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Author: Eddie Legg

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Dungeons and Dragons from a father and son perspective. Our family-friendly discussions of all things RPG are great for people new to gaming, or for parents wanting to play with their kids.
11 Episodes
Gnomes, Gnomes, Gnomes!! We end our first series on Playable Races with my favourite little folk in the game!
Let's talk all things Dragonborn!!  A great playable race that is featured in 5e!
We continue our series on playable races with everyone's favourite little folk!
Ep #7 DnD Races- Elves

Ep #7 DnD Races- Elves


We begin our journey into playable races by looking at Elves in DnD.
The first in an ongoing series where Nate explores his favourite little known or used monsters. First up is the Thri-keen, a humanoid insect.
Ed and Nate are joined by special guest, Ryan, as we finish our Character Creation series. Table Top RPG's give you the opportunity to develop a character in ways a video game never could.  In this episode we discuss ways to give your character a voice and quirks that will make them your own.
Backstory is the player's chance to get creative and add some depth to their character. Nate and Ed discuss different ways to approach this, and give some examples of how to develop one.
This episode is an overview of the various Classes in Dungeons and Dragons.
We do a quick overview of playable races in Dungeons and Dragons.
In our first episode Nate and Ed discuss ways to develop a concept for your character.
Intro to Nate20

Intro to Nate20


Welcome to Nate20 hosted by Nate and Eddie!