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Want to enhance your marketing, PR, leadership, sales persuasion, or influence.? Harness the power of positive influence to market & lead more strategically, and create & command market niches.

Thought Leadership Studio provides Motivation, Inspiration, Analyses, Skills Building, and Interviews to fuel your Content Marketing, Social Media, Influence Campaigns, PR, and Thought Leadership.

Thought Leadership Studio makes it fun by focusing on the creative aspect of So, this is more like play than work. This is more like when Albert Einstein daydreamed about riding on light beams while looking out the schoolroom window than it is like learning calculus. Let's take an imagination journey to the far corners of our collective mindscape to find the "hidden human reserves" Psychologist-Philosopher William James referred to in his famous essay "The Energies of Men".

Hosted by NLP Master, innovation award winning entrepreneur Strategic Thought Leadership Coach & Consultant Chris McNeil.

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Insights from bestselling author, keynote speaker, and strategic thinking expert Rich Horwath. **What this episode will do for you:** 1. Learn from bestselling author and keynote speaker, Rich Horwath, founder of the Strategic Thinking Institute. 2. Discover the importance of strategic thinking in leadership and how to develop this critical skill. 3. Understand the GOST framework (Goals, Objectives, Strategies, Tactics) for effective planning and execution. 4. Explore how to maintain curiosity and an explorer's mindset to drive innovation and continuous improvement. 5. Gain practical tips on time management and aligning strategies across teams for cohesive execution. Visit the episode page for links to media and resources mentioned in the interview and the free offers mentioned in the podcast:
In Episode 73 with Caroline Crawford on Thought Leadership Studio, delve into the strategic nuances of modern marketing with a communications expert who excels in integrating marketing strategies across business functions. Caroline shares her extensive experience in enhancing the synergy between marketing and core business goals, emphasizing the importance of a unified approach in today’s fragmented marketing landscape. **Elevating Marketing's Role in Business Strategy:** Caroline Crawford illustrates how marketing should be considered a key business partner, involved early in strategic discussions to ensure alignment with overall business objectives. **Breaking Down Silos for Enhanced Integration:** Explore Caroline’s approach to dismantling the traditional barriers within business functions, promoting a more interconnected and holistic marketing strategy. **Customer-Centric Marketing for Deeper Engagement:** Learn how understanding the customer's perspective and crafting content that resonates can drastically improve engagement and customer loyalty. **Strategic Use of Marketing Channels in B2B:** Caroline discusses the strategic selection and use of marketing channels to optimize B2B engagement, challenging the conventional focus on just a few platforms. **The Empathetic Marketer’s Approach:** Discover how empathy and customer-oriented thinking are crucial in Caroline’s marketing philosophy, enabling businesses to better meet their customers' needs and enhance the buying experience. **Transforming Challenges into Strategic Opportunities:** Hear Caroline’s insights on overcoming common marketing challenges and transforming them into opportunities for growth and innovation. For additional insights, resource links, and special offers mentioned in this episode, visit:
In Episode 72 with Vito Santoro on Thought Leadership Studio, journey through the digital marketing landscape with a seasoned SEO expert and entrepreneur who has mastered the art of branding online. Vito shares his wealth of experience in building online brands, emphasizing the critical role of SEO and innovative marketing in achieving business success. **Navigating the Digital Marketing Evolution:** Vito Santoro uncovers the secrets behind effective brand building in the digital age, showcasing how SEO and content marketing forge lasting connections with audiences. **From SEO Expert to Digital Innovator:** Explore Vito's transition from an SEO expert to a thought leader in digital marketing, highlighting his strategic approach to overcoming entrepreneurial challenges. **Fostering Customer Trust and Partnerships:** Learn how building trust and strong customer relationships are pivotal to sustained business success, with Vito's insights on creating value through genuine partnerships. **Strategic Thought Leadership and AI-assisted SEO:** Discover the groundbreaking collaboration between Vito Santoro and Chris McNeil, integrating AI technology with strategic thought leadership to revolutionize SEO practices. **Perseverance in the Face of Entrepreneurial Challenges:** Vito discusses the importance of resilience and adaptability, offering advice to entrepreneurs on navigating the hurdles of business growth. **Empowering Entrepreneurs for Digital Dominance:** Gain actionable strategies to dominate the digital space, as Vito shares his vision for leveraging SEO and content to establish brand authority. For additional insights, resource links, and special offers mentioned in this episode, visit:
