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Want to look awesome, feel awesome, be AWESOME? Tune into my show Ben Coomber Radio, a UK #1 rated podcast and top 10 in the world. A show centred around you being the best version of yourself, where I interview the worlds best guests in health, fitness, mindset, career success, business, and personal development, as well as Q&A shows with my co-host Tom, and solo shows with just me, and the mic!

A full fat, honest, direct, evidence based, practical, insightful, (and sometimes funny) show from a 7 year podcasting veteran.

Who am I? I'm a nutritionist, award winning coach, speaker, writer, award winning supplement creator, & former obese man sharing my journey, insights, and wisdom on life. I'm also a husband, dad, multiple business owner, and life long student of living an AWESOME life.
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Many have asked "Ben, why did you write How to Live an Awesome Life", why haven't you written a nutrition and health book? Well my mission has always been much bigger than that, its what I have strived for personally, and have tried to foster and inspire in others. Also, nothing works in isolation, you can't optimise some areas of your life without others, it has to all work in tandem, thats why I've written my new 11 step formula to living your most awesome life, which is out today.In this show I explain why I wrote the book, how my journey shaped it, what the 11 chapters cover, and what you'll get from reading or listening to the book. OUT NOW on Amazon, Audible, Kindle, just search my name, you'll see it, it's also in many book stores around the world!
The last 2 years have been really challenging and have seen me change as a person more than at any time in my life, from battling long covid, to having kids, to losing myself, to getting a low testosterone diagnosis, and more. In this show I reflect on these last 2 years, why they have been hard, what I have learnt from the experience and why I am now a better human as a result of it. I hope you enjoy the reflections, this is my final podcast for now after 10 years doing it, follow the next phase of my journey to inspire and help others, by being on my book waiting list:
Knowing when to quit something in life is key, otherwise things sour, we get resentful, and we aren't doing things that keep us fulfilled and whole. It could be a job, a relationship, a commitment to someone else. We often use logic to decide whether to quit or not, but this is wrong, which I'll explain in this show. This is the penultimate podcast for Ben Coomber Radio, if you listen in, I'll explain why it's time to quit...
We're often sold products to help us "increase our metabolism". Many believe they have "a slow metabolism". There are many metabolic myths, this podcast breaks them all down, defines both metabolism and metabolic rate, how we can increase it, whether products like 'Lumen' - a metabolism hacking device is worth it, and a few other musings, all aimed for us to improve health and body composition. Enjoy.
Diet culture is a problem, but it's also misunderstood in many ways. We re-look at this important topic and evolve our thinking on it, looking at fitness culture, how information is communicated online, the definition of it, how it intersects with mental health, how we should conquer our goals, and finish with a look at our favourite quotes, whether they are motivational or not, and how motivational quotes actually work in the brain.
A cool new piece of research has come out looking at the gut microbiome, bacteria, what happens when people eat different diets, and what this means for that claims that are made around what is the optimal human diet, and how the gut feeds into that conversation. We ensure we make this show practical, but also get to the heart of what the science is trying to tell us. Enjoy. A link to the research paper:
What sleep supplements are proven by science to be effective? CBD, Lavendar, 5HPT, Glycine? There is lots that is talked about online, but what's worth the money, and how effective are they? Find out in this sleep supplements talk, which also covers key lifestyle factors that play a role in sleep quality.Check out: for more, this is who I did the talk for.
I've been self-employed since I was 20. And up until now I've always told the story of why and how I think I ended up being an entrepreneur. But I now think this was wrong, or at least incomplete, I don't think I've been telling the full story. In this solo show I break down the 6 life experiences that I feel shaped my journey as an entrepreneur and how you might learn from this self inquest, and your future goals and desires.
A recent poll indicates that 47% of women have done no vigorous activity in the last year. What's more, while 37% felt that their health has gotten worse over the same period, 67% reported a lack of motivation and 55% a lack of what's going on? In this show, CoHost Tom and guest speaker Jesse Lambert Harden, a successful coach and BTN Academy Graduate, break down the research before talking about the barriers commonly faced by women and what we, as coaches and people involved in fitness, can do about it
There is A LOT online we disagree with scientifically and ethically in the world of fitness, and you could argue marketing has ruined it all. Tom and I have an argument about how we see fitness marketing and the ethics behind it, how science should be referenced online, whether AI can save social media, whether we should delete social media, and whether certain 'personalities' online should be cancelled... Enjoy.
