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Ellie Lum of Klum House

Ellie Lum of Klum House


Ellie Lum of Klum House joins the pod to share her journey from friendship-bracelet maker to psychedelics dealer to graffiti artist, bike messenger, industrial sewer to educator and entrepreneur. She shares her feelings and insights about rules & structure,  the difference between leadership & management, the importance of seeing yourself as separate from your company, using your values as major decision-making criteria,  how graffiti informed her thoughts about marketing, and why teaching is so empowering.  There's so much goodness here, but one of my favorite insights from Ellie is when she said: We live in an internal world that only exists to ourselves. But the work is out there. The work is in the material. You are the bridge. 
Culture^2 Episode 1

Culture^2 Episode 1


This is a new series under the Cultures [w/n] Capitalism umbrella. We're bringing together pop culture and business culture to learn valuable lessons about growth. In this episode, Matt Little returns to discuss:JLo’s Halftime Documentary on NetflixBeyonce’s Break My SoulMartha Stewart’s new podcast with Snoop episode #1We'll dig into psychographics versus demographics, leadership, visioning, operations, values culture, and so much more! Be sure to download the worksheet and think about these lessons for your own business. 
St. John Frizell is the founder of Fort Defiance, and partner at Gage & Tollner and the Sunken Harbor Club, all in Brooklyn, NY. This episode talks about visioning, perseverance relating to regeneration and growth, and creating jobs with dignity. 
Alex Daly of Daly

Alex Daly of Daly


For our first official interview, I’m super excited and honored to share this episode with Alex Daly, founder of Daly. When it comes to communication, nobody does it better than Alex and Daly. Daly is a communications agency that digs deep to tell untold stories for people and companies who truly believe and invest in what they're doing. Alex is inspiring and thoughtful and her words of wisdom are generous. We talk about all things company culture, building a company, pivoting a company, vulnerability, and leadership. I always learn something from listening to Alex.
Ask Holly How Turns 10

Ask Holly How Turns 10


Matt Little interviews Holly about her story and the first 10 years of Ask Holly How. A transcript of this episode can be found here. 
This is a podcast looking at all things company culture. Through this series, we’ll speak to entrepreneurs who are part of the Ask Holly How community to understand the different cultures that exist under the broad umbrella of capitalism. We’ll look into how our personal stories impact the cultures we create. 
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