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What do you hate about gym culture, or things people do in the gym? This is part 1 of a mini series with myself and Tom as we explore the things that annoy you about the world of fitness and nutrition. Today, expect some F bombs, a few stories, and hopefully a few fitness lessons we can learn from!
Fruit, is it bad for us? Are smoothies a no no? How much sugar, and or fructose is too much? We cover fructose, fruit and sugar metabolism at length in this show so you can be informed, for you and your family's health.
Calories on menus are now mandatory for companies with 250 staff or more, but nutritionally, and psychologically, what does this mean? Does existing research even support the initiative? The government have brought this in to try help tackle the obesity epidemic, but big Qs are being raised. We cover the research, eating disorders, the option of having the option, and the 'meta' conversation in all this - why not put restrictions on the companies making the money here?
In the world of nutrition there are some WILD claims, they even go as far to claim they can cure cancer - dangerous ground. A recent ‘Which’ survey did secret testing on the claims of ‘nutritional therapists’, and the outcomes weren’t good - some even saying "don't do chemo for your cancer". In this show we look at nutritional therapy, claims that are made, how to spot false claims, trends we see in this arena, and more - all spurred from a listener email after they attended a female health course with many scrupulous claims...
Long ago carbs were bad in the world of nutrition, but many are still wary of them. Today we dive deep into carbs and salt and their use in fuelling exercise. We look at the recent sports nutrition data and how you can use this knowledge to enhance your training performance from your carb intake, and where your salt intake should be at.
This week we look specifically at beta alanine and creatine after its popularity and spotlight off the back of the Joe Rogan Matt Fraser interview. We delve into their science, application, and who should use them, and why. So if you hit the gym, or play sport, this show is for you to understand whether they are supplements you would take or not.
Anxiety is at an all time high, and advice you often hear when you are feeling anxious about the situation is "think about the positives", rather than the negatives. But we think this is bad advice. We also think anxiety is phase 1 of what we are experiencing, fear is phase 2 - its a specific version of what we are feeling about the future. This then feeds into how we deal with situations and ultimately move more positively forward. Tom and I riff on the mics and hope to give you clarity on how you can effectively work through your anxieties and fears, and lead to more positive outcomes in your life.
Friend of the show Brian Keane (online coach & best selling author) re-joins us on the podcast to open a discussion on the 7 types of laziness. This was a post of his that went viral and caught my attention, it was a great breakdown of how we position problems as something simple, but they are not and then limit our ability to get past the problem. We've all said to ourselves "I'm lazy" with something in our lives, but there is a reason, and in this show we break down the 7 types with Brians expert insight. Follow Brian at @Brian_Keane_Fitness and grab "The Keane Edge" his new book online NOW
We all wear shoes, a lot, but how well is this allowing our feet to move, and how does this affect our knees, hips and back? I've been a fan of barefoot shoes for 15 years, and this show is dedicated to my love of barefoot movement which I've not given enough attention over the years, and how the shoes we wear aren't conductive to a natural way of movement. I discuss this with Ben Le Vesconte from Vivobarefoot, a company I'm a big fan of. Might be time to ditch those Nikes...
Gut health is a popular area of study, and research links it to nearly every area of health, but how has the research evolved from the 90s, into the turn of the century, to now? I get Alex Manos back onto the show to talk all things bacteria, probiotics, testing, supplements vs food, how stress affects our gut, and more. Warning, its a super geeky show. Check out Alex testing company which I HIGHLY recommend, it's what I have been using to successfully sort my gut out post Long Covid.
How good is the quality of British food? It often gets a bad rap in some circles, but I feel this is unfounded, as it seems we have very high quality welfare standards. To debate this I talk to an Agronomist, Conor Campbell, who works with farmers to advise on their land, yield, which pesticides and fertilisers to use, and has a unique insight into our food standards compared to other countries. Want more info on UK food and farming? Search for 'The NFU' who have many fact sheets on UK farming practices.