Do you feel a sense of freedom in your life, healed from past trauma you've experienced, and a sense of belonging in the world and in yourself? If not, todays podcast is for you. I talk to the amazing Nicola Jane Hobbs, a sports psychologist and integrative counsellor who has an amazing personal journey that is paired with her deep work helping others. Prepare to go deep, prepare for a shift in your energy, and prepare for a better tomorrow. Follow Nicola on social media @NicolaJaneHobbs Her website:
Social media gives free speech to all, and this is dangerous. But what is more dangerous is the standards PT training providers are equipping PTs with. Are PTs confident and credible to do their jobs after a L3 PT course? We explore the dangerous bits of advice we see online, and how PTs are stepping outside their remit of practice.
Do athletes eat differently to you and I? There is only one way to find out, bring an AWESOME expert onto the show to find out. Today I talk to Dr Tom Little, who has worked for many many pro football teams such as Manchester City, the FA, Saracens Rugby club, and many more. We discuss his Colour Fit Nutrition model, performance nutrition, how we can eat more intuitively but in a performance driven way, how his son inspired his app and book, and more. Check his book out here: "The Colour Fit Method" Follow him on social: @heroprosports
The legend David Birtwistle is BACK on the show! He joins me to talk about the 'low hanging fruit' we have in our lives that can lead to BIG changes. In fitness, health and nutrition we can often focus on the micro, the detail, the things that don't matter until the foundations are in place. David has some interesting perspectives on the small stuff, from his years of coaching and personal exploration. Including movement, are we focusing our energy on the wrong things? Enjoy. Check out David on the gram @David.Birtwistle
This is our part 2 pet peeves show after you answered our big social media post "what grinds your gears about the nutrition and fitness world". Today we focus the show on your comments regarding personal trainers, the standards that are present in the industry, who is to blame, what a personal trainer should do uphold as standards, and a few other - hopefully, insightful musings.
Would you want to be famous? Most we think would say yes, but I've said no, I wouldn't, not proper famous anyway. This started off as an intro topic but turned into a show as Tom and I explored the benefits of being famous, the drawbacks, reports from celebrities like Example the musician and what they've experienced, and its potential effect on your mental health. After you've had a listen, let me know your answer...
What do you hate about gym culture, or things people do in the gym? This is part 1 of a mini series with myself and Tom as we explore the things that annoy you about the world of fitness and nutrition. Today, expect some F bombs, a few stories, and hopefully a few fitness lessons we can learn from!
Fruit, is it bad for us? Are smoothies a no no? How much sugar, and or fructose is too much? We cover fructose, fruit and sugar metabolism at length in this show so you can be informed, for you and your family's health.
Calories on menus are now mandatory for companies with 250 staff or more, but nutritionally, and psychologically, what does this mean? Does existing research even support the initiative? The government have brought this in to try help tackle the obesity epidemic, but big Qs are being raised. We cover the research, eating disorders, the option of having the option, and the 'meta' conversation in all this - why not put restrictions on the companies making the money here?
In the world of nutrition there are some WILD claims, they even go as far to claim they can cure cancer - dangerous ground. A recent ‘Which’ survey did secret testing on the claims of ‘nutritional therapists’, and the outcomes weren’t good - some even saying "don't do chemo for your cancer". In this show we look at nutritional therapy, claims that are made, how to spot false claims, trends we see in this arena, and more - all spurred from a listener email after they attended a female health course with many scrupulous claims...
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Denial Brown

In fact, there are always a lot of benefits from fresh fruits, it’s just important to understand that they also need to be eaten in small quantities and of premium quality in order to get all the most useful. I often order whole baskets of fruit from to get a set for a week

Feb 11th
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James Williams


Feb 13th

Bernie Quinn

This is an amazing podcast with great info re mindset, fitness, nutrition etc! Listen and you'll not be disappointed!

May 25th

Carrie Richards

enjoying this! can you share the quote from the author Kyle Schroeder's text on discipline? thanks!!

May 22nd

Martyn Kelland

Great podcast Ben, not just a "woman focused" podcast. Men will also take something away from that with regards to units of energy per day etc!

Feb 20th

Nathan Sanderson

Cuff 😂

Feb 17th

Scott Nicholson

THAT WAS AMAZING!!! great podcast! maybe my favorite so far!

Jan 23rd

Sean Fontana

love it, I do feel the same way... I look at it like a phone battery that we need to charge back up at night.

Feb 10th

Jake Read

love this episode and looking forward to educating members on drag factor and set up. I've already discussed with one of our PT's re: implementing 😁

Oct 26th
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