In Episode 71 with Mark Nitz on Thought Leadership Studio, delve into the essence of transformative leadership and how strategic empathy and cultural innovation can redefine organizational success. Discover Mark's unique approach to leadership that harmonizes empathy with strategic foresight, fostering environments where creativity and inspiration thrive. **Empathy as a Strategic Lever:** Mark Nitz unpacks the significance of empathy in leadership, illustrating how it serves as a cornerstone for building resilient and adaptive organizations. **Challenging Outdated Leadership Models:** Explore how ClearSight Leadership challenges and transcends traditional paradigms, advocating for a culture that values individual contribution and collective growth. **Cultivating Inspirational Work Environments:** Learn about the practices and mindsets necessary to cultivate workspaces that not only inspire innovation but also enhance employee well-being and engagement. **Strategies for Effective Cultural Transformation:** Gain insights into actionable strategies that leaders can implement to navigate cultural shifts, emphasizing the importance of aligning organizational goals with individual values and aspirations. **The ClearSight Model for Leadership Development:** Dive deep into the ClearSight model, a comprehensive approach that integrates empathy, strategy, and cultural awareness to elevate leadership effectiveness. **Navigating Organizational Change with Purpose:** Understand how to steer organizations through change by maintaining a clear focus on purpose, ensuring that every strategic move aligns with the core mission. For additional insights, resource links, and special offers mentioned in this episode, visit:
In Episode 70 with Samantha Kelly, the Tweeting Goddess, on Thought Leadership Studio, explore the transformative power of social media for personal and brand growth. Uncover how authenticity and genuine connections can revolutionize your social media strategy, turning followers into a supportive community and driving positive change. **Harnessing Twitter Magic:** Samantha shares her journey to becoming a social media mogul and the impact of authenticity online. **Overcoming Digital Negativity:** Strategies for navigating and transforming negativity into a force for good on social media platforms. **Building Authentic Connections:** Learn how to create meaningful engagement that resonates with your audience and fosters brand loyalty. **Leveraging Social Media for Social Good:** Discover how Samantha uses her platform to support causes and inspire action among her followers. **Empowering Others Through Social Media:** Tips on how businesses and individuals can use social media to amplify their message and connect with like-minded individuals. For additional insights, resource links, and special offers mentioned in this episode, visit:
**Unveiling the Essence of Strategic Thought Leadership with Chris McNeil** In episode 69, join us as we delve deep into the world of strategic thought leadership with Chris McNeil, the visionary behind the THAUT model and host of the Thought Leadership Studio. Chris shares his journey from fitness entrepreneur to thought leadership strategist, offering insights into the transformative power of innovative thinking in business and marketing. **What this episode will do for you:** - **Discover the Journey to Strategic Thought Leadership:** Embark on Chris McNeil's story from pioneering in the fitness industry to mastering the art of thought leadership, shedding light on his unique approach to influencing and engaging audiences. - **Explore the THAUT Model:** Unravel the intricacies of the Triadic Holistic Architecture Underlying Thought Leadership (THAUT), a groundbreaking framework for structuring communication and leadership strategies for impactful audience connection. - **Empowerment Through Strategic Coaching:** Learn how Chris's coaching methods empower business leaders to envision and execute strategies that elevate their influence and drive transformative growth. - **Innovative Approaches to Audience Engagement:** Gain insights into leveraging technology and empathy in marketing to foster genuine connections, moving beyond traditional data-driven tactics to a more human-centric approach. - **Success Stories of Breakthrough Growth:** Listen to real-life case studies of businesses that have achieved exponential growth by adopting principles of strategic thought leadership, offering practical examples of its effectiveness. - **Redefining Marketing and Leadership in the Digital Age:** Understand how thought leadership can redefine market leadership and audience relations, positioning businesses for success in an ever-evolving digital landscape. For extra resources, further reading, and exclusive content mentioned in this episode, visit the episode page at:
In Episode 68 with Dr. Alexa Chilcutt on Thought Leadership Studio, dive into enhancing leadership through effective communication. Discover strategies for refining your executive presence and mastering virtual engagement to elevate your influence across any platform. Cultivating Executive Presence: Learn the key components of a strong executive presence. Strategies for Effective Leadership Communication: Tips for impactful verbal and nonverbal communication. Mastering Virtual Engagement: Overcome the challenges of connecting with remote audiences. First Impressions and Nonverbal Cues: The importance of body language in leadership. Practical Tips for Public Speaking: Enhance your speaking skills for engaging presentations. For additional insights, resource links, and free offers mentioned in this episode, visit:
In this episode with Aditya Vempaty, delve into how AI and personalization are reshaping marketing strategies. You'll learn about the power of engaging customers on a personal level, innovative approaches to customer interactions, and the shift towards data-driven marketing. Gain insights into strategic marketing leadership and the latest tools and techniques. This discussion promises to equip you with the knowledge to transform your marketing approach, embracing AI for a competitive advantage. Unlocking AI in Marketing: The revolution of personalization. Engagement Through Personalization: Crafting resonating messages. Innovation in Customer Interactions: Engage and build relationships. Transforming Marketing Beliefs: From traditional to personalized strategies. Strategic Marketing Leadership: AI for strategic advantage. Cutting-Edge Tools and Techniques: Shaping marketing's future. For extra resources, further reading, and exclusive content mentioned in this episode, visit the episode page at:
Exploring the Future of Artificial Intelligence and the Human Connection: David Espindola's Insightful Journey into the Heart of Technology and Consciousness. What this episode will do for you: Ponder the Essence of Consciousness: Dive into the philosophical and technological examination of consciousness, exploring how it intertwines with the development of artificial intelligence. Debate the Potential of AI Sentience: Join a thought-provoking debate on whether artificial intelligence can attain consciousness and the implications for society if it does. Uncover the Dynamics of Human-AI Integration: Investigate the evolving relationship between humans and artificial intelligence, recognizing the collaborative potential and ethical considerations. Recognize Technology's Transformative Role: Examine how technology transcends mere tools, becoming intertwined with our ethical, philosophical, and spiritual beliefs. Confront Ethical Boundaries and Concerns: Delve into the crucial conversation about the moral parameters and responsibilities we face in a world increasingly intertwined with intelligent machines. Decode the Future of Leadership in the AI Era: Learn how leaders can navigate the uncharted territories of AI integration, ensuring ethical progress and humanistic collaboration. For extra resources, further reading, and exclusive content mentioned in this episode, visit the episode page at:
Join us as we sit down with Jack Leigh, the creative force behind Eight Engines, to discuss the transformative role of video in thought leadership. In this episode, "Video for Thought Leadership with Jack Leigh of Eight Engines," Jack shares his expert insights on the art of video storytelling, emphasizing authenticity and audience engagement. Discover how video can amplify your brand's narrative and connect deeply with your audience. Don't miss this enlightening conversation that could redefine your approach to digital storytelling. For more valuable insights, links, and exclusive free offers, visit the episode page at
Find Leverage Points for Marketing Breakthrough from Systems Learning and Strategic Thought Leadership. What this episode will do for you: - Unravel Systems Thinking: Delve into the essentials of systems thinking in marketing and discover how this approach can revolutionize your marketing strategies. - Interconnect Marketing Elements: Explore how viewing marketing elements as interconnected parts of a larger system leads to more effective and sustainable campaigns. - Learn Systemic Tools and Techniques: Learn about key tools like causal loop diagrams and how they can unveil deeper insights into marketing dynamics. - Go Beyond Traditional Marketing: Understand why moving beyond a reductionist approach in marketing can lead to more innovative and impactful outcomes. - Strategic Thought Leadership: Discover how systems thinking elevates your approach to marketing, turning it into a form of strategic thought leadership. - Questioning Prevalent Mental Models: Learn how challenging conventional mental models in marketing can provide a strategic advantage. For additional links, resources, and exclusive offers mentioned in this episode, visit the episode page at:
In this episode, we sit down with Gina London, an Emmy Award-winning former CNN correspondent and esteemed leadership coach. Gina shares her fascinating transition from journalism to leadership training, and how her global experiences have shaped her approach to executive coaching. What this episode will do for you: - Journey from Journalism to Leadership Mastery: Unravel Gina London's unique path from being an acclaimed CNN correspondent to a sought-after leadership trainer, impacting top executives worldwide. - Embracing Authentic Leadership: Delve into Gina's insights on cultivating authenticity in leadership, understanding how genuine connection and presence can transform executive influence. - Communication Strategies for Effective Leadership: Learn from Gina's expertise in enhancing communication skills, crucial for leaders in creating impactful narratives and engaging teams. - Tools for Developing Executive Presence: Discover Gina's innovative techniques, including video micro-lessons and practical exercises, aimed at boosting confidence and presence among leaders. For additional links, resources, and exclusive offers mentioned in this episode, visit the episode page at:
In this episode, I interview Herb Cogliano, a seasoned CEO and founder of Aspire Growth Advisors. In this insightful interview, Herb shares his journey of discovering Verne Harnish's "Scaling Up," which revolutionized his approach to business growth. He highlights key leadership traits vital for scaling up: growth mindset, coachability, strategic thinking, accountability, and effective communication. What this episode will do for you: - Uncover the Secrets of Scaling Up: Dive into Herb Cogliano's unique insights on scaling businesses, learning how to identify and bridge gaps for substantial growth. - Mastering Leadership Mindset for Growth: Explore the critical traits of effective leadership as outlined by Herb, including growth orientation, coachability, and strategic thinking. - Transforming Company Culture and Values: Gain understanding of how aligning core values and purpose with business strategies can propel organizations to new heights. - Leveraging Thought Leadership for Business Success: Discover Herb's approach to thought leadership in scaling up and how it reframes conventional beliefs about business growth. For links, resources, and free offers mentioned, go to the episode page at:
In this podcast episode, Chris McNeil interviews Dr. Poornima Luthra, an expert in diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI). Lura discusses her background and how she became interested in DEI, highlighting her experiences as a woman of color in a male-dominated field. She emphasizes the importance of addressing bias and fear in organizations and explains that true diversity and inclusion require a holistic approach that goes beyond just measuring visible dimensions of diversity. Dr. Luthra also discusses the benefits of diversity and inclusion, including improved job satisfaction, creativity, and innovation. She provides practical steps for individuals to promote DEI, such as developing deep curiosity, engaging in honest introspection, and acknowledging privilege. What this episode will do for you- - Understand Diversity Beyond Surface Level: Explore with Poornima Luthra how diversity encompasses not just visible traits but also a rich tapestry of backgrounds, experiences, and thoughts, challenging the narrow perceptions of diversity in organizations. - Embrace the Concept of 'Diversifying Diversity': Delve into Poornima's holistic approach to diversity, equity, and inclusion, understanding the intersectionality of various identity aspects and their impact in the workplace and society. Navigate Personal Biases and Privilege: Gain insights on recognizing and addressing individual biases and privileges, learning how acknowledging these can be a powerful tool for positive change in DEI initiatives. - Active Allyship in Practice: Discover the seven key behaviors for effective allyship from Poornima's book "The Art of Active Allyship," and learn how to apply these principles in both personal and professional settings. For links, resources, and free offers mentioned, go to the episode page at:
In this podcast episode, Chris McNeil interviews Scott Moss, the founder and CEO of M Sales Growth Advisors. Scott helps clients in the tech industry improve their sales processes and achieve scalable growth. They discuss the importance of having a defined sales mission, documenting processes, and using a CRM to manage leads and prospects. What this episode will do for you- : - Navigating the Sales Maze in Tech: Delve into Scott Moss' expertise in enhancing sales processes specifically tailored for the tech industry, ensuring scalable and repeatable success. - Empathy-Driven Sales Strategies: Discover the pivotal role of empathy in understanding the buyer's journey, and how it can revolutionize your approach to sales. - Leveraging CRM for Lead Management: Uncover the importance of using Customer Relationship Management tools for efficient management of leads and prospects. - KPI-Driven Sales Strategy: Learn how Key Performance Indicators can guide and enhance your sales team's performance, focusing on targeted goals and outcomes. For links, resources, and free offers mentioned, go to the episode page at:
Author and Leadership Consultant David Nordel Discusses his New Book and Why and How to Notice Signs of Leadership Failure. What this episode will do for you Recognize Subtle Signs of Change: Learn from Dave Nordel’s approach on how leaders can proactively notice and respond to early signs of change in their environment. Empathy in Leadership: Discover the importance of deep empathy in leadership, as opposed to relying on pre-packaged, generic leadership advice. Slowing Down to Go Faster: Understand Nordel’s principle of "slowing down to go faster" in leadership, focusing on quality interactions and thoughtful decision-making. Building a Life Team: Gain insights into the concept of building a life team for personal and professional support, understanding the value of collective wisdom and shared experiences. Max Fab Mindset: Explore the 'Max Fab' (Maximum Fabulous) mindset for maintaining a positive attitude and resilience through challenges, as shared by Nordel. For links, resources, and free offers mentioned, go to the episode page at:
Look beneath the surface in sales, and understand the 90% that isn't immediately visible to forge better connections and solutions. What this episode will do for you - Empower Your Sales Approach: Gain insights from Karl Becker's personal journey and how overcoming feelings of disconnection and learning differences shaped his unique, successful approach to sales and team building. - Learn Iceberg Selling: Discover the concept of Iceberg Selling to delve beneath the surface in sales, understanding the 90% that isn't immediately visible to forge better connections and solutions. - Curiosity as a Sales Tool: Understand the power of curiosity in sales to uncover deeper customer needs and motivations, moving beyond surface-level transactions. - Mastering Relationship Selling: Learn how to transition from a transactional to a relational mindset in sales, focusing on the lifetime value of customer relationships. - Co-Creation for Success: Explore the technique of co-creating solutions with customers to enhance buy-in and ownership, leading to more organic and successful sales outcomes. For links, resources, and free offers mentioned, go to the episode page at:
Hersh, a consultant and coach who specializes in brand voice, discusses his unique journey that led him to his current work. He explains how his background in stand-up comedy and advertising helped him develop his skills in brand messaging and communication. What this episode will do for you: : - Discover the Confluence of Comedy and Branding: Dive into Hersh Rephun's journey from standup comedy to crafting brand voices, and understand how humor is a vital component in effective branding. - Understand Strategic Thought Leadership: Explore the parallels between humor, comedy, and strategic thought leadership, and how shifting frames of reference can be a powerful tool in messaging. - Humanize Your Brand: Realize the importance of adding a human touch, empathy, and authenticity to your brand, making it more accessible and resonant with your audience. For links, resources, and free offers mentioned, go to the episode page at:
Meet Emma Andrews: Embracing Intuition and Unveiling Inner Magic. What this episode will do for you : - Unlock Your Intuition: Learn how to tap into your innate intuitive abilities and unleash your creative potential. - Overcome Limiting Beliefs: Discover practical strategies to break free from self-imposed limitations that hinder your personal and professional growth. - Meditation for Creativity: Explore the role of meditation in enhancing your creativity and intuition. Emma Andrews shares insights on how meditation can help you access your inner wisdom. - Embrace Your Inner Artist: Recognize that creativity is not limited to a select few. Everyone possesses creative potential, and Emma explains how to harness this creativity in a business context. For links, resources, and free offers mentioned, go to the episode page at:
Karl Feldman, co-author of The Visible Expert Revolution, shares his insights on artificial Intelligence in marketing - a powerful tool and a potential challenge when it comes to maintaining the provenance of your ideas. What this episode will do for you: - Gain insights into Karl Feldman's journey from programming to marketing and how it's possible to pivot and succeed in the field of professional services marketing. - Discover the importance of bridging storytelling with the technical side of marketing and how this can create a unique thought leadership position. - Explore strategies for building your visibility as a thought leader, even if you're just starting out, and learn about the different expert profiles that can set you apart. - Consider the role of experimentation and industry leadership in gaining traction for your thought leadership model and reaching a broader audience. For links, resources, and free offers mentioned, go to the episode page at:
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