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This episode takes a deep dive into a powerful question some of us have asked ourselves before – “what is important to me?”Whether you have asked yourself this question before or not, this episode can help you consider and reflect on it with fresh eyes. I hope you will see how much further this question can go and how it can help you in your life and in your work. It is also an equally powerful question you can pose to others around you. Enjoy!  
What's working well?

What's working well?


How often do you take the opportunity to reflect on “What’s working well?” around you - in your life or at work? To truly take stock, explore deeply and make the most of that part of your reality? This powerful question is the focus of this episode in which I am sharing the value of shining the light on areas of our lives and work that are typically ignored or taken for granted. At best, they might be acknowledged but not truly valued, inquired into and actively used. I hope you enjoy this special “treasure hunt”!
What gives life ?

What gives life ?


In this episode, I bring forward the question "What gives life?"  (along with many useful alternative versions).  It is another favourite powerful question that can raise your awareness to often hidden or ignored ingredients of your lived experiences.  This awareness can help you consciously and unconsciously  enhance and enrich other areas of your personal or professional life as well as other people lives. 
What brought you HERE?

What brought you HERE?


Continuing the focus on our life stories, in this episode I explore another powerful question that can help you gain useful insights about your own life experiences and the experiences of others. What brought you HERE, can help you understand better the choices you and others made in arriving HERE. Enjoy!
This powerful question might come as a surprise.... It is not phrased as a classic question and yet it packs inside so much... and it is my favourite! Stories hold so many insights, wisdom and energy. Learn how to tap into your stories and other people's stories by using this type of powerful question.  
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