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What is Global Health?

What is Global Health?


Yasmine’s guest today, is Heather Hall:Heather has a wide range of expertise in the field. She has a Graduate degree in global public health nursing, previously worked as a nurse in Kenya, did consulting public health work in Kenya and a few other African countries, is a former Program Coordinator for the Tuberculosis/Refugee/Immigration Programs at a health department in Ohio, and recently did COVID-19 policy work for a local health department in Oregon.Yaz and Heather discuss the definition of Global Health, the Sustainable Development Goals and their relationship to Health, and dispel the three main misconceptions about global health.
In this episode, Yasmine Vaughan and Dr. Laura Horvath discuss how donors can make better decisions when investing their money in charitable giving. How to recognize red flags and warning signs, versus indicators that a nonprofit organization is trustworthy and worthwhile.Special Guest Gillian Wagner, Global Impact.Of further interest on the topic of this episode is a Ted Talk and studies on charitable giving referenced during the discussion. You can find links to these things for more information below.  
Emmanuel Nabieu of Helping Children Worldwide interviews his colleague and co-host, Dr. Horvath, along with Dr. Andrea Siegel and Dan Hope, Executive Director of SFAC on their experience in trainings with social workers and case managers at the Child Reintegration Center, Bo, Sierra Leone.In this week's episode we are talking specifically about assessment of children and family needs and continual services at the Child Reintegration Center. Sierra Leone, West Africa. Dr The Importance of Social Work Interventions in Family Needs Assessments in Child Reintegration Services and Responsibilities toward Orphanage "Care Leavers"
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