexandra Barrage dive deep into the FDIC’s significance in the financial space of both banks and fintech. They talk about the FDIC’s functions, compositions, and scope of authority, while analyzing  how the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank, Signature Bank and First Republic Bank affects fintechs and their relationship with the FDIC. 
Reggie Young and Matt Janiga interview Zach Perret, co-founder and CEO of Plaid. They talk about all things Plaid: how it evolved into being a forefront in open finance, and how it’ll continue to unlock financial freedom for everyone.
In this episode, Reggie, Matt, and Scott demystify card networks and explain different core functions, its implementation, and its future in financial or payment institutions. Scott talks about core functions related to card issuance, acquiring and acceptance of payments, and additional services beyond the network operations. He also brings up the challenge of managing everything with the diversity and limitations in networks, while emphasizing the huge influence of technology to the growth of fintechs in Utah.
Reggie Young and Matt Janiga interview Alex Johnson, creator of the newsletter Fintech Takes, and Jason Mikula, writer of Fintech Business Weekly. Alex and Jason talk about CFPB regulations, fintech competition, and customer choice.
This episode tackles FRAML (Fraud and Anti-money Laundering) essentials for fintechs like investment costs & mistakes, weak spots fraudsters exploit, and issues when tackling fraud and AML. Reggie, Matt, and Trisha Kothari discuss fundamental concepts and people you should have in your business, while juggling investing, getting ROIs, losing money, and finding growth and innovation in the Fintech field. 
In this Episode, Robin Poore, VP of Capital Markets & Treasury at BlueVine, talks about the purpose and effect of capital markets for fintechs. He explains the process lenders go through when approving loans through different avenues and emphasizes the qualities fintechs should watch out for in funding partners.
Matt Janiga and Reggie Young interview John Smith, a partner at Morrison Foerster and the former Director at the Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC). John talks about sanctions, the functions of OFAC, and what sanctions Fintechs can expect.
Matt Janiga and Reggie Young conduct an interview with Rodrigo Suarez of Piermont Bank. He shares insights about how bank sponsors work with fintech companies and how these banks view the fintech landscape.
Matt and Reggie interview Ron Shevlin, Chief Research Officer at Cornerstone Advisors, Senior Contributor at Forbes, and Fintech Snark Tank writer. They discuss the evolution of fintech, the regulatory environment for fintech, and checking account potential for various fintech players.
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