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When we hear some of the things that Jesus says or does, our brains don’t register them because it discards them as very strange, or impossible. We lose out on a lot as a result!
Jesus said: "Truly I tell you, if you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to there,’ and it will move." Move any mountains lately?
Do you ever wish you could be a hero? Well, you can! Jesus is inviting you to be one!
Hearing is the act of receiving sounds by the ear.  Listening is something we consciously choose to do. Do you listen?
If you owned an ancient black and white television and somebody offered you a brand new ultra slim 65 inch 4K UHD TV in exchange at no cost what would you do?
A “worldly” way of thinking can be a stumbling block to us who are trying to lead a godly life. We can also cause others to stumble.
Of all the questions that Jesus has ever asked, the one he asks today is perhaps the most important of all. “Who do you say I am?” What is your answer?
Jesus often spoke in riddles! So how is one to understand the things he says? With the Gift of Understanding!
Our God is a God who reveals himself when sought. If you are confused about his existence or unsure about his name, ask!
It isn’t the delivery of God’s word that changes us; it is our receptivity to it. How hungry are you for God's word?
If Jesus is truly compassionate, and cares so much about us, why does he leave us to suffer?
Jesus appears very xenophobic in his attitude towards a woman who went to him seeking deliverance for her daughter. How does one explain this?
Jesus says that we will be judged by the things we say.  So, how do you think we will fare? 
Following traditions is not a bad thing — provided we understand why we do what we do.
Three things implicit in Peter's single statement — “Lord, if it is you, command me to come to you on the water" —  offer some tremendous life lessons to us today,
Many years ago the prophet Isaiah said, "You who have no money, come buy and eat." How do you buy anything without money? 
Do we ever realize how similar we are to the villains we despite in the Bible?
Jealousy is an ugly emotion. It leads to depression, anxiety, anger, rage, frustration, fear, and even murder. Who are you jealous of?
Jesus is looking for kingdom builders — people who will grow his kingdom by teachings its truths. Interested?
On Judgment Day, the angels will separate the wicked from the righteous. Will we be counted among the righteous?
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