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After hanging out for the better half a week in Maui, Hawaii, Ryan sat down with  Slater Trout for a deep dive into his story. Slater is the ultimate waterman. After learning how to surf at a young age in Florida, Slater and his family moved to Hawaii soon after. He went Pro as a competitive Paddle Boarder at age 12 and has traveled the world looking for an adventure ever since. They talk about the rigors of the road at such a young age and how balancing an in-person education is nearly impossible. This episode features an inside look at someone who has achieved great things by embracing the cutting-edge and never underestimating the power of discipline and hard work.Intro music by:Artist: Nahko Bear Song: Beautiful Trouble
In this episode, Ryan speaks with Crossfit Champion and Fitness Entrepreneur Jason Khalipa. Jason talks about his early days working at a local gym and how Crossfit changed his mindset about how fitness can transform lives when coaching and accountability are involved. Ryan & Jason also dive into his Crossfit championship and what it takes to build a global brand like NC Fit from the ground up. So sit back and enjoy Jason's practical wisdom in this incredibly insightful conversation.Intro music by:Artist: Nahko Bear Song: Beautiful Trouble
In this episode, Ryan speaks with, Hannan Eden,  one of the most recognized fitness professionals in the industry.  Hannah talks about moving to America from Britain as a teenager, her early inspired days as a CrossFit trainer, and how she built her brand out of a love of helping others attain their personal goals inside and outside the gym. Ryan & Hannah also dive into what it takes to start a business from the ground up, the hard knocks that can happen along the way, and the endless pursuit of what it takes to succeed. You won't want to miss the pearls of wisdom Hannah throws down in this incredibly transparent and personal conversation.0:00 - Intro1:46 - Who Hannah is to Ryan3:41 - A perspective change when moving from the UK to the US6:13 - Why Hannah's family moved from the UK to the US8:00 - Hannah's relationship with her parents10:34 - Hannah runs away13:27 - College Life / Introduction to CrossFit19:56 - Balancing Night Club Work & Starting a Business24:00 - Building a following and recognizing the potential others were benefitting from.29:34 - The right reasons to grind in business30:46 - Lessons learned on how to let a team member go to make their ripple in the world32:16 - Starting a new gym & building a brand from scratch with blood, sweat & tears34:56 - Entering the Reebok One Competition36:00 - A slice of humble pie leads to other opportunities39:14 - The new gym and IG following start growing 43:33 - The early days of Selling and Promoting an online brand 49:56 - Beyond toxic fitness & running a successful gym54:55 - Managing the noise of Social Media55:48 - Hannah's Red Hair1:10 - Honesty in the face of adversity 1:04:41 - Overcoming business problems and obstacles in life  Intro music by:Artist: Nahko Bear Song: Beautiful Trouble
In this episode, Ryan speaks with relationship guru and founder of the "Create The Love" Mark Groves. Ryan and Mark dive into all things relationship, including what that means in the context of our current world. Mark walks us through how an early fascination with the culture of work relationships turned into a lifelong pursuit to cut through the BS, be true to yourself, and in the process, open up the potential to "love and be loved" that's waiting inside all of us. This episode of "The Journey" is a heartfelt conversation you won't want to miss!0:00: Who Mark is to Ryan 3:15: Marks shares the experiences that led him to become a human connection expert 8:15: Why do some people use rock bottom moments to transform and others struggle?11:15: Three questions that changed Mark’s life 17:35: Building Create The Love brand/ business 30:00: Mark opens up on his past relationships 42:45: Ryan and Mark discuss Marriage 1:05:45: What is the greatest predictor of our health at 80  1:10:06: What is something Mark believes that isn’t commonly accepted Intro music by:Artist: Nahko Bear Song: Beautiful Trouble
In this episode, Ryan speaks with his friend and jiu-jitsu master Ryron Gracie; Ryron is Helio Gracie's grandson and the eldest son of Rorion Gracie. Ryron is part of the third generation of jiu-jitsu's most illustrious family, the Gracies. They discuss early UFC fighting, the pressures he felt growing up, and how Gracie University and Gracie Survival Tactics (GST) are changing the game for Law Enforcement through jiu-jitsu training that is helping to keep officers and the public safer.0:00: Who Ryron is to Ryan1:45: Where’s Ryron’s self-confidence comes from 5:00; When Ryron first started BJJ6:30: A history of the lineage of the Gracie’s10:20: Ryron talks about if he always wanted to go down this path12:45: The pressure Ryron felt as a youth 19:00: The original rules of UFC21:30: Inside the locker room of Royce Gracie of the early UFC 24:20: Walking out with Royce at UFC 2,3,4,525:30:  Memories from the first days of the UFC31:00:  The Journey of becoming a BJJ instructor35:00: The transition of Gracie Academy and Gracie University 38:00: Rener and Ryron’s relationship as brothers45:00: The controversy of taking Jiu Jitsu online 55:30: Jiu Jitsu with police officers and Gracie Survival Tactics 1:03:50: Statistics of efficacy with GST1:15:45: Something Ryron believes that isn’t commonly accepted 1:26:30: Dying well Intro music by:Artist: Nahko Bear Song: Beautiful Trouble
Episode 7 - Josh Emmett's relentless drive toward UFC GloryIn this episode, Ryan speaks with Ultimate Fighting Champion Josh Emmett. Josh is an American professional mixed martial artist and is currently ranked #3 in the world in the UFC featherweight division. Josh gives us a behind-the-scenes look and talks about what a real fight night looks like just before you enter the cage. Additionally, he digs even deeper into his storied past, mental stamina, and pure sacrifice one must give to pursue being the #1 UFC fighter in the world. This is truly an eye-opening episode of "The Journey" you won't want to miss!Intro music by:Artist: Nahko Bear Song: Beautiful Trouble
In this episode, Ryan talks to his friend, mentor, and world-class health coach Scott Estrada. Long before Ryan founded Plunge, Scott was instrumental in introducing Ryan to cold water therapy, which ultimately improved his health, body, and mind through a new relationship with the cold. Scott's journey into health and wellness came early in his life when when the most important person in his life suffered a life-changing injury that forced him to question how and why some humans thrive, and some only survive. You won't want to miss the mind-expanding episode of "The Journey!"Intro music by:Artist: Nahko Bear Song: Beautiful Trouble
In episode 5, Ryan talks with the one and only Doug Steiny. Doug's journey is legendary and takes him from the brink of death to a life-saving chance encounter with Wim Hof. Find out how The Wim Hof method, Cold Water, and a bedside promise to his daughter brought Doug out the other side to find his life's purpose in helping others as a certified Level 2 Wim Hof instructor. This is an inspirational story you won't want to miss!Intro music by:Artist: Nahko Bear Song: Beautiful Trouble
Episode 4 - Peter Crone

Episode 4 - Peter Crone


In episode #4, Ryan sits down with the one and only mind architect, Peter Crone. Peter walks us through some of the life-changing events that shaped his journey and ultimately opened the doorway of his mind. These events also allowed Peter to transcend fear and loneliness, which eventually cut a pathway to becoming one of the most sought-after mindset coaches on the planet. This is an episode of The Journey you won't want to miss!Intro music by:Artist: Nahko Bear Song: Beautiful Trouble
In this episode, Ryan speaks with his good friend and business partner, Hailey Kleinhans. Hailey is the owner of Capitol Floats Auburn and began working at Capitol Floats in Sacramento shortly after Ryan opened in 2016. After a few years working at the center in Sac, she saw the positive benefits floating was having on the community and committed herself to bring floating to her hometown of Auburn. Having opened in June 2020, Hailey is passionate about sharing the vision of what Capitol Floats stands for with Placer County.Intro music by:Artist: Nahko Bear Song: Beautiful Trouble
Episode 2 - Roshaun Davis

Episode 2 - Roshaun Davis


In this episode, I talk with my good friend Roshaun Davis. Roshaun’s rare talent for brand-building, strategic focus, and program implementation has been recognized by countless public and private sector clients, from local backyards and neighborhoods all the way to the national level. Roshaun has a unique combination of skills: marketing, brand development, promotion, advertising, publicity, special event execution, and product seeding skills.Ro is a true force of nature; utilizing his creative talents to help others discover their unique strengths and gifts is Roshaun’s life passion. For him, seeing others flourish and thrive by living their ideal lives with a career they’ve imagined for themselves creates an energy that can truly shape the surroundings of an entire city.We dive into his journey from hip hop artist to renowned community builder, his life during the pandemic, integrating parts of his identity he had shut out, and much more.I hope you enjoy!RyanIntro music by:Artist: Nahko Bear Song: Beautiful Trouble
Episode 1 - Michael Garrett

Episode 1 - Michael Garrett


In this episode, Ryan speaks with his friend & co-founder of Plunge, Michael Garrett. Michael grew up in Arizona, spent his last 3 years of high school in Del Mar, and then went to his Mother's alma mater, Penn State. After school, Michael moved to Los Angeles thinking he would work in finance but quickly realized it wasn't his passion. In 2010, he discovered a true passion for float therapy. After an influential trip to the jungle to sit with Ayahuasca in 2011, he built a float tank from scratch so he could float at home. A year later, he quit his 9-5, spent 6 months in Southeast Asia, then came back and founded Reboot Float & Cryo Spa in San Francisco. On a van road trip through the Rocky Mountains, he fell in love with jumping in cold rivers and lakes and again returned home to create a DIY set up - this time to satiate his appetite for cold water. In the summer of 2020 with the help of his father, he invented the Plunge and recruited fellow float center owner, Ryan Duey, to be his co-founder.MusicArtist: Nahko Bear Song: Beautiful Trouble
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