Why are so many of us all or nothing people, we either do something to the extreme, or not at all? Problem is, science doesn't support this approach, and employing flexible restraint is a key determinant of long term success, with anything. Issue is, this all comes down to 'executive function', but what's the answer, what mental shifts do we need to make? Learn the 4 disruptors with Michelle Segar, who I welcome back to the show to discuss this, and her new book The JOY Choice. Take her quiz at:
To some the title of this podcast will feel like a controversial statement, after all exercise makes us feel good and is even prescribed now to people with depression. But have a listen.... there is important context around this statement. If you've had a listen, feel free to share your thoughts with me on social media. I'm always all ears....
There is much we do on auto-pilot, and if we don't choose to become aware of these responses and change them, we'll continue to get the same outcomes. Bob Doyle joins me to discuss how the law of attraction started his journey into personal development (he was in 'The Secret' the film - but now feels its BS), how success hinges on our behaviours, how this ultimately comes down to the Q "Who do you want to be", as well as a few personal anecdotes to help give context to this important message. Have a go of Bob's Quiz at:
I've talked about having Long Covid on and off in parts on our long shows with Tom, but never in a succinct way. I've just written a full length comprehensive blog on my website about my Long Covid journey and recovery, but wanted to add context to my journey, and list the top 13 things that I feel helped my on my journey to recovery, things I would do straight away if I thought I had Long Covid. Please share this with anyone you know that has Long Covid.
When it comes to our mental health, how many of our problems can be caused by us overthinking something? It's easy to get stuck in our thoughts, the world of personal development teaches to learn, to reflect, to journal, to meditate etc etc, but when does that become of detriment? When is enough, enough? In this podcast I try to unpick how I've been feeling mentally recently, why I feel its happened, how I'm aiming to solve it, and how you can learn from my experience getting stuck mentally. Our mental health is key, it controls our enjoyment of life, and life is for ENJOYING.
The UK Government and NHS have a guide for nutrition, its called the EatWell Guide. It often gets a lot of criticism in the world of health and fitness, but is this criticism well placed, surely its an evidence based approach to nutrition? We explore the guide, the protein recommendations, why there fat comments seem odd - but somehow relevant, where the guide lacks context around sugar, and where, if followed, it could actually solve a lot of health problems. If you're interested in nutrition, this shows for you.
What does mental wealth mean? We hear mental health a lot, but it's a broad term. It's like money, we don't want to just earn it, we want to be wealthy over time. I chat to Adnan Ebrahim, a mental health advocate and owner of MindLabs, a new mental health app. We explore mental wealth, where neuroplasticity starts and stops, what non-invasive daily practices can look like, what a flexible approach to wellness looks like, his journey with his mental health, and more. Enjoy. Check out Mind Labs on iOS and on Social Media.
Is success as simple as personal choice? How powerful is environment? When is showing ourselves empathy appropriate, and when is it appropriate to call ourselves out on our own BS? This show is full of big questions. But we're hoping it could help you, the listener, shift your perspective and break through...
Want an insight into the diet and training of a Le Mans 24 race car winner? Well you're in for a treat as Phil Hanson from United Autosports who is the youngest driver to win the World Championship and to win the European Le Mans Series & 24 Hours of Le Mans race joins me to talk shop. We discuss his journey into the sport, his approach and mindset, his simple approach to nutrition, what data he values to fine tune his body, and how and when he trains. A fascinating conversation with an elite racing car driver. Check him our on IG @philhansonracing
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James Williams


Feb 13th

Bernie Quinn

This is an amazing podcast with great info re mindset, fitness, nutrition etc! Listen and you'll not be disappointed!

May 25th

Carrie Richards

enjoying this! can you share the quote from the author Kyle Schroeder's text on discipline? thanks!!

May 22nd

Martyn Kelland

Great podcast Ben, not just a "woman focused" podcast. Men will also take something away from that with regards to units of energy per day etc!

Feb 20th

Nathan Sanderson

Cuff 😂

Feb 17th

Scott Nicholson

THAT WAS AMAZING!!! great podcast! maybe my favorite so far!

Jan 23rd

Sean Fontana

love it, I do feel the same way... I look at it like a phone battery that we need to charge back up at night.

Feb 10th

Jake Read

love this episode and looking forward to educating members on drag factor and set up. I've already discussed with one of our PT's re: implementing 😁

Oct 26th